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No One Jan 2019
I sit in silence, enveloped in darkness.
Why my sorrow beacons thee to bother me,
Why thy can not comprehend my lonesome is welcomed,
Why thy inhabit my domain,
Is quite beyond me indeed.
Please oh please explain to me,
Why you cant just let me be,
Is beyond me, quite beyond me indeed.
Don't you see?
I do not welcome thy company.
Please oh please just leave me be,
Why thy bother me is quite beyond me.
Bruh why was I trying to be Shakespeare when I was 13 ****. I think I wrote this during math class. I know I was at school. Gave me a good chuckle so I thought I'd share lol
No One Jan 2019
Listen to the music that flows through my fingers
The reed vibrating leaves emotion that lingers
My vocal chords serenade sweet sounds to your ears
Brings tears to the eyes of the few that hear
I strike the string with a hardened pick
From my favorite song, I play a sweet lick
The rich sounds of clarinet flow through the air
Sheet music makes a book who's story I share
Spread my hands over piano keys
Classical, current, tapping tempo out with my knees
Rhythm was was the hardest, or most difficult if you please
With the help of my director I can read it with ease
Thank you to my teachers
Music is love to me
*** i was bad lol. I was 15 when I wrote this. I still like the feel but the language could definitely be improved on
girl diffused Oct 2017
how does everything feel so whole
& yet so empty?
how do you fill everything
with a gaze, fleeting
how do you question everything
with a quirked brow, a pursed lip?

how do you fill everything
with a surety in an outstretched
hand, should i place mine
in your palm, should i answer your
questions with a small smile?

fill your sadness into my vessel,
take your pain into my bones?
let it settle like it's nestled
in a home of enamel and dried blood?

how do you repair a fractured heart?
with whispered promises
against the nape? with late-night
proclamations and ramblings,
locked secrets from deep within
the corridors of our minds

should we reside in head-space
or pulsing heart? should we etch
a title into skin and teeth or leave
them unmarked? i wonder...
i wonder ...
I dug this up from the archives of "Ye Olde Facebook." Been a few days, might as well share something. I wasn't sure of it then and I'm not sure of it now. I'm also not sure of the headspace I was in prior to composing this piece. Ah well, leave your comments as always and enjoy.

brandon nagley May 2015
Apparition's of the darkest of days,
Swept feet,rythmless beats, bang on dark caves!!!

Abject, abject , come out of thy tombs, the warmongers draweth near in silk satin platoons!!!!

Cold hit's the wall, rain hits thine door, the floodgates flap open, no rubies on shore!!!

We art all one!! Grains of sand enlightened to Egyptian sun. We art all free, but slaves to what is..

Gather thine good's, for the abysmal's now understood!!!

For their laughing is now mixed with tears, for its thy blood now that sheds humanities darkest of fears!!!

Thy hearts burden is heavy!!!

Thine eye's, dragged and soaked.

Thou canst run from thine self thou Master of dark cloak!!!!!!!!

Tip-top silently, ourn Whisper's go through a box,
Lock me up, tie me down,

For this heart beat's slowly to STOP!!!!!!!!!!
Kacie Lynn Jul 2015
The truth is, we all take life for granted.
We just think the sun will always come up & we will be there as witness.
What if you never saw the light again?

To live in the darkness is do live in danger.
It is toying with forbidden territory.

Sometimes taboo is fun,
We entertain our bored minds with thoughts of-


What does it all mean exactly?
Light shines even in a dark paradise,
No matter how fall you have fallen,
Yes, the sun still shines.
Even though the sun falls daily,
Remember you still must always rise
in order to see the light-
You must awake in the
m o r n i n g.

No matter how far you want to

j u m p

The light has stopped,
the sun will only wait for so long

                         with it.

                         with it.

Tomorrow is new
                                                                          And you have the next day too.
brandon nagley Jun 2015
Do we notice the finer things in life? The husband's and wives, children that's been conceived! Thou and they are all thou needeth when thy roof springs its leak!


Looking in all the wrong places?

Itinerant in the stagnative imagination's
For don't even the mammals haveth a place to stay?

Like the son of man
I haveth no chapel
For this head to consecretly layeth!!!

Dog nights seem more teething!!!!

Vestige of all beauty
You've left that still life post,
Wherein thy mantra's I seeketh the most!!!

The I loveth thou's
And thou more....

Deluge of happiness
Covereth me
Bury me
In atmospheric condition,

Oh man didst thou not mention?
The plaques to ***** it's protract sorrow!!!!

Hath society made materialism
And the dollar sign
Their romantic gesture?

A pity to God
And me!!!!

Mobs of fleas
To calleth what they maketh

Wherein the frauds
And phonies
Art thy t.v magnate stars!!!!!
This is old poetry!!!
silas Mar 2015
time goes on and i feel nothing
the emptiness of my heart
the coldness of my skin
the numbness of my brain
as i reminisce over the things i used to love about you

for a second, time stops.

stop looking at yourself in the mirror
whispering, "it'll be okay. i'll be okay."
when you know **** well
you'll be anything but okay.
not written for anyone in specific

22nd of January, 2015

— The End —