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5h · 25
Donna 5h
I posted poem
It’s went into quarantine
It’s very quiet
Hey what’s up with hp , it won’t allow me to post poems sometimes  , anyway if this one gets posted it’s just a humorous fun one we need humour in today’s world *** anyway  
stay safe , Cheerio for now💕
5h · 98
Donna 5h
Embrace the moments
and enjoy life everyday
It’s the best feeling

So true ***
4d · 81
Little Sparrow
Donna 4d
I sat in garden
Bathing under the warm sun
It was there I saw
A tiny little one

A little sparrow
Sat upon garden shed roof
I was totally surprised
I nearly lost a tooth

I have three dogs
Who love a good bark
They race around the garden
Making there mark

So to see a tiny sparrow
Enter the garden
And you’ll be sure
My dogs won’t pardon

Made my day
I sure did smile
At this little sparrow
Who braveness lasted awhile

After awhile
The little sparrow flew away
So I laid back my deckchair
And enjoyed the rest my day 😊
I can’t believe I saw sparrow in garden ** super cool I must say ** 💕
May 23 · 321
Easing Of Lockdown
Donna May 23
As I sat in my car
I looked out the window
And there she was
Sitting on a wooden bench
On this very sunny day
Eating freshly cooked chippy chips
With her plastic face shield
Pushed to one side
And in the precise moment
Life seemed a little normal once again.
Me and my hubby went to pick up our sons bike from a bike repair shop and I saw an old lady sitting on a bench eating chips wearing a plastic face shield pushed to one side just to eat her chips and she seemed like she was totally enjoying her chips really made me smile bless her , **
Donna May 21
I went outdoors with
my love ones , we ate dinner
and sat with the trees
Me and my family may have only been
in our garden , but had a lovely time eating talking surrounded by lovely trees **
May 19 · 85
Free View :))
Donna May 19
Pigeons flew in sky
One land upon a tv view :))
I thought of this one a few weeks ago I’m always seeing pigeons where I live funny little things they are , anyway just a fun one hope it makes u smile 👍😊
Stay safe take care **
May 18 · 491
Warm Summertime Hugs
Donna May 18
Two magpies fly by
Rejoicing in joy to come
Warm summertime hugs

Love magpies such lovely birds saw two the other day was awesome 🌸x
Stay safe take care stay positive ** 💕
Donna May 14
Twig in birds beak
Nest built in leafy tree , home
is where the heart is

Inspired by my own family and nature x x
My youngest daughter is moving into her bf house on Saturday there making a life together ** will miss her lots but glad she’s happy cause when she’s happy makes me happy too cause being a mummy all we want for our children is for them to be happy **
Stay safe
Donna May 13
Cloudy day no rain
Spring leaves continue to bloom
Dreams of summer days
Inspired by the cloudy weather today **
Donna May 12
Missing my daughter
so much since lockdown so I
ordered her a hug

A soft heart cushion
so tiny so sweet , laced with
silver writing so

elegant like bright
stars in the night sky! just a
little hug to say

I love her and miss
her! Of course its not like a
real warm hug but for

now it will have to
do! Tis colour of daylight
Shines like the warm sun!

A loopy piece of
string attached , to hang it up
for my girl to see

Today she got it
through the post , made her smile , made
me smile too! Funny

how things have changed so
quickly , lockdowns hard , but health
and safety comes first!

Today sparkled sweet!
A hug through the post needed!
Raising spirits high!

