Seagulls in meadow
February sun gleaming
Spring is in the air
It still very cold outside but the sun is shining bright reminding me of a spring day :)
Inspired today x
the sparrows and their song
visited my windowsill this morning
their notes
a poem
a memory
a whisper,
“we are here, we sing.
you are here, so sing.”
I see winters sun
Lazing on a conifer
Glistening like stars
Inspired from neighbours conifer in there garden :)
a grey dove now coos
on the deep cream painted fence
neath a light cloud sky
Peek-a-boo with clouds,
the moon dances in the sky,
the crescent at play.

© Pagan Paul (23/02/18)
Stars and butterflies
Unicorns, glowing fairies
Love is magical
Old pond,
frog jumps in
- splash
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