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Sungmoo Bae Aug 2020
The pleasure is all mine

when I see a nickel on the sidewalk
while on my way to the bus-stop

and when I,
the fast traveller,
see a piece of weathered poster
whirled up in the wind

and then laid there
on the roadside forgotten,
yet still retaining
its hue vivid

—the colors are still lively at the least,
    My heart grows into full vivacity
    when I see such serendipity so small,

glowing in brilliance yet so lucid,
in a manner ever graceful
—no matter how tiny that is—    
from the bottom of my heart
    —I'm being accepted
    into thy blissfulness, which may hold
    the wonders of the world
    ever imaginable.
(C) Copyright: Saul Bae (Sungmoo Bae)
I guess I’m okay… What more can I say?
Forget it—never mind,
You wouldn’t understand anyway,
Would you even know what it's like?
Inside a scattered disconnected mind,
Employed to go on strike?
Where indirect misdirect
The sincerity at play,
When sinusoidal chaos spikes
And past meets the future present day?
As paranoid points outlandishly connect
At intervals of broken lines,
Memory lost in recollect,
An array of misshaped bells
Internally infect the eternal confines
Of infinite distributional decay,
Parallels with no intersect,
Streetwise cells with empty signs,
Burned out lights, potholes, and landmines,
Littered all the way.
How am I to convey that all those times
You let your mind wander away
That I was reading, thinking, dreaming,
Teeming, never idle, never strayed,
Seeing, being, so far and away,
Even the brightest intellect beaming,
Could not grasp the feeling
In the slightest of highest orders reeling,
Wound unbound, or as it would be seeming,
Imperfect, even to the disarray
Of the tamest prefect, whose verdict
Could not predict the reflect,
For in this world, seeing is deceiving,
As the lamest reject, defect,
Increasingly decreasing,
In simplistic bliss obey
Crowned unsound fallacies
That contradict all meaning,
Hiding behind reality, the actualities
Lest, protect the thoughtlessness perceiving,
Let me stop you if I may...
I must interject for I digress,
What nonsense was I weaving?
Forget it—I've lost my mind,
I best be leaving,
What more can I say?
It's periodic I must confess,
You probably don't care anyway,
Yeah, yeah, I'll be okay,
Until next time I guess,
I wouldn't want to be misleading.
I’m scattered but I’m on point.
Ignatius Hosiana Jan 2017
She hated me because I loved her
*& I loved her because she hated me.
Ignatius Hosiana Mar 2016

Ignatius Hosiana Mar 2016
I'm brave enough to fear, deaf enough to hear
blind enough to see, I'm a soul in ecstasy
I'm weak enough to fight, in the dark of light
crippled enough to stand, insane enough to understand
that I'm eternal enough to die, truth enough to lie
perpetual enough to end and straight enough to bend
I'm hard enough to bruise and triumphantly lose
I'm desperate enough to believe, happy enough to grieve
afloat enough to drown and smiled enough to frown
I'm treasured enough to be thrown,a dusk enough to dawn
a man enough to cry,I'm mindful enough to pry
I'm question enough to answer, goat enough to panther
I'm block enough to bridge, free enough to siege
I'm lone enough to clique, wake enough to sleep
love enough to hate, I'm free willed to fate
I'm chain enough to freedom, unknown for my stardom
pleasure enough for pain,I'm sunshine trapped in rain
I'm wrecked enough to intact and powerless enough to impact
probability enough to certain,I'm God enough to Satan
I'm peace enough to war,ignorant enough to know
less enough to more, I'm Yes enough to No
I'm stuffed enough to hunger, silence enough to thunder
obvious enough to wonder, I'm builder enough to plunder.
Àŧùl Jan 2016
Baby, I miss your smiles,
I love my laughter even more.

Baby, I miss your voice,
I enjoy my silence even more.

Baby, I miss your eyes,
I nourish my health even more.

Baby, I miss your heart,
I listen to my heartbeats even more.

Baby, I miss losing myself in you,
But yes, I have found myself again.
My HP Poem #961
©Atul Kaushal
To my asleep conscience
To my ever lasting cowardice
To my low self esteem
And to my doubtful self

I wonder when
When will courage rise up
When will it surface my very face...
When will it ever come at my door

But i'll just wait
Wait a little bit more
Wait a minute or so
Wait a week or two
Wait a decade or a year

I'll keep on stand by
I'll be here obediently waiting for your grand arrival
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