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Donna Jun 2019
When I reached fifty
My wisdom blossomed and my
quick patience mellowed

My mum once said once
you get to fifty it all
goes down hill..cheers mum!!

Well she’s right I must
confess!! My bones are aching
I need a x-ray

My hearing is dim
Er excuse me what did you
say!! As for my teeth

well let’s just say you
got to love a dentist..there
mouth plates are so good!!

As for my hair a
once thriving chestnut brown now
spiked with strands of grey!!

And *** what’s
with the weight issue , I
look like a chunky

mashmellow!! Getting
old is never easy but
one thing I’ve learnt is

to just live with all
these minor health problems , I
suppose a water

park is out of the
question this year , too many
stairs to climb and slides

as high as the sky!
Nope I’ve got to slow down like
the snails who take life

slow and quietly!
Not sure about being to
quiet not with my massive
family..mad lot!

But a lovable
mad lot , the best , my hero’s!  
Everyday one smile

from each of my kids
sets me up for my sunny
day! One look from my

husband makes my heart
gallop with joy! Getting old
as it’s fallbacks but

the love from love
ones makes my old bones not seem
too bad really..minor

issues compare to
others who suffer much more
than I!! Today my

achy arm hurts but
one paracetamol and
a glass of water

I should be okay!
Got to live life happy cause
happy is awesome :-))
x ❤️❤️ Forget all about my haikudairies until recently , anyway inspired to write one today **
Donna Sep 2018
Today I had so
much fun working with my Dean
His a funny guy

Now he is semi
retired and can relax
more now we getting

older , yeap we got
wrinkles and grey hair too , but
hey we both happy

Our son as moved to
a different area for
his work , his only

home weekends , I miss
him lots though but am happy
his growing up well

My eldest daughter
is totally smitten with
her new boyfriend ,, his

a lovely chap and
me and Dean both adore him
And he passed our big

family test of
bantering , the boy done well :-)
My youngest daughter

as also moved on and
she's living with her boyfriend
His a real sweetheart

His had a hard time
growing up but his smiling
and living taking

each day as it is!
My house is getting quiet
and it's so clean there's

hardly no mess and
it's so peaceful , me and Dean
get to eat lots of

Jaffa cakes as no
piggy fingers are there to
eat them , some days though

I want my house loud
and messy but me and Dean
are going with the

flow with smiles and joy
It's lovely that our children
are making there own

sweet life's , it makes me
and Dean feel so proud , maybe
one day we will be

proud grandparents too
But for now we're going to
enjoy eating Jaffas :-))
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx me and Dean have six children and three of them are slowly moving on xxxxx
Donna Sep 2018
Time to get out of
bed and see the big world in
autumns pleasant smile

The sky is pale blue
With happy clouds floating by
Car engines rev up

Crows caw caw loudly
As they take flight in the sun
Spreading there black wings

Trees still stand tall , no
matter if green leaves fall down
There the best heroes

Pigeons on rooftops
Taking in the lovely view
Embracing the love

People hurry by
Children up early now school
as began again

Summer clothes now packed
away , winter clothes dusted
for another year

And I..see yellow
blooms blossoming in garden
opposite my house

They cheer up cold breeze
With a happy smile , a great
way to start my day :))
Donna Sep 2018
Today I made a
Shepard pie and I topped it
with soft grated cheese

Then I boiled some
Brussels which reminded me
of green summer trees

So today I ate
summer on my dinner plate
Making my tum smile

It made Deans tum smile
too and together both our
tummies laughed out loud

But Jennifer the
fairy was not impressed , she
was a vegan and

proud to be one , I told
her I was proud of her too
but she gave me a

snide look and she flew
off into a tree to sit
next to a magpie

She whispered into
the magpies ear but I smiled!
Today I learnt a

lesson in life and
that is to accept people
for what they are and

not judge way to much!
As I continue to eat
meat Jennifer would

have to find a way
to forgive me! But she's still
not talking to me

But I'm sure she come
around eventually cause
she's my lovely friend

Sometimes it just takes
time to forgive , but in the
end , it all works out
Just reflecting on my day today and the fact I still eat meat plus my creativity amd imagination seeem to be asleep at the moment *** o yes it's also about forgiveness it was a conversation I had with my Dean today which I found inspiring xxxxx
Donna Sep 2018
There was a knock on
the door , the dogs started to
bark , I thought who is

