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3d · 41
******* you.

You smile
And you weasel your way into my lungs
And ****

Worse than a cigar
you linger on my clothes
For what feels like years

You tangle my hair
Turn it to dreds
And I won't comb them
an old draft i’m clearing out happy moon landing day yall
3d · 44
Summers Boil
i am sweaty,
dripping from the suns rays
casting on my brow,
and i don’t seem to mind—

just look!
i still don’t move
as i drench.
so be it.
i don’t know why a guy like you;
would love a girl like me.

one who is bad at thinking,
one who’s very bad at slowing down,

why would you love the riptide
drawing you out to sea?
would you feel the Stockholm Syndrome
in your bones?

sometimes i say it’s because
of my devastatingly adequate looks
or my horrifically average mind,

you say you wish i could see me
through your eyes
and, on god, that scares me.
i never want to see the girl
you’ll leave behind

i never want to be the girl
you want to run from

but every time you run—
and it’s much too often,
i see you running to me.

i want nothing more than for you to trip
and never reach me
never love me
never need me

when will you see that i’m a trap
a wreck who can’t stop going too fast
and can’t seem to move my feet
to run alongside you
one long long ramble about how this guy loves me and i can’t feel anything but sorry for him because i’m a whole Wreck
4d · 676
let the sound of the music
drown out the check engine light
as your pulse beats to the drums
Jul 12 · 48
Steering Wheel
Ray Dunn Jul 12
the slam of your hands
on the steering wheel
in the middle of the night--
in rage or to the beat of the music,

That's where you'll find me.
Just got my guts rearranged y'all!!!! Ya girls still got it
Jul 11 · 59
Ray Dunn Jul 11
How do your
mean everything
to me?

I can't breathe.
I cannot believe.
Youll never say love,
I'm impossible to please,
I'm very tired lately but I'm very whipped so it's cool (in a good way)
Jul 8 · 493
A Vodka Chaser
Ray Dunn Jul 8
You told me once
to never stop asking
my hundreds of questions
that leave you gasping.

When you looked at me,
eyes tracing your hands--
with a quick grasp
at the drawer of your nightstand.

You asked me a question--
just like my hundreds.
So real and so hot
mouth open, body spread;

"So you’re telling me, somehow
i have to take the most beautiful girl
in my life,
and bruise her thighs?"
A real text I got sent
Jul 4 · 157
Ray Dunn Jul 4
I'm the cigarette--
glued to your hand.

I am the soft
flick of your thumb,

dripping ashes on your hand
like snow.
Smoking reminds me of my dad, just the smell makes me feel like he's always next to me
Jul 3 · 66
Ray Dunn Jul 3
When the power grid crashes,
let's dance under the streetlights--
lit up only by the moon
and the tree sprites
Dreamy vibes
Jul 2 · 42
Who Knows
Ray Dunn Jul 2
When you learn
how my life ends,

How can you look me--
in my eyes,
and say you'll still love me?
I'm sad but what's new
Jul 2 · 48
Curse or Cure
Ray Dunn Jul 2
Curse or cure?

Call me what you will,
I'll always assume it's a typo.
I'm just typing things that should drafts but I know I'll never touch again
Jul 2 · 88
Ray Dunn Jul 2
When I swore
I'd never find another like you,

you proudly announced
that's it was a good thing...

so I tried my best to respond
like my world wasn't falling apart.
Jul 1 · 26
Danger I Guess
Ray Dunn Jul 1
A thousand feet
All below mine
Nothing to lose

Use my mind
Before I start to.
Before I go to waste
Jun 15 · 118
4:22 pm
Ray Dunn Jun 15
My love and your peace all drowned
Out by the sounds of the ocean and I know
I won’t climb your hill alone
A draft of the start of something and I’m too lazy to finish it
Jun 9 · 52
Ray Dunn Jun 9
Candle wax, renegades,
cigarettes, and lemonade.
Maybe it’s time to engage
in our ******* crusade?

Ink wells, stormy skies,
footsteps, little lies.
Revolution in her eyes,
our boats in harbor never tied.

