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...This time I won't let go,
I'll hold on to you forever,
long after we're old.
You're all I need,
My life’s favorite song

Ahead in my head,
You're always there.
Beside me, smiling, without fear.
Hand in hand,
You opened your world to me,
You accepted my flaws,
You helped me believe.

Because of this, I give you it all,
All that I have within me
that makes me, me at all

With shaking hands,
I hand to you a heart of stone
A heart that will beat for you and you alone...

With my heart in your hands I watched you hold it close.
I can’t give you the stars,
But I can make them brighter with you..

- Brandon K. Stephenson
To memories and yesterday’s heartbeats
Lying here, alone with my thoughts,
I search through the chaos to make sense of it all.
My chest grows tighter the farther I fall,
Suffocating me slowly in a sea of my faults.
I spiral downward with every regret,
All the memories and pain I never could forget.
Intense with shame and hate all the same,
I closed my eyes only to wake in my bed.
Alone with my thoughts,
Alone once again...

- B.K.S.
A quick write depicting a lonely, sleepless night, plagued by overwhelming thoughts
Vaguely listening as you say
"The pain will fade away."
"It gets easier everyday."
I'm sorry but,
I don't feel the same way,
When hearts are wounded,
Or stitched at the seams.
They don't recover…
They will never beat the same.
So now i ask you why…
Why fill my head with false hope
Why hide emotion with lies?
Why give someone so vulnerable these questions of "why?"
Why give sad eyes,
More tears to cry?
As you sit there with your blank stare
Looking shocked and surprised.
Ill help you out and break this silence…

You gave so much for me
Cared so much for me.
Guided me when I couldn't see
Taught me about Jesus and what to believe.

You dried my eyes at night when I cried.
Took up for me when I was too scared to fight
You gave me everything when we didn't have a dime.
No matter what, you managed to provide

You always managed to smile
Despite all the darkness in your life.
You made sure that we were always fed and had a bed to lay our heads at night.

I understand now how hard that was for you.
Now that I'm older I can see all the Hell you went through
But all the struggles you overcame, they strengthened you.

Because of this, Mom, I respect you.
Because of this, Mom, I love you.
Whatever troubles life has in store for me
What ever Hell I have to face
I'll take a second to think of you
I know I will make it through anything Mom...
If I'm anything like you.
For Mom
"When you look at me baby, what do you see?"
You said, as you softly rest you hand on my knee.
Briefly, my eyes broke free from your piercing glare and as if my mind was gasping for air,
I gently ran my hand through your hair, still feeling the warmth on my face from your stare,
With a low, mellow voice and a sigh, I finally found the words to speak.
"Darling, if only you knew how often this question comfronts me, how often this question has silenced me. With every passing day I share with you beside me, this question. apears in my mind and slowly
it cripples me."
I could see the confusion grow in your eyes as your mind danced in disbelief.
"You see, this question has not haunted me daily because of an answer I fear, if that were the case my thoughts would be clear.
This question repeats in my head with asnwers that have no end,
It digs deeper with every glimpse of understanding, accounting for many nights without sleep.
This question I think, is meant to be answered another day.
Not today, this question can only be answered when there are no other days ahead of me."
I let my hand brush  against your cheek slighty, just before resting under your chin.
Lightly I lift your face towards mine and just before our lips meet, I softly say.
"So baby, let me hold on to this answer,
let it grow within me. Just as my love for you grows with each passing day, the light  i see in your eyes grows elegantly. When our days together finally reach their end and we lay our heads down to sleep. I will take your hand once again, look into your eyes and explain every detail of this angel I see before me, then I will kiss your lips one last time. Laying you to rest with a smile as we close our eyes …"

A question without an end, can only be answered, once you reach the end..."

- Brandon Stephenson
This ones pretty deep...
You walk alone,
You carry on.
Looking ahead,
Forgetting it all.

Your knees are week
You struggle to stand.
You fight to hold on,
With trembling hands.

Each step feels higher
Each mile feels longer.
You walk a little slower,
As the days grow colder.

You walked away from who you were.
You turned away and watched it burn.
You shed your skin and became a new man.
But your heart always remembers who you were back then.

- Brandon K. Stephenson
You've been asleep for awhile
But when you wake I'll be gone
Cause you used to make me smile
But it faded long ago

With every breath you take
My heart breaks a little more
All those nights I held you tight through the thunder of every storm

I've bowed my head a thousand times asking why and begging please
But I guess He just can't take us back to the way we used to be...
Baby dont cry.
Cause I'll be ****** if this is goodbye.
Lift your head, hold it high.
Because girl.
Ill always be here, here by your side.

Dry your tears.
Look my way.
Hold my memory everyday.
Let my smile be your embrace.
Let my hands erase your pain

Feel my warmth,
Hear my song.
Girl, you know...
You are not alone

I will hold you tight,
As this snow falls.
I will warm your body
As this winter thaws.

