Poetic T Jun 10
Void less echoes shimmer across
the hull, as her thoughts delve in
to the scintillescent embers of her
past. She couldn't have foreseen
that every pebble gazed downward
upon, wasn't worth the ripple of an
                             anchor without her.

Her hands held on to the metal as
if it were of meaning, caressing its
indentations. She knew every bolt
and rivet that kept her within the
confines of this place. She used to
gaze outward in this very
                                             same spot.

Memories are like stars, fading after
they have burnt brightly for so long.
This is why she came to this window.
Casting a gaze thinking of the beauty
before her, possibilities to her endless
imaginings, but then she faded
                                                   before me.

But space is cold, and now she ventures
beyond my grasp, a grain in an ocean
eternity. I look outward thinking of her
everyday. Knowing that one day I’ll be a
grain finding her
                             in the sands of time
Joe Savarese May 24
Once more a storm had quelled my sight,
As the ocean waves stirred violently,
Shouting into the fray, "Is tonight the night...
Or will they again drift back to me?"
And as darkness dimmed desirous light,
I cast my wishes out to sea.

Swelling waves ravage all in their wake,
As I hold on tight with spirits worn,
My withering sails, bound to break,
For merciless winds have left them torn.
Assured my faith would not forsake,
I treated the ails of any scorn,
And awaited shores these waters take,
To lift me from a life forlorn.

Through the fading storm light broke free,
And where it shone beyond the stern,
I saw it floating aimlessly
Amidst the settled waters churn.
I whispered to myself, "How could it be?"
With cause for real concern,
For drifting right on back to me,
Was all I'd hoped to not return.

I began to pray a prayer of plea,
"Be gone my wishes!" Unwilling to learn,
That this captive wish just could not flee,
Longer—must I sail to yearn.
I scooped it up out of the sea,
And sealed it tightly within an urn,
To let them fade to eternity,
As my weary soul was left to burn.
To touch your lips before dawn stretches across our skin
Similar to The Creation of Adam

On the eve of your departure

Where whimsical scripts meet sacrosanct words
Wrapping themselves around your tongue
And ripple like kaftans when sung

We hold these truths to be self-evident
And your vision is honest

I refuse suffering your absence amongst the hunger I feel
Cooking up a plan to capture your heart
A pinch of your perspiration's salt
The kiwi sweetness in your sway

Even if you appear in my dreams, although miles away
It's the best homecoming yet.

Ifeanyi N. Okoro II - © 2018
Tom Mar 10
you're cast adrift in
an emotional desert
of your own design
haiku #1
Here again
worlds away
I am adrift within the walls of gloom
come upon me like a creeping demon
through a door I cannot lock
into a realm I cannot reach
to test my faith
in time
my resolve to survive
and not abandon
the inviting entity
the passageway
the soul
another oldie
Sometimes I sit alone in silence and listen to it all
My ears perk up with eagerness to the sound of "Nothing Falls"

On my unnamed vessel adrift in space
I'm at the mercy of unknown pace
It wraps me in a warm cocoon
And protects me not a minute too soon
From the destruction, noise and fierce growls
The shrieks, the screams and distant howls
The bango noise, the clicks and clacks
From unwanted guests and surprise attacks

The cacophony swirls creating chaotic notes and sometimes can overwhelm
Thrusting me upon an unknown ship with no one at the helm

For a moment I think to scuttle the vessel and ride her to the deep
But not today, instead I’ll wait for nature’s eternal sleep
Written - 2016

All rights reserved.
Mark Wanless Dec 2017
"Whence it came"

I see a modicum of dust adrift in air
Dry history indifferent
Whence it came or goes

Illusion perceiving waves        magic form
Body        causal effect being
Whence it came or goes?
Tanisha Jackland Dec 2017
This imminent death
browsing me
a scavenger with me
on the tide to the
center of nowhere
I stare into the
heart of fear
and know that
I will be found
Franchesca Oct 2017
mind, drifting
soul, wandering
heart, freezing
the whole being, questioning

when will one
ever find its way
towards a sense of familiarity,
a certain kind of bliss?

moments, fleeting
memories, passing
once the time comes,
will you be able to move along?

mind slowly wanders
to questions remained unanswered.
hanging by a thread,
losing grip of reality.

the presence
of one’s absence
can it ever be felt
by a departing being?

but one always wonders,
of what comes next
to the uncertain tomorrow
of one’s inevitable end.
Seanathon Mar 2017
I wander alongside aimlessly
Floating down a path like a half of chaff
Wondering what it means to be
As tall as the ivory hickories
To be as weightless as the leaves  
Or lost within the present pause
Where I am more often than not
Considered to be me

As I stop myself and start again
In wonderment of what I find
Alone in this and thought amiss  
I disconnect myself from the moderneness
And find myself here standing out
Tall and alone amongst the trees
In place where I need not create
The peace of mind which I do seek
Timber Adrift
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