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Nathalie Jun 2019
The sun was sneaking
Through an open wound
In the door
Illuminating in perfection
The luxurious crafted web
Each finely woven
Thread was glistening
Under the glow of brilliance
Showcasing the ingenious
Creativity of the eight legged
Totem of mystery and receptivity

Cynthia Jean Oct 2016
on the water

the sprinkling
of oil
of lavender

the gentle
of the  water

a cluster
sprang forth

air bubbles
like  diamonds
in the sun.

Cj 2016
The simplest things comprise such beauty!  All we need are eyes to see!
SassyJ Feb 2016
Your are a flavour of mystic flow and justice
Resounding effortlessly in vapoured divinity
A channel spinning within your furling crux
Cheers to our cups of leisure and pleasure

I turn around and your warmth embraces
I'll wait holding the gaze of your bright eyes
I'll wait touching this revolving total eclipse
I'll wait as I sense our forbidden mind-scapes

I have sensed your whole when we are apart
A near leap to meet,cuddle and feel the vibration
Uncovering the glistening gem that penetrates heat
Fondling the electric ******* oscillations under the bridge

Here is my cup, holding a rapture of your breath
Here is my cup, melodically swirling in fine entertainment
Here is my cup,exhuming and exhaling our magical essences
Our cup it is! Cheers! As we sprout and bloom pleasantly
Leal Knowone Mar 2015
ya I'm wondering searching for something I can't find
and I'm just pondering wondering were is my mind
yes I see a beam of light that'll surely mesmerize
ya in day and night taking this **** world by surprise
and the new moon in her eyes glistening the night sky
yes its no surprise life can't truly be analysed
well some dwell in it, some just don't want it anymore
just break free deception, specimen of perfection
yet I know what it was for, lost it, find its lament
this pale fragments of porcelain skin fall to the floor
and drift away into the wind to be seen nevermore
and the circumstance of this romance for life is
it can cut like a knife, lift to unmentionable heights

you take a long stroll in the maze of a twisted mind
oh how they quandaried on how it would unfurl in time
so spacious liviacious an endless strain on the mind
oh I really wonder will it rebuilt it self in time
yet I'm just pondering asking the world why so many lies
see there's a crack of light through this dismal dark night sky
oh how the fire dances in her eyes, as my mind now  fries
the new moon in the night sky glistening in her eyes
we say your goodbyes to what you always thought it would be
so sad to see modesty might be the end of me
oh it may just be the end of me this time, nothing' inside
how some dwell in it, some just want to live delusions
my conclusions a dillusion with no solution
Horrible drunk, and hope there is not to many mistakes
PrttyBrd Apr 2014
Cattails in the morning dew
Gently swaying in the wind
Glistening in the sunrise
Stretching toward its warmth
Butterflies spread their wings
Landing in unison with its motion
Perched upon its summit
Clinging on in the cool breeze
Still glistening in the morning dew

— The End —