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Oct 2021 · 126
To let it be, that the world, borne of eternity,
Forlorn in apathy, may reject a destiny
Void of anything, in an impulse of ecstasy,
creating everything, including sentiency,
An observant entity born eclectically,
In brevity, to form a self-identity.
To intrepidly adorn value existensially,
Through empathy, worn aesthetically.
Jan 2021 · 98
Listen to Me, I Know…
I know you think little of yourself. It is a lack of self-esteem and self-doubt, believing that you’re worthless, a burden to others by your mere presence, your mere existence, as if you’re not qualified to be born, not worthy of happiness or its pursuits, not enough to love or be loved. I know that at this point, you do not even want to believe in yourself, or be confident, or to have others believe in you, and I know you definitely don’t want them to encourage you.

I know this, because you are afraid.  It is, by its very nature, a fear that’s rooted itself so deep and entangled with your sense of being, that inexplicably, something you’ve grown to despise about yourself, growing into such a pleurisy, you do not know who you are without it, that even given the choice you would not part ways and simply leave the needless angst and worry behind.

I know this, because you are burdened. It is heavy to carry the weight of every fault, every mishap, every slight and moment streaming through your mind from every angle, not to enjoy in blissful memory but to dissect in order to ensure you’ve properly sequenced every negative potential, potential outcome, potential mistake, potential perception, potential consequence, so that you may find them, prepare for them, fix them, never repeat them, or simply know of to dwell on, in appeasement to that dissociated voice in your head, observing from on high, to pass judgement on whether you’ve lived up to higher standards than you’ve ever held anyone else.

I know this, because you are tired. It is exhausting to desire something that you feel you will never have, like spending every waking moment clawing at the moon in desperate attempts to catch it in your hands while your two feet are planted on this Earth only to sleep and be haunted by nightmares of finally having it in your grasp to let it slip away forever gone, tortured awake again in lucid anguish over being teased by the loss of your unattainable desire, and as the night darkens, having missed the moon for another night, your hope diminished and withered, you contemplate the only way you know how to rest, how to break the endless cycle of hoping and falling short, trying and failing, wanting and not having, you contemplate eternal slumber, the remedy to the tired, aching, and lasting wishes not come true.

