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Travis Green Feb 7
There was a glorious emergence within me
that was soaring into a magical dimension
of infinite strength and deep eternal knowledge,
a reincarnation of mythical greatness unleashing
itself upon the world.  I could feel the enchanted
kingdoms and gliding flights of fascinating depths
whirling inside of me, amazing perfection and
gravity, celestial geometry and astounding equations
gyrating in seamless depths.  My wings of magnificent
designs were a bursting horizon of igniting rhymes
transcending time, a fiery and powerful figure
shining in golden radiance, so majestic and
undefined, a domineering creature existing in a
world of captivating galaxies.  And as I flew
above the great and lurid clouds, the luminous  
sun upon my immortal canvas, triumphant trees
and leaves singing in the landscape, I could feel
everything within me intensifying beyond
reality, a bold flaming Phoenix rising from
the burning ashes, draped in extraordinary
excellence and spectacular dreams.
Travis Green Feb 7
There was a sharp piercing pain inside
my soul that want let go as I stood
by the shallow ponds and stare at the
raging waves, how their crushed
existence moves in damaged beats
and hard cracking vibrations.  I
could feel the trickling tears rolling
down my face as I thought about
Jussie Smollet, a thirty-five year
old light-skinned man walking
downtown close to the Chicago
River, who suffered a terrible fate
by two masked men.  The diminished
rhythms within me were emptying
themselves in spit-stained surfaces,
under dank dwellings, weathered trees
and shattered breezes.  And as I gazed
around the dead landscape, I could hear
the mugshot names reverberating in the air
around your broken body, how the filthy
racial and homophobic diction split your
frame apart, slashed nouns and pronouns,
smashed verbs and insane clauses intensifying
in drunken dungeons.  I was falling beyond the
drifting seas as I tried to understand why two
merciless men could be so cruel and harm
an innocent victim, how the world was so
disintegrated and shifting towards blank
depictions, gliding on ice, lost in sunken
Travis Green Jan 31
You are my favorite romance in the
summertime, a tender touch of high
exultations elevating my soul towards
greater dimensions, so vibrant and vivid,
a deep harmonic connection cascading
immense rhythms inside my mind.  

You are the symbolic representation of
masterful artwork, sleek glossy hues
of various creations, everything that keeps
me moving through time and space, a
blessing upon my soul, sparkling the
world around me and all the colorful
diction floating inside my vessel.
Travis Green Jan 29
I breathed in long vowels within your frame,
taking in each letter like a flowing river,
your ebony bright eyes a pretty rhyme and
so divine, a rapping beat of hard swinging
hooks.  My fingers dived into your world
of flaming notes, brushing up against the
surface of its smooth texture to feel the
magic illuminate my heart, to listen to
your glorious music fill the air around
me, as I moaned your name again and
again.  Sensual syllables rise in the sky
like flashes of smoke, curls inside the
amazing scenery of Venus, gleaming
beauty and eternal words of great
thought.  I worked your existence inside
my mouth, let the breathtaking mazes
amplify within my body, let the moonlit
derivatives travel towards superior galaxies,
the motions of your vast shapes sputtering
electric equations.  I wanted the ground
blazing poetry within you to soar inside
of me, so that I could inhale your magnificence
and supreme dynasty.
Travis Green Jan 28
I'm intrigued by your deep poetry that
sings to my heart over the shimmering balcony
and mesmerizes my flow.  Your attractive glow
whistles high notes like songbirds inside my ears.

You are born of brilliance and strength, everything
that my soul longs for, a bright sun simply sparkling
in the daylight, a novel of nobility and definition, those
thick outlines and transcendental shapes, temples of true
reasons and soulful metaphors.

Succulent lips, scintillating teeth glittering gold gems
long dreads demanding praise and glory.  Make every
sensation within my flesh rise like waves, like bursting
rockets.  Smile in the lustrous view.  Fascinate my life
with the swaying of your hips and loud *******.  

Take me inside your astonishing entrance and brainwash
every fiber of my existence.  "Let me take your body
places that you have never seen before.  Let me
take over your flame and magnify its radiance.
Just relax and let me take over the wheel."  

And  I'll let go of everything within me.  I'll fall inside
your hours and hours of hypnotizing rhymes, the
perfect space of east coast enchantment sparking my
heart throughout the night.
Travis Green Jan 28
It was killing me inside as I stood
outside in the rain watching leftover
love linger in the sky, the broken
memories scattered on the soggy
ground, shattered vowels sinking
underneath burned boulevards.
I tried to hide the pain and suppress
these deep thoughts whirling inside
my mind.  But it was all too hard.
I could hear your sweet music floating
in your kingdom, the saxophones
and trombones playing a hundred
mesmerizing sounds, uncharted
territories flying in high exuberance.
Everything that I wanted to feel was
out of my reach, the kisses and
iridescent touches, the kingdom of
your sparkling smiles and eyes,
bright thighs and ankles,  exquisite
chests and romantic hips.  It was
killing me inside that all these things
were so far away from me, the
amazing beauty shifting in missing
directions, vanishing in the cold distance,
luminescent streets of gleaming light
blinding my sight, dazed and blazed,
raged and caged, breaking and fading,
drifting in the bitter winds of wrecked
Travis Green Jan 26
I was everything that they wanted
to break apart, a living existence
that they wanted to smash and leave
bleeding in the swirling seas.  They
knew me inside and out, the essence
of my true world that welcomed
tranquility and blossoming sensations,
starlit equations and exhilarating mazes.
But I could feel their stabbed flaming
domain shuddering my soul, shifting
it towards bottomless borders, fractured
frames, decapitated depths, as they stood
over me watching me slowly die in the
drunken distance.
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