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Laura Dec 2020
to love is to hurt
once seen with youthful eyes
sculpted by the gods
a divine surprise
24k gold
words to withhold
take me to the sun
that is where we stay
stay to play
stay to fray
where it all begun
annh Nov 2019
Susie Saviour is a Bond girl
From Weymouth-Turf-On-Sea
A swish, a sway; a fist, a fray
And home in time for tea.

She scuba dives for pleasure
Downdashious to her core,
But only when the flags are out
And never far from shore.

A beauty queen, a lisome lass,
A femme fatale, a flirt;
Serves martinis with a swizzle stick
This sweet assassin in a skirt.
Firstly, apologies to all Dorsetians; secondly, Weymouth-Turf-On-Sea is a figment of my poor imagination; thirdly, you will find 'downdashious' in the D section of the Wiki glossary of Dorset dialect words. It means audacious. And BTW 'dumbledore' means bumblebee. How about that?!

'To be a Bond girl you need courage, charm, determination and feistiness.'
Olga Kurylenko
Pyrrha Oct 2018
There is an uncomfortable stillness in my mind
When my eyes you bind
You've attached them to you
As if you tied a knot between us
I frantically try to unravel all the tangles
I get so mad when wherever I go there you are
When I turn a corner
When I enter a room
Anywhere my thoughts may bloom
You are always in the way

You prevent me from all the things I want to say
My limbs are numbed and I can't move
You are to blame for this humiliation
How dare you make me feel this way?
You no longer deserve this power over me
So I revoke your control and take back my will
Instead of removing myself by untangling the mess you've made
I'll snip the strings that trap me
Free at last from that fraying pain
I'll leave you to tangle up in those strings like chains of shame
IPM Sep 2018
Into the fray
I make the same mistakes
I used to make back in the day
the suffering keeps me awake
but salt is the only way
I know of
that cures my pain
ali Jul 2018
an invisible power
meant to intertwine our strings
but soon disappear
so everyone else may watch us
begin to fray
where we've tied our knots.
Whispering winds of solemn sorrow
In the mundane hours of the night,
Surmise the falsities of tomorrow,
Spreading dark throughout the light.

Preying upon the minds that dwell,
With woven lies, a web so foul...
Hark! The sounds of voices swell
As the whispers rise into a howl.

Soon settling the sorrow of the traveling fellow...
He never could find his way,
Strumming tomorrow like it were a cello,
Snapping the strings in dismay.

Who--alive for years, never did live,
As his angst and diffidence cumber.
Even the magnanimous can't forgive
Missing dreams of untried slumber.

Remnants of his tortured call
Were swept away in the breeze.
A feeble ripples arduous sprawl,
Replaced by the fray of the seas.

His idle mind tended to wander,
Through yesterday's--before tomorrow,
Distorted pasts of future's squander,
Finding days from which to borrow.
Pure Bliss May 2018
By the break of dawn tomorrow
You will live in fray
Due to the fact that I won’t be here,
I know that you will fear
What you hear,
Your son, friend, love
Flying with the dove of death,

I feel as if I don’t make you happy
Then what’s the point of being here,
If I can’t make you proud
Then what’s the point of being around

When the clock strikes midnight,
You will see a big fright,
Me just hanging there,
My body so violently bare,
This note to you
Is made because I couldn’t do much,
I feel like I have failed you,

As the tears come running down your face,
As you are in the dark hole of depression,
Just think about all of the good times that we’ve had
All the laughs and smiles,
Just remember the memories that we’ve made together,
Remember the smiles we put on people’s faces
Remember the days that were so cold
And when I walked in that room
The day became warm,
Remember me for me!
Pure Bliss Apr 2018
I cannot continue,
I have nothing in this life,
Nothing to live for,
Nothing to thrive for,
My days of sin are over,
I’m sorry for the pain that I have caused you,
The times we’ve had together were okay,
I did give out a lot of fray,
The memories that we’ve shared
Will still be there,
Of course I’ll see you in the end,
But not until then!
This is a fictional, none of it is real!
Holey Mar 2018
I don't know when I'm not home
This love I give, does not go
Where you are and here I stay
Nothing will make this love go away
I can't be alone, all by myself
This pain I have, you have not felt
As much as I pop, it does not stray
But my heart strings you pull have started to fray.
Another one, My saplings
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