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Ray Dunn Oct 18
it took too long to realize-
the covers on us
cold walls and warm sheets,

soft light in your eyes
sweet nothings to discuss,
we'll share the spot where our hands meet.

i don't care if there's flies-
i'll never make a fuss.
let my heart stop its' incessant beat.
i might lose the best thing thats ever happened to me because im so stupid and i cant handle that rn
Aug 11 · 992
the sun today
Ray Dunn Aug 11
it may be late,
but the sun came up enough today
for it to go down.

that’s enough for me.
Aug 5 · 251
Ray Dunn Aug 5
the dogs bark
and the caravan progresses

the children cry
but the world spins
Aug 5 · 474
Ray Dunn Aug 5
will pursue meaning of life
fear of someday that will end
lose that human element
Jun 4 · 267
right now
Ray Dunn Jun 4
i’m snagged in
the hugs that don’t hug back

i’m all tangled up in
the girl who can’t be tracked
May 28 · 44
Ray Dunn May 28
see it wasn’t hard—
the decision to rebel was easy.
i never thought i could chose free will,
and in the end i never did.

the decision to decide was no choice at all,
it was all i had left.
i don’t know freedom until it is ******
on me.

god it was easy.
literally some incoherent thoughts i may fix later but don’t feel like saving as a draft
May 26 · 391
thoughts from the pier
Ray Dunn May 26
cheap beer will always taste
like the bars that raised me

and your lips will always taste
like the thing that saved me
May 8 · 390
thoughts tonight
Ray Dunn May 8
the rain trickles against
my window like a crackling fire

and i remember what my father told me,
raindrops fall faster than ashes
May 5 · 275
Ray Dunn May 5
Don’t ask questions,
it’s not true—

Please don’t make me
lie to you.
May 3 · 1.8k
Ray Dunn May 3
meeting you
is like reliving a memory

and loving you
is forgetting the worst ones
Ray Dunn May 1
the sun flew down
just to hit my bare feet,

they stung from the cold
and the rocky beach.

i built a rock tower today.
on the edge of the lake,

and before i warmed up
the wind blew it down.

that same wind that blew hair from my face
and air deep into my lungs—

and i smiled.

it should never have been there
in the first place.
Mar 30 · 220
8:29 pm
Ray Dunn Mar 30
is this all that is?
all that ever will be?

i will never be his...
so i fade as you see
Mar 23 · 486
Ray Dunn Mar 23
my life is just a
countdown to sobriety—
and i’m feeling great.
it really is smh
Mar 12 · 104
my train of thoughts
Ray Dunn Mar 12
I only really get like that for things i genuinely care about—
I don’t care about poetry,

but i do care about you.

And a lot of other people.
So when i speak genuinely it comes off that way
from my friend steve
Feb 3 · 205
a love
Ray Dunn Feb 3
i want a love that is selfless
a love that make you hate yourself
because of how good they are

i want a love that is warm
that you can sink into
where getting up is a foreign concept

i want a love that is an orange
split between two without thinking
deep under the tree it grew

and lastly i want a love that is easy
a love that happens slowly
and a love that is unnoticeable
Dec 2020 · 162
be the vines
Ray Dunn Dec 2020
be the vines,
exist slowly. cautiously.

crawl up, looking for any
footholds to expand your reach.

exist violently.
tear down the bricks of
the building you conquered

and above all else—

rise to the top of what you hate the most.
not the best flow but a viewpoint i live by
Dec 2020 · 149
Ray Dunn Dec 2020
a man crested his hill, he viewed the world around him. never before had he seen such ferociousness.

he was viewing something no souls had ever encountered. he was, for the first time in his life, the first.

he fell to his knees— water crashed below, as the tangles of pine closed in on his frail form.

he believed the world built this view for him, and only him. only— the world built this view for no reason.

the serendipity of the hill he collapsed on was marveled by the man. he wept. alone, in a world only he would ever see exactly as is.

