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Samara Jan 2
looking inward
a molten metal
of iron ore
smoldering rigid
covered by blackened ash
brightened by the wind

the only light i see
is when the embers glow
and the brighter it shows,
the faster it goes
but i'm okay with that
because it's just another
mark of the ego
Elena Aug 2023
I sit on my chair
Looking at the vase
With dried flowers
Sitting there for days
So do I
We share looks
We share the pain
We share the agony
Of no one caring
Elena Aug 2023
Numb body
Cannot move
Cannot breath
I just want to be
Elena Aug 2023
Something died in me today
When tears started falling down
By themselves
Something died in me today
When my soul started screaming for help
Something died in me today
And I will never be the same again
She’s afraid of
reopening old wounds.

Scared of feeling
the burns
beneath her skin.

She’d rather feel
consciously numb
than ever have to
confess her self-reflections,
because she’s afraid rejection
will leave her lifelessly
Meraki Nov 2020
Graces everyone with her presence,
lights up the world with her smile,

Where does the light come from?
Where does the darkness hide?

Look into her eyes
you'll find where the truth lies.

A shattered heart,
a numb soul.

Darkness lies within,
breaking her apart

Like a candle,
light is what the world will get

While she slowly melts
into her shadow.
Polseh Nov 2020
By day I stand tall, Alpha
By night I fall, beta

I cradle my head as my tears flow
why did you go?

By day I stand tall, Alpha
By night I fall, beta

I go to bed dreaming in fear
Why are you here?

By day I... want to end it
Its my take on how I act with pride, but behind closed doors I'm still hurt by loss.
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