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28/F    An old soul For more poetry feel free to check out my blog (
50/M/Auckland, Auckland, New Z   
55/M/Longview texas    I have been writing poems and song lyrics since I was 15. We all have our tales to tell.
38/M/UK    Read by few. Written for one
49/M/The Exclusion Zone    "Looking up and running round, we're twitching at the slightest sound, things that spent some time within, are crawling now upon the skin." - from ...
42/M/A Sandy Beach   
BJ Donovan
70/M/Charlotte NC    I'm a quilt sewn from small pieces of myself that each of you has touched.
17/F    This is my account; It is for me.
Laura Duran
41/F/Texas    Just a person, who loves a good story, in any form.
Lisa Madina
26/F/Montreal, Qc   
16/F/.The Cosmos.    "So much more than time has been taken." -Marble Hornets.
Jon Thenes
Montreal    no soul at all [TheThinBookOfSelf-Distraction]
39/F/CA    Just Trying To Be The Best Mom I Can With What I Have Available. So To Deal And Move Forward From My Pain n Scares ...
35/F/The World    I'm an adventurer who never stays put long. My poetry is from my traveling experiences, heartbreak, my hopeless romantic nature, and from God who has ...
24/M/Suisun-Fairfield    Prince slayed the dragon then rescued the princess from the castle.
hazem al jaber
52/M/Jordan    welcome to my poem`s world ... it`s me ... and i write only what i feel ... Words of Love can be powerful motivators hazem ...
Kate Copeland
M/❤️ Poetry2Go    I'm cooking up some Poetry2Go - footles, limericks, couplets, haiku, senryu, tanka too, clerihew & more. Yummy!
William Troup
35/M/UK    Poetry is a way I have found to help me work through my Dyslexia. By teaching myself new words, with different ways of writing, the ...
F/Soldotna, AK    Modesty, a ghost mountain recluse bathing life's imageries. (c) HollyD.
F    Starting over.
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