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12.9k · Sep 2018
Hello :)
Donna Sep 2018
If this poem trends
I just want to say to all
Hi nice to meet you


Oops my humour gets the better of me :-)))))) xxxxxxxxxxx
Have a lovely Sunday xxxxx
10.6k · Sep 2018
Donna Sep 2018
Hmm I've only got a
few likes today hmm maybe
my writings not good

Why am I even
writing what's it's all about
What's the point , I only feel

anxious now , deep breaths
Now I feel silly why did
I write that , oh jeez

heart beating feel sick!!
Then my self doubt passes and
I'm back to lovely

place again! Self doubt
sure can grip me making me
feel really down! But you

see writing helps dig
through negativity , am
I a poet or not

Maybe , I'm not sure
But I'm much more too , I'm a
wife a mum a sister

a friend. I've wrote my
heart out for five years now non
stop to be honest

But now I'm in such
a lovely place of content
I'm living happy

Of course I still get
life stresses hit me and yeah
I get negative

But one thing I can
always rely on is my
passion for writing

It helps mentally
to keep me strong and focus
May it come from my

heart or mind or once
in awhile I like to write
stories , fun fun fun :)

I'm slowing down now
Gone and got myself married :)))
Tis so wonderful

Children are growing
up fast , there leading there own
life's more every day

So I'm finding new
hobbies to keep me active
Life changes happen

But to write , will be  
in me always , tis part of me
it's just there always

So to all who love to
write have fun dry those tears up
Find your happy place :))
Have a lovely week ahead :)) love to u all xxxx
9.1k · Mar 2018
Bum fun chair
Donna Mar 2018
I said to a chair
Can you please stop
touching my ***
It said no no no
it's so much fun
:)) silly one
Donna Jul 2017
Surrounding the world
The big universe dances
In magical ways
6.7k · Sep 2018
Mary the Fairy
Donna Sep 2018
There once was a Fairy
Who lived in a magical world
Her sweet name was Mary
And she loved to be held

She loved to watch the stars
Twinkle brightly at night
Even though afar
They were a great sight

She watched the dusky sun
Rise early every morning
Whilst the birds would have fun
And humans were yawning

She skipped over lakes
Making the lake waters laugh
And fishes would wake
And give Mary a jacuzzi bath

She flew with Butterflies
And Dragonflies too
They ate custard pies
And egg foo foo

She made her own dress
From red autumn leaves
She was nicknamed The Best'
By all the lovely trees

She wore spaghetti hoops
In her long golden hair
And jumped through potholes loops
To explore natures flair

She'd slide down mountains
Rainbows as well
She brewed coffee in fountains
And rang a lunch time forest bell **
Fun fairy story x
Donna Aug 2018
We walked around the
park and came across a sweet
garden of flowers

