Haiku Donna Apr 27
We are all flowers
Slowly growing in the sun
Until the leaves fall
:) got to make the most of everyday xxx
Haiku Donna Apr 9
When I get scary
thoughts I let them swim on by
Then I watch them drown
Much love to u all :)
Haiku Donna Apr 2
Poetry has help
me to find me and now I've
found me I like me
Haiku Donna Mar 2
The moon cried a tear
And in her dark depression
She lit up the sky
:) x
Haiku Donna Mar 2
The sky is pink
The grass is red
The sun is purple
And it's name is Ned
The trees are orange
The clouds are blue
The pavements are grey
And that is so true.
The bees are white
The birds are silver
The moon is like
A gigantic mirror
The whales are beige
The fishes are spotty
When life gets hard
Don't worry it's just a little knotty
Have lovely weekend x
Haiku Donna Mar 1
The best thing about
painting over grubby walls
They end up pretty
Painting my son's room:)  just love painting walls always inspires me one of my fav inspirations :)
Haiku Donna Feb 16
Don't forget to live
Because living is bonkers
And I like bonkers
Haiku Donna Jan 17
when the cold wind blows
and the sky is cloudy grey
aeroplanes zoom by

leaving a fluffy
cute line to brighten up
a cold winters day

when raindrops fall down
tis the glistens that shine
and twinkle sweetly

the flowers and trees
blossom too , never giving
up to winters chill

and then theres springtime
where ladybirds and butterflies
pretty up the sky

and birds sing lovely
songs to the morning sun
kick starting a great day

animals come out
of hibernation waking
up to sweet daisies

summer clothes blossom
cheering warm days with smiles
under a blue sky

and green leaves blossom
making earth vibrantly cool
Making days happy
This one is for u my lovely friend Ignatius your comment inspired me :)
Haiku Donna Jan 10
Be a toilet
Flush all the shit away
And keep a clear mind
well it's seems to make sense , soz for the swear word sometimes it just seems to fit well :)
Haiku Donna Jan 3
Always strive for best
No matter life's obstacles
Keep going forward
:-) <3
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