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Travis Green Oct 7
I was determined to make you mine,
to bring you into my tunnels of desire,
relax your mind, separate the equations
of your creation, multiply and unwind
your thoughts, let your body drift
in the chariots of my continent, let
your sweet intellect hypnotize my soul.
Spark enticing flames on my flesh,
every perimeter of your vessel
so appealing, so mesmerizing,
a swirling romance awakening
in my cells.  Dazzling perfection.
absolute seduction. I was falling
under your spell, loving every moment
surrounded by your handsomeness,
loving the times we spent together,
your beautiful hands on my shoulder,
soothing my muscles as our lips met
each other.  There was no other love
for me than yours, no one greater
than the passion you brought to the table,
no one who could make me feel,
feel the delicate seas of your existence,
how your passion streamed through my bones,
how bold and strong your arms were
as you held me tight, taking in my chemistry
and physics, taking in the soul songs
rising from deep within my throat.
And I was in love, suspended above
skyscrapers, floating in eternal ecstasy,
my veins hypnotized, blazing high,
spun out of control, consecutive
symmetry exploding, angles and triangles
gliding in extreme frequencies, the area
of your abs becoming much more than
magic, much more than magnificent mountains,
a realm of amazing depth and dexterity.
You were everything I wanted, a melanin
man filled with fire and immense surprises,
someone who could make me whole
and glow like the stars.
Travis Green Oct 6
I don’t want to wait any longer,
I just want to be in your fountain
of desire, your composing notes
of phenomenal pleasure buried
in my soul, your light shining
on my skin, spectacular stars
glowing around our enchanting
landscape, sinking into the magnificent
melodies hovering in the air
as we share sweet kisses together.
To walk the sidewalks of blossoming
adventures, our eyes lost in each other,
our hands interlocked like the seas
and waves, like two lovebirds.
To breathe in the elements of life
within our sight, elements of love,
deep layers and alleyways, smooth
bridges of dreams and freedom, to
disappear into the dynasties of unknown
worlds with you, leaving everything
behind us as we embark on our new
Travis Green Oct 6
These are the moments
I never want to forget,
I always want to stay
in the harbors of your arms,
smelling your alluring skin,
the smooth surface of your bones
an entrance to the brightest heavens
calling me away into scintillating
space.  I see so much soul
and jazz in your existence, harmonious
songs spinning inside my heart,
passing through my cells as I smile
at your intriguing masterpiece.
You do something to me,
the swag in your stance,
the glow in your cheeks
the rhythm in your poetry
glittering like bright diamonds
spread out on the beach sand
at night.  I can’t imagine waking
up without you, our bodies pressed
together, our feet intertwined, rubbing
your chests, moving my fingers up
and down your abs, embracing
the glorious morning, the dawn trees
rising in the sunlight, fluffy clouds
forming in the sky, scenic seas
releasing their soothing sounds
of love nearby as I sift into the magic
of your kingdom.
Travis Green Oct 5
Your body turns me on,
every inch of your breathtaking
beauty surfacing through my hands
as I rub you down, work into your
dazzling thighs and legs, feeling
amazing streets and cities, glittering
bridges and ditches, tremendous trees
towering the blossoming sky.
Let me take you away across space,
satisfy every sensation spinning
in your mind, lay you down
in the bed, work my magic
as I get on top of you.  
Let me show you what I’m all
about, lick around your soft
throat and earlobes, kiss
your lustful lips, make
your body tingle a little,
building passion, crafting
epic love as I turn off the lights
in this closed space, caressing
and loving, sexing your soul
system with my alluring flames,
bringing you into my intoxicating
Travis Green Oct 5
Let me love you and turn
you on by the touch
my burning desire, soak
your body and soul
in the oceans of my crowned
dynasty, run my fingers
down your smooth shoulders
and spine, stroke every bone
in your delicious physique,
feel your glistening chests
and rapturous abs, the earth
spinning within your cells.
I want you now, take you
down, cherish every moment
with you, lick your sweet
skin all over, taste your enthralling
sexiness, sink inside your seductive
labyrinth of many fascinations.
Travis Green Oct 5
You are my main attraction,
a dreadhead king filled
with finesse and dope melanin
swag, thugging essence, urban
street soul, incredible highs
and thrills, passionate horizons
traveling in sweet anticipation.
I adore everything about you,
how your dreamy eyes move
in sensuous rhythms, majestic
eyebrows a magnificent sketch
of infinite designs, serene
satisfaction, your soft cheeks
a gorgeous day in the park,
watching the sunlight shine
over the city, it’s bright rays
full of astonishing hues.  
**** lips a world of endless
possibilities, great geometry
etched in each vivid detail.
I am yours and I can never
stop thinking about you.
Travis Green Oct 4
There was a bitter taste in my mouth,
deep thoughts spinning in unknown
horizons, damaged clouds, and skies
falling in time, my heart sinking
in the fog, wondering what was to come.
I saw you in the hospital bed,
your grey eyes staring around
the open space, searching for serenity,
searching for a balance in life.
And as I watched your body,
the air around me a drifting melody,
a whispering wave floating in silence,
I was lost for the first time.
I didn’t want to see you fade away
when I knew in my heart that you
were meant to be here, to stay
in this world and embrace all
that was beautiful in this landscape.
I wasn’t going to let you go. My soul
wouldn’t allow it to be.  I knew God
had his hands on you.  And there
was no way he was going to allow
a strong man like you to leave this place,
to leave your family too soon.  He was
in control of your life and his blessing
was all around the heavenly gates,
to be your guide and light, to be
your savior an protector.
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