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Donna Aug 2019
If you mix humour
with stressful times , than things don’t
seem that bad at all
My humour gets me through lots x
Donna Jun 2019
Today I woke up
and decided to paint walls
like clouds in the sky
**  ⛅️⛅️
Donna May 2019
Today I’m just a
fallen petal blowing in
a warm summer breeze
Feeling slightly low today but it’s lovely that I can express and heal slowly through poetry, x
Loving my husband and children for always standing by my side and grateful to HP and all you lovely people **
Pao May 2018
Freedom is on my fingertips
Its liberation flows through my bitterness
Casting away my shattered dreams of changing roads
On which direction, I want to go.

Home looks so far away from where I'm standing
Feeling the despair in my lungs
Expanding and withstanding
Crumbling down all at once.

Fate and freedom go hand in hand
Demanding me to put my feet in the sand
To look beyond my destiny
And start on my own legacy.
Yudoni Apr 2018
The end of the line don't end in tears,
Because my eyes have dried over the last few years,
I'm sure you don't see me anymore,
You hate the things that you loved before,
Correcting me, infecting me with an ideal,
I'll give, you take, you see how it feels.
The same reaction always has a different reason,
I do what I can, but you act like I've committed treason,
It's the season for growth and to see what we'll discover,
For you and me both, my friend, my lover,
Alone we'll stand to see what we can uncover,
But I'll love you still in a way like no other.
Things evolve and variables affect,
It had to get real, I mean what did you expect,
That I would be your idea of perfect,
No I get even more human, the closer you inspect.
About being exhausted with the same stuff repeating itself and moving forward
adira Feb 2018
world is demanding a never ending place were onward we must go

take no second thought onwards we must go

you are sweating ageing your back breaking but..onwards we must go

and for those who stop to think in this constant spinning circle

shall be flung aside forgotten.. onwards we must go

to the world you are just one of seven billion other men onward they will go

you are already a slave to this earth because onwards you must go

the world will always move onwards

with or without you
Donna Jan 2018
I woke this morning
I told my fear to *******
Then I had breakfast
Sometimes wake with aniexty but as per usual I ain't letting it get to me
Soz for swearing x
Vanessa Grace Dec 2017
'I love you, you know that?'
I say as I
brush his hair
behind his ear,
tear my gaze
from his own,
take two steps back,
don't look back,
         and finally let him go
Christian Bixler Feb 2017
Green sea
still, the waves--so tired
my aching feet.
To reach that place of stillness, peace,  I journey far; knowing all the while, that I journey back the way I came.
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