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44/F    “ I write only because there is a voice within me that will not be still” ~Sylvia Plath
20/F    I'm here to share my journey through the power of words. If you have advice for publishing work, let me know! Mental health sucks but ...
36/M/Jersey City    I am Unique
Mrs Anybody
16/F/AU    dreamer. thinker. music lover. artist. enjoying the little things in life.
Michael Smit
M/Potchefstroom    Just another poet
46/F/New York    Roses On Your Grave Bring Peace. Colors of my rainbow.❤❤❤❤
Mrs Timetable
F/The Exclusion Zone    Wife of Carlo C. Gomez, who also writes here at Hello Poetry and took this photo. Time table: an observed phenomenon...with legs.
15/F/Colorado    Outgoing, 15, short as hell, friendly as can be. I love writing, reading, music, acting, psychology, designing, cooking, and photography
nishtha patni
18/F/jaipur    hey there creative souls.i am budding poem writer and try to express my views in words of poem .i wish you like my little efforts
58/M/Hagerstown Maryland    I lived through good times and hard times but each time Christ has always took care of me.
Chuck Kean
Many of these poems were written in a different lifetime.
Hamilton, NJ    Born, raised and educated in Trenton, NJ, one of 7 children from a family of Italian-American heritage. Received BA in English in 1976 with a ...
18/F    Things to know about me: 1. You can call me Rin. 2. I love me some slant rhymes. 3. I write lots of poems, most ...
Sally A Bayan
F/Manila, Philippines    As I See Myself Right Now, Content........settled here thankful........I'm no longer there yet...glad........I'd been there... ^^^ I Am Filled With Gratitude... ^^^ Sally
Madelle Calayag
23/F/Philippines    I give birth to poetry whom I carried for months
elizabeth leone laird
24/F/north of nowhere    @e.l.laird
18/F    I just really love to write. :)
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