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Julia Aug 28
drive. slo.
chill. ****.
rode. up.
ya done.

your baby isn’t dying
if you’re late you’re just not trying
so tell me why the ******* flying
in a civic down 45?

nothing civil bout your ride
last week 11 people died
that way so everything aside
it’s time to smile and just glide

no. stress.
the road to happiness
ain’t on my tesla’s gps
i guess the next best thing’s to bless
the morning as you’re getting dressed

slo. roll.
toe. hold.
gro. old.
ya done.
for God's sake use your blinker
Music is a river
That won't stop flowing
Bear me up
On cascading waves
Rippling notes
Of love and loss
Drown me
In the melancholy
Of a thousand voices
Wash me up
On foreign shores
Make me lighter
Who needs therapy when you can listen to music? *sobs uncontrollably*
fray narte Jun 26
she is what
black holes look like
and in the deep space of her room,
she writes poems
made of meteorites
and sings to playlists
made of stars.
i can't believe i have to ******* leave you
i wanna cancel all my plans and stick to you like a fly on the wall
listening for words that mean you'll miss me as much as i know i'll miss you
so i make private playlists and cry on sundays and just hope that i make you fall in love with me before september comes
show me
your favourite books
and read me the poetry
that moves you
after dark
make me playlists
and tell me the secrets
that only the moon knows
let me love
the very corners of your soul
and give you mine in return
i want to know
only all of you
or nothing at all
show me what lies
in the shadows
and let me fight off your fears
i long to tie my heart to yours.
julianna Apr 9
Red, I feel red.
I feel like
Comptine d'un Autre été: L'Après-Midi
Blue, I feel blue.
I feel like
Victor’s Piano Solo
Green, I feel green.
I feel like
To Build A Home
Orange, I feel like orange.
I feel like
Wicked Game
Yellow, I feel like yellow.
I feel like
Black, I feel like black.
I feel like
Free The Animal
Purple, I feel like purple.
I feel like
Leave Me Alone (feat. Caitlin Henry)
Colors playlist. What song I associate with each song.
datanami Feb 3
They Roll
Old School
Ice Cream
A Dream

God's Plan
Hold On
Calm Down
Get Down


Bow Down
Slow Down
Let's Go
Oh No

Locked Up
No Fear
Good Times
Lost Ones
16/64 Hip-hop song titles, sorted in mirror alphabetic (ascending by last letter)
datanami Feb 3
An Imaginary Meeting
In the Forest of Forgetting
Another Excuse to Get High
Her Tongue Is Like a Jellyfish

Organical Mechanical
Nocturnal Experimental
Technology out of Control
A Night Like No one else Has Seen


Rebellion in Module Seven
Tabernacle of Illusion
Significant Deviation
The Catacomb Simulation

Psychedelic Liberation
Psychedelic Generation
Human Race Is in Extinction
Neurosynaptic Malfunction
16/64 Psytrance song titles, sorted in mirror alphabetic (ascending by last letter)
datanami Feb 2
It Dwells on Me
What I've Become
So Close to Me
End of the Line

One Life to Live
Believe in Love
I **** Myself
Under This Flag


Blind Suffering
Fear of Dying
Heart Is Crying
Never Enough

The Flame of Youth
The Sound of Truth
Fast as a Shark
Blackwater Park
16/64 Metal song titles, sorted in mirror alphabetic (ascending by last letters)
datanami Feb 1
Jah Bless Me
Stick by Me
Princess Gone
Roots Alone

Pass the Pipe
No Coke Pipe
I Need More
Songs of Praise


Give Jah Praise
I Believe
I Found Love
Rock and Groove

Ring Ding Ding
The Right Thing
I Shall Sing
Move along
16/64 Reggae song titles, sorted in mirror alphabetic (ascending by last letters)
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