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When feeling down, depressed, detached, isolated, or lonely, don’t forget everything you’re already a part of. Your family, your community, your country, the broader population of all humanity. Even if all of them leave you with a sense that you don’t belong, that you have no value, and that you are not worthy, remember that you’re not the first, nor the only, nor the last made to feel this suffering. Close your eyes for a moment, take a few deep breaths, and remember all that you do not see. Remember the all-pervading interdependence that weaves between all things. Remember the universe did not make an exception when bringing you to be, and you share an interconnected existence, same as everyone and everything. Remember that you are worthy and of value in the architecture of the universe and no one has the right nor the power to take that from you, not even you, and this is true, absolute, and forever it will be. Find yourself by knowing, feeling, observing, the others who smile in silent disdain, who wake up aching in their cores, rising to meet another day. Find yourself in those that have yet to come, for those that have yet to break, yet to despair. For it is there you’ll find yourself, in a place, in a time, preceded by all that is the past, amidst all that is current, so that you may find a way to ride the wave into the future and vibrate vibrantly for eternity. Find yourself in human history, the rise and fall of human societies, the historical human afflicted atrocities. Find yourself in the grand and universal architecture, for you are there, close your eyes, breath deeply, and may you see. May you find your strength, your will, your courage and let your heart be still. May you find it in yourself to take that torch, handed to you by those who battled doubt, were ostracized, those who before you, found a way out, to idealize, who against the darkened odds, kept on seeking better and brighter days. They’re waiting for you, but wish to see you flourish before you join them to perch upon eternity. Sometimes all they did was endure, and maintain dignity and grace. Or simply made attempts to change what many around them thought was just the way it would always be, who simply dreamed what those around them could not imagine, the ones who thought of you, who had yet to be, and your place in this universal scheme. Who found themselves in you and their hopes for all that you could be, who found themselves and let themselves believe. May you find yourself assured that simply being you is all you have to be and that it okay, it is enough, and the universe will see. May you help carry forward the human legacy and bring forth humanity into a moralistic and heartfelt harmony.
A glorious ship sets sail,
Robust engines begin to fire.
A billowing cloud marks their trail
Whisking along, climbing higher.
Soon to find they’re moving frail,
Over-capacity, the engines tire.
Panic… passengers want to bail
Before the ships fatigue is dire.
“The ships too big to fail”,
Assured the disguised liar
Over the radio in a voice so stale,
He sold the tickets to every buyer.
Acting like there’s no need to worry
The crew continues out to sea,
News on board spreads in a hurry,
The passengers whisper quietly.
The crewman shouting, “all aboard!”,
They look around, only to see,
Transport of the vaulted horde
As their count exceeds capacity.
For profit loomed so temptingly,
Blighted the soul in greedy begrime,
Of that owner who sits at home,
The culprit in this unwatched crime
As the magistrate declared he’s free to roam.
Back on the ship, the haul is flooding,
So abrupt, they had no time.
Sinking further to the depths and sure to drown,
They let out a last and desperate horn to chime,
As water rising—muffled the sound.
“We’ll do everything we can!”,
Exclaims the man who’s pockets lined,
Pays off investigators to seal his plan,
A freak accident without blame to find,
Invisible strings puppeteer,
The death of thousands into happenstance,
Foul play at the hands of a financier,
Onto his next venture without a second glance.
Perhaps one day a corrected fate
Will rise in the eyes of history,
And right the legacy of our current state,
Shedding light on the darkness of the shadow of inequality.
Keep Rambling On
I fear I am but a prisoner trapped behind the bars of dissolution. My life has become no more than a mere shadow cast into the ever darkening realm of this world. I can feel the thread of of my belonging wither into nothing as I plunge deeper into the abyss of obsolescence, growing evermore withdrawn, evermore detached, and evermore secluded... I can taste the rot at the core of my existence, soon I fear all will be corroded. How do I escape these desolate chambers? Especially now... Now that I've lost the will to fight. I slipped so far into the abyss the darkness has occluded all signs of joy, fervor, and desire. God I beg of you, please remind me that there is much to endeavor in the world that I've forgotten. I beg of you, please remind the world that there is life yet in the soul that it has forgotten.
God Answered
Appended streams exhume the dreams that surface in conscious guide,
As photon beams augment the seams transmitters must abide.
The quantum strings of knotted ties,
Entangling's of worlds collide,
A vortex of spiraled rings,
In scattered sets convergent glide,
The convex spacial vacuuming's, synaptic points electrified,
A hex, insatiable, stochastically adjoins frequencies over-amplified, as complex oracle valuations weight choices to decide.
As I sit 'neath the blackened sky
With weighted doubts I can't deny,
My grounded spirit may never fly
Amidst gravity I can't defy.

