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If you wanna be strong, put yourself in difficult situations. Come out of comfort zone.
You've found me in my den,
Too bad I can't harm my guests,
Come meet me at the seashore,
I'll show you the lion you didn't see.
It's about a person who wants to show their badass self but can't because of the circumstances around them. Here you refers to another person who thinks less of you. It's about awakening a lion in ourselves
Every day you stay,
it becomes tougher to get out.
Each day you stay,
you become more comfortable with being alone.
With each day your fear grows,
and it becomes harder to take that step.
Each day consumes you,
and you become further away from this world.
So take the chance,
while you still have and
save yourself.
Take the first step,
for now that's all that matters
and the rest will follow.
Nigdaw Jun 17
She waved to him
From the island of the sofa,
Surrounded by her magazines
Mobile phone screen ablaze
With her usual social media,
Attention on her mind
He, headphones on was in the zone,
So many times the trance
Had been broken,
Inner world invaded by trivialities,
Today he just turned his head away
He had perfected the perfect mix
Between beer buzz and musical bliss,
This time he was going deep
Diving, fish like into sonic waters
A Pink Floyd sea of euphoric escape
This time, she was just going to have to wait
Until he broke surface again.
Maria Etre Jun 13
Even the birds
asked me why
I am not using
my wings
CM Lee May 30
Most days, I feel alone
Most days, I can feel it in my bones
The way the dark wind blows
It’s like I’m the only one against the flow

I wake up each day in a twilight zone
I look to my left and my right, I’m on my own
But when I look up to the sky, there you’re aglow
Be with me, in this land down below
alexis hill May 9
not many people like you
because you’re the type to
not in the literal sense
but in how long it
took to overcome withdrawal

see a lot of people have it
figured out
everyone’s sized you up
they want to seize you
trap you
inside a tiny plastic cup

some people like the way you look
others are afraid
beauty in your many behaviors
many faces
many legs

it’s incredible how intricate
you weave and toil lies
sinful in the way you look
all masked with butterflies

you have this thing you do
you spin them in all directions
then wrap them tightly
as a product of perfection

stressing over
pulling all the lines in time
since no one hates a spider more
than one they cannot find
things we love to hate. and the things we hate to love.
sir humbug Apr 18
so we are in the same time zone

a first clue that makes me think,
you could be my next door neighbor,
wouldn’t that be weird

knock on the wall twice,
I’ll know, knock back thrice,
and will hear you cracking up

if you are down the block, across the street,
or down south in Eastern Narnia Florida,
or in Eastern Narnia Ohio,
where the palms are swaying,
and the spring snows still hanging on,
doubled over with laughter
at this preposterous notion,
I’ll know,
cause mutual cracklings
are airborne contagious

and I hope to never be vaccinated
against laughing out loud

1:47am again somewhere Narnia nearby
jules inspired
Rylan Black Mar 27
I'm the sun
You are the moon
Well have fun
But it'll end soon
We thought we were one
But you're the moon and I'm the sun
Rose Mar 18
I need to say something I’d rather not have to say
But there is a bed I have made and now I must lay
you shouldn’t have to know
But I’m gonna say no
I really hope our friendship won’t have to pay.....
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