cries to the heavens were silenced. his own drive to rise again fell off the cliff face. he simply watched.

vines creeped up his torso. snakes nestled under his legs. his hair melted with the spring thaw, then washed away with the rain.

his eyes never faded. his mind never dulled. he simply sat and waited. he waited for god to extend His hand.

what else should one do in front of the sublime?
i’m not quite sure what i was going for but i hope you enjoyed!
Dec 2020 · 116
new love
Ray Dunn Dec 2020
you were the one who
smiled at me from across the room
just to keep our secret.

you were the one who drove
and drove and drove endlessly just
to show me your favorite song.

you were the one who held my hand
under the blanket we shared
in a room full of people.

you were the one who got excited
when you thought that just maybe
i was excited too.

you were the one who held me as we woke
and would do things that
showed me you felt like yourself.

you were the one who showed a small bit
of who you really are
and left me scrambling for more—

and now you are the one who never calls,
the one who never looks,
and the one who never happened at all.

who are you to me?
i really miss what we had :(
Dec 2020 · 199
the unknown
Ray Dunn Dec 2020
why must i always
uncover the unknown—
is it not enough
to follow what i know?

or are you just
unknown to me?
incapable of showing
and preferring to leave.
he’s an enigma and i’m ****** in :(
Nov 2020 · 510
Ray Dunn Nov 2020
in your stomach, in your lungs—
what is it you’re running from?

to my core, all for the fun,
but in the end i’ll run towards your gun.
idk man
Nov 2020 · 86
old bones
Ray Dunn Nov 2020
my house likes to tease
and toss around shadows
but this is in no way
a resting place for the hallowed
120 year old house spooky at night
Nov 2020 · 226
11:01 PM
Ray Dunn Nov 2020
just because i don’t live my dream,
doesn’t mean it will never be lived...
i’m so in love and it pains me watching him not care about me even a little bit as much as i care about him
Nov 2020 · 84
Ray Dunn Nov 2020
each passing moment
i felt the scabs reopen—

running with you through the cold
if only my legs could hold.

and so i limp when i wake,
but on god you’ll never see the ache
Oct 2020 · 249
Ray Dunn Oct 2020
now is when the leaves fall
and are swept up by the wind,
only to fall again
with the flutter of butterflies
i’m ******* i think i’m in love
Oct 2020 · 198
what you do to me
Ray Dunn Oct 2020
I'm so into you,
I could never be into
myself that way, too
Sep 2020 · 409
Ray Dunn Sep 2020
it was me
who leg go—
and i’ll always wish
i held on just one...

just one more moment
i’m so sad y’all everything feels numb
Sep 2020 · 591
we're in the right now
Ray Dunn Sep 2020
not naming names,
100 proof in my veins.
i cant be the same
when i'm drinking again

didnt know i was nostalgic
for self-reckless sadness
and if i go,
well, wouldn't that be tragic.
sad as hell and i missed it a lot
Sep 2020 · 234
Ray Dunn Sep 2020
my legs will always have scabs
and i dont think i'll ever be alone--
but in the mystery of the tabs
i'll sing to a place you call home.
E Fsharp **** jk it said notes
Aug 2020 · 779
a little tune
Ray Dunn Aug 2020
the skies have eyes
and i’ve got paranoia,
i feel this sinking vibe
just like i’m in water.

no matter what i try
i’ve still got eyes for you,
and in my lies
i’m slowly sinking towards you.
help meeee
Aug 2020 · 171
questioning myself
Ray Dunn Aug 2020
you are...
a question i cannot ask
without answering another
god i hate change
Aug 2020 · 164
Ray Dunn Aug 2020
what to say
when words mean nothing
even to my own ears
i’m really conflicted. i don’t know what to do. do i stay with what’s comfortable or go for what i think i want. or maybe i don’t want i really don’t know
Aug 2020 · 212
Never Finished
Ray Dunn Aug 2020
filled with bookmarks,
always line the shelves
of a dusty house...
death *****
Jul 2020 · 204
Ray Dunn Jul 2020
thank you cloudless sky
and moonlit night
Jun 2020 · 534
summer skin
Ray Dunn Jun 2020
she is
the chill swept over
frail skin—