I know this, because I was once this and a part of me will always be this. I see you because I was you and a part of me always will be you. I know this, and I still see good in you. I know this, and I still see value in you. I know this because I believe in you. I will stay with you, cheer for you, listen to you, speak to you, care for you, cherish you, value you, and have love for you. even if you’re gone I will not resent you, have hate for you, or feel betrayed by you. i do this for you, this piece of me, this side of me, this version of me, not all of me, the forever me, or the only me, and I’ve found a better remedy, to that which was ailing me.
I’ll have to work on this one. Trying to feel out the defensive mechanism at work. How we adapt disorder into our identity. Which can lead to one of two outcomes. We succumb to it, a victim, petrified. Or we overcome, a mastery, moving with it in its ebbs and flows.
Jul 2020 · 402
Fevered Delirium
Do you hear the muttering?
Foul and desperate falsities fencing through the air?
Do you hear them cluttering, in fickle clamor over futures in despair?
Certainly you hear them fluttering?
In a fervent dichotomy facing disrepair.
All I hear is fomented stuttering, Sowing division, in deleterious affair.
Dec 2019 · 556
May You Find Yourselves
When feeling down, depressed, detached, isolated, or lonely, don’t forget everything you’re already a part of. Your family, your community, your country, the broader population of all humanity. Even if all of them leave you with a sense that you don’t belong, that you have no value, and that you are not worthy, remember that you’re not the first, nor the only, nor the last made to feel this suffering. Close your eyes for a moment, take a few deep breaths, and remember all that you do not see. Remember the all-pervading interdependence that weaves between all things. Remember the universe did not make an exception when bringing you to be, and you share an interconnected existence, same as everyone and everything. Remember that you are worthy and of value in the architecture of the universe and no one has the right nor the power to take that from you, not even you, and this is true, absolute, and forever it will be. Find yourself by knowing, feeling, observing, the others who smile in silent disdain, who wake up aching in their cores, rising to meet another day. Find yourself in those that have yet to come, for those that have yet to break, yet to despair. For it is there you’ll find yourself, in a place, in a time, preceded by all that is the past, amidst all that is current, so that you may find a way to ride the wave into the future and vibrate vibrantly for eternity. Find yourself in human history, the rise and fall of human societies, the historical human afflicted atrocities. Find yourself in the grand and universal architecture, for you are there, close your eyes, breath deeply, and may you see. May you find your strength, your will, your courage and let your heart be still. May you find it in yourself to take that torch, handed to you by those who battled doubt, were ostracized, those who before you, found a way out, to idealize, who against the darkened odds, kept on seeking better and brighter days. They’re waiting for you, but wish to see you flourish before you join them to perch upon eternity. Sometimes all they did was endure, and maintain dignity and grace. Or simply made attempts to change what many around them thought was just the way it would always be, who simply dreamed what those around them could not imagine, the ones who thought of you, who had yet to be, and your place in this universal scheme. Who found themselves in you and their hopes for all that you could be, who found themselves and let themselves believe. May you find yourself assured that simply being you is all you have to be and that it is okay, it is enough, and the universe will see. May you help carry forward the human legacy and bring forth humanity into a moralistic and heartfelt harmony.
Dec 2019 · 317
Proprietors Playwright
A glorious ship sets sail,
Robust engines begin to fire.
A billowing cloud marks their trail
Whisking along, climbing higher.
Soon to find they’re moving frail,
Over-capacity, the engines tire.
Panic… passengers want to bail
Before the ships fatigue is dire.
“The ships too big to fail”,
Assured the disguised liar
Over the radio in a voice so stale,
He sold the tickets to every buyer.
Acting like there’s no need to worry
The crew continues out to sea,
News on board spreads in a hurry,
The passengers whisper quietly.
The crewman shouting, “all aboard!”,
They look around, only to see,
Transport of the vaulted horde
As their count exceeds capacity.
For profit loomed so temptingly,
Blighted the soul in greedy begrime,
Of that owner who sits at home,
The culprit in this unwatched crime
As the magistrate declared he’s free to roam.
Back on the ship, the haul is flooding,
So abrupt, they had no time.
Sinking further to the depths and sure to drown,
They let out a last and desperate horn to chime,
As water rising—muffled the sound.
“We’ll do everything we can!”,
Exclaims the man who’s pockets lined,
Pays off investigators to seal his plan,
A freak accident without blame to find,
Invisible strings puppeteer,
The death of thousands into happenstance,
Foul play at the hands of a financier,
Onto his next venture without a second glance.
Perhaps one day a corrected fate
Will rise in the eyes of history,
And right the legacy of our current state,
Shedding light on the darkness of the shadow of inequality.
Keep Rambling On
Mar 2019 · 313
My Solemn Prayer
I fear I am but a prisoner trapped behind the bars of dissolution. My life has become no more than a mere shadow cast into the ever darkening realm of this world. I can feel the thread of of my belonging wither into nothing as I plunge deeper into the abyss of obsolescence, growing evermore withdrawn, evermore detached, and evermore secluded... I can taste the rot at the core of my existence, soon I fear all will be corroded. How do I escape these desolate chambers? Especially now... Now that I've lost the will to fight. I slipped so far into the abyss the darkness has occluded all signs of joy, fervor, and desire. God I beg of you, please remind me that there is much to endeavor in the world that I've forgotten. I beg of you, please remind the world that there is life yet in the soul that it has forgotten.
God Answered
Jan 2019 · 1.2k
Appended streams exhume the dreams that surface in conscious guide,
As photon beams augment the seams transmitters must abide.
The quantum strings of knotted ties,
Entangling's of worlds collide,
A vortex of spiraled rings,
In scattered sets convergent glide,
The convex spacial vacuuming's, synaptic points electrified,
A hex, insatiable, stochastically adjoins frequencies over-amplified, as complex oracle valuations weight choices to decide.
Dec 2018 · 268
Despondent Divinity
As I sit 'neath the blackened sky
With weighted doubts I can't deny,
My grounded spirit may never fly
Amidst gravity I can't defy.

Veils of nights extended sigh,
Impede the minds of passersby.
On faith alone should I rely
When just a stranger to them am I?

My vanity seeks to deify,
Asking God his reasons why,
Though heaven still ignores my cry,
I live my days in silent reply.

No use to wipe my eyes, they're dry,
The depths of my abyss, I lie,
Tonight, I'm lost and left to die
In the shadows where no truths apply.
Dec 2018 · 438
What of those cowardly doldrums to which I relied,

Identity defining fulcrums I felt I must abide?