Dont cry,
Dry those eyes.
I'll hold you close, every night

If days grow dark.
And you cant go on.i
Let my presence,
Keep you strong.

You will never...
Never, be alone.
I will never...
Never, let you fall.
Baby, dont cry.

Let the color change in your eyes.
In the night ill be your light
If you're scared ill hold you tight.
A tear wont fall, without a fight.

So baby dont cry...
If you're down, i'll lift you high.
Because baby, you're my angel...
And you deserve to fly.
originally wrote as a poem for my girl.
something to get her through the nights that i was away.
then I turned it into lyrics later on.
Running after school, through the woods, to the creek.
Happy and as free as the mud on our feet.

We would explore and crack jokes until the sun went down,
Never having anything to worry about in our little town.

We were always together, rarely away from each other.
We were more like best friends, too close to be brothers.

We would fight until we couldn't fight anymore,
Whether we were fighting ourselves, or the kids next door.

I miss our long talks when we were alone.
Just drinking a few beers and listening to songs.

You didn't have to end your life so soon.
I understand things were hard, but I was there to help you through.  

I miss you man and I wish you were here.
But until we meet again, I'll sit right here, remembering the good times, as I drink a beer.

-Brandon Stephenson
wrote for my brother in memory
Standing here
Alone, I stare.
Watching these leaves,
Dance through the air.

Fading away
Like each passing day
Our memories.
Blend as they stain.

The older we are
The younger we grow
Our minds, drifting so far.
Our souls, withered and scarred.

Until we are here
Watching the leaves
Dance through the air.
Like our candle's...
Fading glare.
We walk together hand in hand.

We sink into love like a grain of sand.

Will you fall with me?

Will you stay with me for eternity?

You hesitate to answer.

Are you willing to let me fall forever?

I see the fear in your eyes.

You let go of my hand and my life

As I fall through these endless remains

I remember us without this pain.

A tragic step that appeared to keep going

But we took the step without ever knowing.

-Brandon Stephenson
View of love as it's lost.
I saw sparks fly in her eyes
As her eyes melted mine.
Her hand in my hand,
Our pulse, dropping like a bass line.
Our hearts, bumping  like a drum line
Our shadows dancing in my truck lights.
You sang along with every song.
Im falling hard in the dark, beneath that old pine.

Girl, The way you move,
Has me wanting to hold you tight.
And love you baby all night.
Feeling your body pulsing up against mine.
All night,
Working your body until the Sun rise.

Cause... girl you got,
Emerald waves crashing
In your green eyes.
Little crystal, rain drops falling,
As your hair dries.

We fight the fire inside, until it feels right.
I lay you down, turn the lights down low and the speakers up high.
I let the steam settle,
A little,
Before I make the heat rise.
You let my hands explore your body,
While I blow your mind.

I lift the tempo,
Watching your pleasure rise.
You wrap your legs around mine
While i hold you tight,
We catch our breath together,
Looking up at the sky.
Our hearts beating to the rythmn, of the crickets, as they cry.

Cause...girl, you got,
Emerald waves crashing
In your green eyes.
Little crystal, rain drops falling,
As your hair dries
Taking your breath, your chest pressed against mine.
Stealing your innocence,
While you stole my heart that night.
Wrote this as song lyrics for my girl.
Without ever saying goodbye.
Without ever saying why.
You departed from this life.
Leaving us all behind.

From your friends to your enemies,
Tears fell from our eyes.
Not a heart was left unbroken.
Not an eye was left dry.

We all sat together grieving,
Remembering scenes from our past.
Wishing we could go back.
Praying these thoughts would last.

Desperately we hold on,
Hoping never to forget,
These thoughts that hold your story,
From the eyes of everyone you've met.

We understand that you are gone, but these memories help us see,
The smile on your face and times we shared every night we dream.

-Brandon Stephenson
Wrote this after the losd of my brother.
I know Life is getting harder,
The harder that we try.
I know its getting to you.
I see the worry in your eyes.
I know I don't have much to show you,
All I have are these words.
I pray that somehow they help you focus,
Even when it's all a blur.
Trust that I am here for you.
That I will always hear your cries.
Know that I will fight for you no matter what the price.
God brought our lives together,
To walk through Life together.
Our hearts beat the same,
Our hearts bleed together.
When the end seems never ending.
When all your light seems to be dimming.
Look into my eyes and breath In with me.
Together we got this...

Forever and Always

- B.K.S.
True words hurt the worst.
I brushed the silver hair from your face,
Kissing the tears away, as they streamed down your cheek.
" Hold your hand in mine doll, we will be alright."
We turned away, watching in the rearview, as years of memories faded out of sight.