All trimmed so lovely
not a bud out of place and the
sun shone happily

Was there we saw a
wishing pond full of silver
gold and bronze money

So we made a wish
Plonk plonk plonk is what we heard
as the coins lie still

Jennifer was near
by , watering the new buds
Butteflies fluttered

there ivory wings
whispering sweet lyrics to
birds flying in sky

We came across a
monkey , he ****** to its cage
Dean said its hungry

It was colour of
midnight , full of gentleness
Contentment for sure

Dean pulled a twig of
leaves off a tall plant for the
monkey , who I thought

had smiled in its own
animal way , but all of
a sudden two girl

monkeys colour of
a rising sun tried to rule
the roast , so dean gave

them some leaves too , but
they seemed adamant to pinch
the males food , we did

have a giggle and
told the girl monkeys to shoo
They just ignored us

We saw elephants
Skin like a hundred years old
Eyes like big diamonds

One seven foot tall
Jennifer flew by smiling
sprinkling sunlight

upon there hay , we
saw a monkey eat a fly
It picked off its wings

threw them to the ground
and ate its body ,it was
a fascinating

moment, Flight never
to be lowered only to be
born again to life

Oh I loved the big
leopard she was amazing
Her fur so unique

Her temperament so
kind so loving so happy
Man as been her friend

It was a lovely
day and Jennifer enjoyed
herself too , she sang

a song making the
sun giggle so much , its teeth
fell upon warm earth

leaving sparkles in
ponds and glistens upon cars
and smiles in clouds

We all drank ice cold
water and ate some chips and
a panini with

cheese and tomato!
We drove home feeling happy
And the sky was too
Yesterday we visited a wildlife park it was truly lovely lots of the animals are becoming extinct and this particular park as given many of the animals a really lovely kind loving enviroment to live in :)))
5.0k · Jul 2018
Slowing down
Donna Jul 2018
I love to watch snails
There've made me realise , I need
to take life easy
Take care all much love to you , be back soon :-))))
Donna Oct 2019
I questioned why I
post on HP..many left
Maybe I should too
** lots of techincal probs on hp many left many not post no more , anyway it’s been a frequent question I keep asking myself I’ve been debating it a a lot lately just think maybe I should finally lie down my pen , Ive wrote over three thousand short poems wow that’s a lot lol and life’s busy as per and focusing on family as always ;**
Thank you though for those who have read me you will remain forever in my heart always❤️ It’s hard leaving you all but family calls , new adventures await , positivity as always xxxx
Hope u enjoyed my poetry but it’s time for me to stop writing ❤️❤️❤️ My poems will remain here on hp ❤️
Mwah ❤️
4.5k · Jun 2018
Donna Jun 2018
I've become a great
expert in karate , thanks
to those pesky gnats
Those pesky gnats have bit  me alive this year there so annoying !!
But I'm learning great karate moves :)
3.8k · Jul 2018
Josephine - myhaikudiary
Donna Jul 2018
She has skin like soft
midnight and eyes that shine like
the bright evening moon

Her laughter echoed
happily around the room
travelling through an

open window,  to
sing with the birds , her big smile
lights up any heart

Emigrating far
away to Dominion
Republic..her quest

for a brand new life
begins to take shape , her dream
ready to breathe air

Born in Africa
She's a lady of respect  
A jolly spirit

Her mother skills show
in her children , polite kind
loving and happy

She wanders through her
newly painted house with a
silent hum of smiles

She said to me 'Donna
you're getting married next week
and your here painting

my house , how have you
coped'  , I said I have a real
amazing daughter

who as taken charge
of all that needs to be done
We both smiled so wide

She wears a silky
scarf around her head , she as
the essence of

a free butterfly
I admire joesphine
I'm glad I met her :)
The job me and dean are working on as been a real blessing x
Enjoy your weekend everyone **
3.7k · Aug 2018
Beach day - myhaikudiary
Donna Aug 2018
With deckchairs under
our arms we walked towards the
beach to find a spot

Seaweed lie upon
pebbles colour of summer
leaves decorated

the sand ,the ocean
was dark blue with soft ripples
that gently waved to

me so I waved back!
Me my son daughter sister
and cousion ate chips

and a burger , we
filled our bellies full , lots of
people sunbathed on

this wonderful hot
day , the sun smile was so wide
Even the boats sailed

along contently
We chatted all day long and
laughed too , my son

and nephew went for
a swim or shall I say a
paddle , broken shells

cut there poor feet , but
they still smiled bravely as the
hero in them came

to live , lots of seats
lined up against a big wall
full of peoples names

All dedicated
to Angels who once walked this
land we all live in  

I burnt my lips and
today there so sore , even
eating is a pain

But I'm still happy
I'm as brown as a berry
Thanks to the warm sun

The sand so soft to
touch it fell through my fingers
back to its sand friends

Was a lovely day
and when I got home I told
dean I had missed him

So I gave him a
hug and we sat down and talked
about painting up

our living room , I'm
happy because we going
to wallpaper the

chimney breast to give
it a cozy feel , also
we may buy two or

three floating shelves , do
the clouds in sky hold up the
shelves , oh wow I think

there goner look so
nice , be a lovely place to
put a photo frame

of me dean and kids
O my heart is blooming I
hope it never stops
Yesterday I went beach we had a lovely day and Ime and dean are going to be painting our living room hopefully soon im  very excited about that **
3.1k · Aug 2018
Beach day 2 - myhaikudiary
Donna Aug 2018
So today I went
to a beach again , the sand
so soft so silky

