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ShadowSpy Sep 15

why is that word so alien on paper?
why is that word so foreign to my lips?
why is that word unrecognizable to my eyes?
why does that word leave me empty?
l o v e
Luiz Sep 6
if it didn't **** you
then you are absolutely wrong
that was NOT love

now, go back and don't return
until you are dead!
CROW Jan 2019
Only through fire and ice
Only through bad and nice
Only through cards and dice
Only through things said thrice
A poets way
another day
trying to leave people with more think
leaving no boat to die and sink.
David P Carroll Jan 2019
As I hold tightly
You feel my love
Touching your heart
As I slowly kiss your neck
You smile brightly and feel
True love inside
Your beating heart
As we listen two the
Sound of love I hold tightly
And softly whisper, Too you,

Your forever inside my
Beating heart.
His Love
Eyes do Speak
Love reveals itself and eyes speak
How can I save myself from magic
I see her clearly from peak to peak
In company every horizon I can kick

Let be on the path of love to prosper
Let be hand in hand to the destination
Let be frank and straight to conquer
Let me love you beloved with passion

We are one on one to face the world
We are one soul in two different bodies
Let love take the shape of a herald
Let love truth prevails over all the lies

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2018 Golden Glow
Dan Santos Jul 2018
It's about love again
Last day I saw you
you we're gorgeous
as always, I mean't
You are still more than gorgeous.

I do not understand
when you ask me
If I am going to forget
about you
How could you?

I have told you for so long
That I haven't kept you in my mind
If I crash against a car
and then someone take to a hospital so far
and for a reason I lose my memories
I will not forget you
cause you're not only in my mind
but either in my heart
hey, my head is a mess but you still here.
Annie Jun 2018

I get it. I totally get it. I can finally see who you really are. You've been rejected so many times. You offered love in a tray fabricated with flowers and glitter and somebody threw it away. Yeah —I see it now. I see that look in your eyes. You're screaming inside. You want people to see the real you but at the same time you don't want to explain yourself to them anymore. Because you're tired. You're exhausted from all the mess life has put you through. People judge you for being the way you are but you're so desperate for them to realise it themselves —that the real you –that the real you is still capable of receiving love and giving love in return. But it's not happening. You're cursed by your own deep, dark thoughts and it's a cycle you can't escape from. Unless —unless someone good enough pulls you out of it.
Phantom Poet Oct 2017
It can enjoying,
Being in the company of someone,
It's like,
U like to be with them,
Makes you happy,
U consider them family,
A person to trust,
It's everything good thats there,
And yet we find it so bad,
It is something so simple,
It is an emotional twinkle,
The reason it's considered bad,
Evil, malicious,mad,
Is because from the start,
Millennials have considered,
More than a feeling or simple emotion,
A trademark
What I'm trying to explain is love nowadays its like a trademark, like it is thrown around  and just namesake, people have forgotten the true meaning, even you can love a  best friend,
Gabriel Marfim Jul 2017
You are
my early morning sun
my midnight moon

and even in my dreams
there is light

because eyes are not required
to see how much
you shine.
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