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Donna Mar 19
Today a fullstop
looked like a fly , so all my
words were like..bye bye
Looking at the past does nothing for the future
Dwelling on something bad won't help

Rising from your ashes and start again

Hope and positivity are the only route you should go
Don't let bad experiences keep you from life

Love, live, laugh

Donna Dec 2018
Winter raindrops fell
Window wipers swished swished swished
Pigeons sat on roofs
Donna Nov 2018
The weather is drab
Now that summer is over
Least the birds still fly
been to work today and it’s so cold out , missing summer x
Donna Nov 2018
Flock of geese flew by
Ready for there next challenge
With spring in there wings
Inspired today x
Donna Sep 2018
Yay! Happy Friday
Hope your weekend is the best
Cya on Monday
I'm out tomorrow night with my family to celebrate my sons 23rd birthday I do love a good family night out :D Happy Friday all   , love to u all , be happy keep smiling keep writing and most importantly keep living and making wonderful memories :) ***
Donna Sep 2018
I'm missing summer
So I cooked an omelette
Stuck it on a window
And got rid of the grey clouds
I'm a spring summer girl missing the summer sun already suffer littlefrom SAD but I'm okay it will pass xxxx anyway the omelette looks great on window :-))))
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