No pebbles in sight
I think the ocean kept a
few in its pockets

Me sis and our two
younger boys,  mum and dad , all
had a lovely time

I like to meet my
mum and dad on days out , it's
much better than on

a phone line because
a memory we make , the
sky was cloudy grey

Yet the sun twinkled
against the passing clouds like
god wearing a big

diamond ring , was so
pretty , the ocean didn't
just wave it jumped in

excitement , our two
boys played for an hour in
navy cozy sea

We all went on a
ride it was a ghost train , it
was really corny

But we laughed out loud
Was nice to see mum and dad
having a good time

Tom and Finn went on
the bumper cars , Finn bashed his
car into all the

other cars , tom deemed
a little more seriously
A good driver he

will one day be , the
wind began to blow hard
I nearly became

a kite in sky , I
saw Jennifer the fairy
sunbathing in the

big ocean on a
fallen summer leaf , it sure
was rather lovely

It took an hour
to get home , we drove through lanes
full of cute houses

Trees bent over to
greet each passing car , the world
was truly smiling

Now I'm back home , I'm
chilling on sofa whilst Dean
and our sons watch there

favourite sport , boxing
on tv , and I'm writing
about my beach day

The house is messy
But that's okay because life
needs to be lived now :-))
Today I went to beach again with family it was again a lovely day ***
3.1k · Sep 2018
My Jennifer the Fairy xx
Donna Sep 2018
Today I made a
Shepard pie and I topped it
with soft grated cheese

Then I boiled some
Brussels which reminded me
of green summer trees

So today I ate
summer on my dinner plate
Making my tum smile

It made Deans tum smile
too and together both our
tummies laughed out loud

But Jennifer the
fairy was not impressed , she
was a vegan and

proud to be one , I told
her I was proud of her too
but she gave me a

snide look and she flew
off into a tree to sit
next to a magpie

She whispered into
the magpies ear but I smiled!
Today I learnt a

lesson in life and
that is to accept people
for what they are and

not judge way to much!
As I continue to eat
meat Jennifer would

have to find a way
to forgive me! But she's still
not talking to me

But I'm sure she come
around eventually cause
she's my lovely friend

Sometimes it just takes
time to forgive , but in the
end , it all works out
Just reflecting on my day today and the fact I still eat meat plus my creativity amd imagination seeem to be asleep at the moment *** o yes it's also about forgiveness it was a conversation I had with my Dean today which I found inspiring xxxxx
Donna Aug 2018
Okay so my Dean
won me over by texting
Hi Mrs Atkins

Would you like to come
to the pub with me , I'm like
o you cheeky sod

Not one for liking
the pub but he melted my
heart so I said yes

I quickly got dressed
Brushed my unwashed hair into
a pony tail and

off we went to the
pub where we met our children
for family time

My heart bloomed into
a big daisy , after a
few rows this week my

children got over
it and began talking once
again , it's normal

to row once in a
while , all living together
in a small house can

at times be stressful
A live band was playing , my
ears felt like they were

going to pop,  we
tapped out feet to the rhythm
We ate chips with cheese

and bacon , we talked
and laughed and ate and drank
We snapchated , we

smiled , we posed has
one big family , was a
special moment , I

loved the pubs carpet
Just like an old pub should be
Very quaint indeed

Guitars hang on walls
Red walls and dark wooden walls
Walls were everywhere

Two men playing on
stage waves goodbye as the night
came to an end , the

rain is still pouring
Pavements twinkle brightly , stars
come out to play , was

a really lovely
evening , now it's time to sleep
till morning sunrise :)
Had lovely evening with family for a few hours at our local pub :) love my family **
2.9k · Jul 2018
When you feel sad
Donna Jul 2018
When you feel sad please
think of blue skies , give it a
smile let your heart fly