What of a person, compels them to oblige,

Refining fear and placing all their faith aside?

Must I be exemplary when they finally stem the tide?

Haunted by the memories of every faulty stride,

Knowing that I'll never be... perfection...
even if I tried,

As if the failure lessened me
with damage to my pride.

Despite this insanity I go forth unafraid,

Be gone needless vanity!
by which I am dismayed,

I've been granted amnesty
to the deception of your crusade

For there’s strength in my humanity
Stubbornly refusing to wither or to fade.
Nov 2018 · 16.6k
Paradoxical Tendencies
‘I am…’ 'Or am I’? Who can say?
‘A posteriori’ leads the way
For the extra and the ordinary
Axiomatic sway,
In the gravity of corollary,
‘A priori’ interplay
Ataraxic overlay of anxious automation,
As the innocence of dissonance delay.
Practicing semantic contemplation,
In willfully prevenient interpolation,
Civilly disobedient in expediently seeming disarray,
Forecasts in vague extrapolation
Contrasts the millennial contagion
Already underway,
Filling nihilistic voids with particles in waves,
To interpret dreams of Freud to free Oedipus’s slaves,
A degreeless scholastic who never misbehaves,
Simulated humanoid dramatic in the affect that he craves,
Inflating linguistics in acrobatic raves,
A thespian who plans conation with legacy engraves.
The probabilistic determiner of cosmogenous debates,
An apperceived inquirer of qualitative states,
Inspiring proprietor of dismality abates.
Challenging aporia as epistemic oscillates,
Stoically, heroically, ‘one’ who amalgamates,
Circling the infinite in hermeneutic calibrates.
An escaped prisoner from depressive disillusion,
Of an introspective extrovert who finds solace in confusion,
The personable recluse fighting an illusion
Breaking down the nuances of every institution.
Calculating consequence as time goes to infinity
Revolutionary commonsense of principal utility,
An opinionated adversary,
to the realist without evidence,
Theorizing in futility,
Stipulating every sense leading to the virility of the pretense that dominates community.
Divergently converging all the efforts we’ve personified,
Inadvertently submerging old traditions that unethically were codified,
Hastening the urgency for purging that which cannot be modified through the merging of the certainty that will no longer coincide,
Stationing the levies to finally stem the tide,
Of periodic enmities disguised to be necessities so blatantly deified.
Observing moral sentiments, perched upon eternity,
As consequential regiments are expounded universally,
To unstratify the residents indiscriminately
And identify quantum elements spiritualistically,
Changing collective behavior individually,
Socializing constructs in joint ventured logo therapy.
This is an edited, expanded, expounded, confounded, reverberation of Linguistic Illusions to Probable Solutions written months back.
Out seaward to the  horizon I see Forgiving hills where lessons fade,
Projections of my desirous plea
Patiently await their farewell to bade,
Look now for at their peak the sun is setting,
With an orange hue caressed blue sky,
And white clouded streaks like thought forgetting,
Senses renewed—our demons die.
Can you see that place where intrigue resides,
Beyond those hills ‘neath the sky turned red?
For there the heaven and earth collides,
Pervading all hope in our angels stead.
Nov 2018 · 867
Conspicuous Socialites
Why so little introspection?
Why the superficiality?
Why the incessant conspicuity,
Obsessing over ‘their’ perception,
Not even based in reality,
Living so image driven
With worries 'bout reputation?
Why no motivation then?
Because no one knows your efforts given?
Perhaps there's too much value on what other people think of us
And too little upon ourselves,
Our story that no one tells
And the truths we don’t discuss.
Sep 2018 · 16.6k
Dare I Ramble on Some More...
Perched upon a corporate throne,

We march into the great unknown

As wasted words of gossip drone

And steel replaces brick and stone.
Soon you find yourself alone

In crowded streets with a global phone,

Doing a random strangers bidding.

A means to an end they say,

As poor men die while rich men play,

When honest work brings modest pay,

And doesn't last 'em through the day

Though profiteers in moral grey 

Flood the airwaves to in turn say,

"Our wealth simply paves  the way,

Tomorrow is your salvation day,

You want peace? Then war is only fitting."

Look and you will see

Money buys democracy,

The Citizens United, see?

If we knew the truth, would we agree?