Just to see her smile
Made my day all flowery
Love is wonderful ❤️❤️❤️
Made my day ***
Take care stay safe **
May 12 · 513
Loving Nature
Donna May 12
Windy day , hanged out
washing , windows closed , blinds up!
Hello big sky
Windy day today , anyway great day for washing clothes and got to love windows and the big sky too **
Take care stay safe ** 🌸
Donna May 12
Hair going grey , job
on hold , missing my daughter
Today I’m baking

Not much else to do but to cook , miss my daughter so much , miss my new job was only there for 8 days when the virus struck , i work with schools so most prob won’t be going back for some time yet , so baking it is for now going to attempt an old school sponge icing sprinkle cake **
Take care be stay ** 💕
May 11 · 76
Donna May 11
When you accept some
love ones don’t care about you
Happiness Blossoms

Hope everyone is healthy and safe , this one come from me just reflecting over my last year and I find this to be very true , love yourself , put yourself first , you deserve to be happy and never let other people’s judgement tell u any difference  ***
Take Care , Stay Safe
Donna May 5
today the trees looked
like broccoli, today broccoli
looked like the trees

Trying to stay positive as per but I still can’t believe what’s happen ie Coronavirus it just don’t seem real but it’s very real indeed  , hopefully we are coming out of it slowly but surely **
Stay safe everyone , catch up soon , been busy painting garden fences and looking after my family ***
❤️Take Care❤️
May 4 · 154
Donna May 4
A good night sleep sets
off a good day filled with

I at times suffer insomnia so I good night sleep for me is always so appreciated :)
May 4 · 100
Noisy Lot 🐦
Donna May 4
Pigeons coo coo coo
All day they coo coo coo coo
Pigeons coo coo coo

:) noisy lot x
May 1 · 111
New Beginnings
Donna May 1
The windows are grey
and rainy and singing a
song of new beginnings
Inspired by the rainy weather this week **
Donna Apr 30
I said to a door
Do u your feet hurt
Standing about all day
And night!
The door replied
You need to get out more

Silly nonsense one blame the isolation lol x
Donna Apr 30
I made shrimp stir-fry
and my family loved it👍
Healthy Happy Smiles

It was well nice **
Apr 26 · 223
Lovely Nature
Donna Apr 26
Window ajar this
sunny morn , four geese flew by
Such a pretty sight
My  husband spotted these lovely geese flying by  this morning truly loving nature such a pretty sight ** 🌲🌞🌸🌺🐿🐓🦜🌗
Donna Apr 23
Varnished garden shed
Dark Oak , looks like chocolate bar
May have to eat it

Burp Burp 😂
It seriously looks like a Gigantic chocolate bar most prob cause me and my family trying to give up choc at the mo cause being in insolation we were eating lots of choc  but now things are starting to look like chocolate lol , anyway just a silly one been doing lots of painting indoors and in garden x x
Stay Safe **
Apr 23 · 168
Missing the noise 🐶
Donna Apr 23
My dog keeps barking
At every sound that he hears
It’s just too quiet

Stay safe
My pug dog is driving me crazy it’s been  so quiet outside lately that his barking at the slightest noise , ie birds tweeting  , nextdoors dog , even birds flying by and when we let in him into the garden his now trying to eat the flying insects lol his losing it bless him, but got to admit his loving having us all home as his getting lots of hugs x
Apr 17 · 706
Spoilt Rotton 😊
Donna Apr 17
My husband is sweet
He bought me breakfast in bed
Stay at home more please

Well these are the lovely benefits of lockdown getting breakfast in bed is so nice , normally my husband is out of the house very early to start work x am loving these precious moments **
Stay safe and thank you for reading my silly poetry hope it brings you a incy wincy bit of joy )
Take care stay strong ** 😊👍
Apr 16 · 192
Robo Cooker👍😊
Donna Apr 16
Thank you slow cooker
For cooking all the dinners
I think your awesome

My slow cooker as been a godsend since isolation its been cooking all the family dinners , love it **
Take care be safe x
Donna Apr 16
Loving the sunshine
Everything looks beautiful
Even the windows

Just looking through the windows and being able to see this wonderful weather is truly magical , most defo uplifts the mood , loving spring/summer my fav seasons **
Apr 16 · 120
Donna Apr 16
Teardrops in Heaven
sprinkled Butterflies through soft
kind clouds bowing to

emerge fluttering
in sunlight next to vibrant
trees full of happy

thoughts and warm cuddles!
Blooms unfolded decorating
earth with beauty! Let

people once again
walk hand in hand and smile more
when passing by!

