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on a gentle breeze
fluffy dandelion seeds
did saunter around
LC Apr 2020
whenever their words are sandpaper
that aggressively rubs her heart
and forms stinging cuts,
her hands always reach for
her soft, fluffy, warm blanket.
as it envelops her in its warmth,
her heart heals the cuts
and becomes soft again.
#escapril day 23!
You make me want to write a poem
But at the same time
At the same time you make me speechless
xin Jun 2019
his lover is like a galaxy

with the way his tears glisten with constellations;

and when he smiles (but rarely so),

there would be starlight in his eyes.

his lover is like a rainbow,

showcasing a myriad of colours and emotions,

and he can never quite get enough of them.

his lover is like dawn and dusk,

like the soft pink sunlight that often warmed his heart,

and the dusty twilight skies

that held countless stars.

his lover is warm cotton sheets,

soft robes and cooling breezes.

his lover is comforting hugs,

tiny kisses, and whispered declarations of love.

his lover is everything to him;

most importantly,

his lover is his home.
he feels the most at home in his lover's arms
Donna Apr 2019
I had a poem
it paused for a minute then
it floated away
:) I was in garden relaxing and was inspired by the lovely warm sun and birds so I  went to write it down than wham it wouldn’t come out,  mind had forgotten it as quickly as I was inspired to write it , ah well it happens here and there ***
Sabila Siddiqui Dec 2018
When you lay there
thinking your life does not matter,
every exhalation meaningless
every unfaltered lub dub wasted.
Go out there
and make a difference in someone's life.

be compassionate
give yourself a sense of purpose.

Because it is then
when you will breathe life
into your life.

When you will find
yourself grounded and rooted
rather than swaying like the wind
and allowing time
to slip like grains of sand unnoticed.

Allow fluffy clouds
of magical wisps
to fill your head
and propel you forward
to fill you with color
and life.

So choose to bring peace and joy
to someone else and yourself
for you will not be just be surviving
but bringing significant difference
in your own beautiful way.
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