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Jul 1 · 33
A girl in a garden
Twalib Mushi Jul 1
She was sitting
In a garden
Surrounded by lovely
and  adorable couples
They were singing a song of love.

She used to be there
With someone she really cares
With someone she knows him the best
Alas, she knows something
That was only a least
was not everything.

She used to be here
Now she's surrounded
By very beautiful flowers
She wondered
How they blossomed
Into maturity
Now she sit there
Well doomed.
Jul 1 · 176
Your missed
Twalib Mushi Jul 1
My lips missed
To call your beautiful name
How time passed
But things aren't the same

In this innocent and small heart
You draw a line
It is becoming dark
As nothing is fine
Wish those days turned back.

It was almost a deal done
A good family of our own
Being together in our zone
Here I am all alone
Growing more melancholy
I am writing this tragic poem
In my phone
Hard to believe your gone.

I am still your Adonis
loved me as Aphodile and Persephone
Forever in my life I do promise
I will never be asinine.
Jun 24 · 32
To be alive
Twalib Mushi Jun 24
My job was to keep them alive
It was so hard to believe
That my job is what keeps me alive.
I was scared
Scared to the death
I refused
But I wanted something I couldn't have.

They said
If I want to live
I have to accept that job
In order to survive
They argued
I have had to forget about mob.
I accepted
To keep them alive
I agreed.
I remembered
I painted
My life whatever colour came
To my mind
It was just a dream that came
To keep me blind.
I realised
I was selfish
My inner voice decided
To start a new fresh
Now I walk with them
They chose for me
They chose me
I choose them .
Jun 18 · 59
P a t t e r n
Twalib Mushi Jun 18
follow your pattern
totally change
my nervous system
don't know what happen
Is it real or a game!?

change my reputation
should blame
Is it real or a game!?
question is rotating
In my head
is still vibrating!
Jun 9 · 30
All alone
Twalib Mushi Jun 9
I believed
It was an easy !
Now look
I sing every verses
As I think
It was an easy !
Always I believed
Believe for the best
you were the best of the best
You were too far from the best!
You were next,
Next to the worst!

As you stepped in my way
I never thought
And you convinced me
You were the last
Remained speechless !
Since i tried to open my mouth
But no words came !

You came
Only to cover your thirst
There was no love
All we had was lust!
May 18 · 122
Sweet slap
Twalib Mushi May 18
Something was inside her head
I tried very hard to find.

As I soothing her body, she whispered
Applying cuddling, she muttered
Like a beautiful mountain, her hair stood.

I know she felt something
But she was a bit scaring.

I heard a free flowing of her blood
I proceed with my delightful searching
Her heart made a trumpet sound
Heart beating I never heard before
As she mourned
I kept on going as I ignore.

She made a very delicious musical sound
As I proceed, she begged
Beg for me to be inside her body
I wrapped her sweet lovely body,she laughed.

I continued to take my round
Hell she's hot enough to be burned
We snoozed!
May 18 · 29
Twalib Mushi May 18
Surely I lost my body
I ruined everything we had
I am the one to be blamed
For all the mistake I did.

Hell,I lost myself
I lost every goodness she made
As I ask myself
Is it somewhere where I will find?
A girl like herself
With so much courage and bound
To all your sweetness I fumbled
**** you are missed!
May 4 · 37
H u r t !
Twalib Mushi May 4
I just want to lead
That was all I need
Since I was a little child
When I was played
With other kids in our backyard
Leading like the head
While others followed
As the head lead
While the body followed !
As we met i wanna be potent
Like pyramid!
To be very elegant
As a mustard!
I always wanna be you scabbard
Protecting you my lady
Wanna you so badly to be my wife
Instead you just hold a knife!
Stab me so much hard!
Deeply inside you hold a blade!
May 4 · 22
Twalib Mushi May 4
How she wanna be treated
It is no longer a secret
As she wanna be trusted
It makes my heart oscillate
She never wanna be possessed
As she acted very decent and innocent
She's really complicated
Sometimes  she likes to be owned!
She is so **** nasty!
Jan 19 · 43
Twalib Mushi Jan 19
They asked me,
Who am I?
I told them,
I am a friend they can't defy.
I am somebody they call my name,
They can't deny.

I told them, I am only an old friend
They don't have to be afraid
A friend so much in deed
A friend deeply in need.

That friend,
They do always recall to their mind,
A friend they still remembered.
A friend they once betrayed.

I was a good friend,
I left them with void.

A friend is easier lost than found.
Sep 2018 · 72
Twalib Mushi Sep 2018
The body should follow the head
You really made me vice versa instead
My head now follow your body.

Every inches of your body
Is stunning and blessed
My heart completely amused
You stole me,I couldn't denied.

