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Kay Aug 2022
I still keep your favorite songs on my playlist
Because hearing them is like feeling a cool breeze on a summer day
I close my eyes and for a moment
I’m back in your Benz flying down the interstate
With the sunroof down and my hands up
Barely paying attention to where we’re going
Just looking over at you

And when the song ends the day is still just as hot
But the cool breeze gives me hope
So I’ll keep singing along
With a smile on my face
And an empty shotgun seat by my side
in the night
all by yourself,
with some tunes
in the background
to hit you with the memories,
they all seem very real
you'd thought they
would simply disappear,
but a lot of time
has gone by since
and now here you are
where even the walls have ears,
having heard many stories
over the years
so what's it going to be tonight?
'hold my hand',
says the hour hand to the minute hand
of the wall clock,
tick tock!
as time seems to pause
and you deep dive
into the music,
lyrics and instruments
with their own
ups and downs,
yet in perfect coherence
the harmony taking you places,
feels like a nightcap
for some midnight nostalgia
coming back,
you snap out of it
as the sound waves
fade way
in distance
'well, that was a nice little adventure...
onto the next one!',
your mind goes.
an ode to a little midnight nostalgia induced by great music.
luciana Aug 2020
poetry in disguise
soothing for the soul
thousands of playlists
waiting to be explored
Ileana Amara May 2020
I remember on a night out,
the butterflies and a genuine smile,
every song to another brushes off my doubts,
unconsciously engraving into my soul;
the beat, the words, the melody,
my fragile heart seems to understand the language of music.

a playlist of beginning and throughout,
will always hurt more than
a playlist played on the ending,
because to remember the good times and weep is a sweet misery.

Janica Katricia May 2020
and you sent her a title of the song you wanted her to hear
saying it was saying about the feelings you have,
you wanted her to feel.

but, she heard it before.

you can't blame her
but she did

she had felt the world dance around the same beat
swayed through the waves of the sounds with the wind
when she was on her way to the beach
one hot summer day.

she had fell asleep on the same song
on a school night
having to wait to be validated.

she have cried on the same song when he left her

now, ask your self:

are the songs really for her?
Just a piece of advice. It has been a mainstream gesture between everyone to showoff our playlist to our significant others or even to those people we like. Yet, let's be mindful and be sensitive of the songs we sometimes send to them or dedicate to them as it will have an impact to their emotions and also their impressions to us (especially if you're still trying to impress them) If possible, try to sing yourself the songs you wanted them to listen so that they could feel the sincerity of emotions you wanted them to feel of you dedicating that song. Because little do we know, they have already heard the song, or they already have cried on it.
JAM Mar 2020
me Feb 2020
asleep - the smiths
i'm in love with u, sorry - j'san
tonight you belong to me - nicole sidney
the bad list - z berg, ryan ross
i fall for the same face every time - z berg
we almost nailed it - z berg
bubble gum - clairo
she - dodie
girl - the beatles
here, there and everywhere - the beatles
something - the beatles
the long and winding road - the beatles
watch you sleep. - girl in red
i wanna be your girlfriend - girl in red
4am - girl in red
build me up buttercup - lara anderson
broken (acoustic) - lovelytheband
crush culture - conan gray
strawberry kisses - olivia herdt
slow dance - adventure time, olivia olson
the record player song - daisy the great
breathe me - sia
love like you - steven universe, rebecca sugar
love like you (reprise) - steven universe, rebecca sugar
asleep - the smiths
i've seem this done before on a tumblr poetry page; this isnt really a poem so much as my most recent spotify playlist, but sometimes the words of other artists can speak louder than your own. tonight, i feel all of these songs deeper than ever.
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