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we have become lost in our own minds.
our love has crumbled into
shards of glass,
and they
have become engulfed into my skin.
I wish the sharp edges would cut deeper
so I would suffer no longer.
but that is selfish and I apologize
for my lack of better judgement.
but I wish you knew how much I miss you,
how much I think about you,
how much I still love you.
God I wish you could know and understand.
but I've realized "wishing"
only leads to crushed dreams,
a broken heart,
and a bitter taste of regret.
oh... my...
I miss you terribly,
and I can only wish
you felt the same.
  Dec 2015 Kacie Lynn
Liz And Lilacs
I keep looking for someone
who sees the world how I do.
Swirling metaphors
and striking colors,
Sunsets and beauty
and tragedy....

But perhaps I need
a facts and figures
Logical kind of person,
To pull my head out of the clouds.
Star Shining,
Angels singing Hallelujah !
The Saviour has come!

Merry Christmas
To all!

  Oct 2015 Kacie Lynn
Alexandra Provan
I want to tell him
that I’m scared,
that I’ve been here before.
And that the last time I felt potential like this it imploded;
I imploded.
But I don’t want to taint it,
You see I’m still hopeful
That maybe this time
Won’t end up laced with maybes,
Or what ifs,
Or open wounds pouring blood onto paper.
That maybe this time,
just won’t end.

I’ve not quite worked out whether I think it’s beautiful,
Or stupid -
The human capacity,
And pliancy,
And longing,
For love.
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