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Sep 2015 · 1.2k
Empty Smoke
Kacie Lynn Sep 2015
Smoke in the air,
All you do is blow smoke.
Lies linger in the heavy air-
Intoxicatingly heavy air.
Unbreathable lies-
Unbreakable ties.
Mind so light,
floating above a head weighted with lead.
At some point we all believe we’re better off dead.
Might just be the smoke,
but my life is one big joke.
Coming and going
coming once and
and then—everyone dies.
Smoke in the air,
That's all they do-
blow smoke in the air
It fills the room to capacity—
only for a moment
and it is empty once more.
Empty promises made ‘
lies created to pacify a situation.
Its all just empty smoke.
Sep 2015 · 911
Personal Storm Cloud
Kacie Lynn Sep 2015
Reverting to old behaviors.
I showed you my soul, you showed me yours.
Revealing my truths was not a simple task,
And what I'm afraid of is that it won't last.
Nothing is simple these days
And I can't quite get a grip to come out of this haze.
Before now it was just a phase.
I was just in a daze.
The rain is starting to fall now
The clouds grow dark
You definitely had made your mark;

For now when the dark clouds grow,
I should think you know my sentiments

as the Lightning flashes in my eyes

The thunder rolls in

And the tears become similar to those droplets falling from the skies.

My soul breaths in deep for the first time as I again become one

With the storm

It's what I am

A mess, no longer in the eye of the storm.

Fall storms it's what I'll become accustomed to.

It's something totally new.

As you and I find once again the distance in the sky.

I can't help wonder why.

The storm continues to roll on-

Will I ever once again be in the eye?
Aug 2015 · 649
A Speech...
Kacie Lynn Aug 2015
A slight chill in the air-
Jump into the sea below you say I wouldn't dare,
But the rocks below are just a detourant for those not willing to take a risk.
My fight has been humble though I have been humbled many a times,
And my battle has been pretty prolonged.
Here I am, Inclined to inform you of who I am today.

I am a San Diego sunrise
Pastel hues that paint the early morning skies
Each color,
Or vibrant and bright,
Represents my personality on a spectrum:
Calm and reserved to outgoing and extroverted.
The exuberant sun reflecting off the ocean is passion.
This image is poetry in the making.
My passion is in fact poetry.
The ocean below is intensity-
The waves crashing upon the white California sand in a continuous, mellifluous soundtrack,
Just as I continuously strive to succeed in all I do.
Failure has never been an option for me.
The soundtrack of the waves is not only my love and desire for the ocean waves, but my need for music-
All music-
Any music.

The sun rising to the top of the sky demonstrates my sky is the limit attitude in Life and the fact that I have always had the tenacity to go after what I want whether it be finally playing college athletics after a career ending ankle reconstruction surgery, or maintaining my drive to go to law school.

Finally the sun setting at the end of the day and disappearing into darkness represents how even in dark times I know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.
Darkness only lasts for so long and the sun will once again rise to display its beauty, candor and potential.
The sun is optimistic for each coming day and continues to rise even after it falls, as do I.

As a sailboat sets sail out of the harbor I feel the sun warming my soul and I know that I can continuously rise to any occasion to make it smooth sailing.

San Diego is in my heart and saltwater is in my veins-
It does not make sense for me to be anything other that a magnificent San Diego sun rise above the glistening pacific coast.
A tad Long-
Aug 2015 · 251
Questions to Answers
Kacie Lynn Aug 2015
I've been searching for an answer,
Looking for a clue-
There's just something that compels me back to you.
Bodies fit like pieces of a puzzle.
Lines traced across each and every muscle -
Memorization is key for for when you won't be with me.
Don't you see?
We don't yet know
who we are to be.
Searching for an answer,
Looking for a clue-
Here I lay,
Not quite knowing what to do.
Everything is a storm,
but with you I feel caught in the eye.
Everything outside has me on the hard concrete ground to cry.
Please say you'll never leave me-
Promise to me it is no lie.
Promises, Promises
I will be here until the day I die.
Jul 2015 · 1.2k
Morning Melancholy
Kacie Lynn Jul 2015
The truth is, we all take life for granted.
We just think the sun will always come up & we will be there as witness.
What if you never saw the light again?

To live in the darkness is do live in danger.
It is toying with forbidden territory.

