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Donna 1d
It rained this morning
Then the warm sun blew a kiss
And earth fell in love
Beautiful summers day today we had a little rain this morn then the sun came out so me and dean mowed our grass outside chalet it was so over grown , now it looks lovely and neat and we can now see our dogs again lol :-) *** ❤️
Donna 4d
Lovely summer trees
Filled with robins and magpies
And sweet sparrows too
So me and dean go dog waking most evenings now over our local park and wow so much beauty to see ***
Donna 5d
Today I became
a detective and solved a
problem of lies
Hey life’s not perfect just got to try to keep positive even in hurtful times ** can only write what I feel each day , hey life is a little like a roller coaster isin’t it , ah well must stay true to myself !
5d · 53
Window Ajar
Donna 5d
Dog barks echo loud
Cars zoom by echoing too
Gentle warm wind sighs
Sweet Noisy summer evening :)
Donna 6d
Hi there pesky gnats
I take it you love to dance
Under the moonlight
So me and dean took our pug albie out for a evening walk over the park , we trying to train him cause his so naughty I think his got some issues going on :) anyway there was so many gnats , got bit alive we did,  but anyway cut a long Story short I think they were actually joyfully dancing in the sky , well I like to think there were even though the pesky things bit me and dean x
Donna 6d
My husband came home
and said let’s go for a walk
We saw trees grass and a lovely blue sky

It’s always so lovely to get out into nature and unwind ** me and my husband went for a lovely long walk :-))
6d · 119
Beautiful Memories
Donna 6d
When I was a kid
My best friends were my nanny
and my little dog

Had a lovely memory today of when I was young , loved my nan Rose and our little dog Jessie xxxx ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
7d · 78
Thank you Nature
Donna 7d
Pigeons on rooftops
Standing still staring at sky
A moment treasured
I love pigeons on rooftops so lovely to watch x
May 18 · 89
Fictional Loveiness
Donna May 18
Today a fairy
flew down on my window sill
and blew me a kiss
Fiction but hey ** imagination is magical **
May 17 · 177
Everyday Is A New Day
Donna May 17
Never judge how your
day will plan out..just get up
smile and be happy
My motto today ** had lovely surprise I’m off out for lunch with my daughters ***
Lovely weekend to u all ❤️
May 16 · 106
Slowly Adjusting
Donna May 16
Today I’m just a
fallen petal blowing in
a warm summer breeze
Feeling slightly low today but it’s lovely that I can express and heal slowly through poetry, x
Loving my husband and children for always standing by my side and grateful to HP and all you lovely people **
May 15 · 180
Good Change
Donna May 15
People change and move
on to better places , one
with happy faces
❤️** inspired to how I’ve been feeling lately ***
May 14 · 103
Warm Summer Day
Donna May 14
The sun shined warmly
Cozy cat lounged on table
Green house blossomed green
This was inspired at work today working in a customer house painting up there living room , there cat was sunbathing  in there lovely garden x
May 14 · 149
Staying Postive
Donna May 14
Don’t let self doubt cloud
your mind , rise , move on forward
Shine even brighter
Just realessing how I feel at the mo x
Wishing u all a lovely week ** ❤️
May 13 · 127
Beautiful Day
Donna May 13
Clothes drying in wind
Birds sing happy summer songs
Sky so pretty blue

It’s a beautiful summer day here in England ***
Wishing you all a lovely week **
May 12 · 386
Donna May 12
I’ve finally found
The inner strength to move on
I..put myself first
After a long road of ups and down with a very close sibling of mine I’ve decided to blocked them on all my social media and phone and it’s really hasn’t been a easy decision to make,  one of my hardest tbh (lots of tears) because I love my sibling but for the first time in a long while I’ve put my own well being first because I need to be strong for my own family who are a beautiful blessing to me , time for me to shine from within because you know what , I deserve it :)
May 11 · 183
Garden Strimmer V Alien
Donna May 11
I saw an alien
No it was a garden strimmer
I blame the coffee

Oopsi think I’ve had too much coffee today I thinks lol :)
May 10 · 167
Sunny Overcast Day
Donna May 10
I wished the sun stayed
out all day today but the
clouds were in a mood

Been so sunny today here in England ,loved it , but little overcast too made me think of this one :-)) ❤️
Donna May 8
Coconut shampoo
and conditioner! Today
I’m a lush palm tree
Me and my fambo love coconut shampoo and conditioner x anyway inspired me to think of lovely palm trees , so today I’m a palm tree :-)
May 6 · 168
Tea Break
Donna May 6
Behind a cloudy
sky sits a warm cozy sun
in bed drinking tea

