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Please don't hesitate,
all I want is to
close my eyes and dream
Dear sleep,I do have a lot to tell you but for now I will just to stick to this....
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Donna May 18
Two magpies fly by
Rejoicing in joy to come
Warm summertime hugs

Love magpies such lovely birds saw two the other day was awesome 🌸x
Stay safe take care stay positive ** 💕
Donna Sep 2019
Crows caw caw on roof
Wind blows grey sky raindrops drop
I smiled at window
Donna Jun 2019
Today I woke up
and decided to paint walls
like clouds in the sky
**  ⛅️⛅️
Donna Mar 2019
Today a fullstop
looked like a fly , so all my
words were like..bye bye
Christina Maria Mar 2019
Looking at the past does nothing for the future
Dwelling on something bad won't help

Rising from your ashes and start again

Hope and positivity are the only route you should go
Don't let bad experiences keep you from life

Love, live, laugh

Donna Dec 2018
Winter raindrops fell
Window wipers swished swished swished
Pigeons sat on roofs
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