Think of fluffy clouds
on a summers day , watch the
sun shine its bright ray

Think of the moon when
it shines so bright , where the stars
glow with all there might

And you know when a
street light glows , watch the moths dance
and put on a show

Eat nice food like greens
and fruit , colour your rainbow
and turn off your mute

Listen to the birds when
they sing a song , there lighten
your heart ever long

Look at the trees no
matter the seasons , pretty
leaves with such reasons

When you feel sad it's
simple things in life , a cup
of tea taste so nice

Paint your home walls with
colours of your choice , maybe
yellow to rejoice ?

Hang pictures full of
art , change your curtains so your
sadness may depart

Eat a scone filled with
jam and cream , laid upon a
table of home sweet home

Jump up and down on
your bed , be a kid again
just don't bang your head

Put your coat on back
to front , wear a where's wally
top there be no hunt


Turn your negative
into a positive heart
Make a fresh new start
Inspired x for a friend x
2.7k · Aug 2018
My true love - Myhaikudiary
Donna Aug 2018
I looped my happy
arm into dads and we both
walked down the aisle

My dress colour of
elephant tusk hugged the floor
My blooms my hands now

a summer garden
Jennifer the Fairy sat
upon window ledge

She sparkled with the
afternoon sun , together
I felt there love shine

Lots of faces stared
at me , my eyes went left than
right  , but I only

saw you my love , with
our sons dressed in light grey suits
bursting through the sky

like rays of warm sun
I think I felt a glimpse of blue
heaven embace me

You held my hand and
I yours , our children smiled , our
hearts become one beat

My ring ,rose gold,  glowed
and glittered like the bright
moon , yours a silver

light bursting through the
dark where hope is alive and
butterflies emerge

We spoke our vows , soft
loud clear and gentle , kind hands
clapped and echoed , a

sweet sound of shared love!
My heart flowered , white clouds smiled
into pictures of

beyond , the blue sky
shall forever blossom , let
winter come..I shall

still smile , thirty three
years of togetherness led
to celebrating

a day of beauty
One that shall forever stay
with me always , I

woke this morning , rain
had fell last night , the grey sky
loomed outside yet my

heart burst through just like
the sun , cars up early zoom by
A kettle waits for tea

And I looked at my
ring so shining and new and
held it near my heart

I saw a giraffe
walk by , tigers too , was then
I knew my marriage

to you my love would last
for eternity , I love
you true love
2.6k · Sep 2018
Er! Excuse me Pigeons
Donna Sep 2018
Pigeons in a tree
All resting on one tree branch
Pooing on a car
Been to work today with my Dean cleaning up a big drive and saw three pigeons in a tree and the neighbour next door wasn't please as they been pooing on his car ,  it did make me smile but I did feel for the owner of the car too **
2.5k · Apr 2018
Beautiful day...
Donna Apr 2018
The wind blows gently
The sky is beautiful blue
Springtime is lovely
It's a most beautiful day today :)
2.5k · Sep 2018
Me and my friend nature
Donna Sep 2018
I saw a butterfly
It fluttered by me
Was white as snow
And full of glee

I saw a ****
Poking out of the ground
Reminding me of a tree
From a magical land

I saw a cobweb
Twinkling under the sun
Like kids in Wellington boots
Splashing in puddles having fun

