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Why can't i be like everyone else?
I can't be happy,
I can't be sad.
I can't feel anything
Or even get out of bed
All i can do is sit and stare
At the wall
WIth salty tears streaming down
My face.
Thinking about my place in the world
And how I can't be like
Everyone else
Sad poetry from last year. so glad i got better
Brando Jan 8
I wish I could think on my own
Not worry about what you’re doing
Concentrate on myself
Rather than what you’re retweeting
I watch your snap story
As you watch mine
I post the music we used to listen to
And I make sure you know I’m done
But clearly I’m not
All I have on my mind is you
Even though I know you don’t care
You never did
But I do
And now I’m alone
With all the memories and thoughts of you circling my head
Night after night
Hour after hour
I wish I could delete you from my head
The way I can delete you from my phone
But that won’t really do anything
Because our memories went much deeper than my screen
Just ended something I had w another person and now here I am
Brando Dec 2018
Shaking leaves on trees
As the wind blows profusely
Thunder clashes and lightning strikes
A storm approaches
The earth trembles in fear
Of what is to come
Heaven and ****
Two forces of eminence
A battle between what is right and
what is wrong
Begin to pull at me from either side
Dark ominous clouds overhead
My throat clenches and ever breath seems to feel like my last
Feet planted to the ground
As the quick sand of my thoughts begin to engulf me
Heart beating faster than the current around me
Frozen in time
The anxiety sets in as I fall to my knees
A single tear traces down my cheek
This is what you do to me
Break me
I can’t seem to get you off my mind
Sonya Dec 2018
It's supposed to be my birthday party
I'm not really paying attention
But it should be my birthday party
My mind is fading into fiction
Why celebrate my life?

My friends are all playing together
I'm not playing with them
They are still playing together
Pajamas tearing at the hem
Why celebrate my life?

It's not even my birthday now
It was some weeks ago
Born as leaves began to fall
And now there's falling snow
This isn't about ME at all
Katie Read Dec 2018
At night and when you are sleeping,
I can see you bare in all of your skin and all the flaws that make you human.
I trace circles of flesh and rainbows in bruises;
Every scar and scratch,
Every flourishing freckle,
Everything that makes you, you.

There’s a kaleidoscope of veins that cascade colourful fractions of your heart into mine.
Every boorish blue and radiant red,
Every drop of your waterfall of thoughts from inside your head,
Everything that makes me love you like I do.

And yet part of me wants to fully engulf you, so you’re not simply just ***** but so you, like I become truly infatuated.
I want to smooth out that frown like a crumpled piece of paper.
Every heavy sigh and weighty wonder,
Every restriction that dampens your day,
Everything that reduces that part of you who,
Takes that light bulb moment and creates a projection of the most beautiful smile in all of creation;
And proposes a sentiment of love for my eyes to lap up, and up until our demise.
Take me away
The walls are stained
With sin and pain
That will never fade
let me fade into darkness
Erica Girone Dec 2018
You said ride or die
But when I call no reply
And people wonder
Why others fantasize suicide
Just longing for a peace a mind
Or some one who thinks we’re worth the time
Takes our old definition of love and redefines
What we’ve been taught all our lives
Dame tu mano
Porque quiero ir
Lejos de aqui
estoy sola en un mundo triste
Sonya Nov 2018
When you look at the light, what do you see?
That light that she holds in her hand
A glimmer of hope or a desperate plea?
Or something you don't understand
When she holds out her light, what does she feel?
Those eyes say all that is known
What causes her to pray and kneel?
Is she really just what she's shown
She held out her light for all who are blind
The light she held in her hand
In all of truth she was just being kind
To a memory lost to sand
She held out her light and felt bittersweet
Her eyes with exhaustion shone
Knelt for memory of love incomplete
And carried her sorrows alone
Erica Girone Nov 2018
I don’t remember peace
Chaos has never left my side
Not ever a sense of release
Not ever a place to hide
Watching my joy decrease
As my age multiples
I can feel myself breathing
But am I truly alive
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