Let nature blossom!
Give our ozone the freedom
it needs to survive

Let our world became
stronger more kinder where hate
rarely exists..may

mental health decrease!
And material things seem
least important!

Let families get
together more and spend more
time caring sharing

and loving! May smiles
and laugher be an every
day thing..let love thrive

It’s the simple things
in life that truly matters!
Yes the simple things❤️

Thinking of all the people who have sadly lost there life’s to Coronavirus, to all the family’s who are grieving 😢, to our beautiful earth that’s going through so much change ,may we and earth bounce back more positive and spread more love then ever before because there’s so much more love out there to give and make us stronger **
Shifting thoughts x
Apr 13 · 217
Well Well Well😊
Donna Apr 13
Organising tinned
food in kitchen cupboard..found
thirty tins of soup

Well we defo not been bulk buying we just love soup in my house , I thought I organise my food cupboard today was so shocked to find we have 30 tins of soup lol well least we be okay for soup for some time but there is 7 of us living together so maybe not lol
Donna Apr 11
Happy smiley day
Playing tennis in garden
Cheers laughter and fun

My sons birthday today his 15 , we celebrated by playing tennis , my husband got a old piece of washing line and tied it to either side of fences  , it’s been such a good day and my son as loved it , so fun ***
Apr 4 · 682
Donna Apr 4
Movie night indoors
Chocolate biscuits , sweet latte
Soft night moon and stars
Family Movie night indoors x x
Donna Apr 2
Singing happy songs
Helping family and friends
to cheer up there day

Keeping in touch with my family and friends through face time and wassup x today we been singing and had lots of laughs ***
Apr 1 · 207
Family Time
Donna Apr 1
Pate and crackers
Frothy warm cappuccino
Lovely night indoors

Stay safe everyone it’s so scary what’s going on at the mo but got to try and stay positive as best we can x  💕
Mar 30 · 653
Fun silly poetry
Donna Mar 30
Why is the moon round 🌝
Because it loves to go
around in circles 🌝

Fun silly one ** 🌝🌝🌝
Donna Mar 30
Raindrops on windows:
Tiny little stars glisten
even in daylight

💧🌟inspired by raindrops on my house windows , this is just  a thought but such a nice thought so I thought I share it hope u like 😊,x 💧🌟
Mar 29 · 171
Donna Mar 29
Sun snow rain all in
one is full
of emotions

Strange weather this morning **
Mar 26 · 295
Donna Mar 26
Everyone down my
street opened there doors and clapped
for the NHS

Me my husband and children opened our street door with many of our neighbours and clapped for nhs and other key workers **
Mar 25 · 159
My new flower pot
Donna Mar 25
I plonked you on the
windowsill watering you
everyday until

you begin to smile.
You sit in a lovely vase
painted with Roses

Each day I send a
photo to my daughter to
let her know how the

lovely flower she
gave me for Mother’s Day grows.
The stem is pure green

with a tiny bud
ready to unfold to the
world..I love my new

flower and it’s so
lovely to see it blossom
and so quiet too.

Tomorrow I shall
watered it again and hope
the sun shines down on

the window ledge so
it can grow even
makes me happy smile
Loving my new flower *** ** 🌺🌸🌼
Positivity always **
Mar 24 · 109
Self isolating
Donna Mar 24
The sun is shining
Everything looks so lovely
I’m glad for windows
Self isolating but so happy I can look out window and see the loving sun shining and the birds singing it ;sure is a lovely sunny day
x I love windows. *** Take care stay safe ** bye for now **
Mar 23 · 71
Staying positive
Donna Mar 23
Clear sky butterfly
In times of uncertainty
Hope is always there

Inspired by a butterfly I saw yesterday x
Mar 19 · 175
Thank You 🙏
Donna Mar 19
Heroes of the day
Supermarket Workers..Thank
You for staying calm

It’s a scary time with the  Coronavirus but got to appreciate the hard work and patience of all the super market workers (inc my eldest daughter)  for staying calm in such  uncertain times x
Mar 16 · 160
Early Morning Start
Donna Mar 16
Who needs an alarm
clock when you got Natures Birds
singing ‘Good Morning’
Up early off to work ** 😊❤️
Mar 15 · 77
My Neighbour
Donna Mar 15
She’s winges and moans
all the time and quick to text
to moan about the noise.