I saw a big sky
It was ever so blue
With a few fluffy clouds
So pure and so true

And me..well I'm sitting in garden deckchair
Embracing natures sweet peace
Calming my thoughts
To a positive release
Embracing this lovely sunny day in my garden after hectic weekend decorating with dean **
Donna Aug 2018
Yesterday was a
lovely day , me and Dean went
B&Q to buy

wallpaper and new
plug sockets , colour of Matt
silver , o so nice

The wallpaper is
cream with red flowers with a
touch of golden leaves

Its going onto
the chimney breast to liven
up our Egyptian

cotton walls which I
will be painting this week , I
love walls so much I

love to watch how they
transform to a pretty calm
place of relaxing

Today the sky is
cloudy and the sun as fell
into a deep sleep

Rain poured down this morn
Trees and flowers are smiling
Umbrellas smiled too

I've tidy kitchen
Nows it's ready for the last
touches of complete

Dean and my son will
be putting up the tiles
today... lots of tea :))

And to add to my
enjoyment , I have a new
kettle and toaster

Tis colour of warm
mash potatoes and butter
and will fit in nice :))
2.3k · Jul 2018
Forever smiles
Donna Jul 2018
Summer raindrops fell
Flowers kept on blossoming
Love is beautiful

Offically married to my lovely Dean , it was one of the best days of my life xxxxx love to all xxxxx pagan Paul and Kim baker I've put my wedding photo up like I promised cya u soon lovely hearts xxxxx
2.3k · Oct 2018
Warmer October
Donna Oct 2018
I opened a door
And saw a big bumble bee
Dodging falling leaves
Wow I saw a bee today in a customers garden  it was huge I think it doesn’t want summer to end x
Donna Aug 2018
I woke this morning
and looked at my ring and I
smiled all of my smiles :)))))

The sun is shining
Bumbles bees like big full stops
Buzzing in the air

But these wasps are a
pest they want to attack me
So I got a bat

But I haven't used
it as yet,  I think they know
I'm ready to bite

Some of the chalets
have England flags upon roofs
Some have twinkled lights

Me and dean have had
such a relaxing time , we've
ate slepted watched tv

We've danced drank and hugged
lots of family , his dad
stayed with us until

Monday , then he flew
back to sunny Spain with a
cherished memory

We took time out to
recharge our batteries as
life just gets better

We bought new blinds to
make our Chalet feel homely
and a table cloth

It's beige with white spots
O it's so pretty I love
it..dinners look lush

We took our dogs for
a beach walk , the oceans is
windy gently soft

Trees so pretty , I
saw Jennifer the fairy
riding a wagtail

They were running so
fast on a field the daisies
giggled in the breeze

My daughter came down
last night to spend time with us
Tomorrow we shall

go for lunch next to
summer trees and a blue lake
filled with ducks and swans

But best of all I
get to make more memories
I feel like a bird

flying high in sky
as my heart and mind bind
as one big love heart :-)))))
I'm loving being down Chalet with dean we had a such a wonderful relaxin time except the wasps and there loads of them I think august is the main. Season for wasps  xxxx
Inspired :)
2.2k · Sep 2018
Donna Sep 2018
Wrapped in warm blanket
Another day is over
Stars twinkle brightly
Inspired by chilly evening and wrapping myself in cover as another days comes to an end **
2.2k · May 2019
Donna May 2019
I looked out window
and a magpie flew by and
said ‘Good Morning’
I know the old saying goes if u see one magpie it means sorrow , I have to differ this and say if you see one magpie its mean independence , strength , positivity , contentment , light, new day  Well it’s just how I feel anyway , magpies are truly beautiful birds one of my fav too **
Donna Jul 2018
She pins up the length
as I stand patiently with
a smile full of glee

My shoes so pointy
and elegantly pretty
Glisten like night stars

One week today and
I shall give my vows to the
man who I adore

I'll be lying if
I say I wasn't nervous
Lots of eyes on me

But once those white doors
open I shall walk slowly
softly kindly..yes

And there waiting for
me with our four sons will be
Dean dressed like a king

In my hand I'll hold
a soft cream and blue bouquet
Wrapped in ribbon

Five bridesmaids will lead
the way , my two daughters and
sister and two good friends

