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stars and cloudy
nebulae, forming amino
acids, making wiggly blobs that
eventually find direction towards the
capacity to think about how long it takes to

count backwards
to zero

© 2020
Prachi Sep 28
A universal language to express,
Its potential is underestimated;
It is a treasure that you possess.

The sign of your strength,
Smile is the prettiest thing to wear;
Spreading happiness at length.

Inexpensive as it is to have,
It gives a glorious flair;
Go on and make it flash.

It is a key that fits well,
In the lock of other’s hearts;
Helping the relations propel.

Without words it says a lot;
It is the light of your soul,
Enlightening any dark spot.

A charming gift to give,
Smile is a two-way thing;
Make it the source of your bliss.
Jana Pelzom Aug 30
Think, think, think, thought
Think that
Think not
Only freedom
What a plot!
We’re shackled,
Not an enlightened lot,
Think that
Think not
Inked the thought
Or simply forgot
What we say
Is not the truth,
What we see
Cannot bear fruit
Think that
Think not
We’re bizarre creatures
That slowly rot.
What is the ultimate freedom? © 2020 Jana Pelzom
behind my mask
I'm in here way down deep
I hide the soft spots
A walking contradiction
that makes sense
as they are all fully me
*****. idealist. mother.
lady. *****. child.
all me
the ****** *****
the angelic urchin
the ability
to see
that my
are vastly universal
as if the entire human race
resides within me
Betty Aug 4
Potters hands are grey
Clay doesn't know your colour
Only your talent
I have been trying to find something that unifies us all-In the end we are all clay of some kind!
Billie Marie Jul 25
I must come back to this Self - again and again.
What is the thing that thinks it is tired?
Am I tired? No. Now,
I no longer give it a name.
Now, I no longer make believe
it is a second or one other.
This is the only sin - I see it now.
The original sin. It is
the turning fully away.
A door seems to shut and
even suction into place with a slurp.
Like rubber heavy duty caulk
blocking everything from everything.
And still, I am here. As beams
of light shooting out from all edges.
I pretend I am it and I give it a name
and I sort of kind of in a way -
step into it. Just to see.
Just to feel and somehow play
with all there ever is to be.
I can’t see really anything. Only
blindly I seek. Blinking in then out -
groping, reaching, jumping there and there then over there.
And I begin to remember that this really couldn’t be
what I seem to have been fooling my Self
this life is what I see. And I start
to look for a way to get out and come home.
Done with chronicling and conquering. Now
only prodigal stories gain this attention.
It isn’t time. That’s the last thing
one gets. It’s forever that’s wasted.
There is no such a thing as universal, for everything – in form and content – differs, and by no means there is a possibility of grasping one's meaning. For words are faithless and shallow, sights insufficent to express or perform. Then how to think, talk, or go about? One might name this the absence in its entierty, but it is rather the fullness of matter. This congested state burdens the mind, and we are formed in silence, which materializes the images, by which we drive all kinds of affection and call it in unity – love. We fill this word with the utmost importance, because we believe it is the only possible thing that may connect us with the others – and  in fact – it is quite so. But, as other things, this led many to believe love had a form, and a specific one – strictly defined and socially coded. So, one has a right to ask, how anyone should dare to reach for the unspeakable, natural cause of creation; the only mean of connection? For to define is to break, and to force is to destroy. It has been called morality, because the brutes did practice it, and still do so. What does stimulate the inhuman violence upon the soul? To cease the senses which enable us to feel, and shut the heart seems to be our cause of a long time. How did this fault befall us? What drove the man to **** his mean? We may stand differently, more truly to ourselves, if only we would allow to admit our own indivduality.  Histerical cry for social unity is unnatural and ******: γνῶθι σεαυτόν. As there was a more natural state of yore, might inspire us to create a subsequent one. The world will change, and we will not break.
In memoriam Oscar Wilde
One night
5 rose
The skies dimmed
The night grows

Crowned soldier
Give command
Thunder roars
Take a stand

Blades swing
Bullets fly
A soundless scream
A faint goodbye

Twin allies
Come forth
Darkness falls
Lose their worth

Being of evil
Pitch black night
Hated child
Gathered blight

White mask
Cracked, stained
Blades clash
Hell rains

Friends and enemies
They all fall
Echoed laughter
A maiden’s calls

Bright moon
Don’t rise
Dark monster
Pierced skies

Another falls
4 tried
Blooded air
Battle cry

Red flower
bright and bold
upon a pillar
heart of gold

Enemies grow
Gods sigh
Warrior in red
Jump and fly

Weapons fall
Forces clash
Sounds of war
Broken, trashed

United as one
Bonds undone
Commanders rise
War bells rung

Teared skies
Memories flow
Black eclipse
White snow

Chaos spreads
Horses mourn
Winged leviathans
Dragons roar

Came too close
Went too far
Hidden trap
Enemies scar

Descend to darkness
Blacken the day
Let all hope
Shatter away

Reforge your own
Come back alive
All that was real
Was left behind

March on
Stay strong
Head held high
Survive the night

Emerge once more
Let out your roar
Shields up
Spread your wings, soar

Ripped from space
Erased from time
Re-fabricate your will
And once more, rise

Take them down
As they stand
Don’t surrender
Fight till it ends

One more opponent
Anger and pain
Cataclysm incarnate
Heaving flame

Brought with a bond
Crafted from stories
Forge a blade
Of memories

Hack them down
Stand by your will
Unalterable fate
Laid shatter and spilt

Once again
The wind dashed
Leaving behind
Blood and ash
Laokos Apr 2
it's also
a trust
and without
any deposit
there is no
Khoi Mar 26
The devil divides
Pangea broken
the ancient sanctum
A global cause a course for prayer together we can overcome
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