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Abigail Ann Feb 2020
You took a risk by asking me out for dinner
that happened last 5th of September
A date I will always remember
One dinner that leads to another, then another

You always remind me that every second is appreciated
Nothing is ever taken for granted
I have never met someone so consistent
And also very patient

You regularly make sure that I have eaten on time
You respected my boundaries and didn’t dare to cross a line
Habitually asking me if everything is fine
All of this, I will surely treasure for the rest of my life
Maligayang Kaarawan, Aking Mahal :)
Abigail Ann Jun 2018
It’s okay to have scars
It means you have lived,
You have loved,
You have tried.
Abigail Ann Jul 2017
I still remember that night when we first met
You were celebrating your friend's birthday
and within a blink of an eye, our group clicked right away
That night, that moment, feels just like yesterday

I still remember that night when we first kissed
That night which I truly miss
You even asked for one more kiss
then your hands perfectly traced my cheeks

The best things in life really do happen unexpectedly,
Our story may not began beautifully
but everything happened so smoothly
A story in a short period of time, made both of us happy

I will never forget every single night that we're together,
That night where it all started,
that night where you confessed,
and lastly, the night where our story ended.
Abigail Ann Oct 2016
*****  your  promises  and  kissess
I'm  the  on­e  who  always  loses
believing  every  word  you ­ say
hoping  it  will  make  things  okay

I'm  ­sick  and  tired  of  your  game
we  both  know ­ this  is  lame
you're  a  lion  that  can't  ­be  tamed
and  I'm  just  an  ant,  who's  afra­id  of  a  little  *rain
Abigail Ann Jan 2015
It's been a year since that day
The day that you confessed
The day we started this lovely mess
but don't worry I didn't love you any less

The way we talk to each other til 2 in the morning
The way we squeezes each other's hand every time we're both freezing
The way we let our guard and pride down every time we're fighting
are some of the things that I will never get tired of doing

You do what floats your boat
Someone who thinks twice before doing what he's told
You're like a difficult puzzle to solve
but despite all that, I'll  still love you til the day we're both old.
Happy Anniversay Babe!!! Thank you for the flowers and cake. I love you! :)
Abigail Ann Jul 2014
I love how you say my name without even blinking
the way you scold me every time I am overthinking
I'll never forget the way you cover your mouth while we're both laughing
and lastly, the way you traces me every time we're kissing

I love the way you eat your meal together with an extra cup of rice
Thank you cos you show me love without any price
Your tight hugs and warm kisses will always suffice
These memories will always be in my heart til one of us dies

I love how your long lashes flutter
and how you ask me question that makes me wonder
Thank you because we figure things out together
and this is something I'll always remember

I love how you stay awake with me during wee hours
and how you hold and lock me tightly in your arms
I love the way we do things without any force
and this is what I love about you the most.

Hi Babe, this is why I love you
Abigail Ann Jul 2014
She is confused about a lot of things
those things include a guy like him
There is this song she always sings
a song that tells her real feelings

He is good at denying
and she's an expert at hiding
Both of them, afraid to confess
but it doesn't make their feelings less

Eye contact is always met
and they say its part of "being friends"
mixed signals are always sent
they both wonder, is this how everything will end?

She's very tired to find a meaning
to every move he is making
He is now thinking, "what is she feeling?"
but all they want, is just a happy ending

I made this poem for my friends, Jv and Maden. Guys please, get your **** together.
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