Those answers are not  going to be

Yes or no but more likely

Maybe, perhaps, or possibly,

Because in reality,

Right and wrong are just kidding.

To those who fret the plagues we face,
Yet believe we can change this place,
Who stifle doubts about the Human Race,
And yearn to be together in this chase,
With subdued pride and envy, in every case,

Seeking common goals to found the base,

May we lay the evil plots to waste,

For evils clients who once stood are now sitting.

The time is now, make a stand
Pull our heads out of the sand

Call their bluff with a hidden hand

Of virtue they don’t quite understand,
Defy procedure’s they have planned
Unite across the lines that brand,

Refuse all prejudice, none may be accepted.

Some know for they already looked

And the flow of money keeps them booked,

Takes but once to have them hooked,

Setting the table with food uncooked

For others whose foundations shook

Are pitted against the small time crook

Hoping only that we be protected


Hark the sounds of rebellious cries

For those that call, they realize

All that lives sure enough dies
But when displeased we close our eyes

To the masters of disguise

Who think their profit justifies

The invisible hand growing in size

While their strings attached go uncorrected

They kept us quiet all the while

Waiting with numbers dialed

To put the innocent to trial

Lining up in single file

To be cast into the same old pile

None willing to lay down their tile,

Casting shadows upon their guile,

The double agent mercantile,

Lobbying candidates to endorse.

All I ask, is to what do we base belief?

Dying children get no relief

Oil poisons the coral reef

Prophecy of the fallen chief

Given a thought but a bit too brief
Together a tree, alone but a leaf
Although it is all who feel the grief

Of our actions consequential course

Corrupted elites discuss our goals

So we continue to dig our holes

To depths that darken souls

Rigging markets to decide our roles

Assumptions made so that greed controls

They draw their graphs till the pencil dulls

Then add a factor, see how that goes

Without even the slightest feeling of remorse

Growth is sacred, but is it moral?

Strengthen reason yet we quarrel

Over falsities of ***** oral

Arrangements like that of floral

Remedies but not doctoral

Blood of fallen lives pastoral

Remind that we’re all mortal

But all thereafter bear the force.

So please tell me at what cost?

In a moments past our objectives lost

Compassion was our hand now tossed

Lines we’ve drawn, lines we’ve crossed

How much dirt can be washed

From our conscience we exhaust

Before shattering glass of fate we sloshed?

Working from the scattered pieces back to the source

It is us who blindly lead the strut

We are the source and nothing but

Whose center point is one giant rut

Where false desires cracked and cut

And the selfish feed an endless gut,

When our culture begins to split and jut,

We might finally ask... It was all for what?
Inspired by the great Bob Dylan. I refer you to the song “It’s Alright Ma’”
Sep 2018 · 2.2k
I Am Poem
I am an escaped prisoner from barred disillusion,
A personable recluse fighting the illusion
Of an introspective extrovert who finds solace in confusion.

I wonder how it is that I find optimism alone,
When collective pessimistic thoughts condone
The woeful tales that howl and moan.

I hear voices of people that aren’t there,
Yet find myself in calmness aware
Despite their tormented accusational affair.

I see ideals living and thriving out there
Even when apathy or indifference ensnare
Battered hearts and worn out minds in despair

I want nothing more than to ‘want’ so desperately
I hold onto desire so restlessly,
That I’ve tired the being of my entity,

I am an anomalous paradox captive to the sea
Where waters churn in active disharmony,
Yet comfort as it may my tranquility.

I pretend that I’ve already staked my global legacy
As if my words, thoughts, and feelings,
Have changed the world entirely.

I feel everything as I believe it should be,
Riding the waves of intensity
In emotionally humble serendipity,

I touch the stars in remote prose,
Wandering the vast expanses without close,
Wherever my mind goes, it goes.

I worry about the future of humanity,
As if I was merely here to watch observantly
From some unknown eternity.

I cry for those in silent pain
With fake smiles of disdain
Who dare not speak for thought in vain.

I am a quiet observer of the human condition
Checking and balancing sedition
Though never granting my submission.

I understand the fallibility of the mind,
Gathering as many perspectives I can find,
Theorizing everything to which I’m inclined.

I say it’s all relative but it’s all relevant
Prone to be dominated by the prevalent
Missing the subtleties that are heaven sent.

I dream when I’m awake through my ideals,
Even when they’re still just spinning wheels,
Hoping they gain traction as time reveals.

