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Michael Smit Jan 2019
I was going through my books
Trying to keep my mind busy
When I suddenly felt a finger tap my back
Saying I seem uneasy

At first I was frightened
And then enlightened
Standing in front of me
Was me
My soul in perfect harmony

As calm as ever
I knew he was clever
And down came the raging reality

Synchronized was he and me
Through each others eyes we could see
I knew I needed to be
The fighter for him and me
If we were to survive
We needed to keep each other alive

Split yourself in two
Then say I love you
Michael Smit Jan 2019
I saw a being
From outer space
The picture of it's now embedded
No matter how hard I try
I can't forget it

I woke up the other night
And I could've swear I'd seen its face
I tried to push erase
But it stood quiet there in place
Smiling at me with that scary twisted face

I screamed for help
But no sound came
It crept in closer
And I slowly started to tame

I was feeling numb
Suffocated by its hand
Last thing I remembered is counting to one
Then it was in demand
Michael Smit Jan 2019
Bad romance

The lonley murderer
You probably heard of her
She nearly took my life
So I made her my wife

Phyco and happy
It's almost time to change the *****
My killer wife and I
**** but never lie
We get hurt and sometimes cry
Then we just end up getting high

Till death does us part
You are my blackest heart
You were there from the start
You know, when you tried to stab me in the heart

You slipped and you fell
You were nervous I could tell
So I opened your cell
Chemicals reacted
And we unleashed hell
Michael Smit Jan 2019
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Michael Smit Jan 2019
And thus was born
the unicorn
Michael Smit Jan 2019
Eventhough I ended it
I feel like I pretended
Now that pretend ended
You are offended
Michael Smit Jan 2019
Demon with a dictionary

Somethings wrong with him
I heard him say
We can hear you I replay
They turn away frantically
While their voices play through me
Causing havoc for everyone to see

Alone in darkness I watch my body being controlled
Only, I do not hold the control

Controlled by the sadness
I act on the madness
This demon I don't know
But through him the knife I trow
Oh no!

It killed my mother then my father
Lastly my brother, then it took me further
I became ******

I'm not crazy
It made me
Now there's blood on my hands
But it's still got something planned

I roam the the streets in search of my new victim
And find the perfect *****
I lure her down the alley
And take her to the valley

Away from the street
I stab and repeat
Only to eat
The bloodly meat

I didn't **** them
Please God tell me you see him
Right there infront of me
Abru capri
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