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break me—
as much as you will.
so long as I
will always still
drift away
off my window sill.
my life of joy,
I shall wait until...
Idk if I like the all lowercase vibes also I’m a wreck ****. Anyone else watch Brooklyn 99?
Ray Dunn 21h
I forgot that I’ve
completely forgotten your voice...
I blocked your sound out
not by necessity, but choice.

Apologies must be much too hard
for my hindsight to be this clear.
I see you— now lit by my distant sanity
and despondent dreer.
Idk this is about an ex-friend that I caused the ending of our friendship and I feel bad about it basically every day **** it’s been 7 months
  1d Ray Dunn
The grey cloud
Stretched the entirety of my
Visible world  

Vacant earth tears made
Themselves known to
My window
distance between our graves
spacious and airy—
leave our kids to sing
“vivere volumus permanere”
This is the best I could do w Latin I tried my best to translate it but I’m not the best with Latin so it’s a very confusing mix of google translate and my infintinitly small knowledge of a very dead language (btw the title is the translation)
Shall we take a walk,
my lady? I am but taken aback!
You are truely a maiden as they say!
With eyes suited for stargazing.

Walk me through your garden—
shall I be a foot shorter, as you see it?
Perhaps I shall believe in magic
alongside kids.

Fair and just, just as my father says.
Perhaps he should meander through
your world and command me
in a suitable direction at once...

at last.
There’s no master plan
Each moment fades into past
Make the most of now
To live with no morals
is a life worth taking but—
to live with no passion
is a life not worth beginning.
Idk I’ve been too lazy to write lately
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