All the mountains we climbed and all the fires we prevented,
Every chapter that opened, as the previous one ended.
We fought many battles and o b overcame many struggles to stand where we stood yesterday.
But all the years of fighting arent worth much on paper today.

"We may have lost the four walls that once protected  our necks from the wind,
We may have lost the roof that sheilded us from the rain overhead.
But darling, I still have your back and you still have my heart.
Together that gives us somewhere new to start."

Just as I spoke those words a familiar, dust covered book struck my eye.
I reached down into the box of old records and papers bringing the book into the light.
The words on the front stole my breath as i read…

I passed the forgotten pages off into your hands
And with a deep breath you blew away the dust
Reavealing the words we once said.

"I got your back, you got my heart girl.
Whatever struggle has us searching,
These pages hold the truth.
A reflection of our love that conquered all and stood true."
A forgotten book of memories found by a couple that they had put together earlier on in their lives as a reference for them to review if times get too rough.
Through the smoke and the rain,
Your eyes met mine.
Every girl I've ever met faded away,
Instantly they were all erased from my mind.
You had me and I knew it.
I was scared as hell, but your touch helped me forget
All the pain and all the scars.
They all washed away with the rain,  
From the hood of your car
Talking about everything for hours under the stars.
I had a little piece heaven,
wrapped up in my arms.
Holding you in my arms trying to wish away the sunrise.
My head was spinning trying not to think about goodbye
That look in your eyes as each drop fell from the sky.
I wanted you right there always, shining by my side.
Not even the moon and the stars could outshine your light.
I know now baby,
everything before you was a lie.
So let me hold you forever,
higher than the clouds in the sky.
Because, baby you're my angel,
and you deserve to fly.
Wrote this for this special little lady that  i am blessed to have in my life. I originally wrote 3 parts to this being pt. 1 of the three... but I dissected the last 2 and used them within lyrics I was writing at the time. They served a better purpose and were more literal in a sense as song lyrics...this one alone was didn't need any sequels.
Looking away as you begin to speak. . .

Your words were slurred. . .

Your voice was weak. . .

Night after night. . .

You pour another round. . .

Bottle after bottle. . .

I watch as you drown. . .

I wish I could tell you how badly

this hurts. . .

I see you suffer everyday, while your drinking gets worse. . .

But, I stay silent, as you stumble and fall. . .

Deep down I know this burden is not your fault at all. . .

I remember back when we were

younger. . .

When you were sober,

Just a year or two before the alcohol took over. . .

Back then you  spent so much time with me and my brother. . .

But our relationship slipped away as the years carried on. . .

And slowly, you  shut down. . .

Pushing away your own sons. . .

You burned many bridges. . .

You sealed many doors. . .

You  didn't have time friends,

Or loved ones anymore. . .

Almost like a sickness once it  began to take hold

With no way to stop it. . .

We sat and watched alcoholism unfold. . .

We would catch you as you begin to lose balance every night.

We help you in to bed when you stumble,

You hold on to the walls,  
Wobbling  and stumbling the harder you tried. . .

Even with us helping you to bed you would still curse us

We tried like hell to lift you...

And if we ignored you. . .

You would try to fight us all instead...

Including my friends. . .

You would think this process would. . .

Eventually get old to someone. . .

But for you. . .

it never did. . .

We still see the same thing  everyday,

And yes,

It's just as sad each time it repeats. . .

But we continue this routine. . .

Watching you **** yourself slowly. . .

Drowning yourself daily,

In alcohol, pain and misery. . .

day by day. . .

night by night. . .

“Dear Lord please, show him a sign. . .

Clear his mind so he can know and see. . .

The hurt , the loss and the sorrow.

covered with a wave of lies shadowed on it's lable. . .

The problem here is very clear...

Actually , at the bottom of  that bottle. . .

Is all the proof you need. . . ”

“I  pray that one day you get a chance to see our faces  once more. . .

To truly see that we are still here. . .And we still care. . .

Through those glazed over eye's of yours."

“Please dear lord, consider this prayer I ask of you.
He isn't lost show him the way to you. . .
Show him the love we have for him. . .
Please God… Just let him see the truth. . .
God, from my heart, you know these words are  true.
Thank you Dear Lord for listening like before.
Thank you, I love you Dear Lord...
In your name I pray...

“Lord, I put all my faith in you.”
Edited and extended, fully re-visited , version of one of the earliest poems I posted on here.
It extremely personal but even without the personal connection or anything...I still would have felt like it needed a second run with y'all ....the old one got deleted along with two of my other earlier pieces that I have edited or re-visited to create greater quality pieces. I'll post so be on the look out for em and tell me which ya like best...revisited or original version
Quietly sitting,

as the sun begins to rise.

The birds begin chirping,

As nature opens her eyes.

No words can express,

The peace that you feel.

As you witness the beauty,

God's hands once held.

