Haiku Donna Jul 17
At times when you want
to hate because someone as
upset you , it builds up

inside your rib cage
circling upwards into
your active brain box

And you question love!
You try to hold on and not
let go...it kinda

eats you up little
by little , but you somehow
got to over ride

it to a better
place where the sun shines brightly
like on summer days

Deep within the earth
seeds blossom , of course they take
time , ignoring the

downfalls of hating
Sometimes a good night sleep
will over come it

Sentimental is
an emotion deep within
Just like earth flowers

But if they can rise
with a true smile , than so can
I , as nature as

it's own way of life
And the best thing of all , it
shares it emotions
Triggered by a little disappointment by a distance family member but onwards and upwards as per always as much to be grateful in my lovely blessed life xx
Inspired over last few days :)
Haiku Donna Jul 12
I love sweet nature
It helps me when I'm stressing
It calms me right down
:) nature is a lovely friend
Haiku Donna Jul 10
A bowl of porridge
and a glass of fresh orange
Kicks starts a good day
Keeping healthy :)
Haiku Donna Jun 11
It's not worth stressing
about the past and future
Live in your today's
Okay so my BP still alarmly high so been given higher dosage BP tablet today even in happy events can rise BP so learning to not stress so much as well as a healthy diet and longs walk each day , hopefully in time I can get my BP back to normal :)
Have lovely week ahead love to u all xx
Inspired x
Haiku Donna Apr 27
We are all flowers
Slowly growing in the sun
Until the leaves fall
:) got to make the most of everyday xxx
Haiku Donna Apr 9
When I get scary
thoughts I let them swim on by
Then I watch them drown
Much love to u all :)
Haiku Donna Apr 2
Poetry has help
me to find me and now I've
found me I like me
Haiku Donna Mar 2
The moon cried a tear
And in her dark depression
She lit up the sky
:) x
Haiku Donna Mar 2
The sky is pink
The grass is red
The sun is purple
And it's name is Ned
The trees are orange
The clouds are blue
The pavements are grey
And that is so true.
The bees are white
The birds are silver
The moon is like
A gigantic mirror
The whales are beige
The fishes are spotty
When life gets hard
Don't worry it's just a little knotty
Have lovely weekend x
Haiku Donna Mar 1
The best thing about
painting over grubby walls
They end up pretty
Painting my son's room:)  just love painting walls always inspires me one of my fav inspirations :)
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