Sometimes taboo is fun,
We entertain our bored minds with thoughts of-


What does it all mean exactly?
Light shines even in a dark paradise,
No matter how fall you have fallen,
Yes, the sun still shines.
Even though the sun falls daily,
Remember you still must always rise
in order to see the light-
You must awake in the
m o r n i n g.

No matter how far you want to

j u m p

The light has stopped,
the sun will only wait for so long

                         with it.

                         with it.

Tomorrow is new
                                                                          And you have the next day too.
Jul 2015 · 438
Kacie Lynn Jul 2015
I feel like people don't take my poetry seriously because of my age.
I'm tired of it.
That is all, Thanks for hearing me out
Jul 2015 · 2.1k
Ice Queen
Kacie Lynn Jul 2015
They say she's a heart breaker-
You don't want her as you're anchor.
She drifts with the tide,
She's unstable and wild.
She'll out-weigh your ship and pull you down.
Sink you to the depths of the ocean,
Till you hear not a sound.
They say it's best to forsake her.
There's nothing in her heart,
Or soul to build fire.
With her you surely will turn to ice.
Ice that she will sculpt
any which way.
The ice queen-
The queen of ice.
They say she was truly the mastermind
The one who seduced the titanic.
Entrapped it in her tide. Sunk it to the deep ocean floor,
You could not find if you looked for.
They say many things, sometimes for a fee;
one thing they do not say, for they do not know:

She is me.
Jul 2015 · 1.4k
Jiminy Cricket
Kacie Lynn Jul 2015
The same Cricket has been outside my window for 5 endless nights.
I stay awake and think about all of the dark ones I stayed up until 4am trying to find some sort of light.
I never found the light.
If I recall, you were the one who searched for it.
And now this has got my ever disquieting mind reeling-
Did you find me light?
Or was it false hope?A flashlight with dead batteries?
That's how I feel now-
Like a car with no engine,
Empty under the hood.
I don't know why I trusted anyone anyhow.
My heart feels like lead,
A deadweight in my chest,
Broken from the drop off the cliff.
Of course you advised it to jump.
This same cricket has been here making the same ******* noise -
almost like how my mind tells me consistently how naive I was to trust.
It hasn't shut up in 6 hellish nights.I can't stand these ******* fights.
But you told me I must believe in the lies.
Not in so many words-
I was supposed to trust the "truth"
I guess it was a part of my demise.
Leave me to think I had the light,
But when I went to use the power it is mysteriously out of service
You obviously don't realize how far you push me down into the water.
How close I've been to drowning over-
Over and over again,
only to barely claw my way back to shore.
The cricket is still outside and I have tried to smother his sound with the conflation of sad songs,
But that's just not fair.
He sings of his sorrows just as well as I.
The cricket is outside my window and I let him stay now
For we both know this feeling

Update: I killed the cricket- he knew too much.
Based on a true story. Actually this is the real story, but I didn't **** him. He left me actually. I'm still bitter about it.
Apr 2015 · 487
Your Allergies and Candor
Kacie Lynn Apr 2015
Hearts beat
Breath quickens
The light it blinds, the dark, it thickens.
The pounding in the chest and skull.
Explosions threatening in mind, to tongue.
Pain to release pain,
Loss is the only thing we gain.
Say- im you're only one.
Pay- what I do when you depart again-
One final time.
Not with Benjamin's, penny's And dimes.
I payed for my crimes- deep Crimson blood and my fragile, darkened soul.
Gone they are from my body now, empty as it is.
It's a wonder how my heart still beats through my chest when you approach with your candor in tow.  
It's a wonder how my breath quickens when you kiss me so.
But the insistent pounding in my skull and chest shall continue;
This allergic reaction to feelings I should not be experiencing, due to my soulless-ness.
My unfixable mess, but you have elicited this.
Jan 2015 · 426
Kacie Lynn Jan 2015
And then-
It hits you.
Suddenly and overwhelmingly,
like you've opened the door to your house,
but suddenly it's no longer your home, but Pandora's box and there isn't hope left at the bottom this time.

You're terrified again:
Fear hits you like the monsters under your bed when you were five, but this time it's not the dark you're afraid of, its the light.
You're terrified
Of Loss,
And love,

And life.

