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A May 2
You are so comfortable

Laying motionless within the bounds of your depression

A familiar sadness welcomes you home

As if to say, “I’ve missed you, old friend”

Nobody could ever understand you like it does

Here, it does not matter if you tend to your responsibilities

Or yourself

All that matters is laying still

Catching up
with an old friend
She’s afraid of
reopening old wounds.

Scared of feeling
the burns
beneath her skin.

She’d rather feel
consciously numb
than ever have to
confess her self-reflections,
because she’s afraid rejection
will leave her lifelessly
Mackenzy Nov 2020
Graces everyone with her presence,
lights up the world with her smile,

Where does the light come from?
Where does the darkness hide?

Look into her eyes
you'll find where the truth lies.

A shattered heart,
a numb soul.

Darkness lies within,
breaking her apart

Like a candle,
light is what the world will get

While she slowly melts
into her shadow.
Polseh Nov 2020
By day I stand tall, Alpha
By night I fall, beta

I cradle my head as my tears flow
why did you go?

By day I stand tall, Alpha
By night I fall, beta

I go to bed dreaming in fear
Why are you here?

By day I... want to end it
Its my take on how I act with pride, but behind closed doors I'm still hurt by loss.
SilvarumDea Oct 2020
I just open myself to the pain
Like a rotten wound that never heals
And my cursed soul can never rest,
Consuming itself from within.

My tired eyes have cried so much,
But my silent scream was never heard.
How could I ever think that I could win
On this unfair battlefield which I call life?

The Universe laughs at my stubbornness,
While throwing me back to the ground.
My rotten soul surrenders with a pity song
Searching for what's left of it.
louise hill Apr 2020
When the skies are filled with joyous clouds
Which gallop and leap, like spring bunnies, upon leaving the burrow for the first time.
The sun. The star that lights up the whole planet, and the millions of people which inhabit
Its terrains.
Mother nature had created this wondrous place, for beings and creatures to wilfully survive
Yet we laugh in her face with sweet anguish, as for we are now the creators of land.
We rip out the hearts of our ancient trees, too inform and teach one another of their necessity on our lives.
And our children, the life we leave for them filled with mind numbing absent presence. A life locked inside their own brains or their own devices. Where our social life dictates where on the virtual institution we sit. Hierarchies.
“live your best life” words meant to inspire, meant to warm even the coldest of hearts and teach them to capture the morning sun.
Are now a hashtag trend, which we use to display our fake smiles. Yet the eyes. The eyes harbour the desolation that is entombed within one’s soul.
The blackness. that lives within the skin we don. Our minds have been conditioned to years of mental abuse and slowly ground down. For we are no longer ourselves, to be happy in one’s skin and life is sparsely genuine.
We tend not to recognise our own mind, or it of us. As we are no longer one. And its health is not a priority. Oh, how id long to be a simple daisy. They grin with such elegance.
Our nature ever so consciously unaware of its impending doom. How do we dream to nourish something else when we crave to neglect our own body and mind?

The human brain, the worlds most equipped super computer. Capable of unspeakable triumphs may just one day save us from the terrible place we now call home.
I'm awful with titles so if anyone has any suggestions i'd be very appreciative :)
Melissa Mar 2020
Before I met you, everything was blue.
Now that you are in it, I can't see life without you.
You came along & fixed all my broken pieces.
I was a broken mess, I'm sorry I didn't mean it.
I was a disaster covered with a smile, Alot of situations I acted like a child.
I love you more than I can ever explain, please don't ever leave me, I couldn't deal with the pain.
Tessa Marie Feb 2020
Now I understand why some people are addicted to things like drugs and alcohol. It alters your state of mind and you barely feel pain anymore. It's a way to feel the happiness you've been longing for.
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