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Donna 9h
I sent Hannibal
Lecture a vegetarian recipe
He never replied
One of my programme I’m watching on Netflix is called Hannibal his a cannibal his eaten so many people it’s ridiculous but got to watch it all now cause need to know what happens at the end , he most prob eat himself , thankfully it’s all fiction x anyway this one pop out :))
Donna 10h
My boys have gone out
My youngest boys gone to sleep
Yay time for Netflix

My boys are my husband and sons **
Donna 19h
Nextdoors dog barking
Paint *** and paint brush waiting
No lay-in today

  1d Donna
I blew the dandelion ,
The tiny parachutes
drifted to a land
They had never known❤
Today the dandelions stole my heart
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