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we have become lost in our own minds.
our love has crumbled into
shards of glass,
and they
have become engulfed into my skin.
I wish the sharp edges would cut deeper
so I would suffer no longer.
but that is selfish and I apologize
for my lack of better judgement.
but I wish you knew how much I miss you,
how much I think about you,
how much I still love you.
God I wish you could know and understand.
but I've realized "wishing"
only leads to crushed dreams,
a broken heart,
and a bitter taste of regret.
oh... my...
I miss you terribly,
and I can only wish
you felt the same.
I keep looking for someone
who sees the world how I do.
Swirling metaphors
and striking colors,
Sunsets and beauty
and tragedy....

But perhaps I need
a facts and figures
Logical kind of person,
To pull my head out of the clouds.
Star Shining,
Angels singing Hallelujah !
The Saviour has come!

Merry Christmas
To all!

I want to tell him
that I’m scared,
that I’ve been here before.
And that the last time I felt potential like this it imploded;
I imploded.
But I don’t want to taint it,
You see I’m still hopeful
That maybe this time
Won’t end up laced with maybes,
Or what ifs,
Or open wounds pouring blood onto paper.
That maybe this time,
just won’t end.

I’ve not quite worked out whether I think it’s beautiful,
Or stupid -
The human capacity,
And pliancy,
And longing,
For love.
 Sep 2015 Kacie Lynn
Kate Irons
I've built this wall up for so long that I'm only now realizing that every brick I used was filled with the memories you left me
I find it hard to keep my head on the level
          Keep thinking,
waiting for the second I lose my mental
     Missing some thoughts about you
Memory got shot, a drive-by from what the last guy put me through
     And some of the blood left a few stains
Bruises and scars but it ain't the same thang
            The marks everyone else can see ain't nothing compared to the rips and tears deep inside of me
       The stains on my soul turning what used to make me whole
          into something ***** and cold
      No amounts of bleach or scrubbing can make me forget
Nothing can help me escape from
             the laundry list of regrets
It beats me up inside,
       causes more, new and fresh bruises
               with every nightmare
And no matter how many dreams I have between,
         I can't seem to get there
To that place of no longer looking back,
            of thinking about the past
Cause some trauma tends to define
      what your **happiness lacks
 Sep 2015 Kacie Lynn
Just Melz
She saw a rainbow where he could only see black.
But together, they made a frame, keeping their picture perfect life intact.

She saw the sun where he was always captivated by the moon.
But together, they made each other's wishes come true and not a moment too soon.

She saw smiles where he drowned in the sadness of eyes.
But together, they made laughter and found truth amongst a million lies.

She saw beauty where he could only see regrets and pain.
But together, they made a life that could always be and would always remain.

She saw him where he would always find her.
And together, they made happiness that could span galaxies forever.
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