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Noaki Sep 20
She said, "Friends don't break up.
And they wish each other for their happiness.
So lets be friends only."
She regretted saying that because she realised that she loved him.
She wanted to tell but it was too late cause he already got married.
And he didn't regret getting rejected by her. But he was happy to have a friend like her.
Gravity has me in its pull once again you see

Anytime I feel myself start to orbit and feel free

Newton's laws have no problem reminding me
Laughter and leisure as free will flows
Attention fades in this comfort zone
Chatter with chewing, mixed between both
Unknown senses tickle the throat

More than a stutter
Chuckle has froze
Esophagus tightened
Pretense to pose
Raising some questions
They already know
Air flow now closed

Gasping as no space left kept for breath
Eyes turn to water bloodshot entry blocked
Unimpressed to be consumed by death
Slapped to the back
Less access this isn't a test
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Amanda Jul 9
Use caution! Work zone!
Active poem in progress
Under construction
Wear helmets on site please or should I say on "cite" bahahahaha
JakeY Apr 8
I stood there in the rain,
Alot running through this brain.
I let her go again.
Friend zoned without bargain.
Now out of my domain,
Is it time to refrain?
Or should I try again?
Amanda Jan 24
Sometimes need loving
Step outside your comfort zone
Some fresh air and breathe
Love doesn't always come to your doorstep
Sometimes you must go find it
Bhill Jan 9
Where is the safe zone
I heard life can be scary
Don't try it alone

Brian Hill - 2020 # 7
Find your safe room...
Angela Rose Jan 8
"You'll lose them the same way you got them"

I pray every night that isn't true.

How unfair to find something real that is so out of touch.

What a foul play tossed out to you and I to try to figure out.

I found you and I want you and I can't keep you

Thanks, Fate.
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