:-) ❤️ Inspired by cloudy day today x
May 6 · 164
Donna May 6
I looked out window
and a magpie flew by and
I said ‘Good Morning’
I know the old saying goes if u see one magpie it means sorrow , I have to differ this and say if you see one magpie its mean independence , strength , positivity , contentment , light, new day  Well it’s just how I feel anyway , magpies are truly beautiful birds one of my fav too **
May 5 · 173
Earth Worm
Donna May 5
Coming out of the
dark into the light..silence
knew a better way
Was inspired the other day after a silly accident whilst working with my son , as he open his van door a whole *** of paint fell onto a customers drive , the lid cracked open as the paint *** was plastic , o my days what a palaver , but manage to get the drive scooped up and scrubbed clean again but amongst the chaos an earth worm gently and quietly wiggled through the paint (most of the paint by then had been cleared up) ** anyway I was inspired by how awesome nature’s messges are , truly positive x
I’ve been really busy lately You know how it is big family lots to do so will catch up soon with u all **
May 2 · 814
Donna May 2
It was that little
seed that turned into a wish
and made the sky smile

Loving Spring ***
May 2 · 178
It’s A Chimney Day
Donna May 2
Today I noticed
chimneys wearing trilby hats
and cute monocles....

And as I looked up
to the sky a chimney said
‘Hi Donna how are

you! I was like..did
a chimney just say hi to yes it did!

I continued to
walk down a long street full of
houses and chimneys

By the end of the
road every chimney had spoke
a few happy words

to me! It made me
laugh , especially when I saw
a cow called Daisy

She lit up different
colours , red green blue..was so
lovely..truly bright!

I said to all the
chimneys , I’m glad you don’t smoke
no more..good on you

for attempting to
keep our lovely air clean! It’s
been a long day and

I’m shattered but I
must say how awesome chimneys
are atop there roofs!

Even when the sky
is grey there terrocota
bricks are stunningly

homely..thanks chimneys
I’m glad I notice how fun
and happy you are :-))
Inspired by seeing chimneys with there sky dishes was truly fascinating and the more I looked at the chimneys the more cartoon they become :-))
Anyway just a silly fun story **
Enjoy your weekend all ❤️
May 1 · 102
Donna May 1
Don’t let grief make you
angry and bitter , find a
way to love yourself
Be happy not angry makes u miss out on life and life is very precious indeed **
I know a few angry people and i just cannot be like them you have to move on , it’s not easy but it positivity can be done!
Donna Apr 29
Aeroplane flys by
Washing machine spinning round
I’m in thinking mood
I suppose we all get these days I’m sure tomorrow I be not thinking as much :))
Wishing u all a lovely day and week ahead xxxx
Apr 28 · 374
Define Yourself
Donna Apr 28
Flowers always die
But it’s their beauty that makes
the world beautiful
:) don’t ever succumb to other people’s judgemental thoughts , rise above stay strong and be proud to be you :-)) xxxx
Apr 25 · 250
Learning Always
Donna Apr 25
Sitting on a train
Joking about with my son
We count stops and zones
Been on a train this morn was much fun and educational for my son too ***
Donna Apr 24
Two-Face people stink
They smell worse than boiled eggs
I prefer omelettes
Two face people I just don’t get them never will , **** ‘em (Soz to use swear words hope not to offend , but most needed today other than that I’m all good again , over it completely xxxx
Apr 23 · 317
Chillaxing ❤️
Donna Apr 23
Chatting away as
I walk my path of greatness
I like who I am
Feeling happy x spending few days with my mum n dad , loving it truly having great time :)))) I really like being 50 maybe it cause being older makes u appreciate life more everything just seems calmer sod drama I stay away from it now too old to argue not worth all the silly stress xxxx
Apr 22 · 213
I Love You Old Girl
Donna Apr 22
A grey sky use to
look sad , now it looks old and
wonderfully happy
Im in a really happy place and I’m going to make the most of it , feeling blessed to have such a crazy funny awesome family xxxx ❤️
Apr 22 · 201
O You Drunkard Butterfly
Donna Apr 22
Today I saw a
butterfly , I think it was drunk
on springs happiness

I try to write something serious or beautiful but this is what comes out lol well the butterfly fluttering  everywhere it defo looked drunk lol
Inspired this morning by nature’s beauty x
Fun n silly x
Donna Apr 22
My dogs have flopped down
on my feet now I can’t move
Ah well time to rest
Help I can’t move my dogs have seriously fell asleep on my feet if I move I will wake them
up  lol bless , there way cute n heavy!  ***
Apr 21 · 172
Love Life
Donna Apr 21
Don’t think to much , live
life enjoy being happy
laugh lots and smile too
Apr 20 · 184
Hedgehog And A Daisy Day
Donna Apr 20
Today was lovely
I saw a hedgehog stroll by
Daisies they bloomed too
Catch up soon spending time with my family xxxxx we saw  a hedgehog today *** so so sooooo cute ❤️
Apr 18 · 221
Sunny Days
Donna Apr 18
The sun shines brightly
Tis warm beautiful and kind
Just like my daughters

:)I  love my daughters very much they inspire me so much too I’m so proud of them both  ❤️❤️
Donna Apr 17
Aging creaky bones
Happy wrinkles sad wrinkles
Sod getting old