I try to be better than the day before,
As that’s the best way to keep score,
When the world has us compared to others so much more.

I hope my legacy is genuine,
I regret nothing even when I sin,
As time wears down my wrinkled grin.

I am only human, to live and to die,
That’s about all we can be or rely,
And honestly this notion breaths me a sigh.
An I Am poem with a little twist
Jun 2018 · 360
Times Forgotten
For all the years I live,
Add an eternity to that number,
And surely I won’t forgive
The missing dreams of untried slumber.
Radiant light becomes forgotten
In a darkening flit of mutiny,
The core of hope left rotten,
A result of bitter scrutiny.
Mixing up a varied blend
Of failure and of loss.
With distaste for what I cannot mend,
The torments of my world to toss.
My time rests in the shade
Of towering walls that barricade,
To protect the solitary blade
That unaware I myself had made.
As I watched reality slowly fade,
With wishful thinking that allowed—decayed.
A stubborn refusal to catch the hook,
Blinded, for my gaze I took,
Away from fortunes streaming brook,
To settle in my troubled nook.
Reflectively my head I shook,
For all I had to do was look.
Maybe another world exists,
Pure joyous and limitless,
Where I’ve chosen to resist,
The lonely climb of rigidness.
My soul to shine with light persists,
Expose my dreams and with it bliss,
Without regret, without a miss,
Under the veil of a hopeful mist.
It’s always time to contest
The false projections that manifest.
Finally with a subtle moments rest,
To ponder interests that were in my best
And heed self afflicting plight, lest…
We not forget how much life is surely blessed.
Jun 2018 · 450
Valiantly I step—
Surpassing the lines they drew.
Captive I was kept—
Lastingly untrue.
I’ve scaled the walls that stand—
In attempt to block out the sky.
Each foothold precisely planned—
Where limitations refuse to die.

Not stopping at infinity,
I must encompass all.
Not like that of divinity,
But beyond any bounded call.
Do not say eternity,
For short it will have to fall,
No word, no thought, no feeling,
Could possibly surpass it all.

I’ve relaxed in meditation—
And explored the unconscious mind.
Then left all known perception
To see what was there to find.
Transcending comprehension
Leaving nothingness behind,
To witness the perfection
Outside of space and time.
Jun 2018 · 417
Line of Sight
I wish I could take your line of sight…
I’d direct it so that you could see;
Through the shadows of my world is light
Yearning for the opportunity.
Words of the stars in the sparkling night
Whispering in good company;
Speaking to love, its glory, its might,
And of life’s subtle moments of harmony.
I’d unveil a future vision so bright,
It’d seize what is known as reality.
A promise that all things go right…
Without dread or misery.
I’d amplify passions to excite,
And swear them false if seen differently.
If I could open up, but folded tight,
I calculate rather than let things be.
Am I bereft of love by cupids spite?
Or am I to blame for this tragedy,
How am I cast in your line of sight?
For I fear what you might not see.
May 2018 · 332
My Love For You
To what must I suffice to see,
The apex of my desires free,
Foreboding lust, my vice is thee,
Your hex—a web I cannot flee.

Words would falsely predicate
In ways they’d only misconstrue
Although, I wish to postulate
For my heart it leaps ado

So what must I sacrifice to be
In light of your fires company,
As foreboding lust advises me
Entranced by your mystic beauty

Effects you’ve caused must follow through,
Affections laws, I must pursue,
Though passions flaws are all too true
I’m given no choice… but to yearn for you
May 2018 · 266
I walked alongside destiny
To provoke the very best in me.
As in a moments bless’d plea,
I have found the rest of me.

Like a bird leaves the nest to see,
I finally let the lesson be.
No longer do I guess to see,
I’ll forever be in company.

I piece it all collectively,
In search of what’s arresting me.
What is it that’s contesting me?
The answer is simply destiny.
May 2018 · 457
Still Watered Ripples
It is difficult to understand
What separates you and I,
Perhaps you reached, but found no hand,
There must be more than meets the eye.

Deep chasms line the spectrum,
Like cliff faced faultlines of distance where there's none,
One slight of step, a little momentum,
And into an abyss beyond reach of the sun.

