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lucidwaking May 2022
Ich and du
I and thou
To experience a thou...
To experience a human.
A thou - a person.

A living breath,
A living spirit,
A living relationship,
Held in our own dominant perceptions.
An abandonment of the world's sensation,
And a melting, mixing in between.
I and thou
Becomes thou and I.

When we speak in terms of thou,
Standing in relation
And shattering mortal barriers,
We begin to exist for the first time.
The trees become movement,
From the pumping of the roots
To the trembling of the leaves.
Our breath becomes life force,
Feeding our soul and mind.
Our minds each become one -
Melding, dancing, synchronizing.

Fold your fingers in between mine,
Stepping away from the chaos for a bit.
We'll find solace in momentary unity.
Syd Aug 2021
Describe God to me ?
If we could understand God
He would not be God
M Vogel May 2021

Forgiveness is
as forgiveness  does

and I have fallen  short
of breaking through
this family thing
this family, fling

This family hold
from days,  of old

This family-fed,
smiling, waving
****-pocket, (in)bred
adrenal gland
Death-bonded hold
this fungus-laced mold
holding you down
by your choice to choose
Nothing, but them

And out of the ashes
reaches up a hand
that strangles the mother-******..
aptly called

because  his ******* of
your mother..   his daughter,

groomed her
to bathe her pure, firstborn daughter
in order to offer her, back to him
as a living, breathing sacrifice--

Pure.. Holy.. Blameless;
without spot,  or defect   to him,  

     the destroyer of worlds

but mostly,  just yours --
his dearly, dearly Beloved.

and I have failed, in killing the *******
I have fallen short  within my love
for his granddaughter
of pulling her free
from the incestuous, family tree

My so very beautiful  was the only one
of them that ever wanted  to want
to  break free

And out of the ashes
I'm left  with only me

And this mess  of a mess
that  within the depths of my love
I have messed..  almost hopelessly..

I've been shaking.
I've been bending backwards till I'm broke
watching all these dreams go  up in smoke
an ode to the power of family dynamics

Man Nov 2020
i saw an odd ball of light the other day
and thought it must've been an airliner,
but it was a god's ocular
sizing me up

so when it crossed my mind
i took hold of it,
"let him look"

up, at the black overhead
grimacing at me
i shouted

"well, old man? what's the verdict?"
and all the stars shone down

in the tiny cracks, that they cut through the sky
i swear i heard
ConnectHook Jul 2020
The Lord’s own eternal immaculate Church,
(Spotless bride whom the godless and devils besmirch)
Will descend from the heavens when Satan has vanished,
When saints have been raptured and sinners are banished.

Apart from the fact that it’s pure allegory,
The nuptial allure appears revelatory:
A metaphor fit for the honeymoon bed
Where prophetic obsessions and Eros are wed.

Mammalian ecstasies muddy the waters.
We wallow in mire with God’s warm-blooded daughters
Adoring the carnal attractions of Eve
Where no parables speak and no prophets deceive.

I cherish the cycles of amorous life:
Getting ***** enough to make use of my wife.
Her feminine treasures are what I go seeking
When love flows between us and hormones are peaking.

But then, there are days of dull marriage dysfunction
(like faith without prayer or His Word with no unction)
Which force one to ask what one saw in one’s bride:
Her interior beauty . . .  or lustrous outside?

Or was it her lack of a grasp of theology
Making us reach for more basic biology?

Brides will be brides, though the heat may diminish
and Eros, like poems, must finally finish.
Of course YOU have never asked yourself
“Why on earth did I marry this creature ?”

You blesséd bridegroom you...
Ray Dunn Jul 2020
thank you cloudless sky
and moonlit night
Bhill Jun 2020
are you open-minded
take theology out of creation
what caused it all
simple inquiry with enormous and somewhat confusing concepts
take theology out of the answer
the big bang might just be real....!

Brian Hill - 2020 # 169
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