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in your stomach, in your lungs—
what is it you’re running from?

to my core, all for the fun,
but in the end i’ll run towards your gun.
idk man
Ray Dunn Nov 11
my house likes to tease
and toss around shadows
but this is in no way
a resting place for the hallowed
120 year old house spooky at night
Ray Dunn Nov 10
just because i don’t live my dream,
doesn’t mean it will never be lived...
i’m so in love and it pains me watching him not care about me even a little bit as much as i care about him
  Nov 3 Ray Dunn
i keep waiting for red roses to bloom,
but your fingers only know bruises
and you find me so pretty in blue.
that violet hue
Ray Dunn Nov 3
each passing moment
i felt the scabs reopen—

running with you through the cold
if only my legs could hold.

and so i limp when i wake,
but on god you’ll never see the ache
Ray Dunn Oct 18
now is when the leaves fall
and are swept up by the wind,
only to fall again
with the flutter of butterflies
i’m ******* i think i’m in love
Ray Dunn Oct 1
I'm so into you,
I could never be into
myself that way, too
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