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Twalib Mushi Jul 1
She was sitting
In a garden
Surrounded by lovely
and  adorable couples
They were singing a song of love.

She used to be there
With someone she really cares
With someone she knows him the best
Alas, she knows something
That was only a least
was not everything.

She used to be here
Now she's surrounded
By very beautiful flowers
She wondered
How they blossomed
Into maturity
Now she sit there
Well doomed.
Twalib Mushi Jul 1
My lips missed
To call your beautiful name
How time passed
But things aren't the same

In this innocent and small heart
You draw a line
It is becoming dark
As nothing is fine
Wish those days turned back.

It was almost a deal done
A good family of our own
Being together in our zone
Here I am all alone
Growing more melancholy
I am writing this tragic poem
In my phone
Hard to believe your gone.

I am still your Adonis
loved me as Aphodile and Persephone
Forever in my life I do promise
I will never be asinine.
Twalib Mushi Jun 24
My job was to keep them alive
It was so hard to believe
That my job is what keeps me alive.
I was scared
Scared to the death
I refused
But I wanted something I couldn't have.

They said
If I want to live
I have to accept that job
In order to survive
They argued
I have had to forget about mob.
I accepted
To keep them alive
I agreed.
I remembered
I painted
My life whatever colour came
To my mind
It was just a dream that came
To keep me blind.
I realised
I was selfish
My inner voice decided
To start a new fresh
Now I walk with them
They chose for me
They chose me
I choose them .
Twalib Mushi Jun 18
follow your pattern
totally change
my nervous system
don't know what happen
Is it real or a game!?

change my reputation
should blame
Is it real or a game!?
question is rotating
In my head
is still vibrating!
Twalib Mushi Jun 9
I believed
It was an easy !
Now look
I sing every verses
As I think
It was an easy !
Always I believed
Believe for the best
you were the best of the best
You were too far from the best!
You were next,
Next to the worst!

As you stepped in my way
I never thought
And you convinced me
You were the last
Remained speechless !
Since i tried to open my mouth
But no words came !

You came
Only to cover your thirst
There was no love
All we had was lust!
Twalib Mushi May 18
Something was inside her head
I tried very hard to find.

As I soothing her body, she whispered
Applying cuddling, she muttered
Like a beautiful mountain, her hair stood.

I know she felt something
But she was a bit scaring.

I heard a free flowing of her blood
I proceed with my delightful searching
Her heart made a trumpet sound
Heart beating I never heard before
As she mourned
I kept on going as I ignore.

She made a very delicious musical sound
As I proceed, she begged
Beg for me to be inside her body
I wrapped her sweet lovely body,she laughed.

I continued to take my round
Hell she's hot enough to be burned
We snoozed!
Twalib Mushi May 18
Surely I lost my body
I ruined everything we had
I am the one to be blamed
For all the mistake I did.

Hell,I lost myself
I lost every goodness she made
As I ask myself
Is it somewhere where I will find?
A girl like herself
With so much courage and bound
To all your sweetness I fumbled
**** you are missed!
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