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JJ Inda Dec 2018
I hurt just the same
More or less
Still, there’s no rest
And these pages scribbled
Adorned with ink blots
-every other word
And there’s very little punctuation.
Scratched a line that was a lie,

Another removed, for it said too much.
Should be simple to understand
I hurt just the same.
Delamusiq Oct 2018
Undertone,  the time spent on tone ,past circles where emotions ran high
Couch vibes, scary movies never missed in the pursuit to enjoy time never spent
But remeberence of that time in pink, fuschia It might have been
Times past , little pastimes shaded in sin
Nothing like the last time,  baked pizza and a smile for happiness that never hit past five five
It was too short now in a right mind, only memories left for good times
Water on the bless , your beautiful unoff for a lifetime
Yet that bullet never made it to my heart till rusted pistol never stopped time
I'm gone
I'm wrong
Now fly on while I sing along , you too cut on your don't fuvk with me flow
Lindy Sep 2018

I plead with you not to speak except to break the air and sing
Bring forth the heart that is listening
Dutiful to your passion, fulfilled, holding aloft that which can never be still;
The jagged heartbreak, the quavering schill calling plaintively, "Are you coming for me?"
"Are you coming back for me?"

And you reject the old bylines, criticisms, cataclysms of popular opinion
Noise buzzing within you turns to vibration
And you know
I have always been here


Grasp that which they say cannot be held
And continue as if no one is watching
Jade Louise Sep 2018
The universe is full of pretty mysteries
That I can feel, but cannot see
One of those pretty mysteries
This universe has made
Was me
Nab Karbela Aug 2018
a word that spread off the whole world
sometimes a million people try to make it looks good
sometimes they just hang on a big misunderstood

i looked back on a corner and saw how people mean it
the most just thinking the rest are always show it
they said
love, when you give and give

love is every sweat wetting your father's skin
it's a smile from your mom even when she's hurting
it's a hugs and kisses from your grandas while see you coming

and when you grow and see the world behind your door home
you will find other kind of love
you'll see some people who always say hello
take you to their secret room and spend the time together
it's a friendship, neither lie nor a shelter

the last but not least,
let me wishper and end the list
that love is kind of simple, altough
it maybe unlogic and unpredictable
you don't have to worry or screaming a rebel
just show your love, cause if not, it looks like a riddle

A day in 2014
It's my very first poem I wrote in 2014
Shofi Ahmed Jul 2018
No house but a woman is the homemaker
she’s not done yet she’s universal.

Four walls can’t hold a woman inside
she is veiled but not tied!

The arch in her back hits the mark
above the pyramid above the sunup.
The light at the end of the tunnel here is love.

Her inner mystery is her paintbrush.
The colour on her canvas
is a far cry from the rainbow.

It doesn’t fade nor falls on the floor.
Keeping it up the time lingers on.
Every star from far and near
can see here a mirror at home!
Isaac Aug 2018
You are universal.
There is an entire mankind
made up of people just like you.
You are not alone.
The truth is,
we are all in the same boat.
Earth and life
are something we all share.
It is comforting to know this.
Written 15 August 2018
Electric sun twirls its lava skirt.
Slammed woks.
Peanuts, chilli, limes and oil
Feeding him its lunch.
Shelter to chilli cheeks and peppercorn faces.
The air can't move its obese body to the rivers for a dip.

Darkness is hard with sturdy edges.
Curtains made of invisible beads and threads hang over the night in silence.
They spill against the concrete under rough hooves and feet
For the night falls like tight heavy lids.
Dusk is a bruised tunnel of vision.

Candlelit giants blinking rapidly.
You don't speak
For the night is never empty
The silence never lonely
Stampede of restlessness surrounding
Grinning from squint to squint
Raising embraces and chance encounters
They scream loudly to frighten the dawn.
© Teri Darlene Basallote Yeo
Cameron Banowsky May 2018
it's a loaded term.
branded and historically stern.
While the shadow still remains
after the setting sun --
your pain will remain.

This is the ORIGIN of shame.

Have you not learned?
how They play game?
paint us out to be insane.

I wasn't given a choice.
I was given a name.

-- that i haven't changed.
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