Then the door is opened and Esshi comes in,
curtsying. "My Lady, this came for you."
I stare at her hand. "A letter? Place it with
the others."
"My Queen, it is from King Paul. His messenger
insisted that you read it today."
"Already?" I blink as I gently take
the letter and open it, revealing it's content.

Dear Queen Lyn,
I hope this letter reaches you quickly.
I have everything planned out on my
end. The invites have been sent! I look
forward to seeing you and the other Kings
and Queen on the morrow!
Best wishes!
King Paul

I chuckle as I place the letter back in the
envelop, "Well, you've got to hand it to him,
he works fast! Everything is going as planned.
Are Aurelinaea's presents ready?"
"Yes, My Lady!" Esshi beamed as I stare
towards the horizon with a smile.
Okay, well... that was a thing!
Next part of this story is called the gala which is a work in progress!
Hope you're enjoying it so far!
"Remember," Ainhara says to the young maid,
"that towel is to be hand-washed only. Do it
with care as rose-silk is costly. Our reign queen
deserves the best but she is also frugal."
"Yes, my lady."

As the maids leave, I walk out to my balcony,
curious of the sights beyond. Passing the small
seat and table, I take it all in. My Kingdom is
blessed by the softness of the evening sun,
from lands to sea, my high walls to the docks,
all is coated by an orange-gold glow.
"Would you like the Jasmine Pearls again,
Sweet Queen?"

"No," I say, "I'll have the Dragon's Pu-erh
for the evening."
She nods, bows and leaves my chambers.
So much done, yet so much to be done, still.
"The crown is light, but the burden is heavy,"
I remind myself as the warm zephyrs blow.
The seas look so calm, as do the docked
argosies. The walls so tall, so proud, so
new. I am proud and happy for it all
standing, I welcome both old and new.
Even though there are time I do not know
what to do.

'Let me relax...' I turn around. The seats are a
mix of obsidian and bronze with filigree
style moulding that make the back of the
seat; the same with the small table with a
vase of lilies. Upon the seat's lap, a round
seat-cushion on which I gently sit.
My mind seems to run amok with
thoughts so I close my eyes and let
the sounds calm and distract me.

The calm seas, the bird's songs, the gentle
bustling of life below, the flapping flags
above, the heavy steps of patrolling guards
on the walls, the neighing of horses, the wind
blowing, the leaves rustling and now the
opening of my chamber door and light
footsteps - ever so familiar.

As I open my eyes, Ainhana is by my side with
a silver tray of hot water, my tea-cups and foil-
wrapped Pu-erh Pearls in a tea caddie.
"And so Aurelinaea's Phoenix will will drink
from the Dragon's fermented Pearl Moon!"
"Indeed." She places the tea on the table.
I pat the seat next to me and she graciously
sits down and I peel the foil from the Pearls;
seaweed green, yellow streaks with hints
of burnt umber.
Second part of my free-verse!
Lyn xxx
I stand in front of a baroque mirror; grand,
gold, gilded with leaves, grapes, dolphins
angels, swans and shells. So wonderful, and
proud on my chamber wall. And in it, I see
myself  in a fitted dress, velvet, and of the
deepest plum kissed by gold-jacquard; a
single, heart-shaped Tanzanite suspended
from the girdle belt;  the skirts trailing
behind me.

I marvel how the light hits the embroidered
florals with pearls and diamonds; they sweetly
glint and wink, sending shards of the rainbow
around my room. Around my slim throat,
a pendant, a coin with lace doily pattern,
and amethyst at the core the size of
a robin's egg.

Across my forehead, a golden diadem
decorated with filigree, beaded with pearls,
delicate gem tendrils and patterned with
lotuses and lilies, the symbol of my proud
Aurelinaea. As I tuck a black curly ringlet
behind my ear, my earrings twinkles,
tear-cut, Tanzanite, with gold filigree.

"My Lady has had a long day indeed,"
my senior handmaid Ainhana smiles
and waves her hands, her menagerie of
handmaids begin to help me undress.
Removing the jewellery, removing my
diadem, unlacing my dress and
removing my corsets and heels.
"You must be relieved that it is over."

"Yes I am," I sigh as a handmaid presents
my iris-purple kimono robe which I slip
into. Another maid presents a large bowl of
rosewater while the other held a silver tray,
upon it, a milk-white towel spun from rose-silk.
I proceed to wash the make-up from my face.
The delicate aroma fills my nose, as my skin
feels cleaner, feels purer. As the waters drip,
I use the towel to wipe my face and pat
the rosy drops down.
Re-upload of my first poem, just broken down into three!
Lyn xxx
Sitting in my car
Looking at beautiful sky
Listening to tunes

Smooth awesome lyrics
circulate o so lovely
Feet tap to the beats

The trees are smiling
The motorway is manic
Lamppost stand so proud

Up ahead a bridge
All slender and very slick
Trees seem to fly high

My youngest son Tom
Falls asleep his all cozy
And I am smiling

Because I've had a
amazing day out at zoo
With my family

We've laughed walked ate sat
study watched and took photos
to look back on , o

I see hills so smooth
so light green and horses hush
in neighs far away

White fluffy clouds still in
happy smiles , the sun as come
out of its sleep and

as woken feeling
on top of the big world , just
how I've felt today
Just so u know I'm not driving lol xx catch up a little later just on way home after a really lovely family day out at sarfari with my family xzzz
A bowl of cornflakes
Sprinkled with yummy sugar
Nice start to your day
Good morning everyone :) up nice and early I'm off out to a Sarfari today with my fambo so excited  xxx
Inspired :)
What are you waiting for ,
Why you hesitate when everything
you’ve ever wanted miraculously
shows up
Could it be because deep down
you doubt your worth and ability
Could you often place yourself
In permanent holding patterns
because when your hopes and dreams knock,
why you shy away  
when providence parts the waters
and the sunlight shines on the answer ,
Could your fear blind you from seeing it
sometimes you have to quiet
your mind and dive into the beauty of love
Is there a risk,  Absolutely .....
But it’s better than circling the same things
over  and over never getting anywhere

You’ve got this love bug
Jump ...
Stop worrying about
whether you can swim
when you were born
to fly
Live your life ...take chances ...be a little crazy and fly high with love!
You just never know ;)
A water fountian,
two lovers nustled closely,
coin into a wish
Haiku #7
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