And there be Jenny
my fairy twinkling bright
in summers warm air

She be like droplets
of sun inside a white room
of new beginnings

Faces I haven't
seen for many years appear
from the cracks of light

My hair up in a
bun wrapped in a silver slide
will shine like the moon

Thirty three years we've
already spent together
Many more to come

A celebration
of our love being shared , a
day to remember

Jennifer takes care
of my wedding dress , she sits
upon a hanger

inside big wardrobe
until the day arrives , she's
built a lovely tree

full of fairy cakes
and glasses of presesso
All waiting with smiles

The trees outside will
whisper to the wind sweet words
of love to bind us

as one , our rings a
sign of happy commitment
to shine everyday

On each table a
box given solely to all
full of humoured gifts

I can only just
imagine my wedding day
But it's coming true <3
I'm really excited and nervous all at the same time x
2.1k · Sep 2018
Donna Sep 2018
I looked at grey sky
A quiet seagull flew by
And I felt its peace
Hi all :)
was Inspired whilst I hanged out washing on washing line :)
Take caste all **
2.0k · Jul 2018
Donna Jul 2018
I drank some water
Then I looked at the dry grass
and thought..we need rain
Inspired today whilst driving home from work with Dean , patches of grass now turn brown through lack of rain x
2.0k · Jun 2017
Good morning - Haiku
Donna Jun 2017
Coffee is brewing
Toast is toasting in toaster
Birds sing 'Good Morning'
Good morning everyone :)
1.9k · Mar 2018
I sing my song
Donna Mar 2018
I lived inside my mind
For a very long time
Then I found poetry
To help me unwind

I saw and still see
Funny faces everywhere
But I learnt to accept
There just part of my flare

I used to get scared
And I would try to figure them out
So I put down my boxing gloves
As there was no bout

These tiny friendly faces
They meant no harm
Some had a meaning
Some just bought calm

Now they're my friends
And we all get along
Now I live more outside my head
Whilst I sing my song
1.9k · Aug 2018
Healthy snack
Donna Aug 2018
Eat a banana
It's full of potassium
And tastes really nice
Fruit is good for you **
1.9k · Jul 2017
Blue sky - Haiku
Donna Jul 2017
Beautiful blue sky
Floating endlessly in love
Making the clouds sigh
Donna Apr 2018
They galloped passed trees
Knocking leaves to earthy ground
Wining race with wind

Men in black armour
riding horses colour of
soft magnolia

But there hooves hard as
nails left behind prints in the
hot dry heat wave earth

Panic set in with
the local people , they hid
there children in dens

'The golden pigeon
from the queens palace has been
stolen from its box

Back at the palace
The queen ordered a big feast
and the finest wine

She slumped on table
***** awake , her maids took
her back to her room

Without her golden
pigeon she was unable
to rule her Kingdom

Filled with innocent
ghosts captured and tortured by
her greedy ego

to remain young and
beautiful mermising  
all with her soft looks

Yet all blinded by
her beauty but inside she
was a wicked witch

The men looked day and
night, burnt down houses , killed
pigs , ruined there crops

Above in grey sky
Dragonflies gathered in a
big circle above

Each one held a sword
so tiny yet powerful
to **** a grown man

Secretly they all
waited for the signal to
attack the queens guards

Deep in the forest
A fox slept peacefully in
his dark earthy Den

Next to him lie the
golden pigeon , a jewel full
of magic powers

But only if used by
the rightful hands of someone
pure loving and kind

The queen raged on she
threw a mirror against wall
Her hair now dull grey

her nails yellow brown
her eye dark as coal , her skin
wrinkly shrivelled

In the meantime the
fox continued to take care
of the gold pigeon

Everday he would
surround the golden pigeon
with newly picked blooms

Then it happen the
golden pigeon turned into
a real life pigeon

'I thank you dear fox
for finally setting me
free from the queens curse'