Veils of nights extended sigh,
Impede the minds of passersby.
On faith alone should I rely
When just a stranger to them am I?

My vanity seeks to deify,
Asking God his reasons why,
Though heaven still ignores my cry,
I live my days in silent reply.

No use to wipe my eyes, they're dry,
The depths of my abyss, I lie,
Tonight, I'm lost and left to die
In the shadows where no truths apply.
What of those cowardly doldrums to which I relied,

Identity defining fulcrums I felt I must abide?

What of a person, compels them to oblige,

Refining fear and placing all their faith aside?

Must I be exemplary when they finally stem the tide?

Haunted by the memories of every faulty stride,

Knowing that I'll never be... perfection...
even if I tried,

As if the failure lessened me
with damage to my pride.

Despite this insanity I go forth unafraid,

Be gone needless vanity!
by which I am dismayed,

I've been granted amnesty
to the deception of your crusade

For there’s strength in my humanity
Stubbornly refusing to wither or to fade.
‘I am…’ 'Or am I’? Who can say?
‘A posteriori’ leads the way
For the extra and the ordinary
Axiomatic sway,
In the gravity of corollary,
‘A priori’ interplay
Ataraxic overlay of anxious automation,
As the innocence of dissonance delay.
Practicing semantic contemplation,
In willfully prevenient interpolation,
Civilly disobedient in expediently seeming disarray,
Forecasts in vague extrapolation
Contrasts the millennial contagion
Already underway,
Filling nihilistic voids with particles in waves,
To interpret dreams of Freud to free Oedipus’s slaves,
A degreeless scholastic who never misbehaves,
Simulated humanoid dramatic in the affect that he craves,
Inflating linguistics in acrobatic raves,
A thespian who plans conation with legacy engraves.
The probabilistic determiner of cosmogenous debates,
An apperceived inquirer of qualitative states,
Inspiring proprietor of dismality abates.
Challenging aporia as epistemic oscillates,
Stoically, heroically, ‘one’ who amalgamates,
Circling the infinite in hermeneutic calibrates.
An escaped prisoner from depressive disillusion,
Of an introspective extrovert who finds solace in confusion,
The personable recluse fighting an illusion
Breaking down the nuances of every institution.
Calculating consequence as time goes to infinity
Revolutionary commonsense of principal utility,
An opinionated adversary,
to the realist without evidence,
Theorizing in futility,
Stipulating every sense leading to the virility of the pretense that dominates community.
Divergently converging all the efforts we’ve personified,
Inadvertently submerging old traditions that unethically were codified,
Hastening the urgency for purging that which cannot be modified through the merging of the certainty that will no longer coincide,
Stationing the levies to finally stem the tide,
Of periodic enmities disguised to be necessities so blatantly deified.
Observing moral sentiments, perched upon eternity,
As consequential regiments are expounded universally,
To unstratify the residents indiscriminately
And identify quantum elements spiritualistically,
Changing collective behavior individually,
Socializing constructs in joint ventured logo therapy.
This is an edited, expanded, expounded, confounded, reverberation of Linguistic Illusions to Probable Solutions written months back.
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