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David Cunha Feb 10
Vibrant despair blowing out like sand paper from the soul
Dreams of colour
Fearless hallucination of love
for the World

A stream of consciousness so pure and thick
like a raw gem
like a river
like a marching bull
Painfully fulfilling me full

I could run for miles if I had the Sea to sightsee
if I had the Sun gleaming on me
if I had your figure in memory
even if I had nothing and wasn't meant to be

A fuel that bursts my pupils into a huge void
and so
a rocket to the Moon and my hands on this keyboard
setting the stage for another round

I cannot be stopped, I can only be blunt
I can only do it
I can only run
Veins bulk in a steaming rush
and thus time disappears like a fog

I am lucky I am here
- David Cunha
february 10, 2024
5:16 a.m.
Where Shelter Dec 2023
In God’s No~Fly Zone

blessedly, so many of you are
unaware of the full color spectra
that be can seen only when an
age of experience has been reached,

reached, not attained, for the no~fly
zone is no place to be, without any
redeeming colorations, it is dark hued
twilight that inhibits vision clarity,
a precursor warning of the hungry
that offers to swallow one
into shades of sad remorse, and other

How came I to earn this distinction,
was not by acting out, rather by inaction,
the failure to pick the  correct fork in a
life of sentence diagramming, sentence
in the prison sense, all my sentences,
broken down,  no connection sensible
to the next phrase, next phase,  so I
sit beneath my vine and fig tree, unable
to fly, unable to tear shed,
grounded, pounded in my head
Guss Nov 2023
Where do the willows weep, that sacred place where tears are stored? Where does the pang of every heartbeat save a life from utter freefall? The willows know things, and they are so bored with our toils.You know it and ignore it; even now as you process it. But the willows won't weep because you aren't around to hear them. In our absence, they dig deep sturdy roots to bear down the weight of nothing and, yet, everything too.

What a wait to bare.
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leeaaun Oct 2023
would i become
a sinner

if i would do something
out of my zone

is it this much easy
to label something
Erik T Blaze May 2022
I've been fighting with temptation in everyday that I'm
faced with
Resetting my mind
all of my hopes and my dreams
onto the re--placement
Of every loss
And the suicidal thoughts of me
Losing / Control
Still engaged in my mind, I'm inclined
Maintaining the goal
of walking down that straight and
narrow road of Life
Because I have a date with Destiny in spite of what is ailing me
While all the while?
Through the dark of night
I'm forced to fight with many
different things,
With no self-esteem trying to figure out
who to believe
And who to trust and on whom
can I call?
Soul is uncontent to balance the fence
Slowly committed to fall
All while seeing the steady fall
Of my many brethrens called
For the same purpose and the work that was meant for us all
But still my soul fell slowly down
De-pression's Well
Totally left to figure out how to
make it out
Wondering how I slipped and fell?
Fallen waist deep
within the clutches of grief
With seemingly no way of me finding
an answer,
And no way of me holding my Peace
So as a means of release?
I'm now speaking my Peace
Releasing for this reason having the means
of picking up the
Spiritual  Pieces
And putting it all back together using it for what it's worth
Visualizing the Holy theme giving birth to revive my hopes and
But these dreams are not seen through the eyes of surprise
But only seen through the joyfulness of watching our spirits
Riiising out of the ashes where the
fearfulness is cruel and savage,
Out of the madness where the hopelessness is the rule of sadness
Escaping the Pain
No longer bond under heavy
Locks and Chains
No more wounds to be healed
No wounds to seal
No bandages with

I wrote this for motivational purposes
Spriha Kant Apr 2021
Self-love is a zone prohibiting the entrances of painful solitude state and inferiority complex.

© Spriha Kant
Twalib Mushi Apr 2021
I was on my zone
with weapon
My heart
hard like stone
stands like mountain
fighting alone
Being guided
with my inner
My body
never want to frozen

My story shall be told
When i am gone
A story of a very brave
and courageous son
Fight with  those left us to starve.
low poetry May 2019
dancing on my own
out of comfort zone
two possible ways, but none is mine
I will ******* both and just feel fine

preserving The Gifts
friend to the thieves
existing on the edge of frame
ego flirting with the devil’s fame

I like what fear do
ca-сa-call me ******
edited '2020
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