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Juliana Apr 2021
Vanilla. The bitter scent of a coffeehouse
mixed with sweet beautiful intelligence;
perfection; spontaneity.

Words run on the pages, joy can be found
in even the smallest of things.
Grounded; confident.

The white of innocence, not a single stain,
multicolored beige brings professionalism
in all its forms.

Life is a game of who knows who.
It’s impossible not to know her.

Abstract strings are pulled and tugged
until even the sturdiest of structures fall,
leaving the remnants on the ground to be
picked up one by one.

A sole painting filled with the reds of anger,
of love. The black and white stark
against the murkiness. Even the gold,
highlighting what went missing.

One. They’re still one. A little girl,
the blond bundles pulled into two
on the top of her head, seeing the world
from her father’s eyes.

Childish; just like he was,
once upon a time.

Just like he was, when those eyes focused
on the tough blue of denim, when
a fight was never an argument,
it was a game.

Who is right, who is wrong,
none of that matters if one never
backs down. She would never
back down.

She was never spontaneous.
She was a planner. Always one
to hold a grudge, always one
to win.

She was first. First
kiss, first love,
first date.

Her hair fell down on her shoulders
in curls, down in spirals
bringing him down as he fell.

He fell hard, looping back around
to the other side. Choosing jeans
over a painting. Choosing the chaos
over the calm. Choosing the calm
of a fight over nothing at all.

It was with her
that he’d find his love story.
Chad Young Feb 2021
Words, words hurt even if they are just restating facts.
Facts somehow now twisted by how they were originally delivered.
Passing on information to people I think should know.
Know for my heart, know for my peace of mind.
But jealousy it seems should always be forgotten.
Talking about it magnifies it beyond what it is, just slight and simple.
I made a man into a monster in her eyes.
Something he doesn't deserve.
I sit in the midst of a love triangle in which the woman doesn't want either of us.
She just wanted to be friends with both of us.
Now her urge to be more intimate with me as a friend is blocked by a barrage of concentration on a subject that should be so light and whimsical.
And a friend who had his heart crushed by seeing that intimacy.
I feel like a wolf, these words bite and wrangle, and won't dissipate for 100 years, says Muhammad, pbuh.
I always think work will become easier, but tests multiply, and it stays hard - hard in heart.
jay Jan 2019
forbidden love.
tattered art.
an endless story,
of broken hearts.
a girl loves a boy,
a little cliché.
but forever, she hopes,
he will never go away.
a girl loves a boy,
the other girls friend.
She can never love him;
her love will never end.
two girls love a boy
but he can love neither,
he cries to break himself down
and to build them up higher
so the answer is simple;
who he must choose
a boy cant love someone,
when he cant even love himself
Hey this is an original poem
Looking back I think about how,
How we would be if we were together right now.
We were young, we didn’t understand.
We had something beautiful and let it slip through our hands.

Now here we are living two different lives.
In love with different people,
Falling into different eyes.
But even then, as each day goes by.
Our hearts always remember.
Our hearts remain tied.

I know this hurts and it doesn’t  seem fair.
But there are other hearts involved now,
Hearts that love us with all they have...
Honest  and without fear.

I will always love you,
But I found someone else.
She has my love now,
I have nothing left to give.

- Brandon K. Stephenson
Anne Jul 2018
A sun, a moon, a love
A girl who had enough

The sun was he
He rose above
He glanced back down
And he saw love

The moon was he
And he was a vile
Who hurts the girl
So out of style

A warmth a glow
The sun bestows
But grief and cold
The moon was told

A day had come
When Anne chhose
Between them and
To gain, to lose

She looked upon
The horrid moon
And never on
The warmest noon

Her heart was cold
Her love was old
Done by her story
The moon had told

While the sun
He focused on
Rising up
Every dawn

And Anne glanced
Up above
The brightest star
And she saw love
An old poem of mine
Jeff Gaines Mar 2018
PLEASE ... BEFORE you read this, you need to read "My Circle" first. It, like this one, is short, so it will be quick, I promise, but it will set up the read of this one. This is why I posted them simultaneously. Find it here:

If you have read it already, then please ... carry on!

Our circle is built for two …

But …

It can hold three …

only for a few fleeting moments.

Alone …

Only two people can stand
back to back
face to face.

