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Ray Dunn Oct 11
love them,
for the good you see
in them—

don’t love them
for the good they see
in you.
love is about admiring them, not loving the way they shower you in love. i would love my boyfriend if he spat in my face every day because i genuinely believe in him and everything he can do. i love him so much it’s ridiculous
Ray Dunn Oct 11
claw from the ground,
make a stand,
and get crushed doing it
over again.
Ray Dunn Oct 11
try and speak your love
in the common tongue
pull and shatter above
rain down songs unsung
my boyfriend feels guilty because he misses me and i just want to hug him so bad god i’m so in love life is kinda good even though most days i’m sad because i’m seeing him this time next week
  Oct 8 Ray Dunn
The Red Woman
processed food
and processed people
just don't taste as
and as
Ray Dunn Oct 7
deeply sorry,
i am that
i can’t bleed
a little bit more...
i’m sad ****
Ray Dunn Oct 7
i’m cursed
with escapism
when i care
too much
that i can’t bear to see
the hurt
not really poetry just a thought i had
Ray Dunn Oct 7
if it takes a bullet,
to stop your hurt—
then i shall take it
with pride
i got really upset earlier by something someone said but i know they were in so much pain and didn’t mean it and i love them so **** much that it made me cry because i thought they believed in me but i know they were just saying that because they were upset
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