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Katy Jan 22
Some of us have demons we thought we exorcised
The truth is they just went into hiding and became dormant

Well, mine has come back out to play
Wreaking his havoc through my entire body

The nicotine is the safest way I can ward him off
While I try to figure out how to get rid of him completely
Stark Nov 2018
All but still
Wheat wavering in the distance, shivering in anticipation
Animals hide away, tucked in the safety of hideaways, holes, and orifices
Humans crouch underground, waiting
Hours pass
A lone alarm shouts across the land
"This is an emergency. I repeat, an emergency warning"
So loud that those below, closer to **** than ever before, clutch their ears
For they are ringing from the vibrant sound waves stretching across the fields
A slight change in wind directions
A little bit of motion
Begins the devastation

A lone inverted triangle appears
Seemingly hovering, inches above the ground
Circling its prey, before it gorges itself
Endless cyclic motions, vacuuming everything in its path
Houses, barns, plants fly
Tugged from the attraction to the ground to the sky
Engulfed by the tornado
That winds down a path of destruction

On a whirlwind high
Drunk off of its power
Invoking pain for no reason, except that it can
Land ripped to shreds
Houses taken and tossed miles and miles away
Barns slingshotted across the American countryside
And the deaths
Oh the deaths

Those who thought they could wait it out
Survive again once more
Those who tried to chase the twister
Mesmerized by its hypnotic dance
Those who were in the wrong place at the wrong time
Oblivious to their preventable fate

When the humans emerged
From their underground bunker
They found a land left ruined
Wiped blank of human development
With that they shed tears
Watering the fertile lands
As the tornado wrecked havoc
It brought a rebirth
A chance to start again fresh
tornadoes and their destructive power.
Samuel Canerday Sep 2018
Havoc, I cried
The tempests of passion
Unleashed in full
Strange thoughts do resound
In the caverns below
That of hearts bleeding red
And raw feeling exposed
Boiling up in crimson throes

Lock them away now
No keys and no latches
Shut the door to the furnace
And let all burn to ashes
Salmabanu Hatim Aug 2018
I sit there cuddled on my sofa,
I do nothing,
But, my mind  is a godown of anxiety,
Demons wreak havoc within me,
My tap is leaking with drops of fear and nervousness.
I cannot do anything about it.
I am caged,
It saps all my joy,
I need to escape from the prison of my thoughts.
I don't want them to control me,
So I decided to go to a comedy show,
Good humour was the ideal tonic,
It was the best antidote for me,
It helped.
I think I can do it.
I will also try something else to get out of it.
Timur Shamatov Jun 2018
I can see that look in your eyes
Bitting your lips
Confusing passion for ****.
Surrounded by havoc,
In a storm of
Secrets and lies.

I’ll keep all of your secrets,
You know all of my lies.
Caught in a storm
Havoc of
Secrets and lies.

I love the way you lie
Saying you’d kiss and lick
All of my scars
The ones underneath my skin
Across my heart.
Surrounded by
Havoc of
Secrets and lies.

Consuming your body,
In flickering light.
Succumbing to passion,
Falling in love.
Stuck with no answer
In a ghostly goodbye.
Surrounded by havoc
In a storm of
Secrets and lies.
I wrote this as a song for a friend.
Some people long for stability,
a life of surety.
Not me.
Give me chaos,
Let me see the darkest dark,
the deepest despair,
the loneliest separation.
Because if all you had was sunshine,
how would you appreciate the glow?
If there was no storm,
how would you know the beauty of the calm?
If there was no sadness,
would happy still be happy?
If we knew no lows,
how would we know when we were high?
So give me all of the chaos,
all of the havoc,
all of the ruin.
And that way I will truly have everything.
That way I will live fully.
People that have not had hard times, have not yet lived.
Danielle Mar 2018
To see the changes wrought by time
Plays sweet havoc upon my mind.
The twisting, folding, space of memories,
My only sanctuary,
from shattered dreams
and haunting hopes, that unleash from me a scream.
I sit and replay,
The reasons why I hoped you would stay.
I wrote this a long time ago, but the thoughts and feelings expressed here are so very applicable to my current situation.
Danielle Mar 2018
“Oh dear, oh dear”, exclaimed the rabbit
“I’ve appeared to have lost it in this havoc!”
He searched high and low
Near and far, above and below.
It wasn’t until the very last place he looked,
That he found his poetry book.
Toying with rhyme and that Alice and Wonderland theme. Something about classic stories just make for excellent themes to explore in.
Afia Feb 2018
Dead feelings
Rotten sighs
Gazing at
My firefly
A broken dream
A shattered life
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