You are suddenly a wanderlust with no sense if direction, who has lost his compass;
And you can't tell up from down,
which way is drowning,
And which is surviving with your head above water.

The pluviophile in you can only take so much before it begins to drown too, under the down pour.

Perspective changes when you don't have an umbrella.

Suddenly it all changes with that turn of a doorknob,
And for no apparent reason everything comes spiraling out at you,
pursuing you.

But finally when the last obstacle has hit you and knocked you to your knees,
Begging please
And over
And over
And over:

There is hope,
You just have to take it out of the box yourself and find your home once again.
I own all copy rights
Dec 2014 · 1.1k
Kacie Lynn Dec 2014
You throw it around like its feather light.
I can't count the times you used it on me-
oops I ran out of fingers,
and yet its still a joke to you.
Even after they DIED because of what you do.
Maybe its not just you,
but one
person leads to another
person makes a difference.
You do not have permission to use it like the RUG you wipe your feet on every time you walk in the door.
All of the dirt left to be BURDENED by its material.
Plot twist they are the rug-
every muddy shoe contaminating their fibers, being ingrained in their deepest threads.
Eventually it will be thrown out because it is no longer useful.
No longer purposeful.
You cannot just throw it around and expect no repercussions.
Plot twist-
Your mouth is a gun and it just fired bullets-
The bullets are the words you spit without thought, soaked in poison.
You are a toxic being,
-theres goes another casualty.
Not your problem right?
You will always be the gun left loaded and off safety.
I own all copy rights
Dec 2014 · 949
Kacie Lynn Dec 2014
You'd never believe me.
I fear much:
And that includes losing touch.
What is wrong with me?
I can't bear this fear,
Of being left here-
To fend for myself-
To save myself-
To be myself,
But I've lost that-
I'm so lost that my map is lost.
Of course you're my map, so that would make sense that I would be lost when you leave me.
I own my copy rights.
Dec 2014 · 421
Kacie Lynn Dec 2014
Everything was still and then it wasn't.
Everything was silent and then It wasn't.
Nothing was and then everything was.
The trees trembled and the leaves shook.
The grass flailed and the creatures took cover.
The only remains were the brave souls enticed by the storm, captured.
They only stayed, only for their own rapture.
The unknown storm had a strange effect
Standing in the shadow of it was not terrifying, nor comforting but they found something in it that bound them, tied them into this building storm.
Souls bound to the unknown,
Souls invigorated now and vibrant.
Everything was deafening, then the silence returned.
Everything was shifting, shaking, and then it was still.
Nothing became everything, the souls trusted the unknown and changed nothing.
Nothing became everything.
It was all for the thrill.
Redeeming myself from the last post
Dec 2014 · 767
A Grocery list
Kacie Lynn Dec 2014
Isnt this fun?
Lets go shopping.
Not even a poem. I dont know what this even is, trying out new thing.
Dec 2014 · 483
Kacie Lynn Dec 2014
The crack came back- a shatter in the watch just in time for me to be broken as well.
Strange as it seems it may just signify myself, strangely it broke again when I feel closed in from all sides.
No where to go, no right move to make.
Something needed to be done.
Nothing seemed correct- nothing was painless it would hurt one way or another.
The bad guy ended up being me.
I ended up the end of all things..
I was the instigator, I made the maze and got lost in it.
The never ending labyrinth continued to lay out before me never showing me the easy path, never revealing the exit though that's what I wanted most.
I wanted out.
The pain the maze inflicted upon me was becoming unbearable.
Trepidation followed me through each turn like an unwanted shadow.
Fear of making the wrong turn.
But no one was correct.
Each brought on new trials that I hadn't wanted to face but I was forced.
The crack was a labyrinth of its own- the design had depth and length.
It's own twists and turns and you could almost see myself lost throughout the mix.
I own all Copy Rights, Punctuation in this poem is erratic, sorry:(
Dec 2014 · 646
From Ice// Of Snow
Kacie Lynn Dec 2014
The very contrast to my wintry,iced fingertips.
Warmth of the soul, of the heart,
But froze so long, the heart can only be thawed so much-
The flesh remains gelid, cold to the touch.
Associated with hostility and apathy, but the misconception continues.
