Pigeons on a roof
One by one they flew away
Pigeons on a roof
On Tuesday I had to foot a ladder for my son whilst he painted a upstairs window , there was pigeons on roof , was amazing to see , hope I not posting too much when it pops into my mind i automatically post as to not forget x
Bye for nows x
Pale plum petunia  (wave)
a bit of blue
hangy down stuff
with a white
geranium in the middle
of the pot
and a pinch of white
trailing lobelia
I made this today, it looked so pretty. Can't wait to see it grow...
Gazing up at the luminescent moon
surrounded by a star-dipped sky,
a touch of magic upon the breeze
as the wind blows slowly by.

The coolness of the wind
caressing gently my skin,
like the sweet kisses of you
over and over again.

The wind whispering softly
as the trees sparkle with dew,
with the most adoring of messages
sealed with a soul kiss from you.

Standing in pure amazement
in the glow of that silvery moon,
hoping that magical breeze
will be sent again real soon.
I have been searching for this concept for eternity
Wandering through my trepidations
Looking through my misconceptions

It’s an idea deemed unattainable
Yet, as the fool I was
I continued to search

Perhaps spoken of in terms of verse
Perhaps in aspects more visual
Perhaps even in the ideas withheld

It can be summed in the way of a single word
A simple piece of diction, entranced in its triplicate of syllables:

It seemed a goal attainable through precision
Taking away the negatives and mistakes
As if in the search for the smallest piece of consciousness

Ah the years I worked and struggled
Such time devoted to becoming as far away from my roots
But never did I realize where it lay

I had toiled away at my inner persona
Struck off those close
Refused to accept any mistakes, no matter the severity or relevance

But never did I realize perfection lay in a place so oxymoronic
Secluded in a place I had long since thought irrelevant
Hidden in its insecurity and utter depression

It lay in you
I almost laugh at it now
You, the embodiment of everything I didn’t want to be

Mistake-ridden, clumsy, needy
Forever looking to others to accomplish anything
But never leaving me, no matter how much I pushed you away

I couldn’t comprehend you
A person I saw as the Yin to my Yang
Forever polarized but inseparable

I was involved so heavily in this needless search
That I didn’t see you
Despite everything you did to let me

I hope you are at peace now
Resting with that curve of the bottom lip you always expressed towards me
Looking at me with those forever twinkling eyes

I had wrestled my entire life with a concept I thought so far
But now you’ve gone, and left me with my answer
Perfection lays in no distant star, or even a mindscape attained with an eternity of sacrifice
It lay in you
The most perfect imperfection
Little purple bloom
Striving onwards with a smile
Rising in the dark
This was inspired yesterday after i saw a little purple flower on its own , it caught my eye as it was so lovely , anyway it also about positivity as my Dean as left his job after 18 years to work with our son and i hoping semi-retiring in the next few years too as he deserves it xxxx
I saw a dragon
I think it thinks it's a horse
A tree and it's reins
Well I think I'm mad after posting this one lol don't know if it even makes sense , , anyway I was inspired after seeing a tree blowing in breeze and  a part of it looked like a dragon x
A soft glow of light
peaks through a window , today
the world looks lovely
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