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Anksy 4d
Time’s up, end of the road
Nowhere to turn, carrying a heavy load
Burden to bear, no returns
Beginning of the end, nothing to learn

Uphill struggle, Downhill all the way
Taking a stance, having your say
Moving heaven and earth, not budging at all
Taking a break, having a ball

Onwards and upwards, down to the wire
Less is more, playing with fire
Dilly dallying, dog’s dinner
All washed up, everyone’s a winner

Chancing your arm, hair on your chest
Not giving a hoot, being the best
Out in the cold, hot on his tail
Do not disturb, it’s in the mail

The final countdown, the top of the heap
Down the garden path, following like sheep
Journey’s end, tomorrow’s another day
Time waits for no man, living for today

Johnny come lately, larger than life
Slow on the uptake, trouble and strife
From the get-go, the cold light of day
In the lap of the gods, nothing to say

A window of opportunity, an also-ran
Flying high, topping up my tan
Guest of honour, tickets at the door
Taking a dip, ship to shore

Losing the will, *******
Giving evidence, class dismissed
No confidence vote, majority rules
Something out of nothing, only fools

By the skin of your teeth, not a hair out of place
Wind swept, not in the race
The devil you do, wrong end of the stick
Missing the point, in the thick of it

Going nowhere, driving me mad
This way out, both good and bad
All washed up, rocky road to ruin
Rites of passage, something is brewing

Lest we forget, taking a break
Clear as mud, for goodness sake
Testing times, more than your fair share
Top of the ladder, the rightful heir.

Master of your destiny, captain of your ship,
At the helm, Shooting from the hip
Hell on earth, best of a bad bunch
Back in a while, out to lunch
HTR Stevens Sep 11
If you a child would teach,
His/Her heart you first must reach.
Limitations of a human are still neglected,
Claiming that everything is possible.
Someone said,
Impossible is I'm possible.
If so, why not jump off a thousand metre cliff.

The saying is a virus,
Inciting young minds to dream the unachievable.
After all as goes by the saying,
Hard work is rewarding,
But then failures strike,
Dismay creeps in.
It is easy to blame not accepting that they are to be blamed.

Keep trying is another lie,
Since there is no time.
Life is short, dreams are more.
Life won't always give the best.

But there are men who have achieved much,
Not driven by ideal pursuits.
Respecting self is rare trait.
We all aspire to become someone great in life but we need to accept that not everyone can be great. But can't we try to be great on individual level. We cannot do everything, because of our physical or mental limitations, and it is not bad to accept that one doesnot have a trait that one wants. After all it will save one from the consequences of hopelessness and depression after failure.

I don't mean to say that don't be ambitious or don't try for things that you currently don't think are possible for you, but at least before giving a try why not know what it is, will I be able to keep up my sincerity to achieve it.

We should know what our true self is then only we can get success in life.

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Sankari May 17
Expectations are the thorns,
Which make our heart bleed.
Instead of feeling the thorns,
We should smell the roses,
Which exist.
دema May 6
Nobody tells you,
“don’t fall in love with just anyone yet”
because if you fall out of love once,
you’ll fall out once again,
a couple times more,
and perhaps keep falling in and out
over and over,

they advice you to not dive in too deep,
because it hurts to get out once you’re in,
but they don't say don’t dive in
just because you can,
that you shouldn’t just give your lover
tests to prove their love for you,
but that you must test your own love,
see if you can prove your love
to yourself,
after all how can you be sure of
loving someone
when you can’t love the person
your heart beats within?
YYC Apr 29
i know,
that you'll never love me.
dum spiro spero.

follow my instagram @yingyingchan or @yrteop.tsohg...i wrote this on my poetry instagram some time ago, and people liked it. so, here's to me hoping that you'll like it too.
GL Thompson Feb 26
Gary met Sally for some backseat bingo
because she’s the lucky one that razzed his berry.
The word from the bird is that she’s past her prime
The sort of girl whose personality is cheap chocolate and wine.

He greeted her with gimme some skin
She thought it was too formal of a way to begin.
Because sally still lives in the past
Sharing chain posts on facebook
To keep her from things in the dark
Sally’s a bit backwards but she’s well meaning at heart.

You’ve got to make it to this party it’s gonna be a gas
Sally said she’ll think about it, but really she just wanted to pass.
She’s got ice cream in the freezer and an appointment with the mad hatter
(with a special appearance from his twirling tip).

Gary looked rather gloomy, realising she looked quite different from her profile.
That, and he thought the way she chewed was vile.
Nevertheless he thought he’d place his bet on a submarine race.
He reckoned for the price of lunch and a bit of sweet talk, he’d be left with a smile on his face.

Sally was blind to Gary’s plan
She was off in training as a space cadet
Thinking this date was quickly becoming an experience she’d forget
But back on earth things started to pick up
Unlike Sally’s self esteem, which was left in a rut.

And to this day Gary and Sally are married, with a kid, a cat and a shared checking account.
here I have used a combination of out of fashion sayings with 21st century issues in order to convey a duality and a reflection upon today's society
Together forever
is something
we say.
But do things
really work that way?
Or is it
one little thing
that breaks us apart,
and we never
come back together
the way
we were
at the start?
Sabrina S Dec 2018
you will learn that the affirmation of others will never be enough.
you will learn that pleasing others is not your purpose.

you are enough.

not because you have tried hard,
not because you have loved hard,
put on your best face;

you are enough because of who you truly are,
because of your beautiful soul,
because He is with you,
and his grace has saved and covered you along the way.
a reminder we all need and we all should value our worth
Abdulrhman Nov 2018
hey world
thanks for making this option
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