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Donna 17h
I posted poem
It’s went into quarantine
It’s very quiet
Hey what’s up with hp , it won’t allow me to post poems sometimes  , anyway if this one gets posted it’s just a humorous fun one we need humour in today’s world *** anyway  
stay safe , Cheerio for now💕
Donna 17h
Embrace the moments
and enjoy life everyday
It’s the best feeling

So true ***
Donna 4d
I sat in garden
Bathing under the warm sun
It was there I saw
A tiny little one

A little sparrow
Sat upon garden shed roof
I was totally surprised
I nearly lost a tooth

I have three dogs
Who love a good bark
They race around the garden
Making there mark

So to see a tiny sparrow
Enter the garden
And you’ll be sure
My dogs won’t pardon

Made my day
I sure did smile
At this little sparrow
Who braveness lasted awhile

After awhile
The little sparrow flew away
So I laid back my deckchair
And enjoyed the rest my day 😊
I can’t believe I saw sparrow in garden ** super cool I must say ** 💕
When you set them free
It sets you free

In a cage
The bird knows its resting spot
Free, it has many
On the tree

There is no better place
To allay your fears
Other than your own head
At rest
Good or bad
Speak only
As much as
The audience is willing to understand, take
Shhh no - one’s not listening  :))
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