By nature, we are much the same,
Despite the nurtured deception,
I refuse the notion that I should shame
Still watered ripples of my reflection.
May 2018 · 186
In the Blazing Fires
The crackling of the flames demand
Another log for its survival,
And like the fire sways I stand,
At ease, but never idle.
As smokey plumes of winds are fanned
To rise like dancing dragon spirals,
Between the heavens and Earthly lands,
A moral grey expanse goes viral,
To look down upon the vast and grand,
On a world that teeth's with foe and rival.
Gazing into the fires relentless motion,
I soon find myself displaced,
In a trance immune to the commotion
Of universal haste,
And heated bursts of sparked emotion,
Sent streaming tears down my face.
May 2018 · 988
As Shadows Do...
People gathered in the courtyard
In their usual bouts of revelry.
Unaware of the one they all discard,
Shooting glances trite with brevity…
And out of this planted seed it grew,
A tendency to do as shadows do….

Hidden from the obtuse eye
In the dark to all of his peers.
Latent, in muse, off to the side,
They don’t feel the stinging tears…
And like a balloon inflates it grew,
A tendency to do as shadows do…

His words tethering in the wind
Like cotton spores in seasons bloom.
Reclusive by all, his natures pinned,
Cast aside left only to loom…
And like dark clouds in a storm it grew,
A tendency to do as shadows do…

He shouldn't have to go it alone,
But there’s no one to whom he can turn.
Time and again, for innately he’s prone,
The bereft ashes of a forgotten urn…
And like a plume of smoke it grew,
A tendency to do as shadows do…

The growth of this malevolent blight
Left him bitter but not in spite.
Abandoned, like a shadow—lost to the night,
He hadn’t a choice but to sit and to write…
And as darkness after sunset it grew,
A tendency to do as shadows do…
May 2018 · 598
Lost Where No Truths Apply
As I sit 'neath the blackened sky,
inhale a faith with spirits high,
But doubts innate I can't deny,
Exhale a longing to defy.

The veil of nights extended sigh,
Impedes the minds of passerby.
To what is it I should rely
When but a stranger to them am I?

I look to God for reasons why,
Yet silence returned without reply.
Will divinity ever hear my cry
As troubling thoughts to mend I try?

No use to wipe my eyes, they're dry,
The depths of my abyss, I lie,
Tonight, I'm lost... Left to die
In the shadows where no truths apply.
May 2018 · 3.8k
A Scattered Point
I guess I’m okay… What more can I say?
Forget it—never mind,
You wouldn’t understand anyway,
Would you even know what it's like?
Inside a scattered disconnected mind,
Employed to go on strike?
Where indirect misdirect
The sincerity at play,
When sinusoidal chaos spikes
And past meets the future present day?
As paranoid points outlandishly connect
At intervals of broken lines,
Memory lost in recollect,
An array of misshaped bells
Internally infect the eternal confines
Of infinite distributional decay,
Parallels with no intersect,
Streetwise cells with empty signs,
Burned out lights, potholes, and landmines,
Littered all the way.
How am I to convey that all those times
You let your mind wander away
That I was reading, thinking, dreaming,
Teeming, never idle, never strayed,
Seeing, being, so far and away,
Even the brightest intellect beaming,
Could not grasp the feeling
In the slightest of highest orders reeling,
Wound unbound, or as it would be seeming,
Imperfect, even to the disarray
Of the tamest prefect, whose verdict
Could not predict the reflect,
For in this world, seeing is deceiving,
As the lamest reject, defect,
Increasingly decreasing,
In simplistic bliss obey
Crowned unsound fallacies
That contradict all meaning,
Hiding behind reality, the actualities
Lest, protect the thoughtlessness perceiving,
Let me stop you if I may...
I must interject for I digress,
What nonsense was I weaving?
Forget it—I've lost my mind,
I best be leaving,
What more can I say?
It's periodic I must confess,
You probably don't care anyway,
Yeah, yeah, I'll be okay,
Until next time I guess,
I wouldn't want to be misleading.
I’m scattered but I’m on point.
Once more a storm had quelled my sight,
As the ocean waves stirred violently,
Shouting into the fray, "Is tonight the night...
Or will they again drift back to me?"
And as darkness dimmed desirous light,
I cast my wishes out to sea.

Swelling waves ravage all in their wake,
As I hold on tight with spirits worn,
My withering sails, bound to break,
For merciless winds have left them torn.
Assured my faith would not forsake,
I treated the ails of any scorn,
And awaited shores these waters take,
To lift me from a life forlorn.

