Don't forget to live
Because living is bonkers
And I like bonkers
when the cold wind blows
and the sky is cloudy grey
aeroplanes zoom by

leaving a fluffy
cute line to brighten up
a cold winters day

when raindrops fall down
tis the glistens that shine
and twinkle sweetly

the flowers and trees
blossom too , never giving
up to winters chill

and then theres springtime
where ladybirds and butterflies
pretty up the sky

and birds sing lovely
songs to the morning sun
kick starting a great day

animals come out
of hibernation waking
up to sweet daisies

summer clothes blossom
cheering warm days with smiles
under a blue sky

and green leaves blossom
making earth vibrantly cool
Making days happy
This one is for u my lovely friend Ignatius your comment inspired me :)
Be a toilet
Flush all the shit away
And keep a clear mind
well it's seems to make sense , soz for the swear word sometimes it just seems to fit well :)
Always strive for best
No matter life's obstacles
Keep going forward
:-) <3
Trisha Lapeciros Dec 2017
New year is fast approaching
Another new beginning of an ending
I'm Excited of what it may bring,
      scared of what's coming.

New opportunities, new challenges
And also a lot more chances.
New hope, new everything
A new chapter in the making.

Another story is yet to be made
While a new history has been made.
Last year's mistakes served as a lesson,
To become a better person in this new season.

Cheers to happier life!
May this new year be filled with smiles and laughter,
Making our hearts flutter.
May this new year be filled with peace,
To make our minds at ease.
May this new year be filled with positive vibes,
Para iwas bad vibes

We survived
We made it to page 365

This is the very first poem I made. I hope you like it. I'm not poetic.
No matter what life
throws at you , remember
flowers always bloom
waking up a deep
imagination , whales swim
gently in abyss
Beautiful creatures :) I watch video on blue whales and it's amazing how gentle they swim in ocean x
in dark deep aybss
i caught a little twinkle
and stepped inside it
:) xx
I remember my
dark never grew
Then one day they grew
shining star in sky
you appear in evening light
braving this sad world
sometimes the world can be a sad place x
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