Arlene Corwin Apr 2

Going To You

I couldn’t sleep. What could I do?
I went to you.
I go as often as I can,
As often as élan emerges:
Like a spy whose operation purges,
Does not tell (well,
                 those detected and elected).
I ought to come to you more often.  
True to form you’re there to soften
In one way or t’other – like a mother.

Is it just interpretation, fancy, brain synaptic,
Watching happenings?
Often ending as I would wish they should,
Seeing failings patched, detached,
Improving slowly once they’re hatched?

If I had been born to preach,
Joined synagogue or church,
Become rabbi, Mormon, Witness, priest,
Going north, south, west and east
At least I’d feel I landed.

But I’m silent and agog,
A secret seeker through the fog of worldly turbulence
And tastes that tempt, participating in the dance
With casualness, no casualty, but taking in causality as One,
It being April one, a day of fun at fooling friends –
Supercool, I face and grace it with my presence.

Going To You 4.1.2017
God Book II; Circling Round Reality; Pure Nakedness;
Arlene Corwin

I like to write about my universal experiences.
lara Feb 6

This duty of Doing
Of occupying
Of deciding
Of settling

Slow down

Even if I did not move a finger today - this day
My entire self travelled in immense speed to reach out wherever it wanted

My muses told me to invite you over
Whenever you are done - moving your fingers

Saloni mann Dec 2016

I am a respirating being!
I have feelings for various creatures!
I am sensitive!
I am emotional!
I act on things consciously and unconsciously at times!
I regret things I should not!
I put people's feelings, their interests,their preferences and etc. before mine because I feel it's important!
It's important to make other's happy!
Because in this long run of life all you have is support and love from the people near and dear to you!
You may get hurt or may kill your interests and opinions for the sake of others,but there is always a limit to it!
There arises a need to understand that all you have done is enough and it's time for you to stop!
Stop killing yourself because obviously limits are limited.
And these limitations not only bind you to confirm to particular laid down universal norms but in turn helps you realise your worth ,your opinion and your interests!
It's fine to put others before you but it is not acceptable to kill yourself for it!
Stand for yourself!
Get your opinions and your wants straight and put your points in front of people you think you should!
Because at the end, you are all you have!

Amy Perry Dec 2016

There are more things
That are not things
Than there are things
That are things.
Potential is a powerful,
Abundant resource.
To tap into the
Unknown, uncharted,
Unachieved, departed -
And introduce it to
What it means to Be -
Makes every artist
A midwife.
Without the great alchemists -
The artists, the dreamers,
Visionaries, poets, musicians -
Those who enter into
Akashic Records
Like a library -
We would only ever have
What has already came to be.
Like a technical computer reality.
Art brings us closer
To the cusp of Life.
Mother Earth is the greatest artist
I've ever known.
Being Human means
Being an artist.
Our Mother may soon
Scold us
For coloring all over the walls.
Making an artist takes time.
In the Universe,
There's plenty of that.

Ceyhun Mâhî Nov 2016

Your languid eyes are shaped like an almond,
Your complexion is like the moon so pale,
Who could not to my figure be likened,
Who's between people and people a veil.
And your speech is in a different tongue,
Veiling the layers of our deep voices,
Making us deaf to hear our true song,
Freezing us in our ignorant choices.
But don't you smell, hear, feel and see like me?
Don't you become saddened and cry like me?
Don't you strive to become happy like me?
Don't you become tired and sigh like me?
  No matter which label, black, white, Asian;
  We all emerge from the same Origin.

Melanie Kate Nov 2016

You took my sails and filled them with the air of your words,
Guided them through my darkness with the light in your eyes,
And gave my journey momentum with the current of your voice.
The course traversing through entire ocean-filled universes.

(C) MKD 2016
Julie Grenness Sep 2016

An ode to Cosmology,
where does the universe get its energy?
.Billions of humans with their synergy,
.Does this ode belong in a trilogy?
Let's play our love infinitely,
Give our eternal love a serve,
The big bang at the end of the Universe,
Now we collapse into entropy,
Stardust clusters in cosmology,
Universal loving energy!

Feedback welcome.
Pamela Rae Aug 2016

It was while in the expanse of the wide wilderness
lost among the thick brush and leaf laden trees
that I went in search of myself and my soul--
I stood rigid with fright when I realized
that I had no idea where to go--
surrounded by green and golden hues
of tiny shafts of sunlight filtering through
and everywhere I looked--
there was no sign of anyone, not even you.
I fought back the panic,
stifled the anxiety ridden screams
that bottlenecked inside my throat--
I fell to my knees in prayer
asking the universe/my god/my angels
to help me out of there.
True--I'd sought out the wilderness
aching for solitude and peace of mind and heart,
but never dreamed I'd become so engrossed
that I'd lose sight of any part
of the world I'd left behind--
as I knelt there on the soft, green, leaf covered ground
and asked with heartfelt emotion
to "please just turn my life around--
help me to find my way again--
help me to know which way to go
please, dear Universe, dear angels and god
I need to somehow find my soul
and grasp hold of the love and joy that I once held so close
and shared with so many who I love dear and true"
Yes, I asked with ardency and truth
for them to help me to once again
find my way back to you...
I suddenly saw the most brilliant light
shining directly down on me
and I heard the most alluring sound
beckoning, calling for me to come and see--
I followed the light and that delightful tone
that led me back to the edge of the wild
and as I walked mesmerized, I heard a voice,
"Go forth and live life joyfully, my child"
And there in the midst of my illusionary mind
the gifts of my heart, my soul, my joy
came rushing with an ethereal force right back into me
and everywhere I looked I gazed upon
the beauty of life so rich and true
and then I knew beyond any doubt;
My search for myself, my soul had tuned out successfully
and helped to lead me back to you.

©Pamela Rae 08.10.2016

Needs work, I'm sure--tried to capture a most amazing angelic experience I had of late...
South by Southwest May 2016

Nomad ,
a wanderer ,
never remaining static .

One at home
with their environment .

At peace with their creator .
Probably made
from shooting stars .

James Walker May 2016

Don't act
like you love me
when my face
for half a millisecond
I hear thick
chanting, the
darkest curses tossed
at my name
these lovely ears of mine
these beautiful sound nets
your dark melodies
just fine thank you
Don't act
like you love me

We all experience it so whatever dude. Still, it's fun to write about
Copyright  James W 2016
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