You are really my flying gurnard
Swimming in the hypocritical world
And I could never be afraid
Walking on the enemy land
With you as my guard
Flying through air meet those birds
To our love they sing and applaud.
Aug 2018 · 232
A bird of passage
Twalib Mushi Aug 2018
It's good to see you dawn
Finally the two of us were alone
As you approach me with a wide grin
With your delicious sound
Well decorated with those birdsongs.

Dear dawn
I want you to say
Together we will reach a milestone
Hoping you stay
Strong as mountain.

Alas !!
I know you won't stay
Your really a bird of passage
Always you go away
Left me with nothing but a damage.
Aug 2018 · 410
Twalib Mushi Aug 2018
I  couldn't  protest
As  you  stole  my  heart
With  your  magica­l  parachute
You pretended to be a better pilot.

I  am  screaming  and  I'll  shout
My  innocent  heart
Un­knowingly, i  gave  you  all  credit
Helpless  I  couldn't  fight
I  am  com­pletely  lost.

Look  now  what  you  left
Nothing  but  a  bad  ­taste
A  taste  of  pepper  and  salt
Whether  I  believe  it  or­  not
This  is  all  my  fault
It  maybe  my  fate!
Jul 2018 · 6.5k
Twalib Mushi Jul 2018
Welcome to the informational age
We're enjoy the world of technology
Never felt this modern world could emerge
Magical world with braveness and courage.

Welcome to the social media age
As everything we do is on page
We live like birds in a cage
It makes us falling into a rage.

Welcome to the insane and madness age
To make headlines,create a **** sweet savage
Can't believe we're on this stage
But we are still holding our grudge.

Welcome to the sweetest scientific age
Your reputation,you better manage
Like passenger manage it, as your luggage
Saving it, save safe from the salvage.
Jul 2018 · 1.7k
My song
Twalib Mushi Jul 2018
You are a beautiful song
Beauty enough to turn me on
Forever you make me strong
With your flawless melodic tone.

You are my favorite song
I keep in my heart and singing
To this hard life as stone
We better live before we're gone.

You are my cradlesong
Soothing me as I lie down.

You are that metallic song
With fine drawing body of verses
I dare to keep you long
With those tenacious, beguiling chorus.

You are my song
I constantly reiterating
Only glancing at you
I don't need playlist on you.
Jul 2018 · 225
Twalib Mushi Jul 2018
We believe in love
At first sight
We settled and fell into a groove
Astonished with this lust
This feeling is impeccably groovy.

As I count on you
You couldn't desert
Obsessed and needing you
I remained stupidly inarticulate.

Out of words and only you
You, you're my antidote
Of this lovely poison I swallowed
I know it won't **** me.
Jul 2018 · 163
Twalib Mushi Jul 2018
I had a restless night
I recall my upshot
With my reckless ******* habit.

As I reach to my mean machine
I just find a notification
My finger trembling
as I opened it.

    From: Momma
Subject: Beware
To:        Son

Dear son,
life goes really **** fast
As we are living on it
Sometimes we achieve what we want
Or doomed to disappointment.

Nobody knows tomorrow
i thought you knew
Now you live
in a huge stew.

We gave you our trust
You threw away like a dust
We gave you our words
You argued with your own codes
We gave you light
It vanished into the night.

As I read the last line
Tears flowing to my cheeks
As my heart broken into pieces
As I broken them more than millions
Seeking for the second chance
I never wanna be a ******* again!
Jul 2018 · 248
Grace and Mess
Twalib Mushi Jul 2018
I was happy man
occupied with grace
Those moment
was really endless
How time flies
like an arrow it's a mess
What we had was magical
And lascivious
Was it necessary
to wash away all the differences?
Hope we remained with our imperfections
Because in it we found
an exquisite uniqueness
We found and formed a fondness
Strong love
surrounded by a nimbus
In this love story
we are sesquipedalian orators.
Jun 2018 · 88
my tale
Twalib Mushi Jun 2018
My tale began
The day I was born
It may perish
When I am gone
Or may it cherish
To the next generation.

As life developed severe pain
And distension
I remained serene
In the midst of this midstorm
I could give in
But I hold the future with my palm
As I never wanna be a buffoon
Still waiting for my time
Over and over again
But I will be fine
Whatever my fortune
I'll be fine
Jun 2018 · 157
fame and lame
Twalib Mushi Jun 2018
He wrote a note
expressing his regret
He walks on fire
with barefoot
Couldn't believe
this was his fate,
He lost contact with them
As he lost it with himself
For it he took the blame
His nonsense and stuff,
It's really a blamed shame
He lives with a great grief,
Things will never be the same
His life was shining
like decorated roof
and he became lame
He was truly a deaf
When people screaming
and yelling his name
He lives a very long
and difficult life
All he cares was a fame!
Jun 2018 · 75
Twalib Mushi Jun 2018
"I found my baby"-sound"
She was pulchritudinous and kind
Like doctors and nurses
we work hand in hand.
Together with so much bound.
When I need her
she was close and around
Baby,you're my bestfriend
You give me hand
And holding me to stand.
I need you and nothing beyond.
You hold my hand as we make a bound.
May 2018 · 216
Six lines
Twalib Mushi May 2018
Her  name  was  Ever
She  was  fab, flawless  and  clever
A  fruit  with  sweet  flavor.