You sit back astonished,

As His art fills your eyes.

You realize how creative He was,

When He created life.

Never once did you notice this beauty before.

Not once in the park,

Not once on your morning walks before.

Gods creations surround our lives each day.

From the rays of the sun,

To every drop of rain.

He created this for us

Now that its clear to me.

Now that I see, it saddens me...

How we take for granted everyday

The love we receive.
Inspirational view of what we take for granted each your eyes, open your mind
Here's a *******
For every tear.
Every fear.
Every barrier in front of you.
Hold your fingers.
In the air.
Hold them high above you.
Look at all the Hell,
You left behind you in your rear view.
Pick yourself up
Dust yourself off.
And say *******.
As you continue.
Sorry for the profanity, but it gave this a little more strength I think.
To all the people in my life…
All of you that truly care...
I want to say thank you...
Because,  without you...  
I wouldn't care...

I know I ***** up...
I know I'm far from perfect...
But even at my lowest...
You never let me forget ...

You taught me how to walk again When I could  barely even stand.
And whenever I would fall...
You were there to  pick me up again

Every tear that fell…
Every mistake I ever made.
And every single sin.
You held them all within your hands
And with a smile…
You tossed each one into the wind.

When i hit the ground.
On my knees, punching the grass, And cursing your name.
You were never ashamed

Through every bad decision,
Every empty memory that was forgotten or stained..
Every burden I carried with me
And all my pain

You stood fearless through every  consequence.
All the shame i wish i could forget…
But continue to remember every day..

I was stumbling blind…
Living day to day, in darkness and misery.
  But you gave me sight, You brightened  my life,  Helping me to see, where I need to be.

You held my hand...
Lifted  my head...
And led me straight ahead…
Until all the skies overhead…
Turned blue once again..

No more fire,
Hell with the brimstone…
With you, I stand tall...
With you…I can clearly see…
Every crooked  path…
that lies in front of me

Thank you…
Whoever you are.
For always being there.
You believed in me...
You cared…
When I thought no one did.
Extended version of a writing I previously shared. Let me know which you like better and why please. Thank you all and enjoy.
I think of you in silence,
Often screaming out your name.
These tears hold our memories.
Cold and silent like the rain.

A piece of me left with you.
You left only pain.
Everything is blurry,
As the numbness fades away

My heart is in pieces
My soul is stained.
How can i continue...
When everything has changed?

How can I continue...
Am I the one to blame?
Your shadow consumes me.
I hang my head in shame.

How can I continue...

What have I became...

-Brandon S
Let Your Words Flow
From Deep Within.
Let The Ink Smear Across The Page
From The Tip Of Your Pen.

Feel Every Emotion,
Hold Every Feeling.
Entice The Reader's Eye's,
As They Skip Along Every Line,

Once Your Story
Sadly Reaches
It's End.

Leave The Readers,
Locked Within.
Forever Immortalizing,
The Words Your Heart Bled.
Just a quick write...kinda similar to With This Pen
But in a different direction
Life is seasons
Predicted before birth
There's a Spring
Before every Summer
A Fall before every Winter
And a shadow
That constantly chases the light
Around the Earth...
I found a star.
I made it yours.
I circled it and held it there.
For you see how much I care.

I found a life.
I made it yours.
I dusted it off  And cleaned it up
For you to have with all my love.

And just like the rain.
I fell .

Now here I am.
My hands, weak and empty.
And your gone.
You lit a flame just to watch it burn.
And like the rain,
You smeared the ashes in the dirt.
Oh like the rain….
A song I was working on. It is now in song structure but I figured I'd let y'all see this little example of it in pre-song form.
Trust him
Follow her
Smiles dim
While fires burn
Lift your mask
Toss your disguise
Secrets ask
While truth blinds
Stand tall.
Side by side
Many fall
While few rise
Hold on tight
Never let go
Give your life
To watch love grow
Colors may fade
Eyes may glaze
But that fire inside
Intensifies each day
Hold on to that dream
Dont be afraid
Light that flame
Love can build bridges
Love can change ways
But remember always …
Love can leave bruises
And love can leave stains...
Just a simple blind write.
We search for wisdom and understanding throughout our daily lives.
We watch as it all takes shape,
Right in front of our eyes,

But instead of learning,
We let this knowledge pass us by.
We let it go unnoticed,
By pretending we are blind.

Ignorance shadows us shading our sight
It teaches us to  look away,
To avoiding mistake and lie,
But by doing this we fail to realize,
The reason ignorance exists and what it's designed to hide...

By remaining blind to what you see,
You are remaining blind to what is right.

As our minds grow older.
And our eyes grow colder.
As our days become slower.
And the pages of our lives fold over, Revealing our final chapter,
Revealing our final hour.