But listen neighbour
we put up with your screaming
and shouting every

day! We put up with
your dog barking before the
sun rises and you don’t

here from me and my
lot telling you to be shssss!
We suffer you cause

it not worth the row!
Yes we been a little loud
but rarely does this

happen! There’s been
many a times we should have
asked you to be hush!

But for peaceful life
we don’t , so tonight neighbour
you can put up with

our once in a blue
moon noise , we’re intentionally
not doing this to

wind you up! But it’s
principle neighbour so please
give as a break and

put on your ear muffs!!
Never one to moan about neighbours but my next door neighbour is alwTs shouting at her husband may it be morning afternoon or late at night and we never say nothing we just put up with it for a peaceful life so tonight she can put up with noise from my lot as it not often we get together as a family an;**
Mar 14 · 133
Donna Mar 14
When you’ve known sadness
it makes you appreciate
happier times more ❤️
This is so true truly it is **
Mar 11 · 84
Learning A New Skill
Donna Mar 11
I have a challenge
It’s out of my comfort zone
It will just take time
will catch up soon reading your lovely poetry  just at the mo concentrating on my new job lots to learn and to take in ** I thought of this one this morning x
Mar 9 · 83
Silly Story
Donna Mar 9
Teddy the bear was
walking down the street when he
looked up at the sky

and saw a cup of
tea floating happily by!
Magpies on rooftop

were playing cards whilst
raindrops parachuted from
the grey clouds landing

on there toes where they
spun around like a washing
machine into a

big happy applause
of warm butter on toast! The
pavements decided

to change shape! They turned
into star shapes and glistened
like an oval tin

of carrots! A pen
walked by with a cereal 🥣✏️
bowl and a napkin!

Teddy the Bear
scuba dived into the sky
with a slow cooker!

He captured some clouds 🌥
a tiny piece of rain and 💧
a spoonful of bark!🎄

Then he sprinkled his
potion into the ocean
where it danced all

night long with the whales 🐳🐟
and fishes, they had the best
disco ever! A

light switch wearing cool
sunglasses 😎 and sun cream flew
by ever so fast,

Silent piercing like
wobbly spaghetti hoops
closed the curtains and

lots of snores bellowed
to a fridgrator
and ate all the food 🍯
Fun one x
Totally nonsense **
Donna Mar 8
Lots of good thoughts bloom
But none want to be written
They want to be lived

Mar 7 · 102
Thanks Full Moon
Donna Mar 7
Thanks full moon I loved
your rainbow smile tonight you
made me smile with you

I only went to the shop but on way back saw the moon with an awesome halo glow it was totally awesome to see *** ❤️💕❤️
Mar 5 · 150
Donna Mar 5
Painted a few walls
I love the transformation
Fresh clean and happy

Love painting x helping decorate my daughters house x x x
Mar 4 · 225
Good Day 🌞
Donna Mar 4
Cute sparrows chirping
Yes today is a good day
The sun is shining
Lovely sunny winters day today **
Mar 2 · 186
Night time 💤
Donna Mar 2
Coffee mugs on ledge
Blind pulled down blocked out window
Lights off ,time for bed

Exhausting day been a busy one
Donna Mar 1
Huddled in big tree
Squirrel keeps stready balance
When winter wind blows

Saw a squirrel today huddled on tree when the wind was blowing , I was working in a second floor flat and saw the squirrel out window made me think of this one ** balance is good in life x
Loving Nature ❤️💖😊
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