She  fell  ­ill, ****  fever
Forgetting  her  I  will  never.

Absolutely, no one can live forever.
Indeed,no one can live forever.
May 2018 · 211
Six o'clock
Twalib Mushi May 2018
Sleeping is nowhere to be found
It's six o'clock
He has got the metallic sound
Tinkling and click
All over his head

About the choice he made
He rethink
As the scene begins to fade
A step by step,tick tock.

Like firewood
His temper sparked
His brilliant efforts were thwarted .
May 2018 · 143
Dear Poem
Twalib Mushi May 2018
Dear poem.                                            
I fall in love with you.                          
Unknowingly,my heart blow.            

Listen to your rhythmical sound
Happy moment I find
Sometimes your words are bitter
But sweet bitter
As I claim
To be settled like a picture in the golden frame.

My blood bubbling
With your countless lines,I am blushing
My heart singing a love song
goddess inside me somersaulting.
I am mad over you                                
Adoring you                                        
Like a kid loving her momma          
I vowed to be with you                  
Like vanilla with its aroma.
May 2018 · 154
Twalib Mushi May 2018
I am the truth
that sound so weird
doing the things others never dare
making them mad
Always shocked and scared.

I am the truth
watching over them like a shepherd
overprotecting his herd.

I am the truth
they become terrified
as the snow deepened
their hearts will be explode.

I am the truth
They aren't ready to hear
they couldn't bear
as they fear
they won't get out alive
i couldn't even spare.

I am the truth
i really care
wherever they need me
i am forever near.

ever flourishing
my bloom will never fading.
May 2018 · 68
Twalib Mushi May 2018
My daughter
To you I write a letter
Hope you remember later
Though words will sound bitter!
Filled with pains,tears and laughter!
But your future must be better

Consistency is a key,be smarter
As nothing is free,live by barter.
May 2018 · 80
Twalib Mushi May 2018
He wait for this moment
Blood rushing through his veins
Like a footballer wants to make his debut!
Patiently waiting for his turn
Desperately to hit a knot!
His heart is still not broken
Or feeling lost!
He knows its the first
It may also be the last!
Mar 2018 · 72
Twalib Mushi Mar 2018
Nothing was ever new
Though am paralyzed by her view
Tried not to get in a stew
Absolutely she's among the few.

I was afraid
She was afraid too!
Nervously wish to do the thing I wanted to
But not because I needed to!

Trying to hide my feelings
Oops! my heart is my weakness
Always betrays me
I just lost my equilibrium!.
Mar 2018 · 73
Four letter words
Twalib Mushi Mar 2018


Expectations ending!!
Mar 2018 · 72
Twalib Mushi Mar 2018
Before you leave
You should live first
Living the life you deserve!

Before you hate
You should love first
Loving deeply enough to be broken!

Before you surrender
You should fight first
Fighting harder for the things you want!

Before you state
You should mean first
Confidently meaning to face the consequences!

Before your covetous
You just show an interest
You should remember it!

Before you become disappointed
You've built a level of hope and trust
You think forever might last?

Sure,you should feel nothing
The moment you stop mean something!!
Mar 2018 · 42
Twalib Mushi Mar 2018
Am super joyous and happy
Mar 2018 · 50
Do I Need?
Twalib Mushi Mar 2018
Do I need ne plus ultra?
Sometimes perfect is not perfect,
Need this as my brain's mantra.

Though sometimes you need perfect
To fill the void left by imperfect,
What if the imperfect was the perfect enough for you?

What if you get the perfect which is still perfectly imperfect for you?
Do you still need perfection?
Mar 2018 · 49
Aren't the same
Twalib Mushi Mar 2018
All  men  are  the  same,
Girls  put  on  a  claim.

My  dear  please  stop  crame,
Men  aren't  the  same.
Maybe  same  eyes  with  different  criterion.
Don't be lame!
Feb 2018 · 43
This Girl
Twalib Mushi Feb 2018
She walks in my way
A vigorous movement
Blowing me away.

I give her
Endless looking,
Staring ,
Gaze of appreciation on her,
I am smitten with her.

So many sides of her,
I want to know and acknowledge them.
Jan 2018 · 64
Fair World
Twalib Mushi Jan 2018
He's knows what's the best
Believe in his own instinct!

Releasing his sorrows
Hoping for a better tomorrows
Makes a pattern to follows
With his own vows!

The work of great merit
His lifetime project
To God's blessings,he supplicates
A man of great quality!

He overcomes all fears
Drying his tears
Striving for the better ideas
Sometimes the world is fair!

— The End —