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I’ve seen many fall
Watched even more
Rise to the occasion
Tackling oxygen deficiency
Then fall to the gusts
There are those
That died standing
Never a limb breaking
The surviving corpse
Of an era no longer in observation
Limbs still reaching
Clinging onto the faint hope
It’ll see the day
The children stop climbing
And start flying
You ever hear the story
Where everybody’s dream came true
Where life seemed to stand still
Happiness an infinite natural resource
Death could be cheated
Rock paper and scissors
An easy victory

Me either
Just wishful thinking
5’11” tall
2’6” wide
I’m a pillar of nothing
A faceless headstone
Moving around
Scouring the earth
For my final resting place
My grave lost
A hollow tomb
Waiting to be inscribed
With all the horrors of my misdeeds
The only good thing
To follow my soul
Will be the worms and grubs
As they hollow out my eyelids
Oceans of green
Only making waves
When the wind blows
Leaps of faith
As crickets jump at opportunities
Bullfrogs moaning for attention
Oaks stretching up and out
Touching their toes
As time puts another ring on
Imagination making shapes
Out of cotton-ball pillows
The world around me
Quiet and quaint
As long as I’m alone
Without the bickering voices
Of politicians and dramatics
Peace is never too far out of reach
It’s just a few steps past the wood line
Where man has yet to travel
Found a quiet little place while getting lost in the woods now all I want to do is go back
I’m not eager to know you
Greet you on casual terms
I’d rather leave it all a mystery
Let life have its thrills
Even when I know
Your humor is limitless
So in my next life
Make me a blade of grass
Then I’ll be exactly as I am
Getting cut down
To grow again
Only to be ****** and **** on
Starve for deeper understanding
That I hold the earth together
Direct raindrops
So they never fall alone
Bend and conform
To the soles of your shoes
Always catching you when you fall
Leaving an encore on your arms
When you roll down a hill
Enjoying those childish memories
I just want you to know
In my next life
Make me no worse then I am
And no better
Seems I found my niche
Whatever I become
Lost for words yet again
1:24am still awake
Head filled with screams
Laughter following
Hounds on a fox hunt
Looking for a sign
Where the rabbit tracks start
Tumbleweeds rolling
Maybe if I keep listening
I’ll finally hear that poetic voice
The shy one
Only speaking when it’s had enough
When silence becomes its enemy
Provoking embers into flames
I’ll continue to jot down
Asking if it has anything to say
Alcohol anonymous meetings
Share your feelings
The reasons for your actions
Pass when you don’t feel like it
Somethings got to give
Please just say something to me
Even if it is
Another suicide note
We can’t carry out
Deaths not a fast food restaurant
We simply wait for a table
When you feel like writing but you have too much to say and it become a jumbled mess of words. I call it abstract poetry. Eventually something makes sense
Is it his chiseled chest
Bulging biceps
His ability to run
His playful eyes
The way his chin grows hair
The way he laughs
His age perhaps
What makes a man
Is it his job
The way he makes money
His heart
The way he loves
Is it his inability to let you go
The way he makes you feel
What makes a man
When you learn his past
Maybe you’ll see the connection
That defining moment
That labeled him a man
I’ll await an answer
Because sometimes
I still feel like a scared little boy
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