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Donna Jul 19
Twinkling brightly
Glistening so beautifully
Solar lights at night
Inspired by a tree in my garden covered in Solar lights one of my fav night time views x
  Jul 19 Donna
Carlo C Gomez
First thing I do when
I get to work
is hide

Because a good employee
is hard to find
  Jul 19 Donna
Sarita Aditya Verma
Beauty of nature
My greatest friend
Ceases to inspire

Caught by emotion
I fail to see words
In a sentence

My thoughts drown
Good for them
May they rest in peace

I fail to write
It’s the quiet
Which I quite enjoy
  Jul 19 Donna
Sarita Aditya Verma

The sunset sky
Wore lovely colours
Pale blue with streaks of white
A trace of pink
Skipping violets and reds
Embracing the faint peach
A rainbow somewhere arched
The other side adorned
Pastels and soft golden yellow
Changing hues
To twinkling twilight blue
Donna Jul 19
A warm holiday
abroad , nah I’ll just sit in
the conservatory

Donna Jul 19
Hey rest up slow down
please Osteoarthritis
the pain is too much
My husband suffers from osteoarthritis most days his in awful pain , some days better then others. Everyday he still smiles and goes to work but it sure as not been easy for him : ( makes me feel so sad at times but on the other hand I remain positive for my husband and family because positivity to me my husband and my family means so much to all of us *** I thought of this little poem on the days my husband pain is much more manageable , it’s a very painful bone disease so when my husband had good days it makes me and my family so happy **
Donna Oct 2022
Don’t worry my love
I can’t take your pain away
But I’ll hold your hand


(Dedicated to my lovely husband the love of my life)
My husband has osteoarthritis in his knee and a pulled ligament in his other knee his in so much pain but his a fighter and a warrior as everyday he still goes to work even though his in awful pain , I feel frustrated at times cause i cannot take his pain away but will always support him and help him as much as I can *** True Love Always is a phase me & my husband have used since the day we met and over the years our true love always as grown and grown so big it’s truly True love always **
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