I think too big
and fly too high
I have a thought quick
but it is too big
I flew too high
and got burned at the entrance of the sky
I write my pretty poetry
and I beg to know of thee
what you see
and what you want to be
what makes you flee
and what makes you free
how often do you plea
do you like a bee
or am I irritating thee
with my random personality

I'm sorry but that's my gravity
I don't need you I have my sanity
I call it sanity and you call it insanity
like I asked you who to be
I'd rather follow my fae

It seems to me
you lack the imaginary
and that I cling to the extraordinary
I mean who likes ordinary
I pick extraordinary  
One more time

My mind is endless
I act kind of senseless
Oh I see breakfast
here comes my fist
if you insist
I can't resist
Am I dismissed
I know there is something I've missed
the crazy insists
I can't resist

The malevolence
in your intelligence
I don't know where I thence
I make no sense

This baby is crazy
But the *** our lord made me
To be whoever I want to be
if you dream it you can achieve it
Believe it and you will see
Take that broken heart
turn it into art
They said
But where do I start
When it all just fell apart

How do I translate broken
When there is nothing left unspoken
Can't you see it bleed
It's broken open

If I scream
will it bring harmony
Will they see
I lost my armory
I stare at you artlessly
I'm still me
but there is a piece
I can never be
the piece you failed to see
the piece now lost in me  

What I didn't know
What I forgot to reap and sow
in the broken
You get the perfect flow
a dark beautiful glow
Simply put
I'm misunderstood
I was black wood
from boyhood
The common no-good
Not one for Hollywood
I sat there

Do I speak a another language
or are you focused on your sandwich ?
Should I scream or cry
Begging to know why
I must try
I am faced with lie

I just need some understanding
It's not like I'm demanding

I'm just tired of looking in
not knowing where to begin
Tell me is it a sin
to want to win?
a friend or two
and maybe you
I don't want to feel blue
So please make this true

If you let me I'll treat you well
I want to see you outside your shell
I'll keep the secrets I'm not to tell
I'll pick you up if you fell

I won't judge you
if you are true to me
I too have my vices
That you'll see
If you give me respect
I'll reflect
But if we can't connect
And I detect
I'll protect and reject the subject
I scribbled down what I needed to say
Picked up the piece and threw it away
Like there was nothing to say
I've already lost my way

I tried  supression of depression
But I wasn't done with the lesson
Can't I end the session
I needed to tend to my depression
I lost my self-expression
Depression was taking possession
The lesson was already in session
The session of depression

It takes my breath away
It kills me everyday
I struggle to find a way
for happy to stay
a permanent gray
I've tried to pray
But all they do is say
fight through another day
What's the delay?
this is only foreplay

I never fought this hard
But still I remain scarred
Close your eyes and you will see
All is not what it seems to be
There is a story unspoken
That left my mind a woken
a Stolen token
My wound reopen

My reign of fire
My hearts desire
You are a liar
So burn in fire

I crossed the line
Had it not been define
a Wrap in time
a Story of mine

They call me the worst witch
Because I tend to switch
I make them glitch
Because I'm the witch

I enchant your mind
Forcing you to find
The power that hides

My power is running out
And I am left in doubt
This is my final spell
The last to tell
I wish you well
I want to know
I have to see
I have to grow
I have to be

Read it here
And read it there
Try to understand

Knowledge is power
This is true
Learn what you can
You know what to do
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