We begin remember what we pretended to forget.
We remember and we begin to regret.
Then just before our eyes close forever.

We pass this knowledge down to one another.
We give you the wisdom we chose to ignore
With hope that you will see the image a little clearer,
Than we did once before.

So I only ask of you this final favor.
Please take the message I left for you within the words of this letter.
Use it to  build a better future for all our loved ones here after.

Learn to smile a little more.
Learn to live your life with love and  laughter.
You only live once my son...
Make it last forever.

-Brandon K. Stephenson
Inspiring discription of Life and the search for happiness and understanding
Here's to the Hell,
Here's to the struggles you were dealt,
All pain you ever felt and every tear that ever fell.

When  you walk through fire,
you grow a little stronger.
And whenever you fall ,
You always rise standing taller.

Life is a gift we take for granted as if it's borrowed.
Learn from your past,
Know your sorrow,
Live each day with no promise of tomorrow.
Just a feeling I had that Made me want to write.
Looking back I think about how,
How we would be if we were together right now.
We were young, we didn’t understand.
We had something beautiful and let it slip through our hands.

Now here we are living two different lives.
In love with different people,
Falling into different eyes.
But even then, as each day goes by.
Our hearts always remember.
Our hearts remain tied.

I know this hurts and it doesn’t  seem fair.
But there are other hearts involved now,
Hearts that love us with all they have...
Honest  and without fear.

I will always love you,
But I found someone else.
She has my love now,
I have nothing left to give.

- Brandon K. Stephenson
A few little white rocks,
Stuck in our tires.
A couple old beer cans
Turning black in the fire.
We live our lives simple and free.
Raised to say grace.
And trust me,
we believe.

We clear our thoughts,  
Down old dirt roads.  
Always coming home
Before momma's supper got cold.
We respect our elders
We fight for family.
If you mess with my  kin,
You're messing with me.

"Living in sin is a sure ticket to hell"
Momma would say,
With her Bible in hand
Scolding us well.
We listened carefully
As she spoke of God
Learning about worship
And the price of his blood.

Our parents raised us knowing
The consequence of sin.
There's a price we must pay
For our evil ways in the end.
So we continue living life
The way we were raised.
As Southern Christians,
Remaining thankfull to Him
For each passing day.

- Brandon Stephenson
A view of life through the eyes of a christian raised in the south.
These words, they poured from your eyes...
I couldn't take back the lies, i couldnt appologize…
These unspoken feelings you held  inside
  Fell silently to the ground, as  you cried...

This pain, It streams down your face...
All the hurt your heart couldn't erase…
I hang my head, feeling the shame...
  I hate knowing that I made you feel this way...

All of the emotion and all of the scars...
Every goodbye and every sharp remark...
Like razors in the wind...
Cutting every last heart-string you held within…

Now I see the sorrow your eyes shed...
Now I see the words you left unsaid...
Now I truly understand this mess...
Tears are the words the heart can't express…
A little handfull of some "Sarah Inspiration" and and a dash of "Word-Smithing."
We fall away from each others lips with time

Realizing we had been so milignant and blind.

Your lips brushed against me again as you said.

"Is this the end...will we ever see each other again?"

As you left, I felt my heart start to crack.

This time i know i'll never have you back.

I continue to pray that one day you return.

But i am constantly reminded of all the love that you burned.

-Brandon Stephenson
Through the eyes looking back in this mirror I see.
Love lost and heart break, shrouded in disbelief
I see forgotten intentions and half hearted lies.
Cold neglect and unspoken goodbyes.

Mirror mirror,
why show me this shame?
I chose to forget, I buried this pain.
I've changed my ways, this past is behind me.
But once again im reminded, of the man I used to be.

Mirror mirror, please let me forget?
I can't continue living in constant regret.
Everyday I read the story these eyes sadly tell.
Im reminded of the hurt, the loss and the hell.

As im reminded of this dark past behind me
I remember the reason I chose to be free
Mirror mirror,
I understand,
Now I finally see.
Remembering these sins is what keeps them beneath me
Still as the night air.
Full of life,
Yet crystal clear.
A little world so vibrant,
So alive.
Only to be hidden deep below the reflected eye.

Holding on with each breath from the wind.
It's colors, smeared and faded red.
Once lush and majestically shown.
Now it dances, naked, lifeless and alone.

Even the clouds in the sky hold secrets in their hands.
Something so blue, so immense over head.
Can quickly turn gray from a silent violence within.

The reflected eye, is the neglected eye.
What seems full of life may hold darkness inside.
Before you judge, before you speak.
Ripple the surface, understand whats beneath.
Another card I pulled from Sarah's bag of inspiration. With that girl by my side I won't have writers block for the rest of my life.
Let my words crystalize before your eyes as you memorize these lines.
Visualize my voice clearly as it recites.
Repeating in your mind.
Realize i am with you, by your side as you watch this Sunrise.