'You have four wishes
So use it wisely dear fox'
The pigeon flew off

Dragonflies went to
war , it lasted for a week
The queen disappeared

She went back to her
old life , selling paintings for
survival of life

But the most strangest
thing happen , she was happy
to free paint again

But left with bad dreams
Kept her up at night , a curse
left by her ego

In the mean time
The fox chose wisely indeed
Love began to bloom

He met his lady
fox and together they had
little fox babies

And he asked for no
one to ever feel hungry
again , food for all

Many fruit trees grew
in every country , fields in
every local town

Water to fall from
the clouds for every household
No more draughts to thrive


Dragonflies glistened
under a warm summer sun
Flying o so free
Just a fictional story I made up I do love creativity it's so fun :) I hope u enjoy reading :)
Take care **
1.9k · Jun 2019
Warrior Moon
Donna Jun 2019
The half moon showed off
a karate belt
The full moon a shield
*** I love this one , one of my favs , inspired by the half moon tonight :-)) *** ***
Laters poetry People ❤️
1.9k · Oct 2019
Goodbye Sweetie
Donna Oct 2019
Today an angel
sat upon a rain cloud and
watched the rain fall down

Sad day today I still can’t bring myself to talk about it even though I shared a poem recently but I took it down for the words tto forever sleep peacefully x
1.8k · Oct 2018
Relaxing time
Donna Oct 2018
Dark grey autumn sky
Brown leaves falling everywhere
Dog walking so nice
Dean came in from work and we took our three dogs over the park tis really chilly out today but what a lovely walk ***
1.8k · Nov 2018
Be Happy
Donna Nov 2018
Be happy in life
Because hatred takes away
All of your beauty
1.8k · Jan 2018
Be a toilet
Donna Jan 2018
Be a toilet
Flush all the **** away
And keep a clear mind
well it's seems to make sense , soz for the swear word sometimes it just seems to fit well :)
1.8k · Oct 2018
Summer is over
Donna Oct 2018
Summer is over
the flowers have gone , autumn
is now the sweetest song

When fallen brown leaves
leave the trees bare , please don’t feel
sad in lonesome stare

Pour a cup of tea
and make some toast,  then think of
yourself at the coast

Paddle your feet and
watch the sea ,,collect seashells
and be o so free

Ride a dolphin and
surf the waves , smile at the sky
even when it’s all grey

Don’t let summer days
gone by get you down , let autumn  
give you happy frown

Watch the squirrels run
up a tree , storing all there
food for winters glee

Now the insects have
gone away there’ll be back
on a warm spring day

Make sure your flipflops
are packed in a box , tuck them
comfy with some socks

Get out your scraf and
pretty up your coat , turn the
clouds into a boat

Then sail away and
have some fun , enjoy autumns
presence in the sun

Try see the beauty
in all winter days be a
bird in sunshine ray
I miss summer very much but life goes on as always there beauty in the most simple things x
1.7k · Sep 2018
Colourful day
Donna Sep 2018
Red bright green purple
orange black blue beige red white!
Gafetti colours

makes the world a nice
pleasent place to be , people
walk by in bubbles

An old Matress leans
up against silver fencing
Waiting to be gone

Twinkle twinkle star
Up above the sky so high
Tis a cloudy day

The sky is grey , the
sun as vanished , yet the trees
are still blossming

Little brown leaves , Tis
time to fall , fall gently on
pavements of solid

Yee up we go to
the clouds filled with rain , twinkle
it does when it falls

Loving the texture
of old house bricks , flat as a
perfect made pancake

Little birds they fly
upon a tree of berries
Singing sugar songs

O twinkle twinkle
there's a big crane in distance
What a lovely day
Out with my Dean his estimating a job in waiting in van for him , so I decided to write this poem with my spare minutes ** sight seeing with a touch of nonsense I thinks :))
1.7k · Oct 2017
Donna Oct 2017
Just like the warm sun
or pouring rain , poetry
is all we weather
1.7k · Jan 27
Positivity Rules
Donna Jan 27
Grey skies , leafless trees
A moment of quietness
Remembering Spring