Through the fading storm light broke free,
And where it shone beyond the stern,
I saw it floating aimlessly
Amidst the settled waters churn.
I whispered to myself, "How could it be?"
With cause for real concern,
For drifting right on back to me,
Was all I'd hoped to not return.

I began to pray a prayer of plea,
"Be gone my wishes!" Unwilling to learn,
That this captive wish just could not flee,
Longer—must I sail to yearn.
I scooped it up out of the sea,
And sealed it tightly within an urn,
To let them fade to eternity,
As my weary soul was left to burn.
May 2018 · 433
A Love Fell Silent
Without a second thought
She casts a shadow—
To reign down upon his lot,
Still waters; cold and shallow.
Struggling in her web he’s caught,
Left hanging in the gallows.
His heart—all but left to rot,
Her perception of him, fallow.

He tilled the fields of thought
With acre upon acre of roses.
Untying even the toughest knots
So loves door never closes.
He didn’t care if it were for naught,
An intrigue that never dozes,
But broke when he missed his shot,
A lonely bard in a field of roses.

She did not see him in such grace
To look past his imperfection,
Nor climbed the wall to see his place
Of fervent—lasting affection.
In a world of chatter he sat—
In eerie prolonged silence,
To love but not be loved back,
She drowned him in diffidence.
May 2018 · 207
I’m Only Human
Day after day they ask of me,
To categorize, describe, or define.
I say nay! For I cannot be,
Any shape with an outline.

I may be ragged, I may be clean;
Some say jagged; others say keen.
I can be nice, I can be mean,
I am of vice with virtues unseen.

I'm liquid moving, meandering,
Once I stop, I'm a solid thing.
At times I sit, anticipating,
Being gas, or vapor, dissipating.

At times I’m bold and all-pervading;
Others cold, to cower in fright.
At times I feel content in waiting;
Or see my patience flee from sight.

Who or what am I?
Why don’t you tell me!
I know I’m human to live and to die;
To be honest, that’s about all I can be.
Ruminating epoché,
‘I am…’ ‘Or am I’? Who can say?
‘A posteriori’ leads the way
For the extra and the ordinary
Axiomatic sway
In the gravity of corollary,
‘A priori’ interplay.
Ataraxic overlay of anxious automation,
As the innocence of dissonance delay
Initiatives imperative consolidation,
Civilly disobedient in expedient disarray.
Practicing semantic contemplation,
Filling nihilistic voids with particles in waves,
Forecast in vague extrapolation,
To interpret dreams of Freud to free Oedipus’s slaves,
A degreeless scholastic who never misbehaves,
Simulated humanoid dramatic in the affect that he craves,
Inflating the linguistics of silent enclaves,
A thespian who plans conation with legacy engraves.
Probabilistic determiner of cosmogenous debates,
The Apperceived inquirer of qualitative states,
Inspiring proprietor of dismality abates.
Challenging Aporia as epistemic oscillates,
Stoically, heroically, ‘one’ who amalgamates,
Circling the infinite in hermeneutic calibrates.
May 2018 · 319
Time Makes Way
An enigmatic world that spins;
Setting hands around the clock,
Wearing down the wrinkled grins,
An ark set sail to never dock.
Wandering the tameless dark,
Sifting facts from all delusion,
Passing by without remark,
The woeful tale of our seclusion.
Until a streak of light from Heavens staff
Tears dark asunder in the night,
And thunder bellows a boisterous laugh,
To startle calm who runs in fright.
Until Cosmic fields of desolation
Stand by in full reproach,
Of long awaited consolation,
To seed the change upon approach.
For when moisture in the air hangs heavy
From eastern winds of natures plow,
And besieging waters breach the levee
As day comes forth by times avow,
Burdens will lift with morning's rise,
Presenting with a mustered grace,
After fallen tears dried the eyes,
To wash out fears without a trace.
The blue above, the bird that flies,
Warmth from the sun in full embrace,
The barrage of green as flora thrives,
Leaves me proud to be of this Earthly place.
May 2018 · 380
Appended Streams
When you look, what is it that you see? I don't think you see what I do, yet you might try and tell me that it is so, but the way you read the signs is so blind to the splendor, the extravagance of what is there. I find no evidence you see what I see. Soon my luminous world grows dark as the shadows of yours seek to ground what should be in flight, make cynical of all potential light. Why must the world be cast into black and white when there is so much color?
You think it safe to bind yourself within the safety of your rules,
afraid to venture out,
step outside the here and now,
outside this room, this building, this city, this country.
Within this world erase the boundaries, erase the lines,
and realize what lives sure enough dies. That's what makes it so beautiful, aporia In attoraxic duress, we are merely consciousness, outside the blood and the flesh, outside the vessel. For the universe needed something, so now, I observe it, someone had to take notice. Thus, it was given to us to take it and shape it, make it the wonderful place in which we think we can only imagine. Imagine how if we tried to see the potential, the possibilities, released the hate, the anger, the cynicism. We limit ourselves but I don't want to feel the constraints anymore, I'm ready to be, I'm ready to exist, to flourish, to find beauty in simplicity, to imagine, to create, to wonder, to let go of the urge to know and to embrace the infinite possibilities.
It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.
-Henry David Thoreau
How to guess in spirit guide?
Transcend the flesh and human pride,
A thought to bless and worlds abide,
The vortex of the frequent tide,
In the Empty hex of vacuums glide
Reflexive busts and booms to ride,
Protects, trusts, assumes inside,
As steady states swing side to side,
Flux in rates were left aside,
Beyond where long run deltas hide,
Stochastic oracles derived
Visions of new ways to thrive,
Not contained in quo's and bounds so tried
Where fears of unknowns have died.
May 2018 · 268
When I wake, and when I dream,
A weary heart, a moonlit beam,
Meet in silver waters gleam,
And float along the river stream.