When there are three …
one is left alone …

Two is better …

Eventually …
one is left alone …
when there are three.

Face to face
back to back
only two people can stand …

alone …

Only for a few fleeting moments …

it can hold three …

But …

Our Circle is built for two.
I was living with my girlfriend at the time and she was bi, I am not. But I am very open minded, to a point. We sometimes "shared" our bed with another girl, to satiate her needs and to keep our love life full of adventure. I was thinking about "My Circle" and wanting to repeat the feat.

When I set out to do this, I had to restructure my philosophy a bit for this piece and my situation. I always felt that these girls should never become integrated into our relationship. Just as I'm sure she wouldn't want me lunching or shopping with one of our lovers, I felt the same about her. It isn't about being jealous, but things happen. Not to mention, the third person may take a shining to one of us and then you have a problem as well.

This "adventure" was for us and our relationship, not about having someone IN our relationship ... if that makes any sense to you.

Thus:  "Only for a few fleeting moments, it can hold three ..."

We kept them as "toys" and not "friends", for lack of a better term ... no staying overnight, no dinner/movie parties, shopping or beach trips or any other outside bonding. Just come over, have our moments and say goodnight. It sounds cold, but it never was. We would explain it before they ever came to our bed. Not once did we come across one that disagreed with the philosophy or didn't understand why we wanted it to be only about the "moments".
There we sit beneath the cherry blossom tree,
You were there, talking to me.
The silence, hearing the trees whispering.
We were spending all afternoon laughing.
I just wonder and I wanted to ask,
“Would I belong to you soon?”
“Would I ever have you?”
I wanted you to know and hear.
My heart brings off with no fear.
I wanted the way we used to be changed,
Not like how we are right now.
I wanted something  more if you allow.
Talk to my eyes, do you want it too?
The voices, I heard them in my head.
Talking to myself, forgetting the road ahead.
Every way I take, it leads me back to you.
Your smiles and the way you move are my sunshine.
Being with you makes me feel better than fine.
I forgot how the rain used to cover me.
I was never meant to leave you recklessly.
Until one day, I heard through the grapevines.
I was looking and hoping for a sign.
Fright drove my heartbeat swifter than the time I trusted you.
Why was I not given a cue?
Was I asleep when you told me?
Was I wishing you dreamingly?
Was I looking forward to the future
Of you caring and embracing me back?
You loved someone you believed,
You said she is undeniably stunning...
But, you did not have a chance to know her.
I had the time of loving you, it felt great.
I wondered, “Why did you refuse?”
Still, it was just right to forget right away.
Someday, the colours would slowly fade
Into a beautiful shade of gray.
The wretchedness would be an enduring mark...
To rather let the mark be the end of the world...
Or to look up to the shining sun and restart?
Someday, I would learn to love someone better.
Someday, I would be laughing at myself and say,
“What was the real reason why I loved you?”
Cause all I can think of was your foolishness.
I could have been dumb when I had you.
I used to laugh to our one-liners before.
We were just young naive kids.
(Now, I learned.....)
I was better off giggling with myself.
I was better off being with my friends.
I used to remember that tree,
It was where we used to sit.
Do you remember it too?
I know you had forgotten.
If you ever regret, do not return.
‘Cause you might be hanging your head the next time.
But you had been right, always right.
“Let go of the beautiful memory
When we used to sit beneath the cherry blossom tree.”
This poem was inspired by my friend Maureen Chua. She loves anime so much and that is actually how I really know her as my best friend. Since she always supports me in every way, I wanted to post this poem I made for her.
Well, it was this scene in anime when we see the main characters near the cherry blossom trees. They are just beautiful, aren't they? If you're an otaku, I really bet you can picture a lot of anime characters right now.... Seeing how romantic or sad scenes are.
Cherry blossom tress can make so much memories that I can make a story about it.
Lost May 2017
Pronounced like "Mack"

I love you.

The both of you?

I hate it.

I do.

One of you knows me for who I am.

The other knows me for who I've been all my life.

Both of you are so out of reach.

Both of you hold special places in my heart.

Both of you care for me in different ways.

Both of you have seen me at my worst.

Both of you deserve to be happy.

I just wish I didn't think the both of you deserve me.
Boys Are Gross™
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