"He's so strong and sturdy and homey and trustworthy"
Elizabeth P 

He is a country boy,
I city gal.
I like pop and country,
He think that metal is the best.
He's a thousand miles away,
but he seems so much closer.
We make each other happy.
He's shy and nerdy,
I outgoing and reserved and nerdy.
I'm not beautiful,
But he still tells me I am.
He's handsome,
But he won't believe me.
He's a little older,
I a wee bit younger.
He's so strong and sturdy and homey and trustworthy
I so broken
He's like the glue of my broken ceramic heart.

And yet despite all these differences,
He and I fit so well together
like puzzle pieces,
meant to be.

This is a gift to a special friend of mine. Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!
"resentment, trust issues even with the trustworthy, aversion to physical affection despite"
Joseph the Dreamer 

Talk is cheap but it's not a cheap addiction
payed for every word i spoke with every wound inflicted

withdrawal symptoms: high level of emotional stress, depression, anger and bouts of uncontrollable rage, more depression, bitterness, resentment, trust issues even with the trustworthy, aversion to physical affection despite the craving for it, loneliness, contradictory thoughts and feelings, paradoxes of actions and intentions, silence, and poetry.

I guess my options are to avoid or entertain my addiction
"hello, how have you been, if I'm talking will you listen?"

"I would trust you and I would be trustworthy for you.  I would give you no"
Michele BurdettHouse 

For You~

For you, I would just be there.  Someone to talk to and share thing with.  Someone to confide in.  Sharing your fears, knowing I would not ridicule or show disinterest.  Someone to hold close and share intimate moments with.

We could laugh together, cry together, and play together.  I would give you space when you wanted to be alone, or be there for you when you want to be held closely.  I would understand your limits and know where to draw the line.

I would trust you and I would be trustworthy for you.  I would give you no reasons to fear with me.  Living life in an adventurous way.  Loving the life that you live.  Being alone but never feeling lonely.

I would show you passion, respect, kindness, honesty, sincerity, and happiness every day.  There would be no room for hatred, anger, resentment, or sadness to be felt.

Be there for me,
And I will be there for you …. unconditionally

"the gullible and trustworthy"

The banging sounds
seem to drown
out my thoughts
ricocheting back, a rebound
but amounting to nothing
disappearing like a person fearing
the truth.

It's unruly and forever fooling
the gullible and trustworthy
but surely they don't believe the lies
that people can change
but rather re-arrange
and it's strange
how time can fly
but I can't.
my imagination soaring
yet here I stand.

Man is my head spinning,
the thought of winning this race
against time and space,
defying physics
to try and mimic
a picture so perfect it's a vivid vision
but there's a division, a collision
where my desires are tired and sick of reality
clashing with their limits
that bind us all
until we're blind and we fall.

If only I could make myself fly
like my mind or time
whizz by in the blink of an eye
and hope to find
the peace and ease I seek in life,
with no banging sounds causing me strife.

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