A shooting star in darkened days,
Streaks the sky, turns my gaze,
The heavens in a moments praise
Release me from my doldrum daze.

Unchained chimes, of life they sing,
To silence my despondency,
As brazen bells in phantom swing,
Set my wounded shadow free.

For blackened skies of prolonged nights,
See to the rise of morning lights,
Dried eyes when tears had blurred their sights,
Apprise my souls potential heights.

For when I wake and in my dreams...
I thought it fake--although it seems,
I cannot dull what brightly beams,
A troubled past more time redeems.
May 2018 · 418
The Last Epic of Humanity
Oh, how nice it would be
To live supple minded fantasy,
Where subtle signals from the skies
Augment virtues of humanity;
To look upon the Gods and see
They've--relinquished all morbidity,
And as the evil within us dies
So too, the epic of tragedy.
May 2018 · 417
The Idle Mind
Whispering winds of solemn sorrow
In the mundane hours of the night,
Surmise the falsities of tomorrow,
Spreading dark throughout the light.

Preying upon the minds that dwell,
With woven lies, a web so foul...
Hark! The sounds of voices swell
As the whispers rise into a howl.

Soon settling the sorrow of the traveling fellow...
He never could find his way,
Strumming tomorrow like it were a cello,
Snapping the strings in dismay.

Who--alive for years, never did live,
As his angst and diffidence cumber.
Even the magnanimous can't forgive
Missing dreams of untried slumber.

Remnants of his tortured call
Were swept away in the breeze.
A feeble ripples arduous sprawl,
Replaced by the fray of the seas.

His idle mind tended to wander,
Through yesterday's--before tomorrow,
Distorted pasts of future's squander,
Finding days from which to borrow.
May 2018 · 538
Another World
Perhaps another world exists,
Where all is pure and limitless,
And light shines on shadowed mist,
That dampens every moments bliss.

Perhaps this other world exists,
Where no mundanities of life persist,
And from the depths of the abyss,
Love escapes its rigidness.
May 2018 · 350
To a Known Unnamed Someone
Your calm and graceful essence
Exalts your beauty in its entirety
A Humanistic effervescence,
And a sharpened wit so fiery,

I long for but a moment of your presence,
My heart yours entirely,
To be considered in such reverence,
As I with passion so admire thee.

You bring beauty to autonomy,
A spirit I would never break,
I would simply want the world to see,
This vision in the heavens make,

Such as I envisage you to be,
For driven through my heart'ed stake,
Belief in passions of chivalry,
Which leaves my yearning heart to ache.

Radiant replies of divinity,
Whose shadows could not forsake,
Light paths towards eternity,
In hopes you too desire courage to take,

A whimsical chance with the likes of me.
I see the depths beneath your waters wake,
Not many others take the time to see,
Beyond the emerald shimmering lakes

Of your eyes that shout in curiosity,
If only you'd take that fated leap,
We'd watch the worlds beneath us shake.

— The End —