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Writeist XVII Sep 25
Sun does not set in the east
Yet it always a dead end when we are near.

The pouring rain in dawn— we ease,
With my arms wrapped to your body securely.

Waves are against in every step with take,
but I have nothing to lose when I'm with you; we'll not retreat.
Sayo lang ako lalakas.
Quiet on the surface
Yet i sense something within
A mysterious aura
Seeping out of you
On the surface you appear to be quiet
Appearing to be held back
All for the look
Of innocence.
Well that really causes me
A problem
I found your tattoo
I found your secrets
Your hinting at more
Enticing me like treasure in the open
An easy steal
But i feel a trap
I won't fall in it
But should I
Like i said before
I found your tattoo
Salmabanu Hatim Oct 2018
Your gentle gem touch,
Your kohl black enticing eyes,
Your graceful gestures,
Your voice,a melodious  sweet song,
Your soft succulent lips,
Fabulously  floored me to be a petite  poet.
Looking at you reminds me the richness, rapturous  beauty of nature,
I have learned to sculpture  my full feelings through words.
I can now explicitely express my emotions through poetry,
It has added in me an extra extraordinary  power of imagination,
I imagine our lovely life from more than one perspective.
I feel deeper with my soulful  soul,
I begin to bind words to create something serene and beautiful,
Just looking at you has brought forth fiery tidal waves of emotions,
That completely calm just as the waves reach the shore as one,
I,when I profoundly pen my emotions into a poem for you.
I have used alliteration in these poem
Salmabanu Hatim Aug 2018
I looked up slowly,
I saw you lovely,
I saw the curve of your **** smile,
I heard the gurgling  of the stream in your laughter,
I felt better.
I saw beautiful lyrics in your words,
Soft, poetic verses I had never heard,
I was mesmerized  by your enticing gestures,
In my mobile I desired to capture.
I was bewitched  by your intense black eyes,
I looked away promptly, were my feelings for you lies,
Realization  hit me badly,
I had fallen in love with you madly,
When I was already engaged to someone else,
I was in a mess.
Salmabanu Hatim May 2018
His sunshine smile,
Formed a rainbow across my heart.
I was unaware it had venom,
Till its fangs gorged deep into my soul.
I was battered and bruised,
By the storm of his hate.
Shipwrecked and alone,
I managed to swim to the shore of reality.
I promised my self,
Never to be prey to an enticing smile.
CK Marrow Dec 2016
her leafy words
like vines that twine
her thoughts together
and sound divine

words that flutter
never empty or bare
into her eyes,
one can never stare

for while her words
entice all men
the call of the Siren
brings their untimely end

so listen not
to what you hear
ignore her words
clog your ear

for nothing good
comes from those words
that weave together
like nests of birds

heed caution
when you go on past
her rock of ******
for dreams will shatter like glass
TKO May 2016
Your features are flawless,
Sculpted from perfection into
Something more remarkable.
      Your skin is like that of a goddess,
      Outlining a sedulous smile
      That says your up to no good.
The wit you displayed on a turn of a dime
Certainly helped us pass our time together.
You spoke with sophistication.
Your goals lofty, but achievable.

               I wonder if I could withstand
               Never having the upper hand?
               Reaching has never been my style,
               Though, surely it would be worthwhile
               If it ushered in the beginning
               To an end, worth spending
               Time to attend to.
Purab Dec 2015
Held captive,
by a silhouette.
A dim light,
Tracing her curves.
Raindrops dripping,
From her lips.
A wet sweetness,
I want to taste.
Inspired from a scenerio.
Kacie Lynn Jul 2015
They say she's a heart breaker-
You don't want her as you're anchor.
She drifts with the tide,
She's unstable and wild.
She'll out-weigh your ship and pull you down.
Sink you to the depths of the ocean,
Till you hear not a sound.
They say it's best to forsake her.
There's nothing in her heart,
Or soul to build fire.
With her you surely will turn to ice.
Ice that she will sculpt
any which way.
The ice queen-
The queen of ice.
They say she was truly the mastermind
The one who seduced the titanic.
Entrapped it in her tide. Sunk it to the deep ocean floor,
You could not find if you looked for.
They say many things, sometimes for a fee;
one thing they do not say, for they do not know:

She is me.
Poetry Jun 2015
I love the different feelings of each time of day

Refreshing, lively sunrise
Vast, active midday
Beautiful, peaceful sunset
Crisp, enticing midnight
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