A warmth within struggling to surface,
Never to be viewed or felt.
Only a desire,
Unable to be attained(obtained).
Gelid flesh-
Frigid, Frosty.
Melts, but freezes over.
A gelid fire unable to be only one.
Unable to thaw and prosper,
To spark
To burn
To warm the deep opaque darkness.
No matter the warmth-
Iced fingertips chilled to the bone.
I own all Copy Rights
Dec 2014 · 1.0k
Kacie Lynn Dec 2014
This is not to be swept under the rug of the ocean,
No not under the rug.
The vast depths of the sea hold the worlds deepest secrets-
The calm waters have a voracious appetite for your mind.
This is not to be swept under the rug of the ocean.
The sea is the greatest keeper of secrets-
Loyal, mindful and wise,
But the emotions should be had and not swept out to sea.
Not into the deepest depths of the ocean.
The ocean holds the world-
It washes the souls with peace.
And though the ocean can relieve the affects of the feeling,
It cannot vanquish the  sentiment eternally.
Therefore it mustn't be swept under the rug of the ocean.
I own all Copy Rights. Steal words from your own tongue.
Dec 2014 · 804
As I look back...
Kacie Lynn Dec 2014
I remember the time when I would silently ascend your staircase and try too hard not to trip so of course I did. I would cautiously place my feet one in front of the other approaching your room only to find you asleep, hidden away in dreamland.
I remember the piano sang softly out from the speakers in your phone- lost somewhere with in your covers as well.
I remember I would stand there for a moment and see your peaceful face and even though you had told me to wake you, I always hesitated because I could hardly force you into the cruel reality of this world. I wish you could stay in the land that was blissful and bright, but not too bright. Your face was relaxed and your body curled up and wrapped within blankets and that is the picture I always see when I think of love in its simplest form. Not the love between a man and a woman, but between humans.
The warmth a heart has and the capacity it holds.
The comfort you may find in another warm soul, so inviting.
The love between two humans that is eternal and means nothing other than loyalty and sincerity.
That is love in its purest form.
I own all Copy Rights- Steal you words from your own tongue!
Dec 2014 · 2.7k
Kacie Lynn Dec 2014
She grabs my wrist and I pull away
She grabs my wrist and I pull away
She grabs my wrist and I pull away
I continuously run from being chained away.
My mind is full and about to explode
I'm not quite sure I can take the load
On my shoulders that I myself placed there.
I pace to and fro wondering why I do not care.
She grabs my wrist and I pull away
I continuously run from being chained away
If I were told how to move my lips
If I were told how to move my body
I could not live for I would be a chained puppet.
It is not life if you are not living.
I own all Copy Rights! steal words from your own tongue!
Dec 2014 · 531
A Poem of the Night
Kacie Lynn Dec 2014
The sounds conflate around me-
Haunting my ear drums,
Taunting my senses.
The sounds conflate around me-
Intoxicating me soul,
Lifting me into the comfort of the night.
The smooth and heavy darkness-
The thin air and swiftness-
The sounds lift all into nothing.
The sounds are everything, yet nothing.
They put the soul to rest,
A night time lullaby to bring peace to even the most bureded soul.
It conflates heavily and intoxicates fully.
This, until the end has been met .
This serene darkness,it all rests within this eternal and forgiving atmosphere.
I own all Copy Rights! Steal words from your own tongue!
Dec 2014 · 760
Kacie Lynn Dec 2014
You asked if I loved you so here is my answer:
You see I didn't buy you, but here you are. Some might say I won you at a game station at a county fair. Maybe I did, or maybe I won you in a birthday party ticket raffle. Either way I'm stuck here trying to keep this gold fish alive kind of like how I try to love things, but we both know it will die soon anyway.
I own all Copy Rights. Steal words from your own tongue!
Dec 2014 · 761
Kacie Lynn Dec 2014
Tea and bubbles:
they may cure all your troubles.
If the world would listen to the silence,
Maybe we wouldn't experience such violence.
We hear all these words each day,
But they all conflate into one eventually, and just go away-
Almost as if they had never been said.
God, this is how people end up dead!
And I cannot enumerate,
All these beings surrounding,who cannot communicate;
Yet, they refuse to absorb the silence-
They give birth to and raise up these tyrants.
Tea and bubbles.
May very well solve all these troubles.

— The End —