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Naveen Malhotra Sep 2020
What's there in a prayer?
Just to fall prey to His will
When you fail to use your skills
The Limitless limits your strength
Your deeds make you repent
You wish to escape punishment
Nylee Aug 2020
Everything is decided
what I do and do not
it may be predestined or what

Everywhere I am
I'd be just easily be replaced
this passing time
it means nothing
futility of everything
it is limitless.

well it is fate
this life
my life
basket full
of sour grapes
Nikolas Aug 2020
I cannot wait.
My lucid dreams now resemble reality as we strive to make progress,
The movement that is apparent, I have never sensed in children like us.

I may not wait.
I may just take you in the moment, if it's possible to take you dancing tonight, why wouldn't I?

I am very sure.
Time is no limit today, nor tomorrow, weeks go by yet your presence is closer, I am sure, I am here, I am there, and you come with me.

I've never been happier.
No other could change my mind or threaten me, I'm closer and always will be, we've grown up to be somebody, if one person could be two bodies.
Whiling away
Comes easy
Trying takes a lot of trying

Don’t ever quit
You have immense potential
Believe in yourself

Express and communicate
Your fears your beliefs
It’s freeing a relief

Regrets and progress
Part of the process
Of finding true self

Be limitless
Written- 20-02-2020
Viji Vishwanath Apr 2020
Words fly...
With dreams of you...
If wings are...
Not limited to you...
In the unlimited sky of you...
Which is high to view...
And is surrounded...
With success of minds...
Even when life is...
In cloudy chaos ...
From ups and downs..
Of you and me...
In the balanced axis...
Of Godly world.
Words can fly and achieve heights if you have successful mindset to explore even when life is in difficult situations.
ni Feb 2020
You and I, we weren't
supposed to be compatible.
The horoscopes even said so.

Our lines, they overlap creating mystery.
You wonder if I know what you did.
I wonder if you know what I am doing.

Back and forth on this tightrope of trickery.
"I have too much baggage."
"Well, I could go on a trip around the world twice."

The stars must have aligned in our favor that night.
In that glittering glimpse of hope,
when your lips collided with mine,
we sparked a match that set the city ablaze.
دema flutter Jan 2020
we need
to be
when it's me
and you,
it's infinity
and beyond,
and we want
to settle
in each others''
Niki Gray Jul 2019
Your power is limitless.
It threatens the insecure
exposing what they are not.
They come at you with hatred.

That hostility is theirs
to hold and carry not yours.
To hell with all the haters.
Rise and regain your power.
Trying something new.  To my children (Sydney and James) and everyone else out there remember you are limitless and capable of amazing things.
elle jaxsun Jun 2019
selective moods
outer space grooves
universal perspective
limitless dimensions
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