It’s our love
It transcends time
A title of my fanfic. Thought it would make a nice poem
Alyssa Herndon Dec 2018
Skate to freedom,

Skate to acceptance,

Skate to confidence,


But never skate with self- control,

Because there would be no use for freedom.

Do whatever you'd like, beyond the skatepark.

Limitations are pointless...
I know I`ve posted alot about skateboarding. A LOT!!!! But it`s just what I do in my spare time other than this.
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2018
What happens
Take it with grace

You are born strong
Strong enough to stand
Strong enough to move
Strong enough to shine

What matters is
A mindset
Burn your passion
Flex your mind
Flex your dreams
Having done this
A day is not too far
You will,
Stand, more stable
Move, farther
Shine, brighter

Make it happen
Nothing stops
Genre: Inspirational
Udit Vashishth Nov 2018
Don't get your hopes high.
Don't fall for the same lie.
Remember the past
How long did it last?
Fair and square
You're a horse with no mare.
So, run and run like you've never run before.
You are on your own you need no one to adore.
Fall and rise.
You've paid the price.
Burn the midnight oil.
With your sweat, irrigate the soil.
Open up the cage.
Let roar your rage.
Don't sit in a corner like a coward.
Let your determination be your sword.
Enough of sobbing, wipe off your tears.
Get your bow ready and so does your spears.
Rise before the sun.
Believe that you're the one.
It's time to pick yourself up.
(Look in the mirror and say that to your face) -
"I'll never give up"
It's time to rise. It's time to reach the infinite or maybe beyond that.
Alexis Oct 2018
free me of your rigid strings

relieve me of this vicious hold

allow me an honest breath

to saturate my lungs in life

to expand and consume the universe

discover my own essence

and unearth the beginning of infinity
Sarah Mann Aug 2018
Originally purposed as an adjective.
But feels more like a place.
Or perhaps it’s a vibration.
The blue sky  
The ocean
The spanse of the horizon.
They exist, multitudinously.
Far from our concepts.
I strive to accomplish, to be
I wish to become similar to these
Beings of marveled stature,
Worlds of unknown.
The all-encompassing
Awe-inspiring limitless notion
That we know as
August 7, 2018 12:23 PM
Finished on August 16, 2018 8:55PM
Grace Mosby Jul 2018
let your body feel weightless
amidst the gravity in earth’s sphere
look down at your figure
and realize
you are alive
you are real
you have no end

allow yourself to combat the world’s constraints
and defy the forces binding you
to the dirt beneath your feet

it may seem strange
to oppose nature’s tides
but i promise you
it is worth it

you are boundless
a bird yearning
for the world beyond its cage
but most importantly
you are weightless
why, even gravity lusts for your release
Anne Jul 2018
Our love, far greater than anything we could think,
We were connected, together, we had an unbreakable link,
Our love, so great that nothing could bear it,
Not even the skies nor the stars would be the limit
such as us cannot break
An **** cry they call it.

What is so **** about something that brings such relief.
As if all your problems fly away for a certain time.

You are limitless,
You can feel everything you tell yourself not to.

Tears are the cleansing of ones heart,
The dusting of ones soul.

Without those drops of water,
Everything seems hard and cold.
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