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Twalib Mushi Jul 7
I took my pen
And I wrote something
Something they will understand
Because of the simple language
I chose.
People of the different age
They will understand.

They tried
to give me penny
I refused.
They tried
to give me
their own pen,
i STILL refused.
They finally decided
To take my pen,
With their power
They said
Nothing is left to be written.
LC Jan 18
sadness took my hand
and refused to let go.
I couldn't stop shivering,
and she was the reason why.
I acknowledged her words
then told her, "it's not you, it's me,"
let go of her hand, and felt warm again.
rgz Apr 2019
We're never truly lost
and this won't last forever
it just takes a little time
to put things back together
in the wind of chaaaaange
Poppy Halafihi Jan 2019
I am British,
But I don’t feel English.
I’ve lived in France for manny years,
But I don’t feel French.
I have traveled to different places,
I can’t seem to find my home.
The truth is,
I do know where it is.
It’s all around me,
Everywhere I go.
The world is my house.
We are all from the same place,
We are all worth the same.
Why does my nationality confines me?
Why does it define me?

To explore the rooms in my house,
I have to ask for permission to enter.
I can’t stay in my kitchen,
As I have be cooking for to long.
I can’t return to my garden,
As I have already been there twice.
I am waiting to see my living room,
But I am still being refused.
I am stuck in my bedroom,
But I want to change rooms.

Stop telling me to go back home.
This is my country,
This is your country,
This is our country.
We should all have the right,
Equally to explore our house,
Without being refused.

Coco 07
I am very new to witting but it has inspired me to express my feelings.
In which I would like to share as maybe it will inspire you to.
Zero Nine Mar 2017
He says Gay in its colloquial
A language broke - n
By its or - igin creates
A world where only words describe
The gap between where lives lie
Why would I call you friend if it kills me?
-- too ******* scared of loneliness.
In return, my vocabulary
-- guess identity isn't too much to lose.
What I'm selling for the price of presumed loyalty.
'thoughtOutLoud Nov 2015
Some people are blinded by lies, but most people refused to see the truth.

— The End —