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Your beastly desires were always hidden beneath
A calm and cool exterior, hiding truth
You waited and hunted me, tracked me
And watched me as your intentions stayed aloof,
Preparing to at last spring your vicious trap
Cleverly laid in the deep woods of passion
You are a beast, who stalks this once lush forest
And I am your prey, lying dead in trees now ashen
FloydBrandon Feb 8
Well I’ll be the first of my kind to admit
I like the type of girl that spits
On my clip
**** me until she gets rich
If I go all in   on you go all out on me
into the lions den
Eatin that ***** like a savage
cause I’m wild about it
AADI Dec 2019
i know that you'll reply with a text even lower than your status yet again
nd seeing your HMM , OK , YUP I'll be depressed yet again !

Proctor Ehrling Nov 2019
Left hope behind
Abandoned fights
All vicious signs
Of savage plights

Felt like a flea
A parasite
All savage plea
To savage plight

Oh Sisyphus
Exhausted might
Lay in a hearse
Oh savage plight

Heathen in prayer
God-given right
Sign of the lair
Of savage plights

A crimson snow
And eyes of white
But don't you know
These savage plights

By Doom's own herald, God's own **** creatures all collide
Like ole rye barrelled, seasoned to withstand savage plights

Let woman cry
Let man be scorned
Let savage plights
Shut closing doors

He'll will stay frozen
Heaven forlorn
The savage chosen
***** of Babylon

Live off of plights
All but one savage
Dragged day and night
Your horseless carriage

Call it a burden
That is your right
One thing's for certain
It's savage plights

With mind so prurient
Give humans blights
From West to Orient
Come savage plights

Dorian-like picture on the wall, too mild a fighter for a knight
Was God-forsaken, after all, dealt sole with and to others each a savage plight
It's rare for me to actually write something complete and not an on-the-spot random blabber. Here it is. Decipher it at your own leisure.
Stewie Aug 2019
You are my mirror image
Which is why you make me so angry sometimes
We push and fight
Yell and scream
I slam the door, you hit the wall
Tension rises in the air like heat off the asphalt.

You spit venom at me
Your words hurt the most
I cry, you walk away
I crumble on the floor while you toss your clothes

Is this what we have become?

I convince you to come to bed
You grab my skin
&we **** the night away

I rather fight with you than anyone else.
Bhill Aug 2019
Nature can be, savage or kind
Which way does it go; can it be defined

A young toad was trapped by a sprinkler today
His life could have ended and be swept away

I noticed him there and expected him to hop
He was stuck I could see and I needed to stop

The mower, would and could have, swallowed him up
Had I not looked his way and stopped so abrupt

His leg was trapped in a sprinkler retract
In came down quite hard with a vicious impact

I was able to raise it and help the toad out
His pour leg looked broke, in that there's no doubt

I hope that he lives and heals up real quick
I'm glad I could help, the toad I named Rick...!

Brian Hill - 2019 # 197
Yes, this happened.  Quite happy that I was able to help and hopefully sac this little guys life.  Sometimes you just have to pay a little more attention.
JS CARIE Jun 2019
On the night of initiation,
curves of pale luster began to gleam unwrinkled from the darkened divots along the lunar surface
A perspective unseen for so long, it was viewed as a defaulted “wink” on the face of the moon
And therefore, forgotten, unmentioned, until it’s means were sought  

From days ‘fore, and long since now dust
Scribing authors, secrete beads of frenzy  into ink filled phial
Sending tremors down, into the quill tip
Filling scrolls for permanence in a preemptive defense against continuous unraveling thoughts would befall
this fluency into incoherent clutter  

Pioneers of preprint in a provoking tome,
would speak educated reasons why these areas of Moon had been locked under sealed dark punishment

since Empedocles mixed cosmic elements to breed an undeniable proving truth

Exhibiting the myth of danger
The established absolute and supervening fizzling sunset
proving the existence of love...


“Since I have given you words from my within
like the ecliptic rising and burning massive,
Our mutual visibility of late is either one-sided
short lived
I’ll take a detour around the comforts of romance
And try to talk my way into your pants
By tossing at you, letters squeezed together,
for your minds transcription into the heart of my subliminal write  
In hopes you’ll feel a trickling gush
If I get really lucky these words will find you like a volcano erupts a ****
The same way water, beating against years of stone can fall
And crash through a dam with pouring force so insatiable it’s territory is marked in history
eleanor prince Jan 2019
when scenes
halt in a cell's
frozen scream
slow-motion rage
cloaks grief

do earth's plates
shift at all
respond to pain
torn out of shape
in savage roar


we matter to ourselves
on some days
while he or she
reads the code
to check the tides

oscillate in
crawl space
in island habitat's
darkened cave

we try to breathe
solitary venture
as days run out
leaving dust
and bones

in silence

as a new
when depression's dark dirge speaks... may we find a way to wait for a new dawn
Jon Thenes Nov 2018
hand on feather
I swear to you
I intended no harm
I just played by the weather
and found you in shared experience

a charm was built
and I was refracted
(prism motes)
like an animal channelling
I played aspects as bones
when all you wanted was human touch
and not this ;
this baffling mating behaviour
Instruction to self : break this apart and savage
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