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Donna Sep 2018
Hmm I've only got a
few likes today hmm maybe
my writings not good

Why am I even
writing what's it's all about
What's the point , I only feel

anxious now , deep breaths
Now I feel silly why did
I write that , oh jeez

heart beating feel sick!!
Then my self doubt passes and
I'm back to lovely

place again! Self doubt
sure can grip me making me
feel really down! But you

see writing helps dig
through negativity , am
I a poet or not

Maybe , I'm not sure
But I'm much more too , I'm a
wife a mum a sister

a friend. I've wrote my
heart out for five years now non
stop to be honest

But now I'm in such
a lovely place of content
I'm living happy

Of course I still get
life stresses hit me and yeah
I get negative

But one thing I can
always rely on is my
passion for writing

It helps mentally
to keep me strong and focus
May it come from my

heart or mind or once
in awhile I like to write
stories , fun fun fun :)

I'm slowing down now
Gone and got myself married :)))
Tis so wonderful

Children are growing
up fast , there leading there own
life's more every day

So I'm finding new
hobbies to keep me active
Life changes happen

But to write , will be  
in me always , tis part of me
it's just there always

So to all who love to
write have fun dry those tears up
Find your happy place :))
Have a lovely week ahead :)) love to u all xxxx
Donna Sep 2018
This morning i watched
ITV 2 player , I'm
into a programme

with a few seasons
Have admit it's quite dark
But need to see the

ending hope it's a
happy ending , anyway
must crack on with my

day as today I'm
painting living room ceiling
It's going to be

white like a fluffy
summer cloud , so when it rains
the sun will still shine

The fire place will
be wallpapered to pretty
up new painted walls

My three dogs are so
lazy all lying next to
me covered in warm

blanket , must wake them
up now because today is
new day full of hopes

and new beginnings
I think we are all just like spring
butterflies , always

striving for happy
or just maybe contentment!
Or maybe will are

just like flowers here
on earth , waking each day to
all lovely simple

things in life , today
my youngest son went back to
school , o how time flys

by so quickly I
remember his first day at
nursery , he was so

shy so timid , now
a gentleman ready to
explore the big world

Tis these small moments
that I cherish that makes my
heart smile so happy
Donna Aug 2018
Mean people just love
to put people down to the
point it gets tiring

I say find a way
to love to share to be kind
Stop being angry

Life is for living
Having suffered depression
many moons ago

it still wants to pop
up here and there , for no real
reason really , but

that's how it flows , but
never have I wanted to
be mean to people

I think there just sad
And need to get a real life
instead of putting

people down , but when
I think about it , they got
more issues than me

Why bother be mean
What do they get from it ? How
****** sad it that

Ah well I'm glad I'm
not a mean person , I shall
never understand

them nor do I wish
to , it's uses up to much
energy , leaving

you feeling tired
and its a waste of time as
time stops for no one

Anyway I felt
like a vent , as recently
I've stepped away from

a mean person who
had a spitful mouth , now the
sun shines bright again


In life if someone
doesn't appreciate you
Then move on away
Venting x finally had the courage last week  to delete this person from my FB page and wassup and Snapchat and I don't regret it one bit xxxx
This one as been brewing now it's been poured :-))
Donna Aug 2018
tis lovely to write
poetry and I sure do
write lots of poems

But that doesn't mean
I not live my life,  as I
do live very well

My mind is active
Tis full of great dancing words
Waiting to sing loud

I blame my brother
Was when heaven wanted him
more , was than my words

began to flow , they
was full of sadness, my heart
wept like a grey cloud

I remember the
rain it never sang a song
It just fell and fell

Years later and a
new found confidence I'm still
writing , I cannot

stop, I'm not here to
be popular I'm here as
I just love to write

So I must thank those
who read my words , you truly
are rather lovely

I do try at times
to catch up on reads but time
seems not long enough

Today I looked at
house roofs , the sky behind wax
grey but the trees were

pretty green , yellow
flowers bloom in opposite
house garden , my pane

is growing flowers
too , maybe one day I shall
stop writing because

living more and more
is really beautiful , but
for now I shall just

continue to share
but only if it's okay
with you lovely lot :-)
This as been brewing for sometime now it wants to get poured :-)
Bye for now take care ***
Donna Aug 2018
We walked around the
park and came across a sweet
garden of flowers

All trimmed so lovely
not a bud out of place and the
sun shone happily

Was there we saw a
wishing pond full of silver
gold and bronze money

So we made a wish
Plonk plonk plonk is what we heard
as the coins lie still

Jennifer was near
by , watering the new buds
Butteflies fluttered

there ivory wings
whispering sweet lyrics to
birds flying in sky

We came across a
monkey , he ****** to its cage
Dean said its hungry

It was colour of
midnight , full of gentleness
Contentment for sure

Dean pulled a twig of
leaves off a tall plant for the
monkey , who I thought

had smiled in its own
animal way , but all of
a sudden two girl

monkeys colour of
a rising sun tried to rule
the roast , so dean gave

them some leaves too , but
they seemed adamant to pinch
the males food , we did

have a giggle and
told the girl monkeys to shoo
They just ignored us

We saw elephants
Skin like a hundred years old
Eyes like big diamonds

One seven foot tall
Jennifer flew by smiling
sprinkling sunlight

upon there hay , we
saw a monkey eat a fly
It picked off its wings

threw them to the ground
and ate its body ,it was
a fascinating

moment, Flight never
to be lowered only to be
born again to life

Oh I loved the big
leopard she was amazing
Her fur so unique

Her temperament so
kind so loving so happy
Man as been her friend

It was a lovely
day and Jennifer enjoyed
herself too , she sang

a song making the
sun giggle so much , its teeth
fell upon warm earth

leaving sparkles in
ponds and glistens upon cars
and smiles in clouds

We all drank ice cold
water and ate some chips and
a panini with

cheese and tomato!
We drove home feeling happy
And the sky was too
Yesterday we visited a wildlife park it was truly lovely lots of the animals are becoming extinct and this particular park as given many of the animals a really lovely kind loving enviroment to live in :)))
Donna Aug 2018
I woke this morning
and looked at my ring and I
smiled all of my smiles :)))))

