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Terra Levez Feb 24
I thought love consumed
Before you made me see hate
I hope you now see
What the truth of me is
I'm a monster
And I have your name, address and number
Sweet Dreams, you will sleep for a long long time
When I'm done with you
Summer Aug 2020
Looking at the map,
my eyes find their way to the unnamed borders,
the many lines that divide the land
and the sea,
the civilised,
and the savage.
I dimly wonder
if those lines are truly the ends of the earth,
or are they beginnings of a new world?
jas Jun 2020
should have known from the very start
you were only going to break my heart
why oh why didn't I see the signs
should have known every day I cried

begging you to love me right
all you ever stayed was quiet
they weren't lying when they say love is blind
couldn't lose you without a fight

but you proved me wrong
over and over again

savage love
you really broke me
savage love
why can't you see
what we coulda been
written to the beat of savage love - jawsh 685
Michael Stefan Feb 2020
Your beastly desires were always hidden beneath
A calm and cool exterior, hiding truth
You waited and hunted me, tracked me
And watched me as your intentions stayed aloof,
Preparing to at last spring your vicious trap
Cleverly laid in the deep woods of passion
You are a beast, who stalks this once lush forest
And I am your prey, lying dead in trees now ashen
FloydBrandon Feb 2020
Well I’ll be the first of my kind to admit
I like the type of girl that spits
On my clip
**** me until she gets rich
If I go all in   on you go all out on me
into the lions den
Eatin that ***** like a savage
cause I’m wild about it
AADI Dec 2019
i know that you'll reply with a text even lower than your status yet again
nd seeing your HMM , OK , YUP I'll be depressed yet again !

Proctor Ehrling Nov 2019
Left hope behind
Abandoned fights
All vicious signs
Of savage plights

Felt like a flea
A parasite
All savage plea
To savage plight

Oh Sisyphus
Exhausted might
Lay in a hearse
Oh savage plight

Heathen in prayer
God-given right
Sign of the lair
Of savage plights

A crimson snow
And eyes of white
But don't you know
These savage plights

By Doom's own herald, God's own **** creatures all collide
Like ole rye barrelled, seasoned to withstand savage plights

Let woman cry
Let man be scorned
Let savage plights
Shut closing doors

He'll will stay frozen
Heaven forlorn
The savage chosen
***** of Babylon

Live off of plights
All but one savage
Dragged day and night
Your horseless carriage

Call it a burden
That is your right
One thing's for certain
It's savage plights

With mind so prurient
Give humans blights
From West to Orient
Come savage plights

Dorian-like picture on the wall, too mild a fighter for a knight
Was God-forsaken, after all, dealt sole with and to others each a savage plight
It's rare for me to actually write something complete and not an on-the-spot random blabber. Here it is. Decipher it at your own leisure.
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