Mckenna Lynn Jul 2016


but i loved him
thehiddenwriter May 2016

If I don't hold onto to you or
start to push you away,
Just slap me on the face
I'll be alright after that

Candy Flip Jan 2016

The past lives only in my memory,
The future, only in my imagination.
The present is a palpable bastard
Of this unlikely and conceptual couple.

Like a freshly plucked baby, cold and clammy
Tossed into oversized clothes,
I stumble into every room
Searching for ultimate meaning.

The past is non existent
Yet I came bursting from it.
The future is imaginary
Yet I dive head first into it.

Chattering like a broken 33 on 45:
'I don't understand!'
Then I reframe to realise the transparent truth:
There is nothing to understand.

Triple dippy

Slap my hand
Bad! Bad boy!
Too much demand
Too many toys

Toss my heart
Back and forth
Play the part
What it’s worth

Don’t be mad
Are we jealous?
What we had
Doesn’t tell us

The bad ideas
Make us scared
The hate reveals
How we fared

I should’ve known
Should have seen
Karma has grown
From being mean

Protection has cost
Rejection has wisdom
All that’s lost
Perpetuates with them

Now she’s gone
So am I
I’m not fond
Of wrong goodbyes

Please help me stand
Please bring me joy
I’m just a man
I’m still a boy

I like to limit myself in writing as an exercise in restraint - this one is a three-word syntax until the end, where one more word is allowed.
Maria Etre Nov 2015

The wet smell of the earth
was sexy enough
I woke up to the moon glow
feasting his eyes
on my silky skin

The sultry feel of the night
covered me like silk sheets
caressing every goosebump on my skin

I tasted you in yesternight's alcohol binge
there were bits and pieces that surprised my tongue
along with my memory

The cigarette stench in my hair
whiffed instances that slapped
the drunk off my face

The crumpled money
harvested ash from the drive
in every crease

The burn marks on my hand
brought back the inhibitions
I felt that night or lack there of

what happened I have yet to decipher
yet, I still remember the blurred lights
that lit my eyes with seduction
one that I shared
with you

As society unfolds
Their makes of perfection
Lifting a shame
While dropping all hateful
Majority rules
The beauty's infection
No thoughts of all
Sympathy a scarce call for attention
To breathe an equal amount
Oxigen and hate thoughts
Ropes will hang high
Feet brought to dangle
Society blind
Double digits seem sinful
Fights with metabollism
How could it be fast
Curves are their desires
It isn't one's fault
But they make it feel so
If triple digits arise
Sympathy will reach you
Though double digits a crime
"You've go tit easy"
Do come to explain how this hate is easy
When you suck up their hearts
And leave none for the "twig ones"
And so she falls through her own self destruction
No curves or triple digits
Bring her one day to a aingle digit below the surface.

Kathia Mariana Landeros

How come of you're fat people will praise you tell you you're beautiful and that skinnies are ugly. But when you are skinny they hate and look past it?
Cat Fiske May 2015

with open fists.

like maybe,

you're open,
to stop,

ten words, that have always been a thought in my head. Its definitely a start to another poem, may not be the exact start, but similar.
Asunder Apr 2015

Don't care if I'm "Glass-half-full" and crap
There are a few people in the world I'd really like to slap
There, I said it. Judge me if you might
But not everyone is a saint, with a halo of light
It sucks though, I'm a Gandhi I'm not a fighter I'm aware
But karma's a bitch so "slapees" beware

Ember Evanescent Jan 2015

It would be funny if there was a guy who yelled Ow! and felt like he'd been slapped every time someone broke a law, no matter how minor.

I think he would be justified in his hatred for high schoolers if this guy existed lol! idk, I have weird thoughts. I would laugh so much though.
...WOW I have problems...

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Slap da bass right up mon.
Slap da bass down low now.
Bump ya sweet ting a little closa.
I just wanna get to know ya.

Gettin' all blem on ya vibes.
You gettin' knocked down by mine.
Bend down, turn 'round, back it up right.
Wanna puff what I'm puffin' all night.

Me nose burns with wit smoke.
Me body's empty, waiting for ya touch.
The bass is slammin' in me ear drums.
The bass slappin' makes me face numb.

Beat poundin' as I slide over
Boombastic rydems like no otha'.
You da noicest ting I ever did see.
Lemme take ya home. Slap da bass wit me.

Slap it riiiiiight up

Slap dat god damn bass, all up in my face, you tasteful patty-licker.
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