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Being with you
Is the best possible vibe
Without match
Seeing your joyous smile
The fervor in your eyes
Your skin gleaming
Like a supreme musical instrument
Dizened in your black
Designer drip
Enticing me
Always lit
On your **** clean whip
Making me overly wild about you
In your velvet voluptuousness
I vanished into draped
Hazel hotness
Enthralling smoke
And seduction
Limitless loveliness
All over your lips
Your sweetness
My weakness
Your deliciousness
Such a strong temptingness
Summons me to the
Magnetic mansions
Of your masculinity
Streaming desires
Powerful urges to dissolve
Into your absoluteness
Be with you
When everything
Around us has changed
When it’s just you and me
I promise I will be
All the love
That covers you
In compassionateness
I wasn’t ready
To say farewell to you
I was staring outside
At the serene sunrise
Dreaming of you
Returning to me
Loving me
Speaking to me
Through the affectionate
Western winds
Letting me know
That it wouldn’t be long
Until you arrived home

You told me to be strong
That whenever I felt like
Dissolving in tears
To look to the sea color sky
And know that your love
Was always with me
That no one could ever
Fall in love with me
Because your heart
Was universally
harmonized with mine
We were an inseverable pair
Our love would stand
Through all life’s difficulties
No matter which direction
The wind blew
Your love for me
Would never waver
I would be in your soul
For as long as life and time remains
He is my lover boy
That teases my being
With his terrifically
Twirling tongue
His Hennessy brown lips
Make me immeasurably
Enamored by the way
He magically swagger
In my path, bestow me
With his devotion
Hold me with his
Manly strength
Complete all my needs
Tell me we will
Ceaselessly exist
I missed you more
Than I thought I would
My heart was filled
With disconsolateness
Stormy sensations
Drowning in a wave
Of lamentation
Longing for you
To come back to me
Fill me with your
Treasured pleasure
Let your love
Flow like running water
Over my body
Spark my skin
With your aflame touch
Tame my universe
With your rushing rapture
Make me release
Brilliant bursts of hotness
In your sparkling
Perpetual pond
Turn my moans up high
Put me in a daze
With your **** gaze
Draw out all the heartache I feel
Please return to me
My adoring allurer
You still belong
To my universe
I will never allow
You to deviate from me
Your allurement
Will flourish in my universe
I won’t allow the fire
To subside when I am
Filled with desire
Knowing that
You are my man
My everything
My sweet starry heart
My indelibly affection
That inspires me
To write superfine poetry
About everything
That I love about you
Every perimeter
Of your lush limbs
Highly appealing
And pleasing
Untouched masculinity
That blossoms from within
I will never desist
From loving you
I will carry all the
Rememberable poetry
About you in the innermost parts
Of my essentialness
I thought I had let go
Of the feelings
I had for you
But every time
I see your face
On the cover
Of my iPhone
I dwell upon
When I first saw you
And all I could
Think of was how
Attractive you were
I had to pursue you
But I found out
That you didn’t
Share the same affection
As I did for you
And when I try
To block you
Out of my head
I keep fantasizing
About all the things
We could do
All the love that
Could blossom between us
All the kisses
We could make
Until we fall asleep together
I become more crestfallen
Because I know
What I feel for you
Has fallen through
And there’s no way
I can mend a broken love
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