held dear to the summer,

the thrashing
of warm raindrops
and sand

known only to the bare—

warm throughout,
but the chill still
tickles her skin

while her blood simmers.
kinda all over the place but i wanna work on putting feelings on the page more so this is my first step
May 2020 · 461
nighttime phantoms
Ray Dunn May 2020
nighttime phantoms of birds swoop low through the breeze,
greeting bats with sweet melodies and mingling in the trees.
not only do their songs tingle the ears of few,
but they are gone with the moon and the mid-morning dew.
misty nights and mornings are so perfect. ever since i started working the morning shift that starts at 6am, i can really appreciate the sunrise
Apr 2020 · 191
loving you
Ray Dunn Apr 2020
putting on a ring
is a battle cry
Mar 2020 · 267
in a Moment
Ray Dunn Mar 2020
and just like that
the buildings fall,
hundreds of hours put into
their walls...

so illegal was it
to meet in this place
the one we spend hundreds of hours
and effort can't find a trace
corona virus has ruined my life not even an exaggeration. the best year of my life at college is over. goodbye suny esf just for a little while... i hope
Mar 2020 · 315
and dammit it beats
Ray Dunn Mar 2020
sometimes the trickle of
words to my own self
seeps into my veins
and leaves my heart beating
i’m so lost and unmotivated. i hate apathy, but at least hating is better than nothing
Feb 2020 · 343
Ray Dunn Feb 2020
as the moon crests the horizon,
it lends its brightness
to the crystals of ice
dangling from the trees...
it’s a quiet night
Jan 2020 · 114
Little Trip
Ray Dunn Jan 2020
as fascinating as the world is,
i need a moment to explore another.

no stress—
i have cats to feed,

i won’t be long...
idk i found a big writing kick the past day or so
Dec 2019 · 201
Ray Dunn Dec 2019
you’ll sit there—
smoking your cigarette by the window,
blowing smoke out your lungs
that drifts back in through the window...

and as that icy chill sweeps
your dizzy body all over,
you put your cigarette out on a quarter
and use a dead plants *** as an ashtray.
my roommate left for xmas break tonight ****
Dec 2019 · 240
your tongue
Ray Dunn Dec 2019
how does your tongue
flutter as does a butterfly;
silent and wind carving—
yet unmistakable on the skyline...
Dec 2019 · 138
Ray Dunn Dec 2019
a small scab on my
left pinkie—

it would heal by
the end of the night,

if i had only left it
idk why when i’m sad i like to think about the thing that makes me upset to make myself sadder i’m really weird
Dec 2019 · 140
Ray Dunn Dec 2019
what is this tension—
the tightening of flames,
licking through my ribs
and using my throat as rope...
i hate question poems but who cares
Dec 2019 · 325
Ray Dunn Dec 2019
you’ll never understand
the pure bliss that is
being loved by you
my boyfriends my best friend and the best man i’ve ever met i love him so much
Dec 2019 · 100
Ray Dunn Dec 2019
love is just
an infinite amount of
just a lil thought i had oops
Dec 2019 · 563
11:51 am
Ray Dunn Dec 2019
i will be in love
for as long as your smile
brings my head to a boil
Dec 2019 · 227
Ray Dunn Dec 2019
be warned,
you do not want to
see me grieve.
something shjsksbdnjd idk
Nov 2019 · 197
Midday Stroll
Ray Dunn Nov 2019
Always say hello
to the songbirds and honeybees;

You’ll never know when
they’ll say hello back.
idk just popped into my head i love bees
Nov 2019 · 214
Ray Dunn Nov 2019
grey whips slash in circles
around where we stood,
face to face,

and when you reached up—
touched my cheek,
the tendrils stilled...

to see what all the commotion was about
god i love my boyfriend
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