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Haiku Donna Sep 28
Yay! Happy Friday
Hope your weekend is the best
Cya on Monday
I'm out tomorrow night with my family to celebrate my sons 23rd birthday I do love a good family night out :D Happy Friday all   , love to u all , be happy keep smiling keep writing and most importantly keep living and making wonderful memories :) ***
Haiku Donna Sep 22
I'm missing summer
So I cooked an omelette
Stuck it on a window
And got rid of the grey clouds
I'm a spring summer girl missing the summer sun already suffer littlefrom SAD but I'm okay it will pass xxxx anyway the omelette looks great on window :-))))
Haiku Donna Sep 9
I looked at grey sky
A quiet seagull flew by
And I felt its peace
Hi all :)
was Inspired whilst I hanged out washing on washing line :)
Take caste all **
Haiku Donna Sep 6
I saw a butterfly
It flew by me
I smiled and said 'Hello' !
As I sipped some tea
Saw buttefhy in garden was inspired **
Releasing x
Haiku Donna Sep 6
May it rain or shine
But no matter the weather
Magpies still sing songs
Butterflies may be fading till next year but magpies stay around no matter the weather :)
Inspired over last few days hearing magpies singing in trees , love nature Tis awesomely inspiring  :)
Haiku Donna Aug 23
Life is not perfect
just like me , but everday
I live and I smile
Life is never perfect you got to take the ups and downs as they come live through them just got to stay postive and open minded and try not to be to ******* yourself **
Haiku Donna Aug 21
Anxiety woke
me , so this afternoon ,  I'm
going to go out
I never really know what sets off my anixety so I don't question it no more instead I'm going to take my son to cinema to see The ant and the wasp film x a change of scenery I think always helps **
Haiku Donna Jul 17
At times when you want
to hate because someone as
upset you , it builds up

inside your rib cage
circling upwards into
your active brain box

And you question love!
You try to hold on and not
let go...it kinda

eats you up little
by little , but you somehow
got to over ride

it to a better
place where the sun shines brightly
like on summer days

Deep within the earth
seeds blossom , of course they take
time , ignoring the

downfalls of hating
Sometimes a good night sleep
will over come it

Sentimental is
an emotion deep within
Just like earth flowers

But if they can rise
with a true smile , than so can
I , as nature as

it's own way of life
And the best thing of all , it
shares it emotions
Triggered by a little disappointment by a distance family member but onwards and upwards as per always as much to be grateful in my lovely blessed life **
Inspired over last few days :)
Haiku Donna Jul 12
I love sweet nature
It helps me when I'm stressing
It calms me right down
:) nature is a lovely friend
Haiku Donna Jul 10
A bowl of porridge
and a glass of fresh orange
Kicks starts a good day
Keeping healthy :)
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