Angel, be kind, grow wise.
Always see the smile behind the fright,
The kiss behind the bite,
And the light beyond the night,  

May you clearly see trust behind the lies, And truth between the lines.
Ignite a candle and let its light become your guide .
Let the glow brighten your path as the fog clears from your sight.
If it hurts, let my memory dry your tears and my strength become your might.

Darling, never be afraid, let your dreams take flight.
Release your hopes, your disires into the sky.
Your wings will carry you as you fly.
So sing this lullabye softly, as you close your angel eyes.

- Brandon K. Stephenson
A mother who recently passed, recites  a lullabye down from heaven to her dieing daughter, letting her know its okay, to close her eyes. Its her time to rise
I can't wait.
I dream about the day,
The day I see you,
Standing there in the salty air.
Sun kissed sand glistening in your hair.
The warmth on the bottom of our bare feet
With everyone we love watching from their seats.
And I will kiss you.
I will kiss the salt and the sand right off your face.
And you will know then how much I love you.
With that kiss I give you My heart.
Forever beside yours they will lay.
Forever beside yours,
In their final resting place.
A dream I had last night.
I wrote as a text to my baby this morning...she liked it lol.
The Sun begins to rise as I lay here in bed,
Listening as these questions repeat in my head.
I know I should be sleeping
But I choose to listen instead.
Searching for an answer, but most are left unsaid.

Another sleepless night, as a new day begins.
These nights are becoming dreadful, as the days begin to blend.
If only I had answers, these questions would finally end.
But my thoughts are in tangles and my mind begins to bend.

Days become a struggle just to do the best I can.
I know I need your help, im reaching for your hand.
I heard that you were with me, even when I chose to sin.
If so, dear lord I ask,  rid my life of these troubles, lift me up again.

{ I know the sky's overhead are turning black now.
You can't walk anymore, you put your head down.
Kneeling in the mud as the rain falls all around.
With tired eyes, you look to the heavens for a way out. }

" Dear Lord I'm calling out your name!
I'm on my knees in the pouring rain!
Please lift me up, wash my sins away!
I cant hold the hand of the man I was
yesterday! ”

I thought I was dreaming when I saw the bright light.
Two hands lowering down upon me from somewhere in the sky
I watched in disbelief,  startled  by such a sight
As these great hands began to open, lifting me up high.

I feel your presence surround me.
Your hands lift me up with warmth all around me,
A sense of peace flows deep
within me, so gracefully.
As I'm carried away, I drift off to sleep.…

" Fear not my son as you open your eyes. "

A voice echoed within me so deep,
waking me in fright,
I blink a few times to clear the haze from my eyes.
I realize I’m on my knees in a room of pure white.

I was clean and dry, kneeling before an alter, no more than seven steps high.
Each step trimmed in gold,
Each step draped with light.

I notice a candle burning on the floor before me.
Its flame did not flutter, It burned with grace.
Giving off a light so brilliant and captivating that before i knew it,
I was admiring just a few inches away...

This candle wasn't normal.
It was not ordinary by any means
It gave off a light of its own, separate from its flame.
The candle was red in color,
With a flame that burned white.
It sat in a golden holder,
Etched clearly and beautifully with my name on each side.

Astonished and thinking this had to be a dream,
A puddle of wax began to form on the floor underneath,
And In this puddle, I began to see.
Memories of my life playing
In the melted scenery .

After several minutes of silence, I looked up in fear..
And was shocked to see the son of God standing above me in tears.

I asked him...

" Dear Lord, why cry over me?
I have spent life in sin as I saw in these scenes."

With eyes filled with sadness he looked down on me and in a deep, trembling voice he suddenly began to speak,

“ I love you my son and there is good in your heart. You asked for my help tonight because you were falling apart. It saddens me to watch as you live your life this way. If only you would call upon me more often, you would see better days. “

Suddenly with a jolt, I awoke in my bed.
Apparently it had been a dream,
I wasn't standing before the Lord and I wasn't dead.
I sat up and began to remember, as I wiped the sweat from my head .  
My heart was still pounding and my face was flushed red.

While thinking of the dream, I noticed a difference about this day.
I woke  up with no worries, no troubles or pain.
Realizing this was a blessing, a second  chance to change.
I hit my knees and with all my heart, I desperately began to pray.