Metal clangs, laying down,
boots soaked, name is drowned.
No longer pushed around
but too dead to make a sound
I’ve had the first stanza stuck in my head for WEEKS but I could never write something with it
Ray Dunn Jun 8
One day you’ll get tired of me.
The chase will me done,
I won’t tag and run
for the chase is over and won.

I feel your arm around me,
like the skin in my teeth
the cold sheets beneath
and the water just out of my reach.

Is it only to me you share this laugh?
Brighten your smile,
just for a while—
ignore the taste of bile!

When you done with tag you’ll toss me aside,
but my heart flutters,
soaked breath stutters,
And my exhale mutters—

“I’ll love you when I’m sober.”
I’m so ******* wasted rn
Ray Dunn Jun 3
There lived a man on the corner,
he was old and grey.
I smiled as I walked
past his box every day,

but he was no drunk!
Not a cigarette in his beard.
His hand soft as most rocks—
unable to be feared.

I offered him a home,
a roof and a treat
but he kindly declined—
firmly planted in seat.

I asked him one morning—
I had nowhere to be—
I asked him “why be hungry
when you can eat for free?”

He smiled to me,
teeth on perfect shelves—
He said “to prove I will always
be able to do it myself.”

He said to me
“kid, handouts can please
but when the weather gets warm,
watch how they flee”

“Wanna know why I’m here?
I could’ve built a house alone.
Now I’m too old to chop the wood,
so not on my own...

I would never live there—
not even a day.
If I didnt earn it,
I could never stay”

He laughed to himself,
hearty chuckle turned cough,
“be tough as hell, kid.
Kindness makes you soft.”
School project but I’m not using it, everything I write nowadays is crap
Ray Dunn May 28
If you knew I was coming,
you should’ve run faster.

I’m using your gun
so you know that it works...

Bring the bad guy foreword!
I’ll always right behind
May 17 · 101
Soft as Snow
Ray Dunn May 17
soft as snow—
she kissed me,
with a heat to melt
the world twice over.
Idk again haha
May 17 · 158
Toil Over Soils
Ray Dunn May 17
we’ve been chasing the
forever setting sunlight
since it rose the once,

can we please rest now?
take a long seat in the moss..
get dissolved again
May 17 · 31
Bad Times
Ray Dunn May 17
Sometimes somethings **** sometimes,
sometimes somethings **** all the time.
When nothing ***** though,
that’s when it all hits you.

When nothing ***** what do we do?
We ponder life? Write ****** poems?
When nothing ***** we make other things
**** to stay entertained, I guess...  

Maybe we should let some things ****,
not really bad things—
but just enough
so it doesn’t ruin everything else.
Really informal. Whatever. Nothing matters **** **** it
May 14 · 225
My Grave
Ray Dunn May 14
You’ve left me
as empty as that pit,

why not
fill both up at once?

Efficient both in life
and death,
I’m listing to houser for the first time and *** I love him
May 12 · 146
To-Do List
Ray Dunn May 12
Good morning!
It’s tomrrow now,

I’ll leave the to-do list
Written on your arm.

It won’t be numbered,
There’s no need.
Idk what this is. Also I’m sad but that’s NOT NEW
May 5 · 53
Ray Dunn May 5
knowledge is
I’m tired
Ray Dunn Apr 30
A mixture of ash and dust
floats down from ceiling.
From rusted chandelier to

He sits at the top
of a long hallway,
the tapestries guiding visitors to the

Greying sideburns, hand too weak
to do much as lift his key ring—
the keys that most define as a

He makes no eye contact
while you kneel on his dust,
more focused on how his wine is

Look upon your king
Despise if you must
He has overstayed his welcome

He lifts his head
Bones shuddering
Voice that makes any man feel his thirst

“Odiet dum metuant”
Random school assignment. Title is the translation
Apr 28 · 86
Ray Dunn Apr 28
I wake up to sun
pulling at my eyes,
like a worm yaked
from dirt to skies.

Kind and careful touches,
like hundreds of flies
dancing on my skin—
a pleasant suprise!

Kind wool beneath me,
wrapping me in thread
of a sheep who only trusted
and has since bled.

I wander to my home,
the path as long lost
as yesterday’s morning sun
buried under this ones’ frost.

