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Donna Jan 2018
Daylight appears
wearing her beautiful dress
and inside her tiny pockets
fairies gather together
eating cornflakes
and drinking beer!
Butterflies sing rock songs
Dragonflies watch Del Boys
only fools and horses
and trees stand upside down
sharing there funky roots
with the big chocolate universe!
And I sit in van
waiting for the giants
to share there M&M's
and barbecued chicken drumsticks
with peri peri chips
and a bowl or colslaw :)
Waiting for my dean his estimating a job so I thought I write a really silly fun poem :and I'm starving too lol :)
Donna Nov 2019
Magpies on rooftop..
A couple watching the stars
holding hands in love
One of my fav this is x always inspired by magpies one of my fav birds I wrote this one the other day  :)
Catch up soon busy working for a bit with my husband xxxx
Lv to you all ❤️**
Donna Nov 2019
No matter what life
throws at you , stay strong be brave
accept and love lots
** ❤️
Donna Feb 2020
Be like a Rainbow.
Colourful even on a
rainy cloudy day

I was told I have a bubbly personality made me smile and think of this one **
Have geart weekend all ** ❤️💕🌈🌈🌈
Donna Jan 23
The sun is like a
cup of coffee , it gets you
ready for your day

Hopefully this will post i wrote this a few mornings ago **
Donna Mar 2020
Sun snow rain all in
one is full
of emotions

Strange weather this morning **
Donna Nov 2020
When you get older
You just want to be cozy
and share all your love

The older you get the more wiser you get , I just love sharing all my love with my family &  friends  xxxx
Donna Apr 2020
Movie night indoors
Chocolate biscuits , sweet latte
Soft night moon and stars
Family Movie night indoors x x
Donna Aug 2020
I love my family
There truly amazing
I’m a proud mummy wife and friend

Inspired by my amazing family x today we all done a charity  run  (A charity close to our hearts) it was fun with lots of smiles ***
Donna Jun 2017
and day seems to hang around
feeling slightly blue
The other night I went cinema and when film finished I was surprised how the sky was not as dark as it usually gets it was very lovely moment x
Donna Dec 2018
Twenty four days left
Merry Christmas will be here
** ** ** ** **
Yay love Christmas,  doing  cartwheels backflips hip hopping right now so excited  lol
And so it begins :) off out xmas shopping with my son sam today ** <3
Donna Sep 2018
There was a knock on
the door , the dogs started to
bark , I thought who is

it , as I open
the door a delivery
man stood there holding
a big brown parcel

My name was on it!
I thought to myself I ain't
ordered anything

Well I already
got my new boots the other
day an awesome wedge

I got a knife to
ping open plastic ribbon
I slowly open

the cardboard box to
find another box colour
of magnolia

wrapped in black ribbon
I thought it must be a late
wedding present , who

is it from! I smiled
then I open the box and
there lied a book dressed

in a silver dress
Like a beautuful cloudy
day filled with twinkles

of splashy rain , it
was me and my Deans wedding
book , I open first

page and happy tears
rolled down my face , pictures so
beautiful shined like

a summers day filled
with joyful butterflies and
memories to keep

For it was one of
the best days of my life to
finally marry

my lovely dean , and
together we shared with
all our family

I shall tuck the book
away for another day
So I can smile and

feel my heart grow big
and to comfort me when the
sun takes a short nap
Was such a lovely surprise today xxxx
Take care ***
Donna Sep 2017
Walking through graveyard
I thought I saw a big ghost
It was autumn sky!
Donna Feb 2018
Finally at the
end of a tunnel , the sun
sits atop grey clouds
Inspired from seeing the lovely bright sun atop of clouds :)
Donna Nov 2017
A caterpillar
Gently nibbles a green leaf
To spread its new wings
Donna Jul 2018
Every time I hear
a lawn mower I just smile
Change is taking place
Love the sound of a lawn mower , change is never easy at times but once a lawn is trimmed it looks ever so fabulous and content  :)
Inspired x
Donna Jun 2017
my poor broken heart
cried a million tears for you
one cried happiness
Donna May 2020
When you accept some
love ones don’t care about you
Happiness Blossoms

