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I am shade
twisted, interfolding
Bones are cliffs
Blood is liquid cream clay
Flesh blooms on a fertile soil
In uncovered shadow
It shapes with mist, mud and naked trees
Season apparelled
Dissolving in tenderness and movement
I crave tenderness of a cloud
I crave whiteness of a movement
I crave, I crave!
And bury that craving in softness
Jay M Oct 22
It's as though you are out at sea
And I am bound to those cliffs
Staring out, hoping
Waiting for you to return to me

- Jay M
October 22nd, 2020
Colm Aug 4
I used to run across the Moherian cliffs
And jump to catch the first sunlight nether wisps
As they twinkled like dawning fireflies shone
In the jar of a hopeful wish
For as just as in your hand there mine own exists
isabella Jul 21
A long day,
A winding valley,
Between two ancient cliffs.
A song of a sparrow breathes through the air.

A lone traveler,
Along the dusty road,
Formed by man's sweat, blood, and bone.
Living on until it fades.

Nothing in this lonely place,
Will survive the plague of time.
For in each long lost memory,
Everything will die.

The sparrow song stops, stilled by death,
The winding valley loses its shape.
The two towering peaks tumble into weeds,
And what is becomes what was.
Valentin Jun 6
and she calls out his name
only her echo resonates between the cliffs

the whistling wind blows from all directions
at this moment the violent sea is agitated
the waves break on the cliffs

these cliffs again these cliffs
death is downstairs

she is out of breath now
for him

he is also out of breath but in
different circumstances
he is with his mistress

in the wooden house with the warm fire
when the rain hits the island
and the thunder is out of control
T Inkpoem May 25
There are highways on the cliff tops
On the short grass amongst the bog pools
Made by rainwater and salt sea spray

Much used they run through
Crowberry and low grown heather
A world wide web of lines

Picking our the dry ground
The high ground by a hares breath
Flattened by the passing of pounding paws
to assumptions
and jumping off cliffs
hoping something will protect you
from the pain deep within
with resentment
and anger from the world
finding others to blame
when it’s only your fault
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