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Jammit Janet Jul 12
I never feel alone, I know
The Universe is with me
In every breathe
Every person
Every star
Every galaxy
Near and far

I never feel alone, I know
The Universe is with me
It fills the air
With warmth and care
Engulfs me in
An ethereal lair
Where I can grow

Words of hope
In times of despair.
Jammit Janet Jul 8
Sitting with my sadness ✨
While I’m sitting here with you ✨
Not running from the madness
Just feeling here and true ✨

No distractions to stop me ✨
From confronting my truths✨
Accepting what they are✨
Making peace ✨
Moving through✨

To the dimension of inner healing✨
Unity ✨
Love ✨
Reconnecting to the Divine Universal Web ✨
That is the cosmos above ✨
Billie Marie Jul 1
is joy the absence of pain or suffering
is happiness that exuberant feeling
I just am
things are well
things always go wrong
I'm still here
it's always thoughts about "them"
what "they" think
who are "they" if I am no one
aren't they no one too
aren't they just me
in another form
running on a slightly different program
aren't I kinda tired of seeing me
all over the place
Val Vik Jan 20
Peace and Trust into the Process
Happiness in Love & Financial Abundance
New Friendships & Guidance
Well-Being for All

~ everything unfolds
2021 good wishes
Like the sea meets the
Like the sea touches the shore
Always moving
and so much more.
We all have the same feelings. As long as we live feelings will be there, all kind changing day by day.
Seranaea Jones Oct 2020

stars and cloudy
nebulae, forming amino
acids, making wiggly blobs that
eventually find direction towards the
capacity to think about how long it takes to

count backwards
to zero

© 2020
Prachi Sep 2020
A universal language to express,
Its potential is underestimated;
It is a treasure that you possess.

The sign of your strength,
Smile is the prettiest thing to wear;
Spreading happiness at length.

Inexpensive as it is to have,
It gives a glorious flair;
Go on and make it flash.

It is a key that fits well,
In the lock of other’s hearts;
Helping the relations propel.

Without words it says a lot;
It is the light of your soul,
Enlightening any dark spot.

A charming gift to give,
Smile is a two-way thing;
Make it the source of your bliss.
Jana Pelzom Aug 2020
Think, think, think, thought
Think that
Think not
Only freedom
What a plot!
We’re shackled,
Not an enlightened lot,
Think that
Think not
Inked the thought
Or simply forgot
What we say
Is not the truth,
What we see
Cannot bear fruit
Think that
Think not
We’re bizarre creatures
That slowly rot.
What is the ultimate freedom? © 2020 Jana Pelzom
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