Hope everyone is healthy and safe , this one come from me just reflecting over my last year and I find this to be very true , love yourself , put yourself first , you deserve to be happy and never let other people’s judgement tell u any difference  ***
Take Care , Stay Safe
Donna Oct 2017
enjoys a mustard
and branston pickle sandwich
for an evening snack
Don't ask lol I think I'm a little werid :)
Donna Aug 2018
Anxiety woke
me , so this afternoon ,  I'm
going to go out
I never really know what sets off my anixety so I don't question it no more instead I'm going to take my son to cinema to see The ant and the wasp film x a change of scenery I think always helps **
Donna Nov 2018
Today the clouds met
For a long boring meeting
So I stayed indoors
Relaxing day indoors pottering about been nice x
Donna Apr 2018
A climbing leaf smiled
Upon a bed of roses
A frog hops hops hops
Inspired from net curtain Tis fuli of leafs and made me think of frogs :-)
Silly one x
Donna Mar 2018
Radiators on
Tis a freezing cold morning
A stay indoors day
Donna Jan 2018
A darkness
splashes upon my chest
sprinkling through me
unbalancing my steady flow
of happiness
It jingles about
flittering quietly
like a quarter of a tap turned
of cold water
yet hushed in a silence
only I can hear
a pesky visitor
who invades my calmness
with an annoying itch
that persists
until it bores of me
and returns back
to a crack
somewhere deep
inside my body
another aniexty write , on a break at work didn't sleep much last night so i suppose I just shifting negativity our the way , not sure if it truly makes sense but it does to me :)
Donna Mar 2019
A daisy said to
a horse ‘watch your step’! ‘ Sorry
neighhhhbour’ said the horse
Silly I know but was inspired by horses in a field and soon to be spring time :)
Donna Jul 2017
Not yet 9am
Man walks alone under sun
Holding can of beer
Inspired this morning by seeing man drinking can of beer x
Donna Aug 2020
Relaxing by a
pond taking life easy , I
admire willow trees

Loving willow trees xxxx
Donna Sep 2019
What does a dog and
a tree have in common , they
love a good old bark

A cheery up happy poem :)
Donna Mar 2018
A door is missing
People just walk in and out
Just like spring flowers
This is actually inspired by my living room as it as no door :) ftis funny what goes through the mind x
Donna Apr 2018
I made a cheese and tomato
sandwich was colours of
the summer sun and warm sunset
And it cheered up
this rainy spring day
with a drop of
:) inspired from making cheese and tomato sandwiches for me and dean :)
weather is rainy and cold today x
Donna Jan 2018
I've been so busy
looking after Albie he
sure is a right sod

his loves a cuddle
and bites everything in sight
even all our shoes!  

I keep laughing at
his cute face it's all squidgy
he looks like a bear

his little tail curls
round and when he runs he seems
to have little bounce

Jess and Harry are
slowly coming around to
accepting there bro

but they watch him like
a hawk , I think there thinking
Whats he doing here!

his such a pig for
food I don't think he even
chews it properly

I woke to a grey
sky and a bare looking tree
fighting the winter

not long now till spring
I'm visualising green leaves
and pretty flowers

ouch ! Albie Just bit
my hand lol , O what have I
got myself into :))
been busy looking after my new pup Albie I will catch up soon :)))
Donna Oct 2017
Aeroplanes in sky
Leave behind a loud echo
Premenstrual tension!
Fun one :) not that this reminds me of myself but TBH it does at times not so much now but hormones can go a little Barmy at times :)
Donna Mar 2019
A fairy stood at
the top of a mountain and
said hi to the sky

The big blue sky smiled
Even the warm sun came out
and beamed a big grin

So dear sky I need
your help please , theres an old
ogre on earth who

is eating all the
trees , I’ve tried to round up all
the animals but

the ogre as caged
them in a faraway cave!
So I am here on

my own trying to
save the world! No trees no air
It’s not looking good!

The sky blew a big
halo upon earth , the sun
helped to! The ogre

growled and snarled until
he couldn’t move no more , caught
in the halo the

ogre was lifted
into the universe to
mend his mean ways! All

the trees began to
sing! A rampage of thumps made
the fairy gasped! Then

she smiled as all
her animal friends had been
released back home!

The fairy was so
happy that she help saved the
world , she made herself

a warm cup of tea
from old oak tree leaves and shared
it with her dear friends
I went out to a party on Saturday (80’s soul night) with family was so fun we danced all night and took some great photos but I had a drink I don’t normally drink as it causes my mood to dip (due to depression) anyway on this occasion I had a few so I’m cheering myself up by making up a fun fairy story using my imagination  , feel better already x
Donna Mar 2018
So off I went to
the local market because
the weather was nice

Lovely blue sky made
my heart leap into a
colourful rainbow

Then I saw a fish
wearing boxing gloves and boots
boogying in street!