The sun is shining
Bumbles bees like big full stops
Buzzing in the air

But these wasps are a
pest they want to attack me
So I got a bat

But I haven't used
it as yet,  I think they know
I'm ready to bite

Some of the chalets
have England flags upon roofs
Some have twinkled lights

Me and dean have had
such a relaxing time , we've
ate slepted watched tv

We've danced drank and hugged
lots of family , his dad
stayed with us until

Monday , then he flew
back to sunny Spain with a
cherished memory

We took time out to
recharge our batteries as
life just gets better

We bought new blinds to
make our Chalet feel homely
and a table cloth

It's beige with white spots
O it's so pretty I love
it..dinners look lush

We took our dogs for
a beach walk , the oceans is
windy gently soft

Trees so pretty , I
saw Jennifer the fairy
riding a wagtail

They were running so
fast on a field the daisies
giggled in the breeze

My daughter came down
last night to spend time with us
Tomorrow we shall

go for lunch next to
summer trees and a blue lake
filled with ducks and swans

But best of all I
get to make more memories
I feel like a bird

flying high in sky
as my heart and mind bind
as one big love heart :-)))))
I'm loving being down Chalet with dean we had a such a wonderful relaxin time except the wasps and there loads of them I think august is the main. Season for wasps  xxxx
Inspired :)
Donna Jul 2018
She has skin like soft
midnight and eyes that shine like
the bright evening moon

Her laughter echoed
happily around the room
travelling through an

open window,  to
sing with the birds , her big smile
lights up any heart

Emigrating far
away to Dominion
Republic..her quest

for a brand new life
begins to take shape , her dream
ready to breathe air

Born in Africa
She's a lady of respect  
A jolly spirit

Her mother skills show
in her children , polite kind
loving and happy

She wanders through her
newly painted house with a
silent hum of smiles

She said to me 'Donna
you're getting married next week
and your here painting

my house , how have you
coped'  , I said I have a real
amazing daughter

who as taken charge
of all that needs to be done
We both smiled so wide

She wears a silky
scarf around her head , she as
the essence of

a free butterfly
I admire joesphine
I'm glad I met her :)
The job me and dean are working on as been a real blessing x
Enjoy your weekend everyone **
Donna Jul 2018
In just a few weeks
our big day will arrive and
I can't stop smiling

I sometimes try to
find the right words to express
my love for you babe

But no words can say
how much I truly love you
You know I love you

And I know you love
me , through all our hardships we
have found a sweet place

to live , my heart beats
fast through excitement and I
keep acting silly

I'm lying down on
bed looking up at ceiling
smiling to the big

universe of stars
I cant see the universe
It's inside my mind

But that's how you make
me feel , so loved and special
and you accept me

as I am , even
my faults , as I not perfect
But your perfect for

me , I hope one day
you will read this and know how
much I love you babe

Sometimes we silent
But just one look into your
eyes is all the words

I ever going to need **
** for my dean **
Donna May 2018
To get my cousin
and his wife to a surprise
party was so fun

We made up a lie
Said we was taking them to
a boxing event

We got a cab to
a local foootball club where
all the family

was waiting with smiles
and excitement , me and my
Dean open the doors

Everyone shouted
'surprise" and took photos
My cousin cried tears

We danced all night long
Was such a lovely catch up
Lots of happiness

My cousin and his
wife are emigrating to
Spain in June this year

So a farewell it
was , family gathered to
make sweet memories

Jan's daughter bless her
had organised the party
In just three short weeks

Friends and family
from all over turned up to
show there gratitude

Me and my Dean danced
to a song called Red Red Wine
One of our favourites

Some got merry , they swayed
around nearly toppling
over , we did laugh

The food was yummy
There was carrot cake and crisps
Chicken, gherkins, rolls

Bagels and crab
sticks , lollypops and chocolate
sponge cake with icing

The laser light was fun
full of  happy faces and
bright stars in the sky

Was a lovely night
A sweet memory , one to
look back on and smile

Wonderful evening one to happily remember ** :)
Donna Apr 2018
My Dean as such soft
skin Tis always been that way
even though we aged

When I look at him
he still makes my heart flutter
after thirty years

Today I cut his
hair , he now bald as coot
but his still handsome

Sometimes when he sleeps
he snores ever so loud , then
sometimes he wakes up

gasping for fresh air
no matter it's winter or
the first day of spring

I tell him to breathe
slowly , that all is okay
No fear shall stop me

Sleep Apena stops
his heartbeats whilst he sleeps o
so soft on pillow

Tis a constant feel
of worry but love helps to
get us through the days

No robot machine
from hospital helps , Tis like
a cold windy day

This evening we had
a sweet night , lots of bowls filled
up with yummy treats

Bon bons and humbugs
fruitella sweets and toffee
popcorn sugar sweet!!

Best we clean our teeth
after eating that lot , or
we'll end up toothless

Today I saw some
swallows stretching there dark wings
in greyest of sky

Was such a lovely
sight to see , they flew in air
then swooped down gently

I hope Deans heart sleeps
well tonight and it doesn't
stop whilst his sleeping

Out of eight hours
sleep he'll be lucky to get
four hours of sleep

But he still wakes up
smiling ready for his day
Always marching on

I love him with all
my heart , my soul mate and my
best friend forever <3
Xxxxx  for my Dean x
My love my soul mate my best friend x
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