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MellowWrath Aug 13
No pain is greater than loss
For each breath becomes more painful
Each tear more bitter
And each voice more broken.
But only release can turn itself into divine
As we turn toward silent prayers
As we drop to our knees and join our hands
Whispering raw names.
Let us be heard, Us who have lost
For we are all fated
As if sharing the same body,
To lose what we hold most dear.
Let our tears dry, our breath quicken with life and want, let our chants resonate in the emptiness that surounds us
For eternity if not a life time.
It is hard to go on.
Sacrifices of first borne
Or  second mothers
carried away by the wind
        Always forgotten.
Sacrifices.    Memories.  Remembrance
Pagan Paul Jun 21
A rose from a window
looks like any other rose,
but as the old lady stares
out through the thin glass
a fondness develops,
begins to form a memory,

reaching back,
grasping the past,

that very slowly forms
the image of a rose,
proud in an old garden,
upstanding to catch the eye
of a young girl
staring out of a window.

© Pagan Paul (19/06/19)
Eloisa Jun 11
Your last sweetest kiss
In the land of the palm trees
Faith and golden sands
Nolan Willett Apr 28
I remember things in an order that is strange,
I can’t quite seem to arrange,
Middle, beginning, and end.
I think I’ve gone ‘round the bend.
Nzangi Muimi Mar 8
As a distant recollection slowly forming,
A brick a mortar progressively building,
Thoughts, emotions, ideas clouding,
Maybe to be forgotten or worth remembering

To be wealthy and rich, why does it matter?
Maybe younger and brighter and smarter,
Would convince me to press the starter,
To question, to vindicate or disregard the former

The chase, the struggle is real,
Young, old, weak and strong, all with zeal,
As it rotates like unrolling the reel,
Life goes on, desire burns propelling the wheel

Cells wear out and brains boggle,
At the end always wins Google,
I am weak and strong and I cannot afford the struggle,
But I know I will win if I engage the full throttle

The distant recollection finally forms,
Reality dawns and the thrilling dream booms,
It’s not really a reality, it’s indeed a mystery,
Oh! And wait, it evaporates into nothingness!
What life is worth living?
Arianna Mar 7
their eyes met on the shore,
crossing the border between worlds.

something stirred:

        ocean through and through,
                            but for...

                        a flickering.

                        'twas only
                   a flickering.

                              and yet...

between sea and sky their eyes met
on the kissing line of elements.

        borders blur,
        though their essence is preserved.

the Sea remembered and called out...

                    but its Sky was dark
                    and silent.
A story about spirits, forms, memory and connections across time, separation, forgetting, and loss.

Imagined from a dolphin's perspective during a moment of eye contact with a strangely familiar human...
CautiousRain Oct 2018
Oh, whispers in the wind,
I beg of you, please,
tell me of things
departed within
the crevices of my memories
before I lose
all semblance of self.
oldies for the night
these past few posts were during my extreme memory issues
Sanch Sep 2018
I have two problems
           one is missing
           missing is another
I don’t know which one is worse
But I know
           both hurts
Who could have saved me
But me
You could have saved me
           from drowning
But all you did
           was to turn a blind eye
In front of me was missed
           you are missed
And within me
           was a mess
           a shattered belief
I knew that moment both needs a resolve
And I thought I was there
I thought I could
           save myself from missing
           and find what's missing
To all the people in my life…
All of you that truly care...
I want to say thank you...
Because,  without you...  
I wouldn't care...

I know I ***** up...
I know I'm far from perfect...
But even at my lowest...
You never let me forget ...

You taught me how to walk again When I could  barely even stand.
And whenever I would fall...
You were there to  pick me up again

Every tear that fell…
Every mistake I ever made.
And every single sin.
You held them all within your hands
And with a smile…
You tossed each one into the wind.

When i hit the ground.
On my knees, punching the grass, And cursing your name.
You were never ashamed

Through every bad decision,
Every empty memory that was forgotten or stained..
Every burden I carried with me
And all my pain

You stood fearless through every  consequence.
All the shame i wish i could forget…
But continue to remember every day..

I was stumbling blind…
Living day to day, in darkness and misery.
  But you gave me sight, You brightened  my life,  Helping me to see, where I need to be.

You held my hand...
Lifted  my head...
And led me straight ahead…
Until all the skies overhead…
Turned blue once again..

No more fire,
Hell with the brimstone…
With you, I stand tall...
With you…I can clearly see…
Every crooked  path…
that lies in front of me

Thank you…
Whoever you are.
For always being there.
You believed in me...
You cared…
When I thought no one did.
Extended version of a writing I previously shared. Let me know which you like better and why please. Thank you all and enjoy.
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