Feeling old lately lol I use to be able to rush around here there and everywhere ah well just have to get use to growing old taking it easy I suppose!   :-)) ❤️
Apr 17 · 826
Donna Apr 17
I laze in garden
My dogs lounge on patio
Birds sing happy songs
Thank u for all your lovely messages I’m feeling much better to what I was and to make things even better the weather here in England today is beautiful x
Apr 14 · 352
Cold Virus
Donna Apr 14
Silly blocked up nose
****** irratating cough
Float far away please
My daughter my son and now me have this awful virus and I’m totally feeling sorry for myself x
Apr 14 · 156
Lazy Lunch Day
Donna Apr 14
Yay it’s lunch time..yes
Maltesers , Crisps , Diet Coke
Not good but feels good

We all get these days :-)) perfectly Yums x
Apr 13 · 294
Donna Apr 13
Takes a little time
to express poetry just
like a dancing star
:)it’s half a moon tonight and only a few stars but one seemed to shine slightly brighter , was quiet lovely and peaceful x
Apr 10 · 173
Letting Go Moving On
Donna Apr 10
I looked out window
And saw a tree with spring leaves
New beginnings..yes

ive Been so busy working this week im so tired this evening , will catch up soon x This was inspired today whilst I was at work x
Apr 9 · 200
I can’t keep up
Donna Apr 9
Too many reposts
I’ve gone completely dizzy
Catch up with you soon

I’m dizzy dizzy :))
Donna Apr 8
The sky is dull grey
and so are pavements ,  that’s a
real boring sandwich

Where’s the sun gone it’s chilly outstde and proper grey skies too !
Apr 8 · 189
Albie My Nutty Pug
Donna Apr 8
My pug tried to fly
He ran and jumped off seatee
Then head-butted door
Lol seriously my pug is crazy mad but so funny too he jumped off my seatee today his back legs went one way his front legs another way , he really is a most funny dog , he rans around my house so fast it’s like something out of a funny cartoon , aww  bless him love him lots  :-))
Donna Apr 8
When your heart breaks don’t
worry you’ll end up stronger
and more beautiful
Someone close to me is going through a break up these are my words to her ** ❤️
Apr 7 · 295
Relaxing Times
Donna Apr 7
I love evening times
Snuggled on seatee with Dean
And of course our dogs

Dean is my husband x we have had a busy weekend with family visiting  and it’s  been so lovely but now we just unwinding watching tv with our three dogs  x
Apr 6 · 414
For You Always
Donna Apr 6
Thank you dear brother
For showing me poetry
For you , I still write
My brother Simon is and will always be my true inspiration for writing poetry besides my love for my family , because of him I began writing , maybe one day I will stop writing but for now I don’t think to much about if and when I do , poetry helps me release my feelings my imagination , my fun and silly side , so I shall always be grateful to sites like HP and to those who read me <3 I doubt I ever write a book , I don’t feel the need to do tbh , for now I’m just happy to share here on Hp and it’s helped me learn much about myself as I am and most defo a much happier person *** my motto is live life be happy and appreciate the simple things in life x
Donna Apr 6
I unpacked some food
into the fridge , the fridge than
said ‘Hi my name is

Sid’! I was startled
and said hi back! Then I shut
the door and broke the

inside rack! The milk
gurgle and the pickles burped
And all the sauces

gave a big slurp! The
cheese bubbled and than I
saw a smelly mouse

it’s running madly
in my house! I now have a
mouse in my house and

I’m watching where to
tread , as it’s made me nervous
so I jumped in bed!

I bought a pair of
binoculars and a fishing
rod to catch the mouse

if the floor should bob!
I’ve just seen the fridge walk out
the door , twas then I

saw the kettle fly
by me so I said to
myself I need a cup of tea :)
:-)) fun and silly one but I do actually have a mouse in my house x
Donna Apr 6
Last night I saw police
on the street , they had a gang
lined up against a

wall , my heart felt proud
knowing the police are out there
protecting our streets!

You see it’s getting
quite awful these days , having
a young son of my

own , I’m just glad his
an awesome nerd and doesn’t
go out that much! It’s

scary living in this
world today , lots of muggings
everywhere and it

doesn’t matter that
the sun may shine or the clouds
will pour of rain , it

just happens every
day now! My local park
is filled with willows

overlooking a pond!
Ducks swans and geese glide along
o so peaceful! Grass

so happy green and
squirrels ran along a path!
Now you got gangs on

motorbikes scaring
off the young kids , taking there phones
there money even

the clothes off there backs!
I love life and see only
the simple beauty

in all but there’s no
denying how bad things are
truly becoming!

I’m just happy my
awesome son is a nerd and
stays indoors lots , makes

me not worry to
much about him and when he
does go out it’s with

his brothers to train
for boxing just to keep fit!
And sometimes he goes

to a youth club ran
by a friend I know! My son
doesn’t miss out on

things , he just prefers
to stay in where it’s safe!
It’s a scary place

this world of ours!
But last night I felt safe and proud
to see policemen on

our local street!
It’s how it is today I’m glad my son is a beautiful nerd and prefers to stay in then go out! To many muggings and trouble going in in my area , sadly its just getting worse! Was happy to see police last night we need them more on the streets!!
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