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‘I am…’ 'Or am I’? Who can say?
‘A posteriori’ leads the way
For the extra and the ordinary
Axiomatic sway,
In the gravity of corollary,
‘A priori’ interplay
Ataraxic overlay of anxious automation,
As the innocence of dissonance delay.
Practicing semantic contemplation,
In willfully prevenient interpolation,
Civilly disobedient in expediently seeming disarray,
Forecasts in vague extrapolation
Contrasts the millennial contagion
Already underway,
Filling nihilistic voids with particles in waves,
To interpret dreams of Freud to free Oedipus’s slaves,
A degreeless scholastic who never misbehaves,
Simulated humanoid dramatic in the affect that he craves,
Inflating linguistics in acrobatic raves,
A thespian who plans conation with legacy engraves.
The probabilistic determiner of cosmogenous debates,
An apperceived inquirer of qualitative states,
Inspiring proprietor of dismality abates.
Challenging aporia as epistemic oscillates,
Stoically, heroically, ‘one’ who amalgamates,
Circling the infinite in hermeneutic calibrates.
An escaped prisoner from depressive disillusion,
Of an introspective extrovert who finds solace in confusion,
The personable recluse fighting an illusion
Breaking down the nuances of every institution.
Calculating consequence as time goes to infinity
Revolutionary commonsense of principal utility,
An opinionated adversary,
to the realist without evidence,
Theorizing in futility,
Stipulating every sense leading to the virility of the pretense that dominates community.
Divergently converging all the efforts we’ve personified,
Inadvertently submerging old traditions that unethically were codified,
Hastening the urgency for purging that which cannot be modified through the merging of the certainty that will no longer coincide,
Stationing the levies to finally stem the tide,
Of periodic enmities disguised to be necessities so blatantly deified.
Observing moral sentiments, perched upon eternity,
As consequential regiments are expounded universally,
To unstratify the residents indiscriminately
And identify quantum elements spiritualistically,
Changing collective behavior individually,
Socializing constructs in joint ventured logo therapy.
This is an edited, expanded, expounded, confounded, reverberation of Linguistic Illusions to Probable Solutions written months back.
Sourodeep Oct 2018
A surreal landscape,
A elegant bend of the river,
A small pebble taking shape
For us its now or never.

A song once sung
By the chirpy sparrow,
The grass where we belong
Now captured by the hollow.

Somewhere far away
Few words get scribbled
Few tunes get murmured,
Wrinkled faces prayed
But on the yellow sky,
The sun faded and faded...
Tamara Lynn May 2017
What is life
What is it's meaning
Age old questions since the brain of **** sapiens developed abstract contemplations

I wonder,
Could it's meaning be entirely subjective
And that life is simply a matter of perspective

We live in a vast and seemingly infinite universe
Isolated on this tiny grain of dust that we like to call Earth
To quote Sagan, on it
"Everyone you love, everyone you know,
Everyone who was,
Every human being you've ever heard of,"
Lived here

And that thought might be daunting
The complexities and mysteries of the cosmos may be haunting

But maybe we can find peace
In the inevitable fact that our existence will one day cease

So I open my mind to the thought,
Why should we worry about everyday grief
When to me,
This entire concept provides a sense of relief
My point: Nothing really matters and we won't be around forever, so let's make the most out of this weird thing that it is to exist.
Alyanne Cooper May 2014
Darkness shrouds
The four corners
Of my tiny room
And I don't move
To flick on the lights
Because I like
Sitting in the dark.

— The End —