"Dear lord, I thank you for your blood, your care and your tears. I see the importance of life now, my eyes are finally clear. I pray that you join me, right here by my side. I know my past was filled with regret, but back then I was blind. With your help, Dear Lord, I can make a new life. Together we can walk the path that leads  to your light. "

- Brandon K. Stephenson
A more detailed ...more intimate discription of an older poem of mine "The Path To The Light"
I can see those tired eyes
Even when your heads down
I can feel all the pain you locked away
Inside your box of guilt.
Between every wall you hide behind
Behind every lie you try to hide
I have seen it all before
But I will walk
With you once more.
I choose to walk
By your side
I will hold your hand
I will give you sight
One more time
I will be your guide.
One more time
I will light your night.
Why push me away?
When I'm here to dry your eyes
Every step I've taken with you
Everyday of your life,
Why turn away from me?
When I've taken away
All your pain
Why turn down my love?
When I held your hand
And led you from above,
Down every road,
Through every shadow
And around every bump.
Why lock the door to your heart?
Why leave me standing  here,
Alone in the dark?
I have felt every breath,
Your life will ever take.
I know every thought,
Your mind will ever make.
I stay even though,
I know the day
That you let go.
I was there,
I watched you grow
I was there,
I watched you sew
Every sin,
Neatly in a row.
I watched you cover,
The walls of your soul.
Although I could not watch
All of your mistakes.
Sometimes i just had,
To look the other way
But, at the end of everyday
Each and every sin,
Each time you cursed my name,
Each time you looked at me with blame
Each and every time,
My son,
You were forgave.
And I want you to know,
That I am standing here today.
I want you to know
I will stay here always
Wandering these halls,
Regretting these stains
Waiting for you.
My son,
To bow your head and pray.

- Brandon K. Stephenson
Something that just came to me
A powerful darkness grows in the sky.
A sudden flash of lightning blinds your eyes.
The deep sounds of Thunder ring through your ears.
As the wind begins to howl enlightening your fears.

You watch as the trees dance with the wind
You watch limbs fall as they sway and bend.
The sound of rain falling on the tin overhead
Grows  louder with each breath you breathe in.

Water covers the roads, as creeks overflow.
You worry and pray for the people you know.
Holding your children close around a lone candles glow, four silent prayers are carried up with the winds as the storm continues to grow

Windows break and the rain blows in,
Stinging your face as its blown by the wind.
You ask God to shield your children tonight. You pray that He has a hand over their lives.

Then, just as you seal the prayer with "amen", the chaos outside grows quiet as quickly as it began,
You listen carefully but everything is silent until the faint  sound of sirens in the distance breaks through the thick silence.

Stepping over broken glass, your eyes glance outside.
Through the tears and the dirt, horror floods your eyes,
Your once crowded neighborhood, lies bare with no houses in sight.

Of all the surrounding homes, yours alone survived.
Those four silent prayers were heard through  all the Hell and the fright.
And once again four are prayers sent.
This time spoken, all but silent.
A tale of a storm that reeks havok on a small family and neighborhood. Told through the eyes of a mother.
Three tear drops, 
a lip stick heart 
and a cigarette burn 
signed love always.

Every word 
of every line 
lit these memories 
into flames.

"You were heartless 
so **** dishonest 
our love was the biggest mistake 
I ever made."

And you fade away
With the ink smeared on this page.
It never crossed... my mind
That I would ever hear you say,
Ohh goodbye...

Here I am on my knees 
Can't even cry, It's hard to breathe.
I was so blind, I couldn’t see.
I realize now, you're all I need.

Oh goodbye...

And we fade away
With the ink smeared on this page.
It never crossed... my mind
That I would ever let you say,
Ohh goodbye... never realize what you have until it's already gone...
After everything I've been through.
All the fires I've walked through.
All the shattered glass in my past.
And all the pain locked away in my chest.
What the Hell could possibly hurt me?
When there's not even a ******* drug on this Earth  that can numb me
I'm tired of the same old routine.
Living day to day emotionless and care free.
If you have an answer please feel free to tell me.
What the Hell is possibly left for me…
With this pen, I paint an image of you.
Not a portrait, but a true portrayal of you.
The ink flows into words that dance across your hair.
The end of each sentence marking a cross that you bear.

A painting would be suitable for some.
With beautiful colors, cascading down on you from above.
But, those colors mearly hide the truth behind your smile.
With the right shade of light and a light smear, it becomes a cosmetic fix for a while.

My words flow through every crack and fill every shadow.
They bring all light to the surface, for the reader to see within the shallows.

The image of you that I create can be vivid and great.
But with this pen, my words can also design your fate.

You see the truth here is that my words hold all truth.
They leave no place for lies to hide, with each word holding proof.

In the readers eyes, my words are you…
With this pen, I can create you…
With this pen, I can finish you...

- Brandon K. Stephenson
The underestimated writer and the power within his pen.
One day baby...

Years from now …

We will be sitting on our front porch,

Drinking coffee together as the sun  goes down.

Your face full of life

Your hair full of silver

And your eyes full of wisdom.

But even then, I take your hand,

With its wrinkles sewn

With time in mine,

And I kiss it softly

As we silently

Rewind these memories in our minds.