Kind smiles greet me—
wheels thunder underfoot,
rolling into a town
thickly polluted with soot.

I smile deeply.
Live life as close to best,
I shall smile through it
like the knife through my chest.
Idk what I wrote
Apr 26 · 433
For Him
Ray Dunn Apr 26
I thought I lost you,
but you found me in others.  
so long as you’re loved...
Idk I hate being That ***** but like I’m high key in love w you and you have a gf **** okay!!!!!
Apr 26 · 109
Trip With Me
Ray Dunn Apr 26
Trip with me,
would it please you
to fall with me
to the great beyond?
Idk im bored and also lonely because I isolate myself ****
Apr 24 · 146
Drifting Over Asphalt
Ray Dunn Apr 24
Drifting over asphalt,
stars slipping through the sunroof.
Full throttle.

He turned all to suddenly
(and not suddenly enough)
right into me.

Jokes on him,
he turned with plenty of room
I just never hit the break.

And as the story goes
he’s blamed as the guy
who killed my parents daughter,

when actually she slipped away,
through the sunroof and to the stars,
many years ago...
This is about how whoever I get extremely suicidal I go for a drive around my town just to think about driving and the road instead of literally anything else
Apr 22 · 115
Maybe Tomorrow
Ray Dunn Apr 22
To the blue clouds
rolling out of town,

I’m begging for
a last hurrah.
Idk I’m sick of rainy days. They’ve been rainy all **** week :(
Apr 22 · 465
Social Media
Ray Dunn Apr 22
This ever-growing exodus
of one-hit-wonders
drifting through the air.
A single word
away from obscurity.

Perhaps it would be better
to never rise, only
to hit the ground with their tears...
and, most importantly—
follower count.
Yo leave a like if you can relate, remember to comment, like, and subscrive down below. Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, all the links are in the description down below! See you guys next week- byeeeee!
Apr 22 · 57
Most Welcomed Agony
Ray Dunn Apr 22
Scarring yellow acid
lovely as can be—
dripping down my cheeks,
stinging my skin
and adhearing to all—

burning the tastebuds
that keep honing it in.
Yet those yellow cubes
that break apart like strings,
will forever be my most welcomed agony
Just about pineapple. I really love pineapple but my mouth is BURNING
Apr 21 · 54
The Start
Ray Dunn Apr 21
I can’t even begin
to tell you
where I begin
Idk I’m just sad a lot **** sorry
Apr 20 · 602
Washed Up
Ray Dunn Apr 20
Sink with me—
down the drain...
Just let the water
cleanse old stains
Basically a massive-*** pun. Also kittens deserve better even if they’re treated the absolute best they still deserve better
Apr 20 · 67
How Many Times
Ray Dunn Apr 20
how many times
do I have to say
“i’m fine”
for you to understand
i’ve actually meant it
all this time

i never knew
what it meant
to be okay
and I don’t really want to
just in case
i become addicted
Idk one of my older things I’m clearing out of my google docs
Apr 19 · 127
Ray Dunn Apr 19
the threat of God constantly
looming over-head
is nothing when next to
the monster under-bead.
Im so tired and I’ve dont nothing literally all day ugh
Apr 18 · 80
As Much As You Will
Ray Dunn Apr 18
break me—
as much as you will.
so long as I
will always still
drift away
off my window sill.
my life of joy,
I shall wait until...
Idk if I like the all lowercase vibes also I’m a wreck ****. Anyone else watch Brooklyn 99?
Apr 17 · 61
I Forgot
Ray Dunn Apr 17
I forgot that I’ve
completely forgotten your voice...
I blocked your sound out
not by necessity, but choice.

Apologies must be much too hard
for my hindsight to be this clear.
I see you— now lit by my distant sanity
and despondent dreer.
Idk this is about an ex-friend that I caused the ending of our friendship and I feel bad about it basically every day **** it’s been 7 months
Apr 16 · 178
We Will Live On
Ray Dunn Apr 16
distance between our graves
spacious and airy—
leave our kids to sing
“vivere volumus permanere”
This is the best I could do w Latin I tried my best to translate it but I’m not the best with Latin so it’s a very confusing mix of google translate and my infintinitly small knowledge of a very dead language (btw the title is the translation)
Apr 16 · 42
The Garden
Ray Dunn Apr 16
Shall we take a walk,
my lady? I am but taken aback!
You are truely a maiden as they say!
With eyes suited for stargazing.

