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Ray Dunn May 3
meeting you
is like reliving a memory

and loving you
is forgetting the worst ones
Em MacKenzie Apr 2019
You’ve spent your life afraid
that you would never be enough,
or that you would be too much,
but Darling, my love,
you are just right for me.
Balance, perfection, completion,
We were made to fit into each others missing pieces.
Even thought she broke my heart, I still have words for her.
Em MacKenzie Mar 2019
I would kiss a million girls
just so I could taste your lip gloss,
knowing it would never
taste as sweet on another’s lips.
Em MacKenzie Mar 2019
I want to be a scientist,
maybe a chemist,
so I can dissect every molecule
and atom of your structure
to prove to the world
that perfection and magic
does exist.
Gonna try something new here.
Euphie Dec 2018
Your lips, against my cheek,
             whispering sweet nothings to me,
                                      is all that I ever ask for,
                                                             in the upside down.
unnamed Jul 2018
It became a long
and drawn out mess.
You push me back, I'd pull you in
just to counteract the loneliness.

I don't really want you,
I'll confess.
I just want things that I'm not meant to;
the feel of forbidden sweetness.

I will wear a little less,
each time you say no more;
just as you feel like you forget,
you'll smell the smoke beneath your door.
Sorry if this offends anyone?
Ellie Geneve Jun 2017
he said
the words
couldn't have
faded more

like tea,
infused his brain
with memories
of sweet nothings
apollota Feb 2017
Fragmented nothings
And sullen crowds,
A life dreamed in color
Under dark storm clouds.
And all the while in wonder,
A fairyland awaits.
Disrupting the hands of time,
To anger the fates
Wrote this on Jan 03 2017
Nicole Bataclan Dec 2016
What is the sound of love
But sweet nothings
I whisper to myself

The sound of heartbreak
But your silence
When I say them.

When is the time right
To float on cloud nine

When it is time
To fall flat-faced on the ground.

It stings
To have a wrong fixed

To be set free
A pillow wet with tears.

What is heartbreak
But sweet everythings
I whisper in your ear

The sound of love
But my words pounding
Through your heart.
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