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Mrs Anybody Mar 18
is an overthinkers
biggest enemy

and it strikes
when everyone else
is asleep

so that
the overthinkers
are left alone
with their thoughts
their favorite songs
with a pen and paper
and 26 letters
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Dream May 2019
And like every over thinker,

I over thought myself to bed tonight......
Mohsin Latif Mar 2019
Oblivious to her surroundings,
Ignorant of her consciousness
Lost in the labyrinth of her mind,
Lies, where the universe of her desire

Quiet, her heart sinking,
beneath the secrets of her *****
with a crave to chat,
and a yearn to cry,
her eyes spoke through a million signs

Softly, she took a step back,
in the fear of being prejudiced,
by the one, inside her,
the one, she thought,
was her sole confidante
Spitz Oct 2018
When the person
who has icebergs for thoughts
who can sit with their own
mind for hours
whose feelings grow into willow trees
when this person choses you
choses to care for you
you must know how real it is
how special you are
because when they chose to care for you
you know that they have
most unquestionably
thought of every reason not to.
Bobcat Sep 2018
When I try to sleep, I remember all my fears,
And every mistake I've made in the past five years.

My heart feels heavy, alone in a crowded room.
Suffocating claustrophobia, will this be over soon?

This is exhausting, trying to win this fight.
Hand over mouth, nothing's felt so right.

I'm running out of breath, I can't make this climb.
Chasing down the clock, seems I'm out of time.

First cut, not always the deepest.
Watching in the mirror, I dont wanna miss this.

In debt, I guess you can say that I owe you.
All these years, still can't say that I know you.

Close your eyes, tell me I hit close to home.
Lie to my face, I'm tired of feeling all alone.

Always changing, why do I feel the same?
Pointing fingers, I know I'm to blame.

Tell me you care, don't cut all ties.
Don't lose focus, I'll find some truth in your disguise.
EmperorMoth Aug 2018
He comes for me when I'm sleeping,
He comes for me when I'm awake,
He won't stop freaking obsessing,
My heart cannot get a break,
Why won't he leave me be,
Can't he see my panicking,
He's everywhere I can see,
He won't ever let me free,
I feel my throat closing in,
He'll just revive me over again,
I can't leave him alone anyway,
He can't leave me be for my sake,
Harder to **** every single day,
Distraction is key but I won't get my way.

My mind's a murderer,
A real ******,
Imagine being locked up,
Somewhere inside limbo,
Not being allowed to freeze,
**** near hard to breathe,
For my sake, I need some peace,
My mind doesn't know how to cease.
M Jan 2018
My mind wanders
Leaving a part of me behind, catching up doesn't seem
to stop- it's inevitable
Is has a life of it's own
Nothing seems to stop the constant hunger of wanting-
Wanting. Wanting it's own mind aside from I.
How is that even possible?

Clearly i am over thinking.
Jake Hageman Jun 2017
You borrow my jacket
Do you borrow anyone else's?
You tell me to come closer, you're cold
Do you ask any others the same?
You ask me to do ridiculous things
Do you ask any others the same?
You look at me in ways I hope are only for me
Do you show any others the same?
You laugh with me with such joy in your voice
Do you laugh the same for any other?
You hold me close to you when we are lying all alone
Do you hold any others the same?
You press your lips to mine and I can feel the passion
Do you kiss any others the same?
I know it's not true, and you are not to blame.
This is all just a cause of my overthinking brain.
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