Walk me through your garden—
shall I be a foot shorter, as you see it?
Perhaps I shall believe in magic
alongside kids.

Fair and just, just as my father says.
Perhaps he should meander through
your world and command me
in a suitable direction at once...

at last.
Apr 16 · 102
To Live
Ray Dunn Apr 16
To live with no morals
is a life worth taking but—
to live with no passion
is a life not worth beginning.
Idk I’ve been too lazy to write lately
Apr 15 · 47
A Long Hike
Ray Dunn Apr 15
To run through the grasses, grasses of tall blades of purple and emerald.
Splendid views from the final steps.

With weeks passing, each step guiding me to the final destination, time blurred.
So much monotony bring the worst out
in weak-willed men.
A hike of millions of inches.

A backpack full, practically dragging my shoulders to the ground,
Always eliciting shouts of impending scoliosis.
Yet after three days, the bag blended in with the air.
Idk I’m just cleaning out my poetry document and I don’t want to lose this fragment as like a work in progress but I’m too lazy to finish it ****
Apr 14 · 105
Only Option
Ray Dunn Apr 14
My apologies can never
be as loud as they should,
apparently I must die
to show I’ll never be good.
I’m so bad w apologizing idk why
Apr 14 · 130
Hit Me
Ray Dunn Apr 14
Hit me.

Let me have
something to take
my mind off
everything else.
Apr 14 · 92
How She Crumbles
Ray Dunn Apr 14
Your hair no longer
waves in the wind,
locks pin straight
from the overbearing gravity.

Bold yellow curls,
turn beige to match
the sand you blend into—
with eyes blue like the sea.
Almost everything is overwhelming and my bedroom smells like ****. I literally haven’t smoked **** in over three months???
Apr 13 · 522
Lost Love Poems
Ray Dunn Apr 13
I scribbled you love
the only way I knew how—
in verses and rhyme.

Found my handwriting
on discarded scrap paper...
didn’t even blink.
These are two haikus kinda crushed together just bc I wrote them separately at completely different times about different things but somehow they fit together perfectly
Apr 13 · 115
Ray Dunn Apr 13
I can’t feel my toes,
but you are asleep!
I could not move you
if I tried— I’m weak.
This has no hidden meaning. This is completely literal my cat is asleep on my chest and he doesn’t usually sleep on top of me and like I don’t wanna move him but I’m shivering haha
Apr 13 · 94
Shall We Live
Ray Dunn Apr 13
“Shall we live—
just to see if we can?”

She grinned wickedly,
lips touching both ears.

She posed the question
as if I went by “Eve,”

And so I said “why not?”
then tried my hardest.

But alas,
she was nothing but a parasite.
I’m v stressed because I’m about to be fired but I hate my job and also I’m in highschool and make next to nothing so it’s like fine if I don’t have a job but just the thought worries me idk I’m dumb haha
Apr 12 · 36
How A Plane Drops
Ray Dunn Apr 12
Set adrift on the rivers of wind,
to course through empty gravity
while drawing in flames like moths.

We touch down—- not with a bang.
But with negative.
Lack of sight, mind, and everything in between.

I pry eyes from my future scars, lit up with pain.
The sun blinds me while I lay on my back
only to see vision digressing into millions of stars.

He spoke to me as if an angel.
Not a single limb left to count on,
but still secured to the newly vermillion seat.

“Fear can’t hurt you
any more than this dream,” he said—
voice seeping through the nightmare.

He dripped.
Along with the will from his eyes,
before his body hit the ceiling.

And with him, down fall sanity.
Not to be confused with humanity—
the greatest temptress of them all.
School project number six million **** I’d love some pointers I’m tryna get that 4.0
Apr 12 · 543
The Choir
Ray Dunn Apr 12
Allow the choir
of my hunger pains
lull you to sleep
with no weight to gain!
I’m v sad haha yolo
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