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I had driven you away by my strong urges,
by wanting to be a part of your heart, and inhale
the many pleasures of your captivating treasure,
to dive inside your spellbinding seas, drink the dopeness
from your poetry, listening to the sensuous melodies,
waiting to envelop every beat down to its simplest lyrics.

You didn’t like the way that I loved you, how I wished
to be your stillness, your intriguing dream and rhythm,
your vibrant cloud gliding with the sweet breeze,
creating the perfect equations with spectacular taste.

You said that I loved you too hard, that this was too much
for you, that what I wanted with you was something that
I needed to keep to myself, that we were better off as friends
than lovers, that the passion between us could never collide
together, that no matter how hard I fought to be yours,
you would never accept my affections for you.
When I stared at you, it was like I’ve been
with you all my life, like the love between
you and me had soared to higher degrees
past infinity, longing to breathe in your
seductive smell, let my lips touch yours,
gaze straight into your eyes and feel the fire
ignite inside my soul.

I yearned to do everything with you,
turn the lights off in my home, climb on top
of you and move my hands down your chest
and V-line, kiss your **** thighs, twirl my fingers
in your manly beard, your thick, curly dreadlocks,
massaging your temples, incapable of holding back,
wanting to please you in every way and be your eternal heartbeat.
I could settle inside your dashing swagger,
taste the sweet nectar from your explosive pole
as it oozes down my nose onto my juicy lips,
hot and steamy, dripping with lushness,
drifting into your sexalicious ignition,
in the midnight skies of your crowned
and desirous palace.

Let your masculine traverse upstream
to the smoothest parts of my heart,
let your massive ******* stay inside my mouth,
feeling its raw hardness, its vivid vault
of hot sparks, so full of chemistry and
electricity, so deep within me, taking me
into the deepest galaxies of dazzling passion.
I rock to the beat of your splashing seductiveness,
loving the way your fingers glide over my back
and ***, how your tongue travels deep inside of me,
disappearing in my perfect treasures, surprising me
with your wild side as you stuffed dangling, hard rod
inside my fragrant factory.  

You felt so amazing, how you stroked my body
so sexually and tenderly, slowly kissing my cheeks and lips,
breathing on my neck, placing your head upon mine
as you penetrated my nation, cherishing my **** smell,
showering my skin in your tempting treats, dividing me
piece by piece, shoving your girthy gun in and out of me
as you told me that I was the best that you had ever had.

I’d forgotten how satisfying it felt to have a man
inside of me, talking freaky to me, relishing in my goodies,
masculine and massive, rubbing my chest and stomach,
going deeper within me, opening me up, then smacking
my flowery, thick ***, then begging me to take more.
I had never been ****** like this before, how you
shouldered me through your manly enchantment,
lifting my hands in the air, kissing my biceps and triceps,
holding me tighter as I felt you shoot slippery lust
inside my wondrously wet chamber.
I never thought the taste of a man could feel
so pleasing, so deserving, so much more
as I envisioned your hands on my thighs,
your monster machine inside of me,
your tongue licking my *******,
my moan intensifying, lost in your
heavy pounding, in your phenomenally
muscular magic, in your solid details
coming into sight.

I loved how you slowly unraveled me,
disassembling my masculinity,
making me your feminine dream
as I streamed in your serene streets
of ecstasy, hooked from the beginning to end.
I was staying up late mostly on the weekends,
fantasizing about your sunlight sight, about your
geometry in flight, a thrilling tour guide to the
most adventurous scenery, the place that I wanted
to live in and feel you all the time.
It didn’t take long for me to realize
that you were everything that I needed
to come back to reality, to surrender
to it all, and become exposed to your
flowing love, everything that spoke
brilliantly of timeless poetry.

I felt you deep in my past and present,
your essence enrapturing me, finding
harmony in the silkiest places deep
within your body, in the dreamy clouds
brightening in your eyes, a splendorous
symphony igniting with the hottest
entertainment, lighting up my existence.
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