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Twalib Mushi Apr 2021
I take my pen
As i want to stand still
Applaud their pain
Everything is against their will
For their lives they had a plan.

Being separated from their family
how they're starving
Do they deserve?
how they're suffocating
This isn't correct
how they become homeless
Nobody wants to address this
This isn't fair.

They become more than hopeless
Snatching away their rights
Burying their dreams
Dreams of the innocent children.
Twalib Mushi Apr 2021
I was on my zone
with weapon
My heart
hard like stone
stands like mountain
fighting alone
Being guided
with my inner
My body
never want to frozen

My story shall be told
When i am gone
A story of a very brave
and courageous son
Fight with  those left us to starve.
Twalib Mushi Jan 2021
They have lost their mummy
We are praying
For them
We are hoping
They don't lose their home

They aren't supposed to fight
They aren't supposed to rise their fist
As they should note
Family always comes first

They came from the one body
Children of the same blood.
Twalib Mushi Jan 2021
"Happy new year,
my beloved"she said
But I know
was just a happy new year
as a formation of sweet words
with a lot of courage and hope anyway

**** new year with same old things.

Anyway I replied happy new year too,darling.
Twalib Mushi Jan 2021
That mirror
As I look it
Strange I don't see myself
Rather than little girl
Staring at me
Her eyes scared and   screaming for the help.
This girl
With a strange face
I keep on looking at it
Her lips trembling as she tried to uttered  a single word
But I could hear her anyway
Help! Help!
Through her eyes.
Twalib Mushi Dec 2020
Did i ever regret?
Why should i regret?
Why am I regretting?

Not knowing you from the start
Is all I regret  
Having you is all I ever want it
Was all my desire
This isn't a joke or any kind of satire.

You want to know
what I will always regretting?
Not making enough confession of my love
I put down on this page
I hope you just manage
To find it
I really hope you manage
To read it!
Twalib Mushi Oct 2020
That night
               I know something wasn't right
                                         I was on my bed
                                       It wasn't a dream
                           As something very hard
                                                Hit my head
         My hand tried to reach the socket
                        And switched on the light

He was completely out of his mind
Controlled with alcoholic thought
Not easy to understand
How he was lost
He tried to hit me again
I held his hand
While my face was fully of blood

                                     I was depressed
                          And he wasn't  ashamed
                                       Unable to uttered
                                    even a single word
                                              Its really hurt
                                    Those sad moment
                                              Living with it
                           I won't be able to forget.
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