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Jeremy Betts Nov 2023
Walk around palms up like "what the fuuck?"
Low-quality literature John Travolta, dumbstruck
Lingering havoc of being awestruck by dumb luck
Stuck in the rut felt in the pit of a stomach
Nut up or shut up mukbang, self demise potluck
Lame-duck after lame-duck left to run amuck
Anyone else know what the fuuck?

Nylee Nov 2021
I'd like to show you the direction
But I am the unguided wind
always in the motion
Carried away with the storm
I have lost my identity
too many times now
By the shore, by the night
I'd be gone with havoc
With nothing on me.
Philip Connett Apr 2021
Running Blind Madness
Eyes Wide Heart Pounding
Spirit Lifts Senses Live
Theres Thunder IN THE Atmosphere

This IS A Free Arena
A Gateless Auditorium
Open Fields
Open Wide
Forking Lightning ON THE Horizon

This Natural Inebriation
IN Dynamic Resonation
Anticipation OF THE

Hells Beasts Abound
Snarling Snouts Sounding
Heavy Hoofs Pounding
Crazed Dashing Hounding
IN THE Chaos That'S Surrounding

Hells Beasts Abound
Torso'S Writhing Flailing
Grit Bucking Flailing
Crimson Flow Tailing
THE Gore OF THE Impailing

I'M Knee Deep
IN A River OF Blood
Fleshen Heap
IN THE Reddening Flood

Sodden WET Flesh
Whip AND Turn
With THE Carnal Rain
With A Reddened

Sodden WET Flesh
Whip AND Turn
With THE Carnal Rain
With A Reddened

Sodden WET Earth
Besot With Death Mirth
Drown THE Earth
IN THE Afterbirth
Every Beast THE ****** Herse
DON'T RID ME OF THE ******* Curse

IN AN Ever Rising River OF Blood
Causing Chaos With NO Remorse
I AM Power IN Full Course
Wreaking Havoc

This Bloods LET BY MY Horn
I'M Sopping WET
MY ****** Horn
I Feel Like I'M NEW Born

Drumming Quakes Pounding
Shaking THE Foundation
Lifting Spirits IN THE AIR
I AM GOD Everywhere

Helter Skelter IN THE Chaos
This IS Pandemonium
Freedom Forms
Electric Flux Obliteration

Pure Intoxication
AS Evil Incarnation
This Revelation
IS Anihilation
As if lyrics of an unfinished song that I wrote when I was about 15 years old...  I dig the atmosphere!
Man Apr 2021
on the wall
hung a clock
melting in the day's ire
running toward the ground,
it ran fast sometimes
and occasionally
mind numbingly sluggish

in the washbasin
the rags i wore
soaked in a soapy stillwater
waiting for the wash
that these tired hands
must do

these blemished hands
how they hurt
strained from work
like the oil stains
on his shirt
they are worn
they are torn
and are without comforting
though his resolve is strong
his will is weak
from the havoc wreaked
from a life of low pay
struggling to live
week to week
knowing you deserve better
Alexander Feb 2021
Chaos in my mind.
I can’t...
Chaos in my mind
I can’t contain it anymore.
Chaos in my mind
It hurts...
Chaos in my mind.
It hurts the people I adore.
Chaos in my mind.
Chaos in my mind.
Inside my head is a great war.
Chaos in my mind.
This thing...
Chaos in my mind.
This thing in me is an uproar.
Chaos in my mind.
Now if...
Chaos in my mind.
Now if it stops then nevermore.
annh Nov 2021
Virgo in the ascendant,
Saturn in decline,
A retrograding antidote,
A calculated rhyme;

Overtones of melancholy,
Undertones of mirth,
A surfeit of misfortune,
Of musery a dearth

Faithless Fortune taps her foot,
While plotting my demise,
A rhythm most unruly,
A metaphor unwise;

In minutes and in seconds,
She wreaks havoc on my pen,
A glib faux pas, no coup de grâce...
And so I start again.


My zodiacal tendencies,
Triumphant in their prime,
Fade to skepticism
As life spins on a dime.

Writing in the ‘off’ season.

‘I don’t believe in astrology; I’m a Sagittarius and we’re skeptical.’
- Arthur C. Clarke
Nidhi Jaiswal Aug 2020
The cow is crying
In moaning tune
She cursing.

*Last few days
I was on a trip of village
When i was on the way
Lightning started flashing
Cloud thunder
The wind was so strong
Trees shaken up,
Hut started flying*

Our car stopped on the deserted road,
The sound started coming from the cloud,
You are not human, you have become crazy,
There were snowflakes in the raindrops,
Nature showing their havoc!
The spirit of revenge was taking the form of a spark,
Nature get disturbed by human work.

When i reached to village,
I saw an old cow crying,
There were clouds of sorrow on his face,
It seemed like she want's to asked question from everyone!

*I checked the goods
I found that cow shepherd did not let him eat
She was a pregnant cow
She went to graze in garden
The owner of the garden tortured him a lot
And she lost her child
Since then and crying.*

The spirit of revenge was taking the form of a spark,
Nature get disturbed by human work
"Nature showing their havoc"
This poetry is based on a true story,In today's time humanity get lost..due to this..Animals are tortured time to time,Rad data list is filled with extension of animals in today's time.we should control it.
The spirit of revenge was taking the form of a spark,
Nature get disturbed by human work
_**Nature showing their havoc!**_
Thanks for reading.
Mansi Jul 2020
Wind has such range:
It is gentle enough
To make a hot day better
Strong enough
To wreck havoc

I think people are the same
Each capable of both extremes
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