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Crystal Freda Apr 2022
Be hopeful,
all things will come to an end.
Somethings may have a new beginning.
Some may be dead.

In this life,
everything is for our good.
We may not think that,
but we really should.

So keep hoping
and keep believing.
You never know
what you might be receiving.
March 2019
leeaaun Feb 2021
if you think, i love you
and i should take a step towards you
but what if you also love me—
why don't you close that distance then.
do what you expect from others first!.
Imprisoned in four walls,
Latched windows,
I looked at the clouds,
Starting at the perished soil,  
Burning in despair,

I Felt those rains.
Behind the dark hues,
Chaos it hummed,
Muttering through few claps of thunder
Acknowledging the agony,
As it pours itself on the motionless ground,
Wishing to drench it truly.

Little did I knew,
What subtle outburst could do,
As it nurtured roots of hopes,
And Thrived new lives,
In deceased core.
Hidden buds sprouted,
In abundant sun rays  

Drifted away was the misery,
With an aura of new blossoming's.
As the sky smiled,
Towards the singing daises,
Opening windows and doors,
And welcoming the essence of earth.
I stepped towards hope.
Deeper than we think.........
Shamela Yousuff Jun 2020
Please don't hesitate,
all I want is to
close my eyes and dream
Dear sleep,I do have a lot to tell you but for now I will just to stick to this....
For more, follow my instagram page:
Christina Maria Mar 2019
Looking at the past does nothing for the future
Dwelling on something bad won't help

Rising from your ashes and start again

Hope and positivity are the only route you should go
Don't let bad experiences keep you from life

Love, live, laugh

Donna Sep 2018
I looked at grey sky
A quiet seagull flew by
And I felt its peace
Hi all :)
was Inspired whilst I hanged out washing on washing line :)
Take caste all **
Donna Aug 2018
Life is not perfect
just like me , but everday
I live and I smile
Life is never perfect you got to take the ups and downs as they come live through them just got to stay postive and open minded and try not to be to ******* yourself **
Donna Jun 2018
It's not worth stressing
about the past and future
Live in your today's
Okay so my BP still alarmly high so been given higher dosage BP tablet today even in happy events can rise BP so learning to not stress so much as well as a healthy diet and longs walk each day , hopefully in time I can get my BP back to normal :)
Have lovely week ahead love to u all **
Inspired x
Donna Apr 2018
We are all flowers
Slowly growing in the sun
Until the leaves fall
:) got to make the most of everyday ***
Donna Apr 2018
When I get scary
thoughts I let them swim on by
Then I watch them drown
Much love to u all :)
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