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Zywa Feb 1
Children attract me
I want to be touched
feel their energy
bumping into me

and I want to bounce back
push my soul against them
as a caress

The elderly at the social club touch me
their presence and their smile
warm me, the understanding
the wink of a telling word
the wisdom of their wrinkles

I have girlfriends
I make contact, I throw myself
into the water, the waves
touch them and the whole world
in a wide circle

the ripples lightly press on people
I only meet briefly, more deeply
into those who know my name

and always something springs back
always something gets in, something
of who I am, no one can escape
the fact that I exist
“Ripple effect” (multiplied reactions)
“Staring at the Sun: Overcoming the terror of death” (2008, Irvin Yalom [Washington 1931])

For Maria Godschalk #110

Collection “Lilith's Powers" #95
Man Jan 31
writhe under the boot,
a heel you were born to
its imprint pressed onto your cheek
a mark you'll bare no matter the distance
in the pursuit of liberty
in hopes of justice
just for a chance at happiness
where did our virtues go?
were there ever any at all?
Marilyn O Dec 2020
Oh, happiness, your love is pure!
Thou makest the weary joyful again,
Your beauty is truth and truth is life
A sweet symphony of life's fair bliss,
Couching upon our numbered struggles,
Emitting hope of triumph in battles;
Where canst thou bridge and not be felt?
Of men and babies, who can resist you?
Desolation quivers, and swiftly fades,
As doth a man who runs from fire.

A priceless gift yet hard to come by,
Such as who find you, find relieve:
Of feeble men you restore their strength,
Of laden women you lighten their burden,
For a better morn, why not for good?
Thy song is sung in honour of life
A beautiful rhythm to suit all seasons,
For ever winning, for ever leading,
Like legends of old in unique array
Where with we're clothed in flawless beauty.

What a rare treasure, What a divine package?
We've heard melodies but yours is sweeter:
Sweeter than candies, sweeter than honey,
And all that you are, a fair virtue!
A standing citadel in our sorrowful land,
Where we bury our grief, and fetch joy
As a weapon of war against our troubles,
Singing along in a merrier tone
And finding meaning, in brewed passion;
The meaning you add to our brief lives.
Happiness is a virtue, a free gift.
Have some of it for yourself always.
Jana Pelzom Dec 2020
Why are we afraid,
More so, to show
That we do not know?
How does it aid;
To stand stupidly tall
And be a know-it-all?
To be Honest
Is no longer a virtue,
I wonder who hurt you?
I’m too sensitive
Or maybe no one is as inquisitive.
I don’t like sounding like a ***** but when I write sometimes and read it again (which I guess we shouldn’t do) I feel like a royal pain in the ****. Any pointers?
Unbeknownst ©️ 2020  Jana Pelzom
For those who have no gift to see,
There is naught but cruel reality.
But for those with mind and heart in stock,
The hidden doors of life unlock,
And pour out treasures beyond compare-
Simple treats, like cold, clean air-
Or a sunset ripe with firey soul,
The stillness of water inside a plain bowl;
A flower sweet on Spring's hillside,
The thump in our veins that keeps us alive;
A roll of thunder, and mornings song-
These are the virtues to be claimed all along.
What can't be seen by hurried man
Are things more precious than they understand;
For man may rush and push and live by the hour,
But time is wasted when you dont smell the flowers.
Zywa Jul 2020
Sometimes I dream of a new start
a new world, the earth
without human vices

only divine births
of helpfulness and wisdom
so that those words become obsolete

finally no more auditions
of imaginary comedians
with endless filth

their bundling of centuries
of coercion, humiliation, and abuse
in the joke of The Aristocrats

A world without me
only plants, animals
and avatars as a kind

of people who walk the virtual reality
of the golden means
of Aristotle
• Virtus = virtue
    • Virtual = ideal-real
    • “The Aristocrats”: outdo each other with taboo-breaking jokes
    • Avatara = descent = the incarnation of a deity descending to restore the cosmic order
    • In the virtue ethics of Aristotle (384-322), virtue is the golden mean between two opposite possibilities

At the request of Godfrey Ndlovu #2

Collection "PumicePieces"
Robert Rittel Feb 2020
The moon sliver glittered close to Venus in this magic night,
prison’s the senses by many echoes to outcome right.
The stars that turn to faith in hopeless fold,
all endurance of bliss so bold.
Those glowing particles in this garden alley,
dreams for another promising day towards that valley.
In this steep galactic stream,
so many stairs ***** in a tenacious upward beam.
Faint shoots of light by purest fire,
intimacy with the ultimate divine desire.
Touching worlds in their mighty spheres,
promised home for endless years.
To this ocean I spread my wings and fly,
where those island of preserved dreams lie.
Those broad fields of twinkled wishes bounties bring,
and eternal visions dwell.
Souls in more mingled hue,
drenches in thousand sunlight dew.
By the concern of the waxing moon,
sowing seeds of thoughts for imagination bloom.
In deep trust from that living journey of me,
visions towards the spectacle of firmament,
that love’s virtue alone is free.
Poetic T Nov 2019
Snakes take the throne,
          and the vipers spit there  

Let us learn the rattling in the
                        undergrowth heeds
us to walk away.

Let us not listen to those who slither
             on the throne meant

for ones of descent virtues.
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