Loving Nature As Always x
1.7k · Jul 2018
A moment
Donna Jul 2018
If you look careful
You will see natures magic
I saw a giant
1.7k · Nov 2018
My Husband
Donna Nov 2018
Everyday my love
makes me laugh,  everyday I
thank my lucky stars
I love my Dean not a day passes where he don’t make me laugh xxxxxxxxx <3
Feeling very blessed xxxxxx
1.6k · Mar 2019
Breathe Of Fresh Air
Donna Mar 2019
I can hear a lawn
mower , someone’s cutting grass
Spring will be here soon
:) inspired this morn x
1.6k · Mar 2018
No traffic on roads - haiku
Donna Mar 2018
No traffic on roads
Snow has fallen everywhere
Ghosts sing out of tune
Inspired by Icy winds today x
1.6k · Jun 2017
Glittery grass
Donna Jun 2017
Glittery grass I
see , sparkling glistening
with warm sunshine glee
1.6k · Oct 2018
Pavarotti Blackbirds
Donna Oct 2018
I woke this morning
all snuggly warm wrapped in
my lovely blanket

Then I heard blackbirds
tweeting with the rising sun
Was a lovely sound

Before I knew it
I was as small as a blackbird
standing under an

old tree!  I blinked once
than twice , I couldn’t believe
it, I was so small

And wow!! the tree looked
like a big planet and the sky
was bigger than it

ever was! The blackbirds
began to tweet again so
i picked up a twig!

I became there new
conductor , I swayed the twig
from side to side which

made the blackbirds sing
even louder , they sang so
beautiful just like

dear Pavarotti!
I wore a dress made of red
autumn leaves and my

hair was curled with pink
flowers , I even spruced up
the twig with a few

golden leaves and it
twinkled like glitter under
the bright morning sun

Even the pigeons
stop to join in , they coo coo
in the background whilst

crows cawed and sparrows
played the harps like angels! I
gently closed my eyes

to listen to there
song but when I opened eyes
I was snuggled up

in bed wrapped up in
cozy blanket , I quickly
looked out the window

‘‘Twas there I saw a
twig in golden leaves lying
on outside window

ledge twinkling like
glitter under the rising
morning yellow sun
A couple of gardens up from me loads of blackbirds sing early in the morning so I made up fun story :)
Been a busy day I’ll catch up soon :)
1.5k · Oct 2018
Crunch Crunch
Donna Oct 2018
I walked in autumn
leaves this morning and they sang
a song to my feet
:) la de daaaaa :-))
Silly one x
Donna Jun 2018
Once upon time
there was a shampoo bottle
called Miss Strawberry

All day long she sat
on edge of bath just staring
at washed out tiles

Then one day when she
woke up she notice a white
bottle of shampoo

Hi there strawberry
I'm a conditioner , my
name is Coconut

Together they laughed
and made bubbles and even
had fun foam parties

They both loved water
Sometimes there slide down plug hole
Into a tunnel

Then they went splish splash
into the drain , but really
it's a water park

full of slides and fun
tunnels , lots of drain people
lived down there too , there

was a shaver called
Razors , he was like a dog
And barked all day long!!

And lots of hair dudes
and hair women , they carried
a net to catch hair

to make more hairy
people , they all supervised
the fun water park

Strawberry blew fun
bubbles whilst coconut made chilled out smoothie drinks

When the day came to
an end , strawberry went to sleep
feeling neatly sweet

And as for Mr
Coconut he hula danced
and sang lovely songs

to cheer up Edith
the tap , who cried every night
But by morning light

her tears had dried up :-))
I was inspired with little story I cleaned bathroom today and my imagination had fun and I just let it all go and it was fun x ;, hope u all well and thank u to those who sent me lovely messages I so appreciate very much <3
It's hard to stay away from hp as I love to write but this one got the better of me as it was fun fun fun  , have  lovely weekend all <3 x
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