I said what you doing
in the street , you should be in
a park pond swimming!

He said' listen here
darling,  I'm fed up swimming
all day long in pond'

And having to keep
pouting all day long blowing
those silly bubbles!

Nah! I want to walk
on land! , 'hey sweetheart check out
my groovy flip flops!

There lovely I said!
Make sure you don't fall over
You look slippery

I said 'but why are
you wearing boxing gloves', he
said for protection!

Against who I said!
Er..I'm a talking fish,  I
think that says it all

The first ever fish
to talk can you imagine
all the attention

The government , the
scientists , tv shows , o
there love me darling!

Oh okay I said
Well I wish you best of luck
In your adventures

Laters doll! I'm off
to pull a bit of sushi
at local restaurant

I thought to myself
What a strange morning I've had!
Sod the fish market!
Fun and silly just being creative x
Donna Oct 2017
silently whispers
to both heaven and to earth
and brings back a smile
flowers x this one as been brewing in my mind for sometime and finally it was born today :)
Donna Jan 2018
I saw a fly it
said hi then bye then  
flew in a pie
:aniexty at times drives me crazy but at always I cheer myself up and this one pop out :)
Donna Feb 2018
A little fairy
wearing orange roller skates
Zoomed through a forest

It was winter time
So most of the animals
were hibernating

All except a nice
squirrel called Starbright , he was
of course a kind one

The fairies name was
Lucinda , she wore a pink
skater dress with bows

Her hair was yellow
and she wore it like dreadlocks
Tied in ponytail

Starbright was sitting
down eating lunch on his tree
His nuts on his tum

He rolled over on
forest fallen leaves , each one
popping like candy

The trees greeted him
everyday with a warm smile
They respected him

Lucinda then got
stuck in a muddy pond , frogs
jumped over her head

Dragonflies surfed on
lily pads , waving at her
but none stopped to help

Except for Starbright
He heard Lucinda crying
for someone to help

He raced through the big
forest , pushing trees out of
the way to help her

He was only little
But he had the strength of ten
thousand human men

He wore a blue cape
And yellow spectacles with
bionic powers

He pulled Lucinda
out of the muddy pond , she
thanked him with a hug

Lucinda was so
happy at his act of nice
genuine kindness

She decided to
make him a nice thank you card
and they became friends
A forest adventure :)
Donna Feb 2018
Sharing a bond
A united wonderful bond
With family
Keeps my life mostly happy
Life stresses sometimes
Get in the way
Like grey clouds floating
On a cold winters day
Where the birds fly
But don't sing
But it's the green trees
And pretty flowers
That make you smile
Wagtails pop along
Out of nowhere
Always in a hurry
Like Alice in Wonderland
And I get to hold hands
With all the people I love
And who love me too
Party poppers pop pop pop
Drinking glasses clink clink clink
The lights dim
The bar closes
And I get to go home
With the man I love :)
Had a few bailys hic hic :) we had wonderful time celebrating my Deans 50th tonight at our local pub , love family love life u r only here once so u got to enjoy it x
Donna Dec 2017
A fresh new outlook
And a lovely hot chocolate
Kick starts a good day
Have lovely day all :)
Donna May 2019
Lovely summer trees
Filled with robins and magpies
And sweet sparrows too
So me and dean go dog waking most evenings now over our local park and wow so much beauty to see ***
Donna May 2018
Sparrow in a tree
catches raindrops with its beak
I put my hood up
Donna Jun 2017
I tried washing the
wrinkles off mirror , then I
realised it was me :)
Silly one :)
Donna Jul 2018
A bowl of porridge
and a glass of fresh orange
Kicks starts a good day
Keeping healthy :)
Donna Apr 2018
Is a hug enough
to say your sorry , let's just
say it's a good start
Rollar coaster day x it can be very difficult when you live with someone i.e.: my youngest daughter who has mood swings as her moods are always unpredictable so after a long day of anger and tears a cuddle helped a little :)
Donna Sep 2020
Thinking positive
In worrying times
Will help you achieve
A happier find
Donna Jun 2017
Ah! Great plane in sky
You leave behind a long line
Making the sky high
I don't take drugs just guilty of watching to many action packed films :)
Donna Apr 2018
The best feeling in
the world is a big warm hug
and a cup of tea
Tis 100% true :)
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