it , as I open
the door a delivery
man stood there holding
a big brown parcel

My name was on it!
I thought to myself I ain't
ordered anything

Well I already
got my new boots the other
day an awesome wedge

I got a knife to
ping open plastic ribbon
I slowly open

the cardboard box to
find another box colour
of magnolia

wrapped in black ribbon
I thought it must be a late
wedding present , who

is it from! I smiled
then I open the box and
there lied a book dressed

in a silver dress
Like a beautuful cloudy
day filled with twinkles

of splashy rain , it
was me and my Deans wedding
book , I open first

page and happy tears
rolled down my face , pictures so
beautiful shined like

a summers day filled
with joyful butterflies and
memories to keep

For it was one of
the best days of my life to
finally marry

my lovely dean , and
together we shared with
all our family

I shall tuck the book
away for another day
So I can smile and

feel my heart grow big
and to comfort me when the
sun takes a short nap
Was such a lovely surprise today xxxx
Take care ***
Donna Sep 2018
Hmm I've only got a
few likes today hmm maybe
my writings not good

Why am I even
writing what's it's all about
What's the point , I only feel

anxious now , deep breaths
Now I feel silly why did
I write that , oh jeez

heart beating feel sick!!
Then my self doubt passes and
I'm back to lovely

place again! Self doubt
sure can grip me making me
feel really down! But you

see writing helps dig
through negativity , am
I a poet or not

Maybe , I'm not sure
But I'm much more too , I'm a
wife a mum a sister

a friend. I've wrote my
heart out for five years now non
stop to be honest

But now I'm in such
a lovely place of content
I'm living happy

Of course I still get
life stresses hit me and yeah
I get negative

But one thing I can
always rely on is my
passion for writing

It helps mentally
to keep me strong and focus
May it come from my

heart or mind or once
in awhile I like to write
stories , fun fun fun :)

I'm slowing down now
Gone and got myself married :)))
Tis so wonderful

Children are growing
up fast , there leading there own
life's more every day

So I'm finding new
hobbies to keep me active
Life changes happen

But to write , will be  
in me always , tis part of me
it's just there always

So to all who love to
write have fun dry those tears up
Find your happy place :))
Have a lovely week ahead :)) love to u all xxxx
Donna Sep 2018
This morning i watched
ITV 2 player , I'm
into a programme

with a few seasons
Have admit it's quite dark
But need to see the

ending hope it's a
happy ending , anyway
must crack on with my

day as today I'm
painting living room ceiling
It's going to be

white like a fluffy
summer cloud , so when it rains
the sun will still shine

The fire place will
be wallpapered to pretty
up new painted walls

My three dogs are so
lazy all lying next to
me covered in warm

blanket , must wake them
up now because today is
new day full of hopes

and new beginnings
I think we are all just like spring
butterflies , always

striving for happy
or just maybe contentment!
Or maybe will are

just like flowers here
on earth , waking each day to
all lovely simple

things in life , today
my youngest son went back to
school , o how time flys

by so quickly I
remember his first day at
nursery , he was so

shy so timid , now
a gentleman ready to
explore the big world

Tis these small moments
that I cherish that makes my
heart smile so happy
Donna Aug 2018
The best feeling in
the world is having a great
sister like you babe

I was in lazy
mood but then you rang me and
we talked and talked lots

You said it's hot where
you are , I said it's rainy
here , but the warm sun

is back next week with
a few more smiles , before dear
old autumn sets in

Just to hear your voice
makes my heart smile a thousands
joyful summer days!!

Can't wait till next week
When we can meet up and go
for a coffee and

continue our chats
I love our sister bubble
It's the best feeling

Love my sister so much she's on holiday at the mo and I really miss her but spoke to her on phone this morn ,,happy happy happy xxxx
Donna Aug 2018
Yesterday was a
lovely day , me and Dean went
B&Q to buy

wallpaper and new
plug sockets , colour of Matt
silver , o so nice

The wallpaper is
cream with red flowers with a
touch of golden leaves

Its going onto
the chimney breast to liven
up our Egyptian

cotton walls which I
will be painting this week , I
love walls so much I

love to watch how they
transform to a pretty calm
place of relaxing

Today the sky is
cloudy and the sun as fell
into a deep sleep

Rain poured down this morn
Trees and flowers are smiling
Umbrellas smiled too

I've tidy kitchen
Nows it's ready for the last
touches of complete

Dean and my son will
be putting up the tiles
today... lots of tea :))

And to add to my
enjoyment , I have a new
kettle and toaster

Tis colour of warm
mash potatoes and butter
and will fit in nice :))
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