This imminent death
browsing me
a scavenger with me
on the tide to the
center of nowhere
I stare into the
heart of fear
and know that
I will be found

Franchesca Oct 2

mind, drifting
soul, wandering
heart, freezing
the whole being, questioning

when will one
ever find its way
towards a sense of familiarity,
a certain kind of bliss?

moments, fleeting
memories, passing
once the time comes,
will you be able to move along?

mind slowly wanders
to questions remained unanswered.
hanging by a thread,
losing grip of reality.

the presence
of one’s absence
can it ever be felt
by a departing being?

but one always wonders,
of what comes next
to the uncertain tomorrow
of one’s inevitable end.

Seanathon Mar 20

I wander alongside aimlessly
Floating down a path like a half of chaff
Wondering what it means to be
As tall as the ivory hickories
To be as weightless as the leaves  
Or lost within the present pause
Where I am more often than not
Considered to be me

As I stop myself and start again
In wonderment of what I find
Alone in this and thought amiss  
I disconnect myself from the moderneness
And find myself here standing out
Tall and alone amongst the trees
In place where I need not create
The peace of mind which I do seek

Timber Adrift
Ami Shae Nov 2016

adrift in an endless sea
of doubt and uncertainty--
but I know the day will come
when somehow
i will once again
find me.

I'm not giving up hope, just not a great swimmer. I'll learn tho...

A single drop of rain upon the ground.
Like lightning strike that struck rain soddened earth.
A monotonous voice rattles around,
It’s face lit in the depths of the stone hearth,
One light that will forever show me, you.
Path burdened with unforgiving sorrow.
To a life that waves a final adieu,
There’s an endless number of tomorrows.

But then tomorrow becomes yesterday
With the fading “Au Revoir” in the wind.
The distant trembles of sorrow that fray.
Closed eyes of the once forgiving and kind.
An undying love ceasing to exist,
As a leaf on a river set adrift.

Ar Bazian Aug 2016

It is a matter of time only,
until the wind arises,
and relentlessly, the moments fall asleep.

These lonely hours pass by slowly,
bestow me with radiant fear,
and far more courageously... i weep!

The music shows me my place,
As weary as I am, drifting into space.

The lighten candles have thinned the air.
visions of my Eden come to me
slightly vague, out of vogue, yet fare...
Dancing among the leaves of autumn,
in my head, the spectrum...
Swaying to the sounds of time,
To a memory;
that is mother to all wisdom...
To the scents of freedom,
and to the plunders of prime!

O, how folly my ventures were...
Through the valleys of death.
O, how many passed winters there...
That have denied me mine own breath!

Good night, and good riddance...
May I please sleep!
Shalt ye give me leave now,
to my downwards so steep?!

A.r. Bazian

Edited on August 20th, 2016. Originally part of the "Diaries of an Immigrant Soul", Pt.20, by A.r. Bazian, published on in 2012.
Michael DeVoe Aug 2016

I’ll be home soon
I’ve been on this trip for a while now I know
Longer this time then last time that’s for sure
But I promise Chuck I haven’t forgotten where I live
I just can’t imagine myself there right now
I must disappoint you greatly
Out here in space dodging asteroids and avoiding life
Some days it all feels like progress
Other nights it feels like shame
I know what you’re gonna say but Chuck I tried
Well, I mean, I thought really hard about trying
And I can still see my son’s lighthouse on the kitchen table
I could get home if I really really really needed to
I’m sure of it
Listen I’m not some lost cause
Left drifting through galaxies with no hope of return
I’m E.T. and I know where the pay phone is
It’s just I’m not done up here
I’ve got more to find and more to see and more to discover
Sure Chuck, I’ll prove it
Home, it’s right there
Past that nebula and through that asteroid belt and around that comet
I could’ve sworn it was right there just yesterday
Where’d it go
Oh shit Chuck
Now what

A collection of poems by me is available on Amazon
Where She Left Me - Michael DeVoe
Mark Parker Apr 2016

Day opens up with light
and darkness owns the night.
Of both times I desire
the sun owns day with its fire.
When sun dims, slowly adrift,
it gives the waxing moon's lift,
with pale beams softly sent
to show a world that's shadow-bent.

Well,  not sure where this came from. I guess I really wanted to rhyme words.

Sunken in the grim thoughts,
This mind goes adrift to Never Land,
Never never never land.

Stolen can't be sanity's token,
There I will not be even a day older,
Forever ever ever land.

My HP Poem #986
©Atul Kaushal
Jo Baez Jan 2016

There's a pond in the middle of my mind
Where I come to cast my thoughts
And lately I've felt like casting myself off
But I know mental suicide is just a cheap excuse for giving up

Dissolving in dissonance
As fragments of reminisce
stab me like needle pins
Afloat this pond of memories
Slowly drowning in its isolated depression of the
past, as the floodplains of the present drag me into the future

But it's all in my head,
So I'm casting off these corroding neurons, that make up these withered patterns of brain waves

To find myself floating again in this body of standing water
I artificially constructed out of pain.

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