Tears began to form in my eyes

I knew I was a lucky guy

But only then did I truly realize,

The changes we made

And love that we made

With every year that flew by.

It wasn't luck…

It was  a blessing to share this life,

With you by my side…

Then suddenly as one lonely teardrop fell,

I  realized,

Just as our eyes

Watched our children grow and change with time.

We watched ourselves grow and change also,

With each turn of the page in our book of memories....

We had without knowing, wrote a story of passion, love and beauty...

From all the years shared between you and me...

I can  see our love grow deeper as we grow older.

I can see our relationship take shape as each chapter unfolds.

All these  trails we  left behind in the dust

The narrative of our trials and  perseverance,

I watched  our relationship form

How we learned to listen

How we learned to trust

I watched as  our lives became one…

Held within these bindings in our minds.

I  find a reflection of how we came to be us.

The story we had no idea we were writing,

The story of ...Us.
A foreshadow of a memory.
What's wrong with this Life, as i see everything around me go down?

Moving through your mind, as it races through time.
Writing these rhymes as everything dies.

As I run through the valley of the shadow of death, I see everything as it falls apart, leaving behind the memories and regret,  My mind has nothing left to part with, I'm all on my own, I can't forget.

Everybody I see is dying, I can't do anything to stop it, everything is moving so fast, I lose your grip from my finger tips.
...i was trying.

As I see the bombs dropping, I know its the end, all I can do is pray to god to stick beside me till then.

As everything turns red, I can see the bombs going off, lives fading off.
It's our final hour, bringing everything down with us beneath your power.

I can't stop anything you do, we will be going home soon, going home to you, to the palace in the sky…
My 15 year old brother wrote this. Its the first poem he said he's ever written, he said "see Brandon, I told you I could write like you if I tried"...I **** near hit my knees...he's battled the same battles I have and I understand now that he understands. He is as strong as I am...I don't have to worry any longer. Hes got this.
(Verse 1.)

~ Baby, I never saw this coming.

~ I was caught off guard without ever knowing, the direction we were going.

~ I never thought it through, I just remember knowing... I was falling for you.

~ Baby, everytime I close my eyes, I can feel your hand.

~ As I held it softly in mine.

~ I remember, baby...I remember everything...

~ From every wave that crashed to every single drop of rain that fell that day...

~ I can still feel, the chill of the wind on our skin, as we made love there in the sand.

(Verse 2)

~ I can feel your warmth

~ Your body and mine,  side by side, and the depth of your eyes, girl...

~  Even the  glow of your silhouette...

~ And  the way the moonlight danced through your hair,

~ I couldn't believe my eyes, I fell harder and harder...

~  Baby do you remember...

~When we...

~Sang along...with every song...

~ Rolling around.  Laughing out loud on that beach, all night long...what went wrong.

~Oh... Do you remember?


~ Baby…every single night...

~ Everytime I close my eyes...

~ I can see you laying there, dripping dry under the moon light.

~ Feeling the water dripping softly from your hair,

~ The chill on my chest as each drop fell. And the smell of rain in the salty air

~ I can still see that smile on your face, oh girl you shined that night.

~ While you lay there in my arms,  silently I  pretend...

~ That this  moment was forever... that this night would never end.

~ But, that morning Sunrise soon began.

~ Do you remember... Oh, do you remember girl?

~ Everynight...Every **** time I close my eyes.

~ I see you laying there,  waving your fingers through the air.

~  You signed  your name with every star in the sky

~ I laughed but you don't care...

~ Every night... Every time I close my eyes...

(Verse 3)

~ The look on your face as you looked up at me.

~ The taste of the salt on your lips.

~ And the sound of your flip flops,  flopping on your feet.

~ Baby... I never thought you would ever sink that deep.

~ But, I still feel your touch.

~ Your fingers, as they pulled away from me.

~ Oh girl... I can still see those tears

~ I kissed you as they began to stream down your cheek.

~ Baby do you remember?


~ I know I should be sleeping

~ But ****** baby...

~ Your memory,

~ These scars you left me, keep repeating...they keep reminding me..

~Baby do you remember?

~ Do you remember?

(chorus 2)

~ Baby... Every **** night...  I  dry those eyes.

~ Every **** time ... We say this isn't goodbye.

~ But baby... Every night, we lie

~ Oh girl.... We lie...

~ Everynight...

~ Every **** time I close my eyes.

~ I can see you laying there,  your fingers in the air.

~ Signing your name with every star light in the sky.

~ I know you don't care

~But I still hold you every night, every time I close my eyes


~ Oh baby... Every night

~ no there is never,  enough...time…

~ Every night...  Every **** time I close my eyes

~ It's never enough

~ No matter what I do, there's never enough time

~ To re-write you...

~ To re-write…you…
A set of song lyrics I wrote earlier today. Hope yall enjoy

— The End —