You are crazy like me
insanely free
we don't care what's to be
as long as it's you and me

You colonized my mind
and here I thought you I'd never find
love and life has left me blind
then came you and opened my eyes wide

You where there when the walls caved in
I never thought you and I would begin
You made me want to sin
But instead you I'd win
You are living, but are you alive?
I just try to survive.
You can do it
but you remain afraid
You're thoughts and demons
leave you insane

Social media introduces you to the language of profane
leaving no one but themselves to blame
unfiltered humor drains the brain
brain drain let's drown in champaign
life is but a campaign
of what you can attain and maintain
all whilst maintaining humane

Forgetting all about religion
you made your decision
blinded by your television
you need supervision and revision

a retake on what's right and wrong
and a reminder that your actions are strong
you might not know where you belong
but you must continue in your swan song
now run along
and be uncommonly strong

Don't leave potential unexplored
take your sword and drift toward
the history board
The tincture rule
often cruel
works like this
a period of bliss
and then dismiss
comforts kiss
is timed in the abyss

You don't get to choose
what you accept
You get throw into the depth
I was trying to learn
how to make my love turn
But I could only burn
                                               The chemicals were explosive
                                                    and my love remained corrosive

Deadly love was what I was to give
In broken love my life I live

My fae were demons living inside me
My thoughts were feelings that only I see
I tried to **** them but how could I be
The destroyer of me
the one inside me
Michael Smit Jan 6
Throw away those pills
Go and cover your mirror
Stand a moment and delve deep
Find peace in the exterior

You are beautiful
and don't be convinced otherwise
Don't believe the lies

You put the magic
in tragic
And heart you surely have it

From one soul to another
You shine like no other
Michael Smit Jan 6
Go dig a hole  
and bury the memory within
I cannot forget
but I can accept
Forgive and move on
have a little faith

The only constance is change
what is now will change

Your story isn't complete
Chapters still untold
You know nought
of what the future holds t you

You will cry again
But also fly again
You will fall to ashes
And rise once again

Sadly nothing can be foretold
And you are getting a